Wild Pastures Review – Highest Quality Meat Delivery Service to Use?

Wild Pastures is a meat company offering grass fed and pasture raised meat at discount prices.

100% of Wild Pastures’ meat comes from family farmers in the United States using regenerative farming practices. The company aims to provide healthier meat for a better planet.

Does Wild Pastures live up to the hype? How does Wild Pastures work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Wild Pastures and their selection of meats today in our review.

What is Wild Pastures?

Wild Pastures is a meat company found online at WildPastures.com. The company is known for its grass-fed, pasture-raised meat sourced from farmers across the United States. Wild Pastures also emphasizes green, sustainable farming practices.

Wild Pastures offers multiple types of meat and seafood, including:

  • 100% grass-fed and finished beef
  • Pasture-raised chicken
  • Pasture-raised pork
  • Wild-caught seafood

You can order online today through WildPastures.com, customizing your order based on your unique needs. You can choose a one-time purchase or a subscription. Then, Wild Pastures deliver to your doorstep in compostable, earth-friendly packaging. Just cook, eat, and enjoy.


Wild Pastures Features & Benefits

Wild Pastures emphasizes all of the following features and benefits:

Pasture Centric: Wild Pastures sells pasture-raised animals. Wild Pastures’ animals are part of a natural ecosystem, and they eat the foods they’re meant to eat.

Rotational Grazing Practices for Better Sustainability and Natural Diets: Wild Pastures also uses rotational grazing practices that mimic nature, giving animals a better and more varied diet than they would normally receive. Rotational grazing practices are also better for land, allowing the land to get restored between cycles.

Raised in the United States: Some meat companies source their meat from outside of the United States, getting cheap meat from questionable sources. Wild Pastures, however, partners with family farmers in the United States. The company aims to create a beneficial model for American farmers, customers, and the planet.

Customize Every Box: You can choose a pre-selected box of meats for your order. Or, you can customize your order exactly how you like.

Healthiest Meats: Wild Pastures offers the healthiest possible meats because the meats are raised entirely on pasture and eat a natural diet. Studies show that pasture-raised meat has more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than conventionally raised meat.

No Pesticides, Antibiotics, Herbicides, or Steroids: Wild Pastures wants to “let nature do its thing,” which is why the company’s farmers do not use antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, or herbicides.

Better Sustainability Via Regenerative Farming Practices: Wild Pastures exclusively works with farmers who use regenerative farming practices. Plus, the company uses reusable packaging (for local deliveries) or 100% recyclable and compostable packages. There’s no Styrofoam. Plus, the Wild Pastures’ rotational grazing strategies help restore soil and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. And, because Wild Pastures does not use chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides, the farms are better for the land.

Skip or Cancel Orders Any Time: Wild Pastures lets you skip or cancel orders at any time, and you can edit your order based on whatever you like. Wild Pastures emphasizes better flexibility than other subscription programs and food delivery boxes.

Highest Quality Meat at Lowest Prices: Overall, the goal of Wild Pastures is to provide the highest quality meat at the lowest prices. The company wants to sell meat that’s nutritious, delicious, and healthy.

How Do the Wild Pastures Work?

Wild Pastures works in a simple, three-step process:

1) Join Wild Pastures: Wild Pastures is a membership-based discount club. You join the club with a membership, then receive regular orders from Wild Pastures. As WildPastures.com explains, “If Costco and a group of small family farms got together and had a baby it would be called Wild Pastures.”

2) Customize Your Order: Wild Pastures lets you customize every item in your order, choosing which meats and parts of the animal you like. You can also choose between a one-time purchase or a subscription. Then, you can customize your delivery time and frequency however you like.

3) Receive Your Delivery: Wild Pastures deliver meat from farms to your doorstep. The meat is packaged in compostable, earth-friendly packaging.

4) Cook and Eat: Finally, you eat the nutrient-dense, flavor-rich meats and enjoy.

Wild Pastures Meats

Offers four main types of meats, including:

100% Grass-Fed and Finished Beef: Wild Pastures’ cattle only eat grass. The company’s farmers use rotational grazing to help preserve and restore the health of the land. Rotational grazing also gives the cattle a more nutrient-rich, natural diet.

Pasture-Raised Chicken: Wild Pastures sells chicken meat sourced from chickens that spend their lives on pastures eating a natural diet of bugs and forage. Pasture-raised chicken is more nutrient-dense and has a richer flavor.

Pasture-Raised Pork: Wild Pastures’ pigs spend their lives on pasture foraging and exercising how they like. They’re never confined, and they eat grass, turnips, squash, apples, and other foods.

Wild-Caught Seafood: Wild Pastures also sells wild-caught seafood sourced from the pristine waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska. Bristol Bay has the world’s largest and most sustainable salmon run, making it an ideal place for wild-caught seafood.

When buying online from Wild Pastures, you can choose from four types of boxes, including:

Wild Pastures Subscription Box Features

Wild Pastures offers the following features with its subscription boxes and deliveries:

  • Customizable boxes with a range of meat options, including beef, chicken, pork, and combinations
  • Choose from one of two box sizes (15lbs or 25lbs)
  • Choose your delivery frequency (every 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 2 months, or 3 months)
  • Change your delivery date and edit deliveries as needed (if you’re out of town or need to delay an order for any reason, for example)

Wild Pastures Pricing

Wild Pastures sells two sizes of boxes: a 15 lb box (good for 1 to 3 people) for around $174 or a 25 lb box (good for 4+ people) for around $274. Pricing varies based on what types of meat you select and what’s in the box. Weights also vary slightly due to variations in the product.

You can choose a subscription and receive regular orders of Wild Pastures meats. Or, you can order a one-time box.


If you subscribe to Wild Pastures, you receive 12% off for life, can customize your subscription (every 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 2 months, or 3 months), and receive free shipping.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Beef, Chicken & Pork (Most Popular)

  • 15lbs (Great for 1-3 People): $153
  • 25lbs (Great for 4+ People): $241

Beef & Chicken

  • 15lbs (Great for 1-3 People): $153
  • 25lbs (Great for 4+ People): $241

Chicken & Pork

  • 15lbs (Great for 1-3 People): $153
  • 25lbs (Great for 4+ People): $241

Beef & Pork

  • 15lbs (Great for 1-3 People): $164
  • 25lbs (Great for 4+ People): $252

One-Time Orders

Here’s how pricing breaks down for one-time box orders.

Beef, Chicken & Pork (Most Popular)

  • 15lbs (Great for 1-3 People): $174
  • 25lbs (Great for 4+ People): $274

Beef & Chicken

  • 15lbs (Great for 1-3 People): $174
  • 25lbs (Great for 4+ People): $274

Chicken & Pork

  • 15lbs (Great for 1-3 People): $174
  • 25lbs (Great for 4+ People): $274

Beef & Pork

  • 15lbs (Great for 1-3 People): $186
  • 25lbs (Great for 4+ People): $286

What’s Included with Wild Pastures?

Your Wild Pastures box comes with 15lbs or 25lbs of multiple meat products. The contents of each meat box vary from month to month and by your subscription options.

Here’s what you currently get in a 25lb box of beef, chicken, and pork from Wild Pastures:

2 x 1lb Packs of Ground Beef (80% Lean): Ideal for burgers, lasagna, tacos, meatloaf, chili, and other recipes.

1 x 1lb Pack of Beef Breakfast Sausage: Good for cooking right in the pan and serving with eggs, toast, and whatever else to start your day.

1 x 1lb Pack of Beef Chorizo Sausage: Beef chorizo seasoned with organic ancho chili peppers, paprika, sea salt, garlic powder, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, oregano, cloves, and black pepper.

1 x 1lb Pack of Italian Beef Sausage: Beef sausage seasoned with Italian seasoning, making it ideal for homemade spaghetti sauce.

1 x 32oz Bottom Round Roast: A lean, easy-to-cook cut of beef ideal for slow cooking and slicing thin.

1 x Pack of 2 x 6oz Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon Steaks: Your 25lb box comes with one two-pack package of beef tenderloin filet mignon steak. The steaks are 6oz each, giving you 12oz total of meat. You can cook the steak with grass-fed butter, fresh rosemary, and vegetables.

1 x Pack of 2 x 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks: Each 25lb box comes with one pack of two top sirloin steaks. Each steak is 8oz, giving you 16oz total of meat. The steak is cut from the same area as a T-bone or porterhouse steak, and it’s loaded with flavor. You can grill, pan-sear, or broil the steak.

1 x Whole Regular Chicken: Each box also comes with one whole chicken. You can get various cuts of meat from the chicken, then use the bones to make a chicken broth.

1 x Pack of 2 x 1lb Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breasts: Each 25lb pack of Wild Pastures contains a pack of 2 chicken breasts (1lb per chicken breast). The chicken breasts are designed to be tender and juicy. You can grill it, bake it in the oven, or cook it right on top of the stove.

1 x Pack of 1lb Chicken Thighs: Each 25lb box contains 1 pack of chicken thighs, giving you 1lb of chicken thighs total. It’s a flavorful, dark meat ideal for braising, grilling, and baking. Wild Pastures also emphasizes chicken thighs that stay juicy while being difficult to overcook, making them an easy meal.

1 x Pack of 4-5 Chicken Drumsticks: Each 25lb box contains around 1lb of chicken drumsticks or around 4 to 5 drumsticks. It’s an easy way to enjoy protein, and they’re delicious when baked and covered with BBQ sauce.

1 x Pack of 16oz of Sugar-Free Bacon: Wild Pastures offers sugar-free bacon made with pasture-raised pork. The bacon contains no sugar and is smoked to perfection, and you can add it to salads, make a delicious BLT, or enjoy it on its own.

2 x 1lb Packs of Pork Breakfast Sausage: Wild Pastures gives you pork breakfast sausage. Each 25lb box contains 2 packs of pork breakfast sausage, with 1lb of sausage in each pack.

1 x 1lb Pack of Ground Pork: Wild Pastures offers ground pork for sausages, tacos, dumpling fillings, meatballs, and whatever else you decide to do.

1 x 3.13lb Pork Pot Roast: Ideal for a Sunday meal, the pork pot roast can be cooked in the crockpot all day along with carrots, onions, potatoes, and more.

1 x 2-Pack of 8oz Pork Chops: Each Wild Pastures 25lb box contains a single pack with two 8oz pork chops, giving you a 16oz total of pork chops.

You can customize your box however you like. You can double up on certain items, for example. Or, you can eliminate certain items.

As you customize your Wild Pastures box, you can see how prices change. You can swap out most items with no extra charge, for example.

Wild Pastures may also add bonus items to eligible customers. Or, they could make substitutions based on supply.


Wild Pastures Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Wild Pastures is one of the most popular meat subscription boxes available today. Generally, customers are happy with their Wild Pastures subscription box and how it works. They also like the quality of meats in the box, the easy-to-customize subscription options, and other perks.

Here are some of the reviews from customers:

Many customers like the customizability of their Wild Pastures subscription boxes, making it easy to select the meats they like (and eliminate the meats they don’t like)

Others like the transparent pricing of Wild Pastures, making it easy to see how much each item is and swap out items without increasing the cost of the box

Customers like the quality of the meat they get from Wild Pastures, praising the diversity of meats they receive and the flavor and texture of meats

Others like how Wild Pastures emphasizes sustainability; it’s no secret that meat can be bad for the environment compared to other land uses, but many like how Wild Pastures emphasizes pasture rotation and other sustainable practices

Wild Pastures only works with small family farmers in the United States; other meat and food delivery services may source their meats from outside the United States, leading to quality issues and concerns

Wild Pastures also offers easy delivery and hassle-free drop-offs, and many customers like how Wild Pastures uses recyclable packaging or compostable packaging to minimize waste

About Wild Pastures

Wild Pastures is a food delivery company founded. The company emphasizes sustainable practices, pasture-raised meat, and customizable deliveries – similar to other meat delivery programs like Butcher Box.

You can contact Wild Pastures via the following:

  • Email Form: https://wildpastures.com/contact

Final Word

Wild Pastures is a meat delivery service found online at WildPastures.com.

By subscribing to Wild Pastures today, you can get monthly deliveries of meat with 15lbs to 25lbs of beef, chicken, pork, seafood, or a mix.

To learn more about Wild Pastures or to subscribe to Wild Pastures today, visit the company online! >>>


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