Why “Weed-Lite” Is Actually A Great Cannabis Alternative

Did you know that marijuana was the first product to ever be sold on the internet? That may sound like an urban legend, but back in the ‘70s, a group of Stanford students purchased a baggie of weed from some students at MIT “online”. Of course, its was illegal then and is still illegal in many parts of the United States, but there has been a dramatic shift in the cultural perception of cannabis within the last few years. Weed is becoming more socially acceptable as both a medicinal and recreational drug for users who suffer from chronic pain, sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, and much more.

Despite its increased acceptance and popularity, there are some users who have been scarred by their initial use of cannabis. Using the wrong strain for the first time, taking too much in a single sitting, or experiencing crippling anxiety/paranoia during the high are some of the main reasons why many first-time pot users shy away from the drug completely. If you’re nodding your head and shuddering at the memory of your first time using it, you’re not alone. Marijuana isn’t for everyone, and while there is a bit of a learning curve for your first-time weed high, there are other ways to safely (and legally!) use the modern cannabis plant recreationally and enjoy the ride, without fear of legal issues or “reefer madness” stigma.

Thanks to modern science, there’s now a new legal cannabinoid on the market and it’s disrupting the cannabis industry in a big way. If you haven’t heard yet about this legal cannabis cousin, it’s time to say hello to Delta-8 THC! This powerful cannabinoid is fondly referred to as “weed-lite”by its fans and offers a smoother and more approachable “high” than traditional marijuana. Better yet, Delta-8 THC is legal on a federal level under the recent Agricultural Improvement Act, and classified as a legitimate hemp product under the 2018 Farm Bill as long as it contains 0.3% THC or less. But why is this new weed lite actually a great thing and how does it differ from regular weed? Keep reading to find the answer to this and many other commonly asked questions.

Why You Should Consider Delta-8 THC Instead of Marijuana

Marijuana has long been referred to as “the gateway drug” and was villainized for decades. That mentality continues to haunt marijuana, and many people remain wary of using it for fear of the repercussions. Delta-8 THC offers an alternative for those who still want to get get a similar “buzz” and uplift in mood, but without feeling overwhelmed or risking legal ramifications. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why many journalists and scientists agree that you should look at this new hemp cannabinoid instead of traditional cannabis, you’ll probably be glad you did!


Delta-8 THC is considered federally legal for recreational use throughout the United States, whereas marijuana continues to battle legality for both medicinal and recreational use at the state level, where it still remains illegal in over half the United States. While some states have adopted their own laws for hemp manufacturing and consumption, most states have approved Delta-8 THC, as long as it is derived from hemp and contains 0.3% THC or less in compliance with the federal rule.


Easier To Access

Delta-8 THC is available for purchase both online widely, and in-store in some states. Delta-8 THC also comes in a vast variety of products, ranging from simple edibles like softgels, dissolvable strips, gummies, and tinctures to inhalables like sprayed hemp flower buds, vape cartridges, and disposables. Each type of product comes with recommended dosages and does not require any type of prescription or card. The majority of Delta-8 products are purchased online, while in-store retail purchases in some states do require photo identification as they restrict Delta-8 products to adult use only.

Overall Effects

Delta-8 THC offers a smooth and relaxing high with almost no side effects. The most common side effects are dry mouth and perhaps some sleepiness, while offering a plethora of enjoyable effects that include warm euphoria, enhanced appetite, heightened senses (touch and taste), and others. There is no paranoia or nausea associated with Delta-8 THC unless you consume more than the recommended dose. Many users report feeling increased creativity, energy, and pleasure while under the influence of a Delta-8 THC high, all while remaining clear-headed and in control. While some products may work faster than others and may have different effects depending on the user, these effects are a stark contrast to the effects of traditional marijuana. Many fans that have been long-time cannabis users prefer Delta-8 over their traditional marijuana becomes it leaves them more aware and focused, able to concentrate and focus on work and tasks while enjoying the more muted effects of a Delta-8 buzz. Discrete intake methods, like gummies and even dissolving D8 mint strips provide a welcome alternative to the tell-tale billowing clouds of dank-smelling smoke that is associated with marijuana use (and generally frowned upon in a public setting!). Delta-8 edible products provide a much more enjoyable and convenient method of cannabis usage, either from the comfort of your couch, on the go, or in social situations.

Lab Tested

Since no cannabinoid is currently regulated by the FDA, and no official governmental standard for purity or testing exists yet, many companies subject their products to rigorous testing by independent third-party laboratories. The purpose of these lab tests is to provide accurate results on both the potency and purity of the product. The lab tests are both time consuming and expensive, thus showing the company’s dedication to providing a premium product for their customers. The cost of these tests compensate the lab for the time spent on testing and does not allow for any bias or unethical practices such as “looking the other way” or altering the results. Each lab test has the batch number and lab information listed on the report, allowing the user to call and confirm the results if desired.


Stigma Of Possession

Up until recently, there was always a risk of being detained and facing legal troubles when a person was found to have weed in their possession. That stigma has shifted quite a bit since weed is now legal in many states, but it’s still strongly recommended to not have any delta-9 THC marijuana in your possession while traveling. Delta-8 products, on the other hand, are generally safer to travel with. Many companies even provide a letter in the shipped parcel that states what Delta-8 THC is, why it is legal, and the freedom to carry it around without consequences. Some companies go a step further by printing a scannable QR code on the product’s label as well as stamping “Delta-8 THC” multiple times on the package, thus proving that the product is, in fact, federally legal and not actually marijuana. It is still unwise to send Delta-8 products through the mail internationally to other countries however, as inspection and legality of mailed cannabinoids varies widely between countries. Delta-8 products do not have any tell-tale cannabis odor (they are processed from an odorless distillate extract of the hemp plant) and generally can be transported and shipped without issue.


We’ve listed quite a few reasons why Delta-8 is a great choice as an alternative to Delta-9 THC, but like most things, you have to try it to see for yourself. The legality and lessened stigma of Delta-8 THC are just a few of its advantages over Delta-9 THC. The effects are much more enjoyable and less overwhelming, it comes in a variety of forms that have been lab tested for purity and potency, and it can be ordered online for purchase by adults, even in states where recreational marijuana is not allowed. Delta-8 delivers a smooth and satisfying high that allows you to sink into a warm euphoria that can help you relax after a long day, spark creativity for various projects, or use it as a way to take your mind off daily stress.

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