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Whose Number Is This Calling Me? 8 Ways Get To The Bottom Of Unknown Calls

Have you ever received a missed call from an unknown caller? With spam robocalls on the rise, you may be skeptical about picking up the phone from a number that’s not currently on your contact list. When you hit the decline button from an unknown number you risk missing an important call, but when you answer it you risk connecting with a scammer. Considering there are billions of robocalls that hit cell phones every month, it’s completely understandable.

Between the callers constantly informing you that the warranty on your vehicle is expired, pretending to be the IRA and law enforcement, or trying to sell you an insurance policy based on illegal telemarketing methods – it can all get a little exhausting.

Unfortunately, the legal situation to solve this issue isn’t looking too promising. Multiple court decisions are beginning to pave the way for these telemarketers to get away with blowing your phone up with no consequences.

While this isn’t an issue that can be turned off with the flick of a switch, there are several solutions to reveal unknown phone numbers and protect yourself from potential fraudulent activity. Rather than leaning on legislation, individuals need to take measures into their own hands with a reverse phone lookup method that can find out who’s calling.

Use a background check site to get to the bottom of mystery calls fast.

  1. TruthFinder
  2. Intelius
  3. Instant CheckMate

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Whose Number Is This Calling Me?

It would be ideal if there were some simple solution to see whose number is calling and ultimately end scam calls directly from your phone. But, the solution isn’t that easy. Think about it – when your computer gets a virus from an unknown entity, there usually isn’t an easy technical solution to fix it. The same goes for a scripted phone call.

Luckily, there are a few ways to do a phone number lookup and unlock the person or company behind the call. In this article, we outline the best ways to find the answer to this exact question- “whose number is this calling me”? Here are the most effective options.

Use a Search Engine

Using a search engine, like Google or Bing, can help match a name to the phone number with information that’s been made public on the internet. It’s a relatively straightforward process, with promising results. If the caller has entered the phone number into any website, forum, or public record database, a search engine can likely lead you to the identity of the missed caller. Simply enter the phone number into the search bar and sort through different page titles and descriptions for clues.

Even though search engines have vast features and capabilities, the results can be overwhelming to personally sort through. Unfortunately, no directory allows you to seamlessly scroll through a universal list of phone numbers. Companies that claim to have a list like this, often have missing, outdated, or flat-out inaccurate data.

Search on Social Media

Different social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, have huge user databases. This can be leveraged to work in your favor and unlock the identities of your unknown calls.

Many active social media users will use a phone number to create an account on the platform. This information is then stored within the networking website and may show up if entered into the site’s search bar.

Again, there is a downside. There are over 60 social media platforms and over 3 billion users using them worldwide. The process of narrowing down the identity of the unknown phone number can be time-consuming, difficult, and inaccurate.

Look at the Area Code

You can gain some insight by looking at the area code of the phone number. This could give you a general idea as to where the person is located. However, many of these serial robo dialers make millions of calls an hour from overseas locations and use fake phone numbers.

Use Information Given In the Voicemail

Look for clues within the voicemail (if they left one). If they are trying to sell you a product or service, try searching online for more details on that product. Other people may have received the same call and could identify the person or company behind the call.

Use a Reverse Phone Lookup Site

The most effective method is to use a professional reverse phone lookup and background check site. It could reveal the unknown number and find out who called.

Here are the best phone number lookup services:



If you wish to reveal the identities of unknown numbers, Truthfinder is a reliable site to do so. You’ll enter the phone number, click the search button, and the website will search through online public records to reveal the person behind the screen.

Truthfinder gives accurate and quick results. Plus, the site’s search features go far beyond a reverse phone lookup. The platform can provide you with further details about the person calling through its extensive background check capabilities. With that report, you can access financial information and other private and public records. This gives users more insight into the background of the person calling.



Intelius is another reverse phone lookup site used to reveal the identity of an unknown caller. This business offers access to quality and accurate information to find out who’s calling. It pulls public records from various government agencies – both on the local and federal levels. Once a report is generated, you can rest assured knowing the data was taken from trustworthy sources.

Intelius is also considered one of the top background check services on the market. Even though it doesn’t offer these extensive search capabilities for free, it’s still a reliable and trustworthy resource when interested in a phone number lookup report.

Instant CheckMate


Instant CheckMate is another fantastic tool when looking to identify a specific phone number. This site has user-friendly features that make it easy to search across the platform and see who’s calling within a matter of minutes. It uses public record online sources, including extensive data from government and court records to compile thorough reports. The information within the finalized reports could include personal contact information beyond the person’s phone number and full name – such as email addresses, social media accounts, photos and videos, participation in blogs and forums, and other significant online activities.

This site even offers users the chance to get a free reverse phone lookup on their homepage. This search tool sorts through various databases and resources – all made publicly available online. Once you start the search, you’ll receive comprehensive results within a short timeframe, containing all information found on the individual.

Last Step: Block the Number

If you went down the list of all the previous steps and the number remains unidentifiable, you’ll want to block the number on your cell phone. There’s a chance the number has not been used anywhere else on the internet, meaning it’s almost always a fraudulent robot caller.

The caller is likely using an anonymous number that’s placing millions of calls an hour across the globe. The number is kept anonymous so it can’t be linked to any illegal activity or held reliable for potential fraud claims. While it is good for the scammer, it will not help you on your quest to reveal the person’s identity. More often than not, you’ll wind up searching the internet without any leads and mostly just dead ends.

In a case like this, it’s best to block the number entirely and hope to never hear from them again.

Why Do I Keep Getting Calls From Unknown Numbers?

The rise of spam phone calls can be partly attributed to the fundamental problems with caller ID and the phone system’s inability to detect bad callers. Phone carriers don’t actively regulate calls and will only shut a robot caller down if it’s undoubtedly proven to be illegal. Otherwise, they want to stay out of it.

Some calls from an unknown number are clearly illegal, such as the scam calls from the “IRS” and others are trying to sell some kind of product, like a car warranty. While the approach varies, the end goal is essentially the same – to make a profit. Unfortunately, scam calling is often successful. The response rate is low, but the risk of getting caught is even lower. And if the robot caller can find a few people that take the bait, the rewards are high.


Now that you know what a phone number lookup is and which services offer them, you can start ignoring the various fraud calls regarding your vehicle’s warranty, insurance policies, owed tax debt, etc.

Learning the identity behind the call, with a reverse phone lookup site, gives you the information needed to make an educated decision to return the phone call or not. These services are pretty clever in unlocking the identity of the unknown phone number.

Unfortunately, the world of technology is an unfair place. There are far too many fake calls, catfishes, and harassers. We hope this article has given you the tools to figure out whose number was calling and how to deal with that missed caller.

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