Whitney Tilson “Connexa Terra” Empire Stock Investor Review (Metaverse Stocks)

Empire Stock Investor is a popular financial newsletter led by Whitney Tilson.

According to a new promotional campaign from Whitney Tilson and the Empire Stock Investor, investors “could make 10X” returns by investing in five specific tech stocks “that are about to take control of it all.”

Can you really earn 10x returns through Whitney Tilson’s investment recommendations? What types of stocks will you discover in Empire Stock Investor? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Empire Stock Investor today in our review.

What is Empire Stock Investor?

Empire Stock Investor is a financial newsletter published by Empire Financial Research.

Led by Whitney Tilson, Empire Stock Investor features stock recommendations, investment tips, and market analysis.

Each month, subscribers receive a new issue of Empire Stock Investor featuring news, recommendations, and analysis.

As part of a 2022 promotion, Whitney Tilson has launched a marketing campaign featuring “Connexa Terra.” Tech companies are fighting to control Connexa Terra. It’s an $85 trillion obsession. To get a slice of this market, Whitney and the Empire Stock Investor team recommend buying five specific tech stocks that are “about to take control of it all.” Investors who buy these five stocks today “could make 10X” returns over the coming years.

A subscription to Empire Stock Investor is priced at $49 to $129 per year, depending on your subscription level.

What is Connexa Terra?

As part of a new promotion, Whitney Tilson discusses a tech concept he calls Connexa Terra. According to Whitney, Connexa Terra is growing 893 times faster than the internet.

Connexa Terra is a new technology that is already worth $48 billion. According to Whitney, this technology is expected to be worth over $800 billion within two years, a 1,500% surge.

Over the coming years, Connexa Terra could:

  • Reduce your medical bills
  • Cut your grocery spending
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Drop travel expenses
  • Reduce what you pay for gas

The stock market is always looking forward. Smart investors and tech companies have already invested in Connexa Terra.

In fact, Facebook is already spending $10 billion this year alone on this technology, and other tech companies are also investing enormously:

  • Facebook: $10 billion
  • Google: $3.9 billion
  • Amazon: $871 million
  • Microsoft: $690 million
  • Apple: $786 million

Twitter, Dell, Epic, Verizon, and Tencent, meanwhile, are also shelling out enormous amounts on this new technology.

Now, Whitney wants to explain how ordinary investors like you can follow suit.

Connexa Terra is the Metaverse

Connexa Terra, for those out of the loop, is Whitney’s nickname for the metaverse. The metaverse is the virtual universe tech companies are investing billions to create.

The metaverse could transform interactions. It could change the way we work and do business. It could allow us to do more things than ever before.

The metaverse is a network of 3D worlds focusing on social connections. Some areas of the metaverse focus on gaming and entertainment. Others involve virtual concerns. Some involve healthcare, travel, and other unique areas.

As the metaverse continues to become more important over the coming years, some tech companies are prepared to capitalize on the shift – while others are falling behind.

How Tech Companies Are Investing in Connexa Terra

As Whitney explains, some of the world’s largest tech companies are investing billions into the metaverse. Some of the ways they’re investing include:

  • Microsoft is developing Mesh, a new project based on the metaverse
  • Google is expanding its Meet platform with additional metaverse functionality
  • Apple has developed a metaverse-friendly platform
  • Amazon is already dominating 90% of one of the metaverse’s most popular industries
  • Visa just spent $150,000 researching how to better position itself to help clients manage the emerging metaverse ecosystem
  • Facebook is spending $10 billion and hiring 10,000 people this year to bring Connexa Terra to life, and Mark Zuckerberg said “Our overarching goal…is to help bring [it] to life.”
  • Nvidia has spent millions developing its own metaverse technology
  • Mastercard created a new way for card holders to make payments in the metaverse
  • PayPal just spent $2.7 billion to further entrench itself in the race to dominate the metaverse
  • Netflix recently hired a former Facebook Gaming executive to keep up with other tech firms
  • Comcast is developing a new technology allowing users to change TV channels with their eyes

These are 10 of the largest tech companies in the United States, and they’re all developing technology for Connexa Terra – also known as the metaverse.

However, it’s not just tech companies jumping on board. Others investing in Connexa Terra and the metaverse include:

  • Tony Robbins, the self-help guru, who wants to use the metaverse to reach the masses through fully immersive experiences
  • Gambling company Entain has jumped on board the metaverse with a $100 million investment, allowing users to place bets from the comfort of home
  • Luxury brand Prada will let users try on clothes using an app, making it easy to check yourself out in a $4,000 outfit
  • Burberry, another luxury brand, is also entrenching itself in the metaverse

There’s a long list of companies investing in the metaverse or Connexa Terra. By subscribing to Empire Stock investor today, you can discover how to invest in Connexa Terra to maximize your investment returns.

How to Invest in Connexa Terra to Earn 10X Returns

Whitney Tilson is confident the metaverse will take off. Investors who invest today could earn huge returns in the future. In fact, Whitney claims five of his recommended stocks could deliver 10x returns for investors, and he claims Connexa Terra is the biggest investment opportunity of a lifetime:

“For you, it could be the investment opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve found five “buy now” stocks that I believe have the best chance of handing you 3x… 5x… even 10x your money.”

Whitney recommends practicing the following five investment strategies to maximize returns:

Investment #1: Buy Meta Platforms: Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is leading the charge on the new Connexa Terra / metaverse technology. Facebook hired 10,000 people dedicated to Connexa Terra, and the company is spending $10 billion per year to dominate the space. The company even changed its name to reflect this shift. Whitney Tilson recommends buying Facebook (ticker symbol FB) at less than $375 per share to get a long-term stake in metaverse technology.

Investment #2: Own the Connexa Terra Stock Hidden to Most Investors: Buying Facebook is unlikely to lead to huge short term gains. That’s why Whitney recommends buying another metaverse / Connexa Terra company that he believes will deliver higher short term gains. Whitney recommends investing in a company that runs concerts in the metaverse. That company has a catalog of subsidiaries in 42 different countries and 15 recording labels. It’s already worth $94 billion, and you can invest today for around $25 per share. In Whitney’s special report, he lists the name and ticker symbol of this investment.

Investment #3: Own Connexa Terra’s Backbone: Whitney recommends investing in the foundational technology underneath the metaverse: artificial intelligence. AI plays a huge role in many of today’s technologies, and it will be particularly important in the metaverse. Whitney claims to have identified a company in a perfect position to grow as the metaverse grows. In fact, the CEO of that company believes half of its metaverse revenue will come from chips and the other half will come from software.

Investment #4: Own the Currency: Cryptocurrency will be the currency of the metaverse. The entire cryptocurrency market is now worth more than $3 trillion. As the world grows increasingly digital, cryptocurrencies will become more common. Sure, you can use the US dollar for many metaverse transactions, but there’s a need for a global currency, and cryptocurrencies solve that problem. Whitney believes cryptocurrencies will be the primary form of currency in the metaverse, and he recommends buying a specific coin to take advantage.

Investment #5: Own Part of this $240 Billion Industry: Finally, Whitney recommends buying a slice of the $240 billion gaming industry. Gaming will be a huge part of the metaverse. Several games already exist in the Connexa Terra / metaverse world. Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite are played by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Within the next few years, Whitney believes gaming will be worth over $240 billion. Whitney recommends investing in a specific company that has been around since the 1980s, has produced some of the world’s most popular video games, and is preparing to dominate the metaverse.

You can discover complete details about all of these investment opportunities in Whitney Tilson’s book, Five Ways to Earn 10x on the World’s Biggest Tech Shift.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Like all financial newsletters, Empire Stock Investor is careful about promising specific returns to subscribers. However, the company seems confident that subscribers could earn huge returns on investment by buying their recommended stocks.

Here are some of the claims made on EmpireFinancialResearch.com:

Whitney Tilson claims “you could make 10x your money” by buying his five recommended metaverse / Connexa Terra stocks in his new report, because he believes these five companies are about to take control of it all

Whitney adds that he’s “talking 3x…5x…even 10x potential as “Connexa Terra” drives toward $800 billion over the next two years”

One subscribers writes, “These kinds of returns with this sort of batting average – again, never had a subscription like it. Keep up the great work!”, suggesting he has been happy with the investment recommendations from Whitney Tilson and the Empire Stock Investor team

Whitney recommended buying Netflix when it was $7.78 per share, and it has risen 8,600% since then

Whitney also recommended buying Amazon when it was $48 per share, and it’s gone up more than 7,500% since then

Whitney also claims to have made “a small fortune” with JetBlue Airways, Berkshire Hathaway, and other investments while working for 20 years as a hedge fund manager in Manhattan, serving some of the wealthiest people in the world (including billionaires)

What’s Included with Empire Stock Investor?

When you subscribe to Empire Stock Investor today, you get access to a range of bonus reports. Here’s what is included with each new subscription to Empire Stock Investor:

Annual Subscription to Empire Stock Investor: on the first Wednesday of every month, you receive a new issue of Empire Stock Investor. Each issue contains new investment ideas, stock recommendations, and market analysis. Whitney also explains any updates to his model portfolio, including any stocks he bought or sold over the last month and at what prices.

Empire Financial Daily and Whitney Tilson’s Daily: Your subscription also includes two free bonus newsletters. You receive each newsletter in the morning when markets open. Whitney claims “some of the wealthiest investors in America” subscribe to these two newsletters.

Full Access to Archived Research Reports and Recommendations: Empire Financial Research regularly releases reports and research pieces. When you subscribe today, you get access to all previous research reports and recommendations.

Special Report: Five Ways to Earn 10x on the World’s Biggest Tech Shift: Whitey Tilson believes a technology he calls Connexa Terra will transform the world over the coming years. In this report, Whitney lists five specific stock recommendations that could earn 10x returns for investors over the coming years. The report includes the name of the recommended investment, the ticker symbol, and Whitney’s instructions on how to get in at the best possible price.


Bonus Report #1: The #1 Way to Profit on the Electric Vehicle Boom: In this report, Whitney explains how electric vehicles are increasingly taking over – and how investors can take advantage. Tesla is an easy pick, but Whitney recommends another stock, which he describes as his “#1 stock in this sector.” By investing in this stock today, you could earn huge returns as electric vehicles continue to take off.


Bonus Report #2: The Two Critical Driverless Technologies You Must Own Today: Driverless cars are also the future. Whitney has identified one company in the space that is “a strong buy in [his] opinion today,” which is why he recommends taking a stake in the company. The company has partnered with Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes, and Volvo, among other major car companies. They’ve also partnered with tech companies like Sony and Panasonic and research institutions like MIT, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon, among others. Whitney claims “you could make many times your money in the next few years” by owning shares of this company today. In this report, Whitney explains the name and ticker symbol for the company, along with his explanation of why he believes it’s such a good investment.

Empire Stock Investor Pricing

Empire Stock Investor is priced at $49 to $129 for your first year, depending on your subscription level.


After your first year, the company will renew your subscription for $199. You can cancel at any time, and all subscriptions come with a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Basic Subscription ($49)

  • Access to Whitney Tilson’s Empire Stock Investor and model portfolio
  • Empire Financial Daily email
  • Special report: Five Ways to Earn 1x on the World’s Biggest Tech Shift
  • 30 day moneyback guarantee

Premium Subscription ($79)

  • Access to Whitney Tilson’s Empire Stock Investor and model portfolio
  • Empire Financial Daily email
  • Special report: Five Ways to Earn 1x on the World’s Biggest Tech Shift
  • Bonus 1 year subscription to Joel Litman’s Hidden Alpha newsletter
  • Bonus Report: The #1 Way to Profit on the Electric Vehicle Boom
  • Bonus Report: The Two Critical Driverless Technologies You Must Own Today
  • Bonus Report: Four Stocks to Ride the Metaverse Megatrend
  • 30 day moneyback guarantee

Deluxe Subscription ($129)

  • Includes everything in the Premium package
  • Free electronic copy of Whitney Tilson’s upcoming new book, The Art of Playing Defense: How to Get Ahead by Not Falling Behind
  • 30 day moneyback guarantee

Empire Stock Investor Refund Policy

Empire Stock Investor is backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with any of the information in Empire Stock Investor, then you are entitled to a complete refund on your purchase within 30 days of signing up. Just contact the customer service team to initiate the refund process.

About Empire Financial Research

Empire Financial Research is a financial publishing company offering a range of free and paid newsletters and research services.

The company was founded in 2019 by Whitney Tilson, a former hedge fund manager. After spending 20 years working as a hedge fund manager for billionaires and other wealthy individuals in Manhattan, Whitney left the industry to focus on financial publishing.

Today, Empire Financial Research’s two flagship reports include Empire Investment Report and Empire Stock Investor.

You can contact the Empire Financial Research team via the following:

  • Email: info@empirefinancialresearch.com
  • Phone: (800) 961-2618

Final Word

Empire Stock Investor is a financial newsletter led by Whitney Tilson, a former hedge fund manager.

By subscribing to Empire Stock Investor today, you can get a bundle of bonus reports discussing how to invest in “Connexa Terra,” or the metaverse. Whitney Tilson claims investors could earn 10x returns on their investment by buying his five recommended stocks today.

To learn more about Empire Stock Investor or to invest today, visit the official website at EmpireFinancialResearch.com.

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