Weiss Ratings DeFi Masterclass Event Review (Chris Coney) Is It Legit?

Weiss Ratings has launched a new DeFi Masterclass Event online.

By attending the event online for free, you can discover the three fastest ways to build wealth in today’s new financial system.

Should you attend the DeFi Masterclass Event? What will you learn during Weiss Ratings’ new webinar? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about this upcoming event.

What is the DeFi Masterclass Event?

Weiss Ratings, a financial publishing and ratings company, has launched an online event called the DeFi Masterclass Event.

During the event, the Weiss Ratings team will explain how to take advantage of new financial and investment opportunities to earn better returns on your investment.

The DeFi Masterclass Event is free for anyone to attend, and the event airs repeatedly throughout the day at WeissRatings.com.

You can register for the event for free just by entering your name and email address into the online form.

Topics Covered During the DeFi Masterclass Event

The DeFi Masterclass Event covers the following topics:

  • How to get 134x better yields on your savings by taking advantage of “turbo yield accounts”
  • How to use “game-changer deposits” to beat the annual returns of the world’s best hedge funds by 26 percentage points
  • Why Bank of America says a new opportunity is “potentially more disruptive than bitcoin”
  • How trillions of dollars could shift, rapidly helping people who position themselves correctly today
  • The 3 fastest ways to build wealth in today’s new and growing financial system, including why today is the best time to take a position to secure future wealth
  • Why Mark Cuban believes today’s banks “should be scared” of DeFi, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies

How DeFi Could Disrupt Today’s Financial System

Martin Weiss and the Weiss Ratings team believe decentralized finance (DeFi) will disrupt today’s financial system. In fact, it already has disrupted toady’s financial system.

To promote the DeFi Masterclass Event, Martin Weiss sent a special message to followers and new subscribers online explaining why he believes DeFi is such a powerful force.

Here are some of the reasons Martin Weiss believes DeFi is a huge opportunity:

  • If you deposited $1,000 in the average bank’s money market account one year ago, all you’d have in interest today is a meager 75 cents
  • With consumer prices surging, your money is becoming increasingly worthless by the day; in just four days, inflation wipes out your yield for the entire year
  • Over 120 million US households have bank accounts, and they’re all getting paid near-zero interest rates; these Americans are getting ripped off, and they’re becoming increasingly poor due to inflation
  • DeFi is an alternative to the traditional banking system, and it’s becoming increasingly popular as a superior option to big banks

DeFi Versus Traditional Banking

DeFi is superior to traditional banking, in the eyes of Martin Weiss. Some of the reasons he believes DeFi is better than traditional banking include:

  • There are no big banks running up huge costs with DeFi; in fact, there’s no centralized entity at all making money, which means on fat cat bankers are lining their pockets and no government is controlling interest rates
  • With DeFi, you cut out the middleman; instead of banks restricting access to your money and acting as an intermediary, you can earn greater yields and have better access for your money
  • DeFi platforms have annual percentage yield opportunities ranging from 10.02% to 19.49%, giving you 134x better returns than what’s available in the average bank money market account today in the United States
  • You don’t need to invest in high-risk cryptocurrencies to earn large yields; some DeFi platforms pay 19.49% yields on stablecoins, for example, which are digital assets pegged to the dollar and other major cryptocurrencies
  • There’s no barrier to entry with DeFi; while banks restrict access based on location, financial background, and other factors, DeFi platforms are open to all
  • You can also deposit as much or as little as you like into DeFi platforms, and you can withdraw it at any time without penalty; that’s more difficult with traditional banking system

How to Earn Money Through DeFi

During the Weiss Ratings Cryptoversity DeFi Masterclass Event, Martin Weiss explores new investment opportunities linked to decentralized finance.

The launch of DeFi 2.0 introduces several new ways to make money. Some of these ways are not available with traditional financial systems.

During the DeFi Masterclass Event, you can discover three main ways to make money through DeFi, including:

Savings: You can save your way to larger returns on DeFi platforms. Some of today’s most popular DeFi platforms pay yields of 10.02% to 19.49% on savings. Just deposit your money into the online account, and you get paid for holding it with the platform. Borrowers pay the platform to borrow money, and you earn a yield for providing those funds, and the platform holds collateral to secure the loan. As Martin Weiss explains, the top DeFi platforms are paying yields 134 times better than what’s available from the traditional banking market today. Instead of earning just fractions of pennies in daily interest on your savings account, you can 10% to 20% yields each year.

Investment Funds: Investing comes with risk, but it can deliver even higher yields. Today’s best DeFi opportunities can deliver 65% APY, for example, which is 26 percentage points better than the annual returns seen with the world’s best hedge funds. You deposit your money into an investment fund, then the fund makes investment decisions by choosing different cryptocurrencies to buy and sell. Some funds are led by a single entity, while others are led by a democratic group of investors. Although these investment funds are risky, they’re one way to make money through DeFi platforms.

Speculative Funds: You can earn or lose money through speculative funds in the DeFi world. Martin Weiss claims to have seen returns “in excess of 1,000 times” with some of the best DeFi speculative funds. If you can afford to lose money, then the sky’s the limit.

What’s the Catch with DeFi?

DeFi has plenty of benefits, but there are some downsides. The main downside, as Martin Weiss explains in his letter, is that it’s a new and unfamiliar technology to most people:

“The only hurdle to overcome: DeFi is different from traditional banks. It can sometimes be strange, even a bit scary for those who have never done it before.”

During the Weiss Ratings DeFi Masterclass Event, Martin Weiss aims to familiarize viewers with DeFi platforms. He’ll demonstrate yields of 10% to 19.5% right in front of viewers’ eyes. It may be an unfamiliar technology, but it’s easier to access than ever before.

How Much Does the DeFi Masterclass Event Cost?

The DeFi Masterclass Event is free for anyone to attend.

Just enter your name and email address into the online form, and you’ll receive a link to the event.

By entering your name and email address into the online form, you agree to receive email updates, special offers, and a free subscription to Weiss Crypto Alerts. You can opt out of all of this marketing at any time.

Bonuses Included with the DeFi Masterclass Event

The DeFi Masterclass Event is free for anyone to attend, but you get a bonus report just for attending the event!

Bonus Report: Turn Ethereum Into Your Personal Cash Machine

Topics covered in the easy-to-follow guidebook include:

  • Where to buy Ethereum
  • How to open an account
  • How to leverage all the moneymaking power that account has to offer
  • When to take your profits on Ethereum, including how to time the market to make the most money possible as Ethereum surges up and down
  • How to use Ethereum to make “instant, double-digit yields” by taking advantage of DeFi platforms
  • How to make 20x, 30x, or 35x more than traditional money market accounts or bank accounts by taking advantage of Ethereum

All event attendees receive a copy of the report for free.

Who is Dr. Martin Weiss?

Dr. Martin Weiss is one of two presenters in the Weiss Ratings DeFi Masterclass Event.

Dr. Martin Weiss is the founder of Weiss Ratings, an independent ratings agency and financial publishing company.


Dr. Weiss launched Weiss Ratings in 1971, initially rating companies and their stocks to help investors make informed decisions. Since launching his company, Dr. Weiss has staunchly refused to accept payment in any form from the companies or projects he covers.

In recent years, Weiss Ratings has become the first major ratings organizations to grade cryptocurrencies.

Today, Weiss Ratings publishes financial newsletters and other information about cryptocurrencies and traditional investments. The company offers a range of free and paid publications covering topics from across the crypto space.

Who is Chris Coney?

Chris Coney is the other presenter of the Weiss Ratings DeFi Masterclass Event.

Chris Coney is the founder of Cryptoversity.com. He’s a pioneer in the crypto education community, and he aims to teach ordinary investors how to get started in crypto and navigate the world of decentralized finance.


Chris Coney created one of the world’s first bitcoin courses all the way back in 2013. When he launched Cryptoversity, it was the world’s first online education center dedicated to crypto training.

Chris Coney is also known for the Cryptoverse, which has over 1,000 podcast episodes and 5 million downloads to date, including interviews with 97 crypto thought leaders.

In partnership with Dr. Martin Weiss and Weiss Ratings, Chris Coney has created the world’s first comprehensive DeFi Masterclass, helping anyone take advantage of multiple DeFi opportunities.

Final Word

Weiss Ratings and Cryptoversity have teamed up to launch a free DeFi Masterclass Event.


By entering your name and email address into the online form today, you can view the DeFi Masterclass Event, discover how to take advantage of yields of 10% to 20% on today’s top DeFi platforms, and learn how to get started in the exciting world of DeFi.

The masterclass is led by Dr. Martin Weiss, the founder of Weiss Ratings, and Chris Coney, the founder of Cryptoversity.

To learn more or to sign up for the masterclass today, visit the official website! >>>


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