VisiPrime Reviews – What are Customers Saying? Scam or Legit?

Ever dream of having 20/20 vision? Who wouldn’t, blurry vision isn’t exactly helpful and will either push individuals towards getting glasses or contact lenses. Obviously, laser eye treatment has been known for producing desired results, but unfortunately, it isn’t affordable for all. So, what options are left? This is where a vision tincture might be of interest. The makers claim to have created a formula that targets and resolves three primary issues of vision using nothing but natural ingredients. Want in on the details? The following review will provide insight on the lo and behold “VisiPrime”.

What is VisiPrime?

VisiPrime is a dietary tincture equipped with a blend of safe and effective ingredients deemed supportive when it comes to protecting, clearing, and enhancing vision. Precisely, it has been formulated to liberate individuals from the constant stress of wanting to perfect vision. According to the makers, VisiPrime comes after studying and conducting tests at over a dozen independent labs across the U.S. and parts of Europe. As interesting as this might all sound, people are likely to wonder whether a natural tincture is potent enough to make a positive difference. While it is true that taking VisiPrime is probably the best way to assess its worth, but for now, knowledge on how it’s meant to work can be equally helpful.

How does VisiPrime work?

VisiPrime has been formulated to work in three steps. Of utmost importance to the makers are 1) to flush out any impurities found in the eye, 2) to repair damage caused by heavy metals and other mycotoxins and 3) to rejuvenate and create a protective barrier around the eyes. To achieve the aforesaid, six ingredients have been selected. In all honesty, the synergy between the chosen six is trusted to protect individuals against macular degeneration, cataract, and other eye diseases. Moreover, one can finally say good riddance to swollen, irritated eyes, random tearing, and blurry vision. Our editorial team was quite surprised by the strong claims made. So naturally, we sought for perspectives from the scientific community, which is the next step in our review!

What ingredients are inside VisiPrime?

The main ingredients found inside VisiPrime include:

Vitamin C

Also known as L-ascorbic acid, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin essential for collagen, L-carnitine, and the production of certain neurotransmitters. Ongoing research has shown its antioxidant function to be superior, namely, limiting the negative impacts of oxidative stress [1]. In the context of vision, one source explained that vitamin C might lower the risk of developing cataracts and when taken in conjunction with other essential nutrients, may slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration and visual acuity loss [2].

Eyebright Extract

Eyebright (or Euphrasia officinalis) is a type of herb rich in flavonoids like luteolin and quercetin. Usually, it is taken by mouth for swelling of the nasal cavity and sinuses, allergies, and hay fever among others, writes one source. Most importantly, this extract is applied directly to the eye for conditions such as conjunctivitis, eyelid swelling, and eye fatigue [3]. Why? Because it supposedly acts as an astringent and may kill bacteria. Alas, human studies are needed to confirm its reported benefits, currently only test tube and animal subjects have been considered [4].


Lutein is a plant pigment (or carotenoid). Related to beta-carotene and vitamin A, this pigment is perceived as “the eye vitamin” because it is found in the human eye. Regarding its mechanism, one source maintained that it might filter out light essential for protecting eye tissues from sunlight damage [5]. Based on existing studies, lutein might be most useful for alleviating symptoms linked to age-related degeneration, however, it is unlikely to prevent AMD from worsening.

Bilberry Extract

Rich in antioxidants (like anthocyanins, vitamin C and polyphenols), bilberry extract is used for a wide range of medicinal purposes, from eye conditions to diabetes. In terms of vision, this extract may be used as a remedy for glaucoma, cataracts, dry eyes, AMD, and retinitis pigmentosa [6]. For safety reasons, individuals are asked to refrain themselves from taking high doses or taking bilberry for long periods of time.

Copper Gluconate

Copper gluconate is an orally bioavailable copper salt of D-gluconic acid. This is the commonly used form of copper in food supplements because it is highly absorbable. While its effect on vision is not entirely clear, we’ve discovered that copper is generally needed for proper functioning of the body. For instance, it is needed for energy production, it helps activate antioxidants, it supports immune function, and it is involved in the health of connective tissues [7].


Zinc is an essential mineral naturally found throughout the body. Its main roles entail supporting immune health and metabolic function. It might also promote wound healing and enhance one’s sense of taste and smell [8]. Another source highlighted that high levels of zinc can be found in the macula (i.e., part of the retina), and can help vitamin A create melanin (fundamental for protecting the eyes) [9].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is VisiPrime safe?

VisiPrime is deemed safe to take because it includes natural ingredients. However, it is unclear as to how much of each ingredient is found per serving, therefore, we ask everyone to consult customer support before placing an order. While conversing, individuals should also bring up the risk of side effects (if applicable). Once the necessary information has been provided, the last step should be to consult a health practitioner (just to be certain).

How should VisiPrime be taken?

Individuals are asked to take 3 to 5 squeezes directly into the mouth 3 to 5 times daily. At the beginning, it might be ideal to start small and less frequently.

Has VisiPrime been tested?

Based on the claims made, VisiPrime has been tested on volunteers. Furthermore, 100,000 women and men from over the world have since taken it. Unfortunately, the makers have neither provided details on the supposed study nor have they precisely listed the results of those who’ve given VisiPrime a try.

How many VisiPrime bottles should I purchase?

The makers recommend taking at least 6 bottles or more, especially given that repairing vision requires time. Otherwise, individuals may experience setbacks in their goal of restoring 20/20 vision.

What are the purported benefits of taking VisiPrime?

The purported benefits of taking VisiPrime include reparation and cleansing of the eyes, all while removing blurred spots.

What if VisiPrime doesn’t work as recommended?

In case VisiPrime doesn’t work as stated, the makers protected each purchase by a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if within 60 days of ordering VisiPrime, individuals see no difference, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund on all unused bottles. For more details, send an email to support@visiprime.com.

How much does VisiPrime cost?

Each VisiPrime bottle has been manufactured to deliver a month-long supply. That said, here’s a prices breakdown before any applicable fees:

  • 1 VisiPrime bottle: $69 each
  • 3 VisiPrime bottles: $59 each
  • 6 VisiPrime bottles: $49 each

Final Verdict

VisiPrime is a tincture formulated to cleanse, repair and protect vision health. The makers avow that all it takes is six key ingredients derived from natural sources. In doing our research, most of them seem to have some evidence for vision, while others have yet to be tested on human subjects. From our understanding, this formula relies heavily on traditional medicine as opposed to science and this is something that everyone should reflect upon. Taking everything into account, there were certain areas that left us questioning VisiPrime. For starters, it is nearly impossible to find the product label, and the absence of transparency shouldn’t be taken lightly. Then there is the use of strong claims regarding VisiPrime’s benefits. If research suggests otherwise, why are individuals promised 20/20 vision? Moving forward, we urge everyone to consult customer service before placing an order.

To learn more about VisiPrime and how it works, be sure to visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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