VantagePoint Free Live Training Reviews – Is Vantage Point Trader Marketing Group Legit?

AI trading firm VantagePoint has launched a new live training promotion for its trading software.

By entering your name and email address into an online form, you can learn how to dominate the markets using artificial intelligence – even if you have zero trading experience.

What is VantagePoint? How does VantagePoint work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about this AI trading software.

What is VantagePoint?

VantagePoint is a trading platform that uses artificial intelligence to predict market patterns. The company tracks stocks, ETFs, forex, cryptocurrencies, futures, and commodities, predicting market movements across all of these assets.

As part of a 2022 promotion, the VantagePoint team offers free daily live training sessions.

Anyone can sign up for a free daily live training session today at Just enter your name and email address into the online form, and you’ll receive a link to an upcoming webinar.

During the free webinar, you’ll discover how VantagePoint works, how it could predict winning trades, and actual case studies of how 29,000+ investors have made money using VantagePoint, among other topics.

How Does VantagePoint Work?

VantagePoint uses artificial intelligence to predict market movements. Here’s how the VantagePoint team explains the trading software:

“Learn how you can discover hidden patterns in the market that are undetectable to human beings with an advanced tool so simple to use traders with ZERO experience can generate incredible results.”

Even if you have zero trading experience, you can use VantagePoint to predict winning trades. By signing up for the VantagePoint online training session today, you can discover more about how the trading software works and how much money you could make.

VantagePoint Free Live Training Session

As part of a 2022 promotion, VantagePoint has launched a free live training session. Scheduled daily at 2 pm EDT, the live training session explains how the software works, how it could help you, and how you could use it to make winning trades.

Here are some of the topics covered during the VantagePoint live training session:

  • How to use VantagePoint to discover an advanced suite of indicators traders of all levels of experience can use to predict market moves across all markets, including forex
  • Case studies of how this type of market forecasting has changed the lives of 29,000 investors and could do the same for you
  • The secret behind proper market forecasting and why so many people get it wrong
  • How you can use this information and significantly improve trading results
  • How to use VantagePoint to trade “with up to 87.4% predictive accuracy” using the power of artificial intelligence
  • And more

The live training session is free for anyone who signs up online today.

Topics Covered During the VantagePoint Free Live Training Session

During the VantagePoint free live training session, viewers discover:

VantagePoint Predictive Indicators and How They Work: VantagePoint aims to help traders time the market by choosing optimal entry and exit points. During the live training session, you’ll discover this advanced suite of trading indicators, allowing traders of any experience to predict market moves across all markets.

Case Studies: VantagePoint offers case studies on market forecasting, exploring real-world situations where VantagePoint changed the lives of thousands of traders. Since its launch, VantagePoint claims to have helped over 35,000 traders predict market movements.

Market Forecasts: VantagePoint uncovers the key secrets to proper market forecasting, including why many traders get market forecasting wrong.

VantagePoint Benefits

VantagePoint is backed by $10 million in research and development, and the software has helped 35,000+ traders predict markets over the last 30 years. The company behind VantagePoint was established in 1979, and the VantagePoint software was launched in 1991.

Key benefits of VantagePoint include:

  • Precise forecasts of a trend’s direction 1 to 3 days in advance
  • Predictions of the next day’s high and low
  • Alerts on whether the market is expected to make a top or bottom over the next 48 hours
  • A suite of other predictive leading indicators, technical tools, and other options to identify optimal entry and exit points (i.e., timing the market)
  • Learn how to forecast market trends 72 hours in advance with up to 87.4% accuracy (documented and verified)

Overall, the makers of VantagePoint are confident their software can predict major market movements and help traders make winning trades consistently.

What Does VantagePoint Track?

VantagePoint tracks all major financial assets, allowing you to predict major market movements in everything from futures to crypto to stocks and ETFs.

Some of the assets tracked with VantagePoint include:

Forex Trading: Forex traders worldwide use VantagePoint to predict market movements. VantagePoint uses Intermarket analysis to determine which currencies and other markets have the most influence on a target pair. Then, VantagePoint runs this data through a neural network to produce various predictions. The result, according to VantagePoint, is “incredibly accurate short-term price and trend forecasts.”

Futures & Commodities: VantagePoint predicts movements of futures and commodities. VantagePoint can purportedly recognize and interpret Intermarket connections between commodity prices to provide short-term forecasts using the same neural network processes. According to the official website, you can use this information to time the market, as VantagePoint will “help traders get into positions at the most opportune time.”

Stocks & ETFs: VantagePoint tracks stocks and ETFs in 15 United States sectors, including energy, transportation, finance, and healthcare. According to VantagePoint, you can learn to trade stocks with confidence with help from VantagePoint.

Cryptocurrency: VantagePoint offers cryptocurrency trading to help users make consistent crypto trading profits. Making consistent trading profits involves more than just analyzing a single currency. It involves analyzing several interrelated factors that drive prices up or down. VantagePoint’s software analyzes these factors across multiple cryptocurrency markets.

Overall, VantagePoint processes 632,000+ data points daily, using 90 input values, 630 data points per market, and covering 2,300+ individual markets.

VantagePoint Predictive Technical Indicators

VantagePoint offers a full suite of predictive technical indicators to help you enter trades earlier, place stops at more optimal levels, and stay in winning trades longer, among other benefits. In other words, VantagePoint wants to help you time the market by buying at the lowest possible lows and selling at the highest possible highs.

Some of the technical indicators available with VantagePoint include:

Predicted Moving Averages: Moving averages are some of the most popular technical indicators, but they have little predictive value. VantagePoint spent years and millions of dollars researching a Predicted Moving Average (PMA) indicator. This indicator is easy to use and can purportedly put you “on the path towards consistent profitability” by helping you spot true trend changes.

Predicted High and Low: Where is the market going tomorrow? How high or low will a stock go in the next three days? VantagePoint attempts to forecast the next day’s high or low with a high degree of accuracy, giving you a predicted trading range for one day in the future.

Predicted Neural Index: VantagePoint uses its Predictive Neural Index indicator to deliver accuracy rates as high as 87.4%. The Predictive Neural Index tells you whether a market should move higher or lower in the coming days, giving you an advantage over the market.

Predicted Differences: VantagePoint’s Predictive Difference indicator aims to predict differences in market trends, determining if a specific trend is getting stronger or weaker.

VantagePoint Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Here are some of the reviews from VantagePoint customers shared through the official website:

  • One reviewer claims he uses VantagePoint to help him stay ahead of the market
  • Another trader claims he struggled to find consistency with his trading profits for years, but VantagePoint has helped him become “constant and profitable.”
  • One reviewer claims he trades with much more confidence thanks to VantagePoint, and he has also started to trade in markets he “would otherwise never consider trading.”
  • One trader likes VantagePoint because it allows her to maintain a flexible schedule with her children while giving her better control of her time.
  • One reviewer claims he has used VantagePoint to get into trades earlier and hold onto winning positions, timing the market more easily with the help of VantagePoint.

Overall, VantagePoint’s reviewers seem to agree that the software helps them time the markets more easily, maximize winning trades and optimize profitability.

VantagePoint Pricing

The VantagePoint live training webinar is free for anyone to attend, and there are no obligations. You will receive some marketing material to your email address or phone number (if you entered your phone number into the optional form). However, you can view the webinar for free with no obligations whatsoever.

If you want to buy VantagePoint’s trading software, then you can choose from four packages between $2,900 and $10,900:

  • Entry Level ($2,900): Includes lifetime software license for one stock sector.
  • Essentials ($5,900): Includes lifetime software license for four stock sectors.
  • Most Popular ($8,900): Includes lifetime software license for eight stock sectors.
  • Most Valuable ($10,900): Includes lifetime software license for 16 stock sectors.
  • Additional markets cost $1,900 after your initial order. VantagePoint also sells the Intelliscan Customizable Quick-Scanning Tool for $1,900.


What’s Included with VantagePoint?

All VantagePoint packages include:

If you buy the Most Popular ($8,900) or Most Valuable ($10,900) packages, you also get one additional software license.

About VantagePoint AI, LLC

VantagePoint AI, LLC offers world-leading AI forecasting software called VantagePoint. Founded in 1991, the company claims to have changed over 35,000 lives over the years.

According to, you can use VantagePoint to “predict market movements up to 3 days in advance.” The company’s software forecasts for over 2,300 stocks, ETFs, futures, forex pairs, and cryptocurrencies.

VantagePoint also specifically claims to help traders make money. According to the official websites, VantagePoint “helps traders preserve their hard-earned capital and create real wealth.”

VantagePoint was founded by Louis B. Mendelsohn. You can contact the company via the following:

Final Word

VantagePoint is AI-powered trading software that uses thousands of data points to predict market movements.

Designed for traders of all levels of experience, VantagePoint has helped 35,000+ traders’ time markets since the 1990s, using predictive indicators to find the optimal entry and exit points.

VantagePoint offers free live training sessions with no obligations. Anyone can sign up online for free, then view VantagePoint in action.

To learn more about VantagePoint or sign up for a live training session today, visit the official website at >>>

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