Uncensored Crypto Review: Truth About Crypto Documentary Series

Uncensored Crypto is a documentary series scheduled to begin airing online on January 18, 2022.

During the webinar, 56 industry insiders pull back the curtains on Crypto. They explain what it is, how it works, why it can’t be stopped – and what’s coming next.

Should you attend Uncensored Crypto? What will you learn during the online event? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Uncensored Crypto today.

What is Uncensored Crypto?

Uncensored Crypto is a 9-part documentary series that starts airing online on January 18, 2022.

During the 9-part series, viewers will hear from industry experts who explain their thoughts on modern cryptocurrency. Experts will explain how Crypto works, what’s going on today, and how investors can take advantage of upcoming trends.

Anyone can sign up to watch the documentary series for free at Just enter your name and email address into the online form, and you’ll receive a link to the documentary series as it airs.

Topics Covered in Uncensored Crypto

Across the 9-part documentary series, experts cover various topics regarding cryptocurrency, how it works, and what’s coming next.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Fifty-six industry insiders share their raw, unfiltered, and uncensored insights into cryptocurrency and how it works. In a series of never-before-seen interviews, experts reveal what’s next for Crypto, the assets they own, how to get started, and the rewards they see on the horizon, among other thoughts.
  • How there’s a “perfect storm” coming to the crypto space “that will send cryptocurrency adoption rates and prices through the stratosphere,” according to the official Uncensored Crypto website. That perfect storm involves multiple converging economic and social crises. Investors could get a substantial return on their investment by investing in suitable cryptocurrencies today before the perfect storm.
  • Why a combination of money printing, unsustainable debts, censorship, privacy rights, freedom of speech, tyrannical politicians, and other factors will continue to fuel the ascent of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Why you’re not too late to invest in Crypto, and why the market is still in its infancy. The creators of Uncensored Crypto believe “the greatest upside potential is still to come” with Crypto. During the documentary series, they’ll explain how to capitalize on it for maximum returns on investment.
  • Why Crypto’s dominance is unstoppable, even with regulation, government clampdowns, climate concerns, and other issues, “nothing can stop the inevitable rise of crypto,” according to the official website.
  • Why Wall Street is “terrified, why politicians are petrified, and why the Ivory Tower elites fear cryptocurrencies” because it could signal the end of their power – and how you can take advantage of this fear by buying the right cryptocurrencies today.
  • Why Crypto is about more than just digital currency, it’s a revolution of everything, and it has the power to disrupt how we trade, vote, shop, communicate, invest, and create art. Crypto and blockchain are on the way to changing everything about our lives.
  • Why there’s no escape from cryptocurrency? Even if you never buy a cryptocurrency, Crypto will inevitably affect you, your loved ones, and your finances.

Each of the nine episodes of Uncensored Crypto covers a different topic. There’s a web 3.0 episode, for example, and an episode discussing Crypto versus climate change. Across these episodes, viewers will learn more about how Crypto works, what’s coming next, and why blockchain and web 3.0 technology could create a new revolution.

Uncensored Crypto List of Episodes

Across the 9 episode documentary series, experts discuss various topics involving Crypto, blockchain investing, and how it relates to you.

Below, you can discover episode summaries, lists of speakers, and topics covered in each episode of Uncensored Crypto.

Episode #1: The Crypto Revolution

This episode features Brock Pierce, Fred Theil, Bryce Paul, Martin Weiss, Congressman Warren Davidson, Mike Dillard, and other speakers.

During the episode, these speakers discuss topics like:

  • How the 2008 financial crisis created the carnage that fuelled the rise of bitcoin, and why bitcoin will continue to create a revolutionary new system over the coming years
  • Why bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology is “bigger than the internet” and could be as disruptive to the world as the internet was in 1995; blockchain “will transform almost every aspect of society” regardless of whether or not you ever buy cryptocurrency.
  • The tipping point that will swing mass adoption in favor of cryptocurrencies and how to take action immediately to avoid being left behind after the tipping point occurs
  • Blockchain explained how blockchain works, why we can restore our freedom and sovereignty with blockchain, and how to use blockchain to escape “surveillance capitalism.”
  • How decentralized finance is about to become a $4 trillion asset class – and how you can profit from the tsunami of wealth being created in the DeFi space
  • How to “safely earn investment yield 67x higher” by withdrawing your money from banks and taking advantage of a unique investment opportunity; according to the creators of Uncensored Crypto and the experts interviewed, you can earn 67x returns on investment taking advantage of this opportunity.
  • Why are our fiat currencies corrupted because of a monetary system beyond repair, and how are cryptocurrencies the only way to restore equality and balance to this system.
  • Four ways to invest in Crypto, including the pros and cons of each approach, how to select the right direction for you, and how to maximize returns on investment.
  • Bitcoin versus gold as a store of wealth, including which asset class is right for protecting your money.
  • Why inflation is eroding your money and is getting worse – and how you can escape the wealth-destroying impact of inflation through cryptocurrencies.
  • How a government insider exposed the terrifying truth about the “Federal Reserve’s Central Bank Digital Dollar” project and why it would be a disaster for US citizens.
  • The battle for wealth and power in the future world, including why the fight for the future of power and wealth is currently being waged across the battlefields of currencies – and the consequences if we lose this battle.

Episode #2: Buying Bitcoin

This episode features Brian Rose, Ryan Sean Adams, David Hoffman, Cory Klippstein, Josh Lawler, Juan Villaverde, and other experts.

During the second episode of Uncensored Crypto, these experts discuss all of the following topics:

  • Why today’s crypto space is “like the California Gold Rush” and how you can turn this frenzy into life-changing profits for yourself
  • Why bitcoin’s returns will continue to outperform stocks, real estate, and traditional investments in the coming years
  • Why the traditional financial system is a rigged game that sets you up to fail – and how the wealthy elites are benefiting from this system every day at your expense
  • The #1 mistake new crypto investors make
  • How to front-run” the millionaire class and “make a killing in crypto” by following a specific series of steps and investing in a new opportunity “before this window closes.”
  • The truth about decentralized projects, including why most projects are decentralized only in name – and how you can spot the difference
  • Why bitcoin could fall, including the argument against bitcoin as the future of currency.
  • How to earn returns “as high as 50-100x” without being a professional investor and without needing a considerable starting sum
  • The battle between bitcoin and Ethereum, including deciding which cryptocurrency will reign supreme in the coming years – and which currency is the best option for investors
  • How fraudsters and shills use bitcoin to “orange wash” their scams, including how to spot these cons, so you never have the rugged pulled out from under you again.

Episode #3) A New Internet, Web 3.0

This episode features Jimmy Song, Commodore, Mance Harmon, Jack Du Rose, Eric Wade, and other experts.

During this episode, the experts discuss all topics related to Web 3.0 and blockchain-based platforms. Topics covered during episode 3 of Uncensored Crypto include:

  • How the internet is evolving using blockchain technology to create web 3.0
  • How web 3.0 technology will solve some of the world’s biggest online problems, including censorship, oligarchical control, digital rights, and more
  • How cryptocurrencies are “going to eat the multi-trillion financial industry,” according to a former banking insider – including the two cryptocurrencies that will lead the charge and potentially deliver enormous returns for investors
  • How Silicon Valley exploits you without you knowing it
  • Why web 3.0 is ending “techno feudalism” and preventing a handful of CEOs from dictating reality
  • How cryptocurrencies are changing the way we govern ourselves by taking control away from authoritarian politicians and giving it back to the people
  • How decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) work, including how they could revolutionize everything from voting to corporate board management

Episode #4: The Everything Revolution

This episode explains non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how they work. It stars Tatiana Moroz, Justin Little, Mark Lack, Joel Kruger, and other NFT experts.

Topics covered during the fourth episode of Uncensored Crypto include:

  • NFTs explained, including what NFTs are, why they’re changing the game, why they went viral, and what comes next for the $20 billion global NFT marketplace
  • Why most people are wrong about NFTs, and why this mistake could cost you’re a fortune
  • How Crypto is disrupting the $64 billion art world and giving artists a new, censorship-free way to express themselves
  • How to profitably buy and sell NFTs with no experience, skills, or unique expertise required, “just follow this simple method” explained by the Uncensored Crypto experts
  • How NFTs can “help save the world” by saving rainforests, oceans, ancient sites, and fighting climate change
  • The metaverse and how it works, including why Crypto plays a critical role in the metaverse, how to be an early investor in the new digital world, and how it all ties into Crypto and NFTs

Episode #5: The Rise of DeFi

Decentralized finance (DeFi) isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. In this episode of Uncensored Crypto, experts discuss the rise of DeFi and what comes next.

Experts in this episode include Brian Rose, Tiana Laurence, Brock Pierce, Mance Harmon, Bryce Paul, Lamont Black, Alex Benfield, Martin Weiss, Jerry Tang, and Giorgi Khazaradze.

Topics covered during the episode include:

  • How to “earn 6-10% on your savings, with strictly limited risk” by withdrawing your money from banks and investing in the right crypto-assets and savings accounts
  • Where the smart money is flooding in cryptocurrency today
  • Why bitcoin “is on pace to hit $500,000 per coin – at a low estimate,” according to the Uncensored Crypto experts
  • How to invest in cryptocurrency while avoiding volatile price swings, uncertainty, and risks
  • How the government uses the money to control you, and how DeFi can help you and your loved ones break free from the chains and enjoy true freedom
  • How stablecoins (dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies) are creating a colossal expansion in crypto markets – and how to make money as this growth occurs
  • Why DeFi is one of the most significant and most revolutionary technologies in the history of humankind, including what it means for the financial system
  • How cryptocurrencies are reversing the multi-thousand-year trend towards centralization and top-down control while helping to restore power to the people
  • How to get “20% returns per year” while turning your crypto holdings into a cash cow, including the exact protocols recommended by experts in Uncensored Crypto to make huge returns on investment
  • The red flags to avoid when investing in cryptocurrencies

Episode #6: The Sovereign Individual

This episode discusses how Silicon Valley trillion-dollar companies and wealthy elites are attacking your freedom of speech – and how some are fighting back using Crypto and blockchain.

In The Sovereign Individual episode of Uncensored Crypto, you’ll hear from experts Justin Rezvani, Marty Bent, Mike Dillard, Matthew McKibbin, Daniel Zuckerman, Jeremy Gardner, Josh Malinkovich, and others. These experts discuss topics like:

  • The Social Dilemma, including how Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram exploit your private data to make billions – and how to take back control by restoring your privacy
  • Why Crypto is a way to fight back against the canceled culture
  • How “Silicon Valley Marxists” attack your freedom speech – and why one crypto company is fighting to restore your rights to privacy
  • How bitcoin mining can help states keep taxes low, improve social services, and pay their citizens a yearly dividend – all while freeing them from control by the government
  • The dark side of blockchain technology, including how malicious individuals could exploit blockchain to create a 1984-like dystopian world – and how to stop this from occurring
  • How Crypto fights censorship and restores personal sovereignty by eliminating middlemen, gatekeepers, and bureaucrats, among others who have “controlled us for hundreds of years.”

Episode #7: Crypto vs. Fiat

When deciding which currency to use, you have two broad choices: fiat currencies (like the US Dollar and Euro) or cryptocurrencies (like BTC and ETH). In this episode of Uncensored Crypto, experts discuss the unique advantages of Crypto compared to fiat.

Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • Why the government is releasing a US Digital Dollar that will promise the same benefits as Bitcoin – but will secretly allow the government to gain more control over your life
  • How blockchain can alleviate poverty by enabling people around the world to access banking services
  • How the banking system is secretly stealing 8 to 10% of your income every year, including how to get that money back to you by taking advantage of DeFi tokens, technologies, and platforms
  • Why criminals don’t just use bitcoin, and why this is a media lie designed to push people away from Crypto
  • How regulators could clamp down on Crypto in the future, including how the Federal Reserve has so brutally debased the currency that they’ve backed themselves into a corner – and what this means for your savings, wealth, and future

Episode #8: The Dark Side of Crypto

There is a dark side to Crypto. And Uncensored Crypto does not ignore that dark side. In this episode, you’ll hear from Congressman Warren Davidson, Justin Newton, George Vukotich, Richard Little, Josh Lawler, Daniel Conover, Lyn Ulbricht, and other experts who discuss the dark side of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • What Washington politicians are discussing behind closed doors regarding Crypto and blockchain, what Congress thinks of Crypto, and how these new regulations could affect you shortly
  • Why cryptocurrency will not be destroyed by regulation, and why these concerns “are overblown and misunderstood,” including the number one reason why the government cannot stop the adoption of cryptocurrency regardless of what happens next
  • Why “zero regulation” is also bad for the cryptocurrency space
  • The truth about Silk Road from Ross Ulbricht’s mom, who claims the trial was corrupt – including what we can learn from how the government treated the case

Episode #9: Crypto vs. Climate

It’s easy to claim that Crypto is destroying the climate. However, these fears may be overblown. In this expert, you’ll hear from experts Fred Theil, Spencer Marr, Gary Testa, Alex Brammer, Al Meissner, and others regarding the battle between Crypto and the climate.

Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • How bitcoin mining works, why it’s essential, and how you can use bitcoin mining to earn extra income
  • Why bitcoin mining is not leading to climate change, and how it’s benefiting the climate in several ways
  • How to use the “duck curve” as a crypto miner to maximize profit potential, including why bitcoin mining will probably cost you money
  • How crypto mining is creating the next phase of the clean energy revolution

Uncensored Crypto Pricing

Uncensored Crypto is free for anyone to attend.

Just enter your name and email address into the online form at

There’s no “catch.” You will receive a link to each Uncensored Crypto on the day it airs. The first episode airs on January 18, 2022.

About Uncensored Crypto

Uncensored Crypto is a 9-part documentary series led by host Michael Hearne.

Michael Hearne is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. He started his first business in a tiny apartment in a rough part of town. Today, Michael has pulled his family out of poverty to become the resilient entrepreneur he is today.

Experts interviewed in Uncensored Crypto include Mike Dillard (founder of, Brock Pierce (founder of Blockchain Capital), Bryce Paul (founder of Crypto 101), Warren Davidson (Congressman from Ohio), Tiana Laurence (General Partner at Laurence Innovation and CEO and co-founder of, Alexander Postlmayr (founder of Coinpay), Irina Litchfield (founder and CEO of, and dozens of other experts.

Uncensored Crypto is being released online by Decentral Publishing. You can contact the Uncensored Crypto team via the following:

  • Phone: 888-509-3806
  • Mailing Address: 1675 South State Street, Suite B, Dover, DE 19901


Uncensored Crypto Final Word

Uncensored Crypto is a 9-part documentary series covering Crypto investing, blockchain, NFTs, web 3.0, and other trending topics.

The documentary begins airing on January 18, 2022. It’s free for anyone to attend. Just enter your name and email address into the online form at to get started.

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