Top 5 Psychic Reading Online Platforms Of 2021: Get 100% Accurate Consultation From Best Psychics| Psychic Readings Near Me

There was a time when people visited psychic readers and healers, looking for solutions to all their life’s problems.

But not anymore.

The pandemic has ensured that you stay at home and get online to work, shop for groceries, or even talk to old mates and family.

Psychics, too, have started operating from home. Or at least remotely – over the internet. In fact, these online psychic services are more in demand nowadays, especially with mental health issues growing – courtesy of social distancing, self-isolation, and financial troubles that have never been so bad before!

Disturbed individuals need spiritual succor, psychic relief, and mental guidance. Now more than ever before. To feel assured that there is light at the end of this long pandemic tunnel.

Face-to-face interactions are ideal for getting accurate and elaborate readings. But since that’s not safe anymore, many psychics have embraced the new age requisites to cater remotely to their clients.

So, you don’t need to step outside and take out your car to find the best psychics anymore. Simply go online and find psychics near you. After all, no matter where they may be staying – they are all psychics “near you”.

What’s more – unlike the worries of earlier times, when you couldn’t be sure if you were being taken for a ride, these new-age platforms for psychics only allow authentic and skilled psychics on board. So, you needn’t worry about whether you’re wasting your money or if their advice will ever come in handy.

However, note that not all platforms are great. Some of them will be out there to con you of your hard-earned money. But there are still quite a few that are dependable and accurate – even more than your friendly neighborhood psychic!

We’ll explain that in a later section. But here are the top five platforms for psychics near me. Take a look:

Top Five Online Platforms For The Most Accurate Psychic Readings

#1. Kasamba: Editor’s Choice For The Best Online Psychics

#2. Keen: Best For Psychic Love Readings

#3. AskNow: Great Online Psychic For Career

#4. Oranum: Recommended for Online Tarot Readings

#5. MysticSense: Best for Mediumship

#1. Kasamba:Editor’s Choice For The Best Online Psychics


In a tearing hurry to get that psychic reading done? Then, Kasamba is just the site for you. Having been around since 1999, it has garnered more than 3 million customers who swear by its accurate readings. The three minutes of free reading are a major attraction, along with its panel of highly skilled psychic readers who are always ready with their advice to put you out of your misery.


  • You get three free minutes with any psychic reader 24/7.
  • New users get a 70% discount for the first session, which is a real steal.
  • A detailed profile page on each advisor helps you choose which reader is best suited to look into your future and answer your questions.
  • The site is strict about not compromising on the authenticity and quality of its services.


  • All psychics have 5-star ratings, so you get to choose from a pool of reliable and skilled readers.
  • The three free chat minutes with each new psychic is the USP of this site.
  • If you are unsatisfied with your first reading, you will get a full refund, no questions asked.
  • The readings cover a wide range of methods, including aura and crystal readings, psychic mediums, pet psychics, and rune casting.
  • Love readings cater to marital life, single and dating, cheating and affairs, divorce or break-ups, gays and lesbians, etc.
  • Over 100 dream analysts, 200 fortune-tellers, and Chinese and Vedic astrology are at your disposal.
  • Under the “More” tab, services like palm reading, numerology, occult graphology, Kabbalah, past life readings, new age spirituality, eastern philosophy, and picture readings are on offer.


  • There is no option for a video chat or reading, which is a deterrent in setting up a connection with the advisor in question.
  • The filter system is not up to the mark, as you waste a lot of time sifting through numerous profiles and services to zero in on the chosen one.
  • Kasamba’s best psychics are quite expensive. So, if you are a regular client, be prepared to burn a big hole in your pocket.

Why Choose Kasamba?

Kasamba has always given accurate predictions and advice to its clients, who have grown steadily in number over 20 years. Not many psychic platforms have such a varied range of online services that Kasamba has to offer. Its tarot card readings are among the best, and its readers and advisors are star-rated with transparent profiles to help you choose the best.

We can safely vouch for the fact that Kasamba is the best site for all your psychic needs, as we have tested it ourselves. It offers 50% off on the first reading to new members. So, check that out for sure!

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#2. Keen: Best For Psychic Love Readings


Keen is pretty old in the business, too. Since 1999, it has built a team of talented and experienced psychics who are experts at revealing your past, present, and future.

You can choose from over 1,700 online psychics who specialize in everything ranging from psychic readings to tarot card readings to finance, health, and love predictions. The website’s excellent filters help you narrow down the choices. Whether you’re seeking insights into your career, future, or love life, you can trust a reading from a Keen psychic to make the right decision.


  • Keen has a convenient appointment or callback service. You can fix an appointment at a suitable time if the advisor you have selected is not available at the moment.
  • You can choose between phone reading or online chat.
  • The search feature makes it easier to look for suitable psychics. You have to type their name in the “Search” section. Once you have got your advisor, you can chat with her/him online or call up her/him directly for your personalized readings.
  • There are many articles about psychic practices and spirits, with advice on tarot and astrology to widen your reading knowledge.
  • Keen offers various services to cater to the needs of different people. These include psychic readings (most popular on the site), psychic mediums that reach out to a deceased relative or pet, spiritual readings, astrological readings, tarot readings, and love and relationship readings. Keen love advisors are the most highly rated.


  • It is the cheapest psychic site where new members have two options. The first three minutes are free, or you pay $1.99 for 10 minutes of consultation.
  • You can look for Keen psychics filtering by price, the type of reading, and customer ratings to get a suitable reader.
  • Its psychic app helps you check out readings even while traveling.
  • It is 100% private and confidential.


  • There are no video readings on offer. This makes it difficult for you to establish that connection with the advisor.
  • Keen advisors communicate only in English. So, if you don’t know the language, you won’t understand what’s happening.

Why Choose Keen?

The excellent filters to help you choose from over 1,700 psychics is the reason why you should go for Keen. It can help you zero in on exactly what you are looking for. With the wide range of services on offer, you can be assured of an extraordinary psychic experience to help you progress in love, career, or take a major decision that can impact your future.

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#3. AskNow: Great Online Psychic For Career


AskNow calls itself the nation’s premium psychic network. It has been one of the most used psychic websites since 2005, with thousands of loyal clients swearing by its talented and trustworthy psychics and spiritual advisors.


  • Its highly interactive homepage is very attractive, almost calling out to you to use it for all your psychic needs.
  • It has a free question section for first-time users to test its services. You get up to five minutes free with the advisor.
  • Highly qualified experts are available round the clock. You can reach out to them from anywhere and at any time over the phone or online chat for advice on love, romance, health, finance, or career.
  • Once you get your desired psychic, you can call or chat with her/him if s/he is available. There is a call-back facility if they are busy or away. You can also schedule an appointment.
  • You have to register to book a session. The site leads you to a page when you can schedule an appointment. You need a credit card to register for the trial offer.
  • Readings are in nine main categories: Love & Relationship, Money & Finance, Career & Goals, Past Lives, Spiritual Guides, Tarot Readers, Numerology, and Dream Analysis.


  • The website has many introductory packages for new clients with rates as low as $1 per minute. There are free bonus minutes, too, if you buy an introductory package.
  • The website is very user-friendly. All you have to do is pick a psychic from the lists on the homepage or click on the “Psychic” tab and then browse by categories and rates to get the one you are looking for.
  • It also has an excellent free section called Daily Horoscopes. Clicking on your sign will yield short but effective predictions for the day.


  • The elite or master advisors are very expensive. The Top-Rated ones charge between $3.99 and $9.99 a minute, the Elite Advisors charge $10 to $12.99 a minute, and the Master Advisors charge $13 and above a minute. Now, if you want a psychic doing a special reading for you, it will cost money, but not at the cost of emptying your wallet!
  • You have to give payment details of your debit/credit card to avail of those free five minutes or free question options. But they do send a warning beep when your five minutes are up. So, if you hang up upon hearing it, no charges will be deducted from your card.
  • Language is a problem, as not many bilingual psychics figure on the AskNow website.

Why Choose AskNow?

It’s certainly a good psychic website for you if you are looking for some answers from professional psychics with spiritual abilities that are tested several times a year. Their accurate readings have changed so many lives for the better. The promise to maintain discretion and confidentiality makes AskNow attractive.

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#4. Oranum: Recommended for Online Tarot Readings


The funky layout sets the webpage of Oranum apart from the rest. There is not much to read about the website and the services it offers, but the scores of visuals do all the talking. Considered one of the world’s largest spiritual communities, its live specialists are dedicated to fulfilling their mission to “provide spiritual help to people in need.” They aim to bring ancient knowledge to the digital age.


  • Hundreds of psychics offer readings in matters of love, career, family, home, and overall life.
  • Oranum psychics specialize in astrology and are known for their insightful readings. Other specialties include numerology, clairvoyance, tarot cards, and palm reading.
  • As a new user, you get 10 minutes free for personal readings.
  • Psychics are present across all times zones 24/7. The word “Live” shows the online status of each psychic next to a green dot on the upper right-hand corner of each reader’s thumbnail. Readings are conducted via video chat.
  • The pricing system is credit-based, where you have to buy credits and not time per minute, unlike other websites. When the free credits get over, you can buy more credits for reading time per minute.


  • The psychics and readers can speak English and more than one Continental language fluently.
  • You get 10 minutes of free chat with any of the online psychics.
  • A section is devoted to answering all those hard-pressed questions that are plaguing you.
  • These psychics excel in dealing with issues of love, finance, and the death of loved ones. An astrological psychic reading gives you insight into upcoming opportunities in your personal and professional life.
  • Oranum’s dream interpretations do a great job of making sense of your dreams.
  • The opportunity to witness live readings is what makes Oranum different from the rest.


  • The reviews aren’t very flattering. There are too many psychics to choose from, and some of them seem to be somewhat dubious. Some of them give very generalized readings.
  • You cannot talk to your psychic over the phone, as only chat and video streaming options are available.

Why Choose Oranum?

If you prefer a video reading to a phone or text reading, Oranum is the best bet. The detailed information on each psychic helps you choose the best reader for you. Its unique live broadcasting services and the $9.99 in free credits you get for registering on the site are what make it so attractive to clients.

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#5. MysticSense: Best for Mediumship


A wide range of services, including tarot, reiki, astrology, love, and spiritual readings, are available on MysticSense. The psychic readings use various techniques and visuals to help you overcome all your challenges or offer you a fresh perspective on life. Available 24/7, it’s said to be one of the most effective online services to guide you through major life decisions.


  • Depending on the answers you seek, you’ll be able to pick from various psychic readings, filtered by specialization, topic, and expertise. If you’re looking for a psychic with a range of specialties, this can be an excellent place to start.
  • The first five minutes are free. All you have to do is to sign up, fill out the form, and start chatting with an advisor.
  • The “Search” feature makes it easier for users to seek out suitable psychics online.
  • MysticSense also has an “Article” section featuring blogs and articles on different psychic practices, tarot, spirit, and astrology.


  • Readings are only $1 per minute.
  • The first five minutes are free.
  • You can reach out to psychics in multiple ways. Readings are via chat, phone, and face-to-face videos.
  • The powerful filtering tool helps shortlist the most effective readers for you.
  • You can get MysticSense services on your iOS and Android phones. So, you can consult them anytime, everywhere.
  • All personal information shared by you remains private and secure.
  • If you’re not satisfied, contact the website’s customer support to get a full refund.
  • The “Love and Relationship” section has numerous filters with dedicated psychics for every relationship issue. Over 170 psychics concentrate only on affairs and cheating hearts, while 150 can get you out of toxic relationships.
  • There are over 80 grief counselors to help you deal with the loss of a dear one.
  • Another highlight is a dedicated section for LGBTQ relationships with over 230 psychics.


  • There are no horoscopes to flick through for daily updates.

Why Choose MysticSense?

The gifted psychics, affordable rates, and diversity of readings make MysticSense a viable choice for you. Connecting, too, is no problem, as it can be done over the phone, chat, and video. So, you need not worry about missing out on that guidance you are banking on.

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How We Selected Our List of The Five Best Platforms For Psychics Near Me

There are scores of psychic readers out there promising to bring you peace of mind and enhance your love, career, financial, or family situations. But just like in real life, you need to tread with caution in the cyber world, taking care not to walk into traps laid by conmen masquerading as psychics and spiritual guides to dupe you emotionally and rob you of your hard-earned money.

Don’t worry. We have got you covered. While you were drawing up a list of queries to ask a psychic, we made a list of the five best online psychics near you. We scrolled through numerous websites, checked their credentials and credibility stats, and pored over client reviews to get a feel of what they can do for you.

Our evaluation yardsticks included:

The Psychics

We checked their actual credibility and experience against their claims on online profiles by doing thorough background checks.

Precise Readings

We checked the accuracy of the online psychic readings by taking a good look at the client reviews.


We checked the rates on each psychic website to get you the most affordable ones.

Discounts & Freebies

This is a major attraction for most clients. So, we checked user discounts and freebies on offer.


We checked how easy it is to negotiate your way through the website, and there are many filters to choose readers or advisors best suited to your purpose.

A Beginner’s Guide Into The Psychic Reading World

If you are walking into the psychic world for the first time, it’s natural to feel apprehensive. It may feel like a daunting task for a beginner. But first, let’s take you through the very basics so that you can understand what you are getting into.

Who is a psychic?

A psychic can sense what is about to happen to them or someone else. S/he has extra-sensory perception (ESP) that enables her/him to have access to information hidden from the normal senses, involving telepathy or clairvoyance.

What is psychic reading?

Psychic reading is the ability to use your senses to find out what the future holds or provide answers to questions you are seeking. It depends largely on the psychic’s instincts and the ability to tap into the energy of the seeker to read or see feelings that may be hidden from normal view. Tools such as crystals, tarot cards, numbers, and auras are used to make predictions.

The different types of psychic readings


This is an ancient art to tell your future based on the lines on your palms. The four main lines to study are the head, heart, fate, and life.

Aura readings

Here, the psychic sees the aura that you emit and deciphers what shade it is. Orange stands for creativity; Green refers to love life, while Black focuses on exhaustion, pressure, and other negative feelings. The psychic taps into the aura to discover emotional energies and memories, your personality, and that of your family and friends. S/he can help discover what is blocking your energy and help clear the aura of negativity.


Astrology can predict what will happen in the future and what happened in the past based on your birth date and place of birth. It studies the planetary positions in your birth chart to give insights about the best time to make positive changes in your life.


Here, the magic of numbers is at play to determine what was, what is, and what will be in your life. Birth dates, names, and numbers that keep recurring in your life have a great effect on your personality and future, and this is what numerologists use to answer your queries.


Here, a deck of 78 cards is used for a tarot reading to help you understand the issues you are facing or find answers to your questions. The Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana are the two kinds of cards available in tarot card decks. The Major Arcana cards are used for major life-changing decisions, like a career change, relocating to another city, taking your relationship to the next level, or calling it off, etc. The Minor Arcana cards stand for the minor temporary changes in your life that don’t have far-reaching effects.


Here, online psychics use objects belonging to you to arrive at a resolution. The item helps them obtain information, as it contains some of your energy.

Points to bear in mind when choosing an online psychic reading

#1. Research the psychic: Before signing up for a session, check out her/his profile and areas of specialization, and read up all reviews on them.

#2. Make a list of questions you want to ask: Be prepared with a set of questions to ask, as it will help you get the most out of the session. If you fail to do this, don’t complain if you get vague readings.

#3. Be open with your reader: The more open and honest you are, the more accurate your readings are. Your unresponsiveness will act as a veil over your life, and the psychic will fail to get any clarity.

#4. Be prepared to face the truth: The truth may not always be very palatable, but you need to have the guts to hear the psychic out even though it is not what you may be hoping for. Keep an open mind and learn to accept what is being said in the session.

Online Vs. Offline Psychic Readings

Remote Consultations

The most striking advantage of online psychic reading is that you can do it from home. Since the advisor, too, will be working from home, the comfort factor will help you get quality results. It is the safest option, with the coronavirus lurking around.


Online psychics are accessible all day. So, you can get quick results without waiting for days for an appointment. This is not possible in offline settings due to time constraints, transport, and availability issues.


Almost every online psychic reading site gives discounts and offers to attract customers, unlike the offline mode.


Most psychic websites have a stringent screening process for psychics to ensure that their clients get authentic services with no compromise on quality.


Online psychic websites are very particular about the protection of privacy of their users, lest they get blacklisted.


Unlike your one friendly neighborhood psychic, there are plenty of options online, and you can choose a suitable one for different purposes.


You may be embarrassed to ask your psychic questions of the personal kind. Online readings make it more comfortable for you to communicate.

FAQs On Psychic Readings

Q: How do I choose a psychic?

A: Choosing the right psychic depends on what it is that you want from the reading and what kind of psychic you are looking for. If it’s a relationship matter, you would naturally like to talk to someone gentle and empathetic. If it’s a finance or career issue, you need a straightforward psychic and not someone who harps on emotions or sentiments. It is here that psychic profiles come to use, as they tell you about the potential advisor and their skill sets.

Q: Are there a variety of psychics?

A: Yes, there are different psychics for different issues. While some specialize in love and marriage, others focus on career matters or finance. Some will just tell you your fortune in general. They are all happy to hear you out and even happier to give you sound advice and guidelines.

Q: What happens during a psychic reading?

A: This depends on the type of reading you have chosen. Each psychic has different gifts and works with various tools, altering what happens during your reading. Usually, psychics start by tapping into your energy, allowing them to tell you what they pick up on. After that, you can ask your questions. But please keep in mind that the psychic is only there to guide you. You are the one who will have to decide how you will use that guidance.

Q: Are they accurate, and do their predictions come true?

A: Yes, in most cases, they are accurate. Sometimes, the results are not apparent at the time, but gradually, maybe six months later, the client realizes that what was told to them was coming true.

Q: Can your search for true love be fulfilled by a psychic?

A: Yes! Most people hook on to a psychic only to find that soulmate who has been eluding them. The psychic will advise you on how to find love, where and how to place yourself so that love comes knocking, and once it does, how to handle it with care lest it runs away!

Q: How often should psychic readings be done?

A: If you have questions about specific issues like career, health, or love, go for a psychic reading. If there is no urgent motivation or real intention, you won’t get accurate readings. However, if there are major upheavals in your life over some time and you are confused over what step to take, you can consult your psychic on a more regular basis.

To Conclude

Psychic readings can be quite an eye-opener. If done correctly, you get a deep insight that will help you understand your thoughts and feelings better. The information will help you make informed choices to shape your future.

We have already shortlisted five top psychic reading sites for you. Of these, Kasamba is the best to guide you out of trouble waters and set you on the path to success and happiness.

Remember, psychics just don’t do readings to help or guide you. They empower you with a sense of confidence and clarity that helps you move forward fearlessly into the future.

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