Top 5 Best Free Psychic Readings Online: Where To Go When You Need Answers From Beyond?

The best psychic readings make it possible for consumers to learn the answer to their questions using phone calls, live chats, and video calls. An online reading can be highly beneficial for individuals who want to keep the stress to a minimum as they balance their life. These readings can also help people who want to find their dream job or a loving partner. Everyone wants long-lasting happiness but finding the right place to turn can be quite a puzzle.

Having the answer from an online psychic can be incredibly helpful for anyone who has felt like they had no possible solution to their problem. These individuals provide clients with advice, solutions for their problems, and even answers regarding current events in their life. This journey into real solutions makes it easier to regain the inner peace many people seek.

With the right relationship with a psychic, consumers can get the answers to all of the questions that they could have about their love life, career, or family relationships. Getting readings with free psychics isn’t quite the same as what people see portrayed in the movies, and there should be no fear associated with the experience. There’s no reason to sit in a dark room for the individual to channel metaphysical energy from the universe for all the answers, but there is still an element of mystery.

By getting a psychic reading, consumers can find clarity in many different matters, helping them get a clear perspective on what’s next. It doesn’t matter whether the individual is full of hope or looking for answers – these relationships are made to help users regain the inner peace they want. While the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it difficult to get support in person, free readings can be done at home without the risk of spreading the illness.

In this guide, readers will learn about the top-rated services for free psychic readings to help their overall popularity.

The Top 5 Free Psychic Readings Online in 2022

Consumers have plenty to choose from with so many different free psychic readings websites and brands. While some platforms allow users to engage in phone calls and live chat functions, others offer more forms of communication to suit the client’s preferences. These platforms also have a variety of types of psychics, ensuring that users can go to someone with a specialty in what they want to know.

The platforms featured in this guide include:

  • Kasamba: This includes phone and chats communication with 3 minutes free on each new interaction.
  • Purple Garden: This uses three modes of communication and offers a $10 credit with any purchase.
  • California Psychics: This offers five minutes for free for new platform members.
  • Psychic Source: This offers three minutes for free with any psychics with reliable predictions.
  • Keen Psychics: This offers ten free trial minutes for new customers.

Each one is known for different features, depending on what the user wants to do. Read on below to learn about the support that each one offers.



Kasamba was initially launched in 1999 by Inon Axel. It is one of the top websites for psychic readings, and it comes with many perks that consumers can’t ordinarily find with a free service. It also has many features that users appreciate from a free psychic service, like a mobile app and incredible security. It can be downloaded directly from Google Play or App Store, which means any operating system can handle it.

Love psychics on the Kasamba platform are some of the most popular. With a free psychic reading about the user’s love life, clients can find a little peace in where that part of their life is headed. For others, it is an indication to make a change. Some people find that their entire life changes when they decide to get a love reading from Kasamba, giving them answers that they haven’t been able to see in person.

To be clear, Kasamba doesn’t advertise that these psychics are just better than seeing people in person. However, the fact that these psychics are found online makes it easier to find someone with the skills needed for these readings. Users don’t have to be restricted to the psychics in their area who might not have as much experience finding the answers.

To further support the quality of these psychics, the people who run Kasamba put all of their potential readers through a thorough background check.

Key Features of Kasamba

As users sign up for what Kasamba offers, customers can start their new membership with the introductory offer, providing them with 3 minutes of free readings. However, new users also get a discount of 70% off the first reading they choose.

Along with this way of enticing new users, Kasamba offers:

  • Safe registration with encrypted protection for personal details.
  • A money-back guarantee for a full refund to any dissatisfied customers.
  • Access to chats, voice calls, and video calls.
  • Free access to astrology readings can be viewed on the website or mobile app.
  • Access to readings 24/7/365.

All of the readings are done by local psychics, chat psychics, free psychics, etc. These services are also available online or by phone to psychics with substantial experience in the industry. The readings are done with compassion and empathy, but they are also entirely confidential. By focusing on background checks, consumers don’t have to worry that they’ll be scammed by someone who claims to have abilities that they don’t.

Pricing for Kasamba

The hardest part of seeking out an online psychic reading is finding one that offers high-quality interactions at an affordable price. Many platforms make their money with the idea that they can scam users, but that is not the case with Kasamba. This platform offers an introductory promotion for three free minutes, plus a 70% discount on the user’s first reading.

Even after the first reading, consumers can feel confident in the services that they get for a great price. Users often pay just $1 per minute, one of the best deals.

Purple Garden


Purple Garden provides a more traditional atmosphere for consumers to get their readings. Users can communicate with the psychic of their choice over the phone, live chat, or video calls. Individuals who might mainly find Purple Garden to be a good fit for them are the people who struggle with the changes in their life, as the platform’s psychics work to make the transition a little more bearable.

With top-rated psychics worldwide, consumers might be surprised to learn that Purple Garden hasn’t been around for long. Consumers have incredible pricing for new customers, and the signup process is completely secure. It also is home to many dedicated customer care specialists.

Moving onto the next phase of the user’s life can be difficult for consumers, and letting go of the way things used to be could be a difficult transition. There are a lot of expectations that come with change, and individuals who are going through these types of problems might want to speak with one of the experts at Purple Garden.

Having a personal chat with someone online is more convenient than speaking with someone locally. There’s no need to go to another location, which is hard enough for individuals trying to grieve or make a significant change in their lives. Consumers may find it challenging to meet their high costs when visiting a psychic.

With Purple Garden, consumers can access low-cost and even free psychics who have repeatedly proven themselves and their skills. If an individual goes through a tough time, they might want to speak with someone on this platform to get through the changes.

Users can choose from multiple types of readings, depending on what they want to know. These readings can include astrology, tarot, energy, love, and other readings. The free psychics use many different tools to get an accurate reading, using cards and similar props that reveal what users want to know about their family, health and work.

Key Features of Purple Garden

Thanks to the variety of psychics, most of the psychic readings on this website make it easy for consumers to learn more about their lives without moving from their couch. Some of the main features offered by Purple Garden include:

  • An introductory discount worth $10 for new meetings with psychics.
  • Connection with the top online psychics via video, chat, or phone calls.
  • A list of psychics that can be filtered by the client’s need.
  • Interactions cost about $1 per minute.
  • Personalized pages of information for each of the psychics.
  • 100% refunds for people who aren’t satisfied with their readings.
  • Background checks for every psychic to prove credibility.

The website consistently updates to ensure that consumers get the best experience possible. Plus, users can get their readings at an affordable price.

Pricing for Purple Garden

When consumers initially set up their account with Purple Garden, they automatically receive a $10 credit for their first reading. Consumers can try out their experience with different psychics before settling on who they had the best connection with. Typically, the cost of a reading is about $1 per minute, though some more prominent platforms will charge up to $10 per minute.

California Psychics


California Psychics has been in business for over two decades, giving them plenty of experience serving the public. With access to a mobile app, users can have their readings wherever they are, whether they hang out at home or travel during their sessions. Users can choose from multiple forms of communication, including texting, video calling, and voice calling. The means of communication is not as necessary as availability, ensuring that users can get a hold of psychics whenever it works for them.

With affordable pricing for the many different types of psychics, consumers will not have to sacrifice quality for a low price. This platform is careful about hiring suitable psychics for consumers, and they only accept about 10% of all of the people who apply. Like Psychic Source, this platform wants to focus entirely on honest and accurate pricing. Users can click through pages of psychics to make their choice or use the filtering tool. With the “Match Me” tool, consumers can find a psychic that tells them what they want to know.

Individuals who want to prioritize their readings without paying a high price will likely see detailed results when participating in this platform. Plus, if the refund doesn’t give the user the experience that they hope for, they can reach out to the customer service team to get a full refund for their order.

Every person on the California Psychics team is skillful and proficient at their craft. Individuals who want honest pricing and honest psychics will likely get exactly what they need from this option.

Key Features of California Psychics

The point of the California Psychics platform is to offer genuine and honest readings for consumers without forcing them to pay exorbitant fees. Some of the main features of this website include:

  • Secure financial gateways.
  • Free access to daily horoscopes.
  • Free access to the corresponding mobile application.
  • Easy connections between clients and psychics.
  • Low prices for new and existing customers.
  • Resolutions for any issues with the dedicated customer care team.
  • Access to compatibility charges with zodiac signs and birth charts.
  • Match Me is a tool that helps users to connect with psychics.
  • Profiles on the different psychics to see if the individual is suitable for the particular client.
  • 100% refunds for any dissatisfied customers.

Users can learn more about the different types of readings by visiting the online blog. This blog explains the answers to top questions about these types of readings. The website offers multiple plans, depending on their particular preference of what they are willing to pay. These psychics have different specialties, and they can be reached through voice calls, video calls, and chat.

Pricing for California Psychics

When users initially sign up for California Psychics, they will only have to pay $1 for every minute that they speak with the psychic, but they will also have five free minutes that they can use. In addition to this incentive, users have three plans to choose from, determining if they pay $1 to $4 per minute.

Psychic Source


Psychic Source has been around for 30 years, though it was initially launched to help people calm the stress in their busy lives. Keeping mental balance is rather tricky in today’s world, but the physics at Psychic Source tends to be incredibly helpful in finding the right energy to heal the mind.

Anyone who registers on the Psychic Source platform will need to disclose their email address, username, and birth date. When the user lands on the homepage, they will be able to see the psychics and some of their stories to determine which one could be a good match.

With top psychics at the helm, Psychic Source allows users to do a video call, voice call, or chat to get through to the person they choose. The creators also provide multiple introductory offers that help them try out the experience before investing more. These psychics can handle many different concerns, including financial burdens or significant changes in their budget. With real psychics available, anyone can make a better decision for their future.

Along with viewing the platform on the website, consumers can check out the free mobile app downloaded from either the App Store or Google Play. Users can view daily horoscopes, and they are free to explore. Consumers can view plenty of free content included in their services, like informative videos and podcasts. Consumers can check out the angel card readings, cartomancy, past life, and other readings.

The customer care representatives help any problems to be resolved in no time. Plus, the website provides an utterly secure registration process with many introductory opportunities.

Key Features of Psychic Source

Some of the top features offered by Psychic Source include:

  • 100% guarantee refunds for any unsatisfied user.
  • Secure and safe payment gateways and signups.
  • Access to video-based or chat-based readings.
  • Frequent updates to the website.
  • Honest readings and advice from psychics.
  • Evaluations from customers on the psychic readers.

Users only need to pay a dollar for each minute to connect with a psychic about their love life, purpose, etc. Plus, there are plenty of incentives for first-time customers. They can learn more about the readings and what they offer by checking out the available podcasts and informative videos on the different readings.

Pricing for Psychic Source

For the first reading that the user purchases, they will get a 75% discount. They will also receive 3 minutes free when they first start their psychic reading. If those minutes give the user a good sense of the psychic that they chose, they can continue with their reading or take a moment to spend more time.

Even with these discounts from the regular costs, consumers can get future readings for just $1 per minute.

Keen Psychics


Keen Psychics was initially launched in 1999, helping consumers grow in their spiritual lives. Many readings have been on the website in the middle of uncertain times with the pandemic and economic changes in the last few years. Psychic services can help users improve their lives as they have a greater sense of their future, which is what Keen Psychics centers around.

With a free love reading, consumers can use this platform to help them discover their soulmates. It also supports individuals who recently had a relationship end, giving them closure or guidance for the future. It can also help anyone who currently has a relationship that they want to keep and improve. People can also use these readings to help them establish better habits, thanks to communicating over the phone, live chat, or video call.

While some people prefer to find psychics near them, that doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily get a good match. Searching online for a psychic helps consumers access the highest reading quality possible. Luckily, the Keen Psychics platform is so well researched that anyone can find a psychic that works for their particular questions. They have to use the filters to find the psychics with the specific skill set that their reading would require. Users can even read through the psychic’s profile to see what they’ve done with other clients and what services they are the most well-versed in.

The signup on the website is user-friendly, only requiring that the user disclose their name, birthday, and email address. They will also have to set up a password for their purchase. Some people become nervous when they sign up for this type of website because they don’t want to risk tampering with their credit cards. However, Keen Psychics is relatively aggressive in the security of its registration page.

Key Features of Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics have many benefits and have been around for quite a while to earn their place. Some of the benefits associated with this platform include:

  • Access a mobile app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • A plethora of readings to choose from, including astrology and medium readings.
  • Free 10-minute reading for any new client.
  • 100% refund for any dissatisfied client.
  • Access to famous psychics who have already established a name for themselves in the psychic industry.
  • Access to a customer support team that is available during any day.
  • Secure registration.
  • Free daily horoscopes.

Pricing for Keen Psychics

The main appeal of Keen Psychics is their offer for a 10-minute trial with any of their psychics for just $1.99. While this will not be the price for every reading, all options are pretty affordable, and users can choose which psychic they want to work with.

Why Is Business So Lucrative for Online Psychics vs. Local Psychics?

Between the desire for everything to be digital and the restrictions imposed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to see why many metaphysically inclined individuals decided to go online. These virtual platforms made it easy to reach a broad audience. Offering free readings made the experience even more enticing, locking in customers who may not otherwise engage with a psychic.

Here are a few of the top reasons for choosing an online circuit:

Ever-Available Services

With a local psychic, the odds of having 24/7 access are unrealistic, which means that people who would ordinarily go to someone for answers would not be able to reach them. Sometimes reading keeps consumers up all night, and they need to be able to speak with a live person during the worst of these times. Most websites make it possible to connect with psychics at any time of day, perfect for people who need emotional support.

Better Rates

The cost that customers have to pay plays a massive role in who they choose. While everyone wants answers, no one wants to worry about paying a high price to get these answers. Searching nearby will likely available psychics, but those individuals won’t necessarily offer the best prices. Most local psychics charge a lot of money, but online readers tend to have greater flexibility in pricing.

Access to Customer Reviews

Anyone concerned about how legitimate one of these psychics might be wouldn’t have the opportunity to see what other customers think with in-person services. However, online psychics make it possible to see these types of reviews to see if the individual is the right match, helping beginners to get a better idea of where to start.

How to Choose a Good Free Psychic Reading Service

The best psychics are challenging to determine from one experience alone, even though this concern is a priority for individuals who seek out this type of help. Luckily, users can take a few standards into account when seeking out psychic readings.

Users need to beware of possible scams when choosing an authentic psychic reading. The C’s of credibility include:

Customer Feedback

The testimonials on a website can show how credible the psychic is. However, it is hard to say if other customers’ services are legitimate or used when a website doesn’t have this information. Using guides (like this one), online reviews, and additional information can show users how realistic the website is about what they offer.

Competitive Rankings for Online Psychics

The top networks encourage healthy competition between the various mentors and readers on their websites. This type of competition can help the websites offer diversity between the different readers while showing the user’s particular skill set and budget. The rankings among the customers allow psychics to put their best foot forward, but a lack of this kind of separation can be a red flag for the platform.

Customer Service Cooperation and Support

If the recent outages on social media have proven anything, it is that any platform can experience technical issues. The proper setup shouldn’t be the only way to get a good psychic reading, so customer support is necessary. They can help users with their online registration, sign up with a psychic, etc.

Finding a legitimate platform shouldn’t be difficult or impossible. Connecting the customers with the people who could read their future is necessary, but looking for these factors can make it easier for users to determine if their chosen platform is a good match.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Psychic Readings Online

Q: How can a psychic change someone’s life?

A: Much like other customer-focused industries, psychics also felt the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it harder than ever to keep businesses going that relied on a connection with their clients. These kinds of readings can help individuals find clarity and peace in their decisions, and they can also give the user a different perspective on their life.

People choose psychic readings for all reasons, whether they want to make a more informed decision or see what could be in their future. This guidance shows users what they need to do to establish better habits to bring forth the potential improvements they can make. They also help users to eliminate the negative energy around them. Psychics specializing in love readings can help users heal from past relationships, find a soulmate, or resolve current relationship problems.

Q: Why do people prefer to go with an online reading instead of an in-person reading?

A: The type of reading can make a big difference in why the user shops online for a psychic. Scams have made it harder for individuals to know who to trust in these situations. Still, individuals who register on one of these platforms might find it easier to determine the most trustworthy people.

With online psychic readings, consumers can get access whenever they need to for answers. They can also speak over a phone call, chat, or video. They also are more cost-effective than in-person readers, mainly because they can charge more for their opportunistic availability. People who choose an online reader can browse online for reviews and other information regarding the particular psychics, ensuring that they don’t impulsively make a purchase instead. Plus, so many websites are trustworthy through their background checks, giving them more validity than in-person readers.

Q: Can consumers trust free psychic reading services?

A: While it may seem like a scam to get a free psychic reading, there is a certain sense of authenticity to a website that has so many positive reviews and customer experiences. More people are growing interested in the mystic realm, and taking the time to learn about this art is an experience like no other. Many people think that these websites are nothing but a way to make fast money. Still, the only way to keep these businesses going for decades is with reliability and consistency.

On the other hand, there are also legitimate free psychic readings on websites, allowing users to see their own experiences to determine how helpful they are. Most of these websites have paid services, but the cost is fair so that anyone can afford it. Trial consultations give the customer the upper hand in deciding which opportunities are the best for them.

Q: What do customers have to do to get an accurate prediction from a psychic?

A: Anyone involved with this type of reading wants to ensure that the results are legitimate. They want real answers about their love life, career, and family, but the expertise and skills of the person they trust to give them readings are only part of the equation. Verbal cues, mindfulness of both parties, and the network can all play roles in the accuracy of the reading. If the user participates in a video call, their facial expressions and body language can also play into the reading.

To ensure that these factors are clearly expressed, customers should start by creating a list of the questions they want answers to during the conversation with the psychic, though they should shy away from questions with one-word answers. They should also make sure that they have a strong internet connection with a functioning microphone and speaker on their device to ensure nothing is lost in misunderstanding one another. To avoid distractions, choose a place generally quieter than the rest, and make notes of any of the answers provided by the mentor on a notepad.

Most importantly, get in the right headspace before the consultation begins. Deep breathing or even meditating can help with the calmness needed for the psychic to make a clear connection with the user. Being more composed during the session ensures that the reading is more accurate. During the reading, being nervous or anxious can make it more difficult for the psychic to connect, negatively influencing the session.

Q: What is the best psychic reading?

A: Every reading is different. Having a free session is relatively easy because users don’t have to worry about finding someone nearby to perform it. There are many ways for customers to connect over video calls, audio calls, or text messages.

The most similar to an in-person reading is a video call. These types of calls allow users to connect with the face of their chosen psychic, which is helpful to individuals who need more intimacy in their reading.

A phone reading allows users to forgo the camera, using only verbal communication and cues. It is an ideal medium between videos and texts because they allow users to ask questions still and get detailed answers about their lives.

With text or live chat readings, users can be more anonymous and discreet about what they are doing. There’s no need to be in a quiet room, and users can chat with their psychic wherever they are. These services are also suitable for people who want quick answers before making a significant decision but don’t want to have a formal sit-down reading.

Before choosing the best reading, the user should consider the cost of each of these services before settling on the best reading for them. The minor differences in the prices can make a big difference in the final cost, impacting how users address their psychics. Ultimately, the final decision needs to be based on how the strength of each psychic reading helps the user to improve their needs.

The Top 5 Free Psychic Readings Online in 2022 Final Thoughts

Everyone has times when they struggle to deal with the everyday stress of life. Sometimes, they become exasperated with putting themselves out there to be a better version of themselves, finding a way to be more peaceful in their mental state. Having a psychic reading is a way to calm those fears and nerves safely, and a free reading can make it easier to understand what the user should do to establish that mentality as their baseline.

With the trustworthiness of these websites, consumers don’t have to worry that they’ll randomly end up with personal details or financial information released online. It also ensures that the services can be offered worldwide with the same performance. Online psychics make it easier to access this information without visiting a person for these details. Whether the user is dealing with the concern in a familial relationship, tight finances, or grief, they can get access to any of these free psychic readings with one of the platforms described above.


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