Top 13 Best Immune Boosters: Review Immunity Supplements to Buy

The first line of defense in your body helps fight off pathogens. But what if there is a delay in your immune response due to your weak immune system? It will cause your body to become vulnerable.

Have you ever noticed that your flu-like symptoms are occurring more frequently? That is an indication that your body is lacking the necessary elements.

Sometimes, only changing the diet does not help. You also have to add immune booster supplements to provide the extra assistance. From the sea of options, I will be sharing with you the best immunity boosters available so that you can improve your health.

13 Best Immunity Boosters

Making sure that your immune system is in top-notch shape is crucial. This is why a review of these 13 immunity supplement products will come in super handy.

VitaPost Immune Support: With a variety of botanical extracts, this is a powerful immune booster
Mushroom Defense: There are ten different types of mushroom mycelium in this product
VitaPost Immune Complex: Zinc, botanicals, and vitamins are used to promote healthy immunity in this formula
Zenith Labs Nano C: Formulated with cutting-edge nanotechnology and vitamin C
Epishield Plus: Supports respiratory health with fermented yeast
Advanced Bionutritionals Resistol: This unique herbal blend boosts your immune system
Organixx 7M: Take this supplement to boost your cellular immunity
BioShield MD: There are seven powerful flavonoids contained in BioShieldMD to help boost your immune system
VitaPost Turmeric & Ginger: One of the best turmeric and ginger combinations in the market
Immuno Defense 4X: Contains four powerful ingredients for the optimum immune system
Doctor G’s Naturals Q-Ion Immune Defense: Doctor approved immune booster
Immunity 911: Boosts immunity and fights infections and toxins
Immunity Formulas Immune Support: Antiviral protection for the whole family in an easy-to-absorb formulation

VitaPost Immune Support

Supplement Overview
What’s In It? Arabinogalactan, Beta-glucans, vitamin C, vitamin E, quercetin, green tea, and a mixture of Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi powder
Quantity Per Pack:60 capsules
How To Serve?Swallow two capsules, preferably with meals
Health Advantages:Can help improve your immunityFight inflammation and viral infectionsEnhance energy levels and mental health
Refund Policy:Refund on the unopened bottle under 30 days

Do you ever feel concerned that your diet may not be enough to create a healthy immune response? Sometimes, you may include the best food items in your everyday meals, but extra help from supplements will just boost the immune system in the right way.

VitaPost Immune Support is the best option for such a case. It comes with a wide range of different botanical extracts that will strengthen your immune barrier.

To achieve a healthy immune system, you will need nutritional ingredients like vitamins, green tea, herbal complex, etc. Fortunately, the VitaPost one comes with all of this and then some.

Especially their vitamin C and E ingredients ensure that the immune barrier remains healthy.

This product will be an excellent choice for aging people because the antioxidants from green tea, grape, and pine bark extracts deal with free radicals that otherwise may be harmful to your health. Ultimately, it will help support your immunity and allow you to lead healthy lifestyle habits.

This also is one of the best mushroom supplements. A combination of various mushroom types creates the perfect mushroom complex that will support immunity.

Mushroom Defense

Supplement Overview
What’s In It? The immunity booster has Turkey Tail, Chaga, Royal Sun Agaricus, Maitake, White ButtonCordyceps Sinensis, Reishi, Shiitake, Black Fungus, and Lion’s Mane
Quantity Per Pack:60 capsules
How To Serve?Take two capsules once a day
Health Advantages:
  • Increase your energy level and T cells
  • It reduces the signs of aging
  • Support immunity, mental, and cognitive function
  • Refund Policy:67 days money-back guarantee

    If you did not know already, mushrooms are excellent for your body’s immune system cells. The powerful blend of the right kind of mushrooms can boost immune cells and your immune system health. Therefore, if you need a quality mushroom supplement, the Mushroom Defense will be your best bet.

    Are you somebody who is dealing with cognitive decline or fatigue? Then this product can help you with such issues.

    It contains an excellent blend of ten different mushrooms that provide medicinal and health benefits. Studies have shown a massive positive impact of incorporating mushroom ingredients because they help boost your b and t cells.

    The best way of dealing with viral and bacterial threats is by including this supplement in your diet.

    They can act as the perfect dietary supplement since they are rich in vitamins, phenolic compounds, and alkaloids. And why would they be better than any regular supplement? Interestingly, studies have shown that the structure of mushrooms is more similar to us than plants.

    As a result, mushroom immune supplements like the Mushroom Defense can help support immune function immensely. No more worrying about the effectiveness as there are more than enough studies to back up the usefulness of taking an immune support supplement like this one.

    VitaPost Immune Complex

    Supplement Overview
    What’s In It? The formula contains clinically effective dosages of elderberry, turmeric, echinacea, garlic powder, zinc, and several kinds of vitamins that act as immune boosters
    Quantity Per Pack:60 capsules
    How To Serve?Serve two pills every day
    Health Advantages:
  • Support immunity and gut health
  • It helps to fight off free radicals
  • Antioxidants like alkamides help support your immune health
  • Refund Policy:30-day return policy

    Do you find it troublesome to maintain a healthy diet? At times, it becomes tough to incorporate food items with a higher nutritional value during every meal. Therefore, there is an increased risk that your immune system will get weaker. As a result, it becomes easier for infectious diseases to affect you.

    But no need to worry because the VitaPost Immune Complex product comes with immune-boosting properties. Such a product contains the right kind of ingredients necessary for boosting your natural immunity.

    For example, turmeric in supplements provides highly effective antioxidant properties. Studies show that this element improves the healthy immune system.

    Another element like this one is the elderberry. It has components like polyphenolics and flavonoids. Furthermore, one of the best active compounds is anthocyanins.

    Such an active ingredient can effectively support your immune system so that the body’s natural defenses improve. Now let us talk about the echinacea element. It contains antioxidants like alkamides that help deal with free radicals.

    Zenith Labs Nano C

    Supplement Overview
    What’s In It? Vitamin C, a fat-soluble vitamin, and Natural Orange Flavor
    Quantity Per Pack:30 ml
    How To Serve?One dropper daily
    Health Advantages:
  • Boost up your immune health
  • Support immune function
  • An increase in antibody production will be possible
  • Refund Policy:180-day money-back guarantee

    So far, we have been talking about several crucial ingredients in nutritional supplements. One of these is vitamin C. If you look at the ingredient list on different immune booster supplements, you will almost always notice the presence of vitamin C.

    However, the amount present in these supplements varies, and if you are particularly looking for vitamin C supplements, I suggest the Nano C Immune Support product of Zenith labs.

    If your body lacks the necessary amount of vitamin C, that can immensely affect your immune barrier. You will then become more prone to upper respiratory infections and the common cold.

    Therefore, one way to boost your innate or natural immunity is by incorporating this vitamin C supplement into your diet.

    So, what is the difference between a regular vitamin C supplement and a nano supplement? Nano vitamin C particles are much smaller than the usual and natural vitamin C element found in nature. These are approximately 1000 times smaller; therefore, they can penetrate your immune cells more efficiently and quickly.

    The quicker this vitamin C can enter your body, the better it will support your immune system function. When it comes to any immune support supplement, the product must function efficiently and quickly.

    Epishield Plus

    Supplement Overview
    What’s In It? Vitamin D, Epicor, Vitamin C, Chaga Mushroom, and Shiitake mushroom
    Quantity Per Pack:60 capsules
    How To Serve?Take two capsules daily
    Health Advantages:
  • Relieve inflammation and treat viral infections
  • Enhance memory and concentration
  • Strengthens the human immune system
  • Refund Policy:NA

    So many of us are not aware of the necessary nutrient ingredients that help provide more excellent immune support. For that reason, we often end up weakening our immune strength, leading to a delayed immune response.

    Your body will become more susceptible to viral infections and the common cold due to your weak immune system. To prevent such a huge problem, you have to boost your immunity by taking supplements like the Epishield Plus.

    This dietary supplement contains ingredients like vitamin C and Vitamin D and is formulated under medical expertise. The first one contains ascorbic acid, an excellent antioxidant. It offers you a robust immune system by supporting the barrier of your epithelial layer.

    As a result, pathogen entry becomes low, and your body remains strong enough to fight off infections more efficiently.

    On the other hand, vitamin D helps regulate your cells, including your immune cells. Impairment of cell functions occurs when you lack a sufficient amount of vitamin D in your body.

    See, the main problem lies with diet in the case of vitamin D incorporation. Hence, a supplement like Epishield Plus helps since you only get vitamin D by specific food digestion like deep-water fish, animals, etc.

    But these two are not the only ingredients you will find in this supplement. It also contains the dried fermented yeast extract, a signature ingredient of this product. This element comes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Plus, it can help strengthen your immune system so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Advanced Bionutritionals Resistol

    Supplement Overview
    What’s In It? This particular supplement contains a perfect mixture of five different herbs; platycodon, prickly chaff flower, eleuthero, licorice, Andrographis, vitamin C, Vitamin D, and vitamin E
    Quantity Per Pack:60 capsules
    How To Serve?Take two capsules every day
    Health Advantages:
  • Reduce pain and aches
  • Boost cognitive and brain health
  • Fight off viral and bacterial infections
  • Refund Policy:90-day money-back guarantee

    Did you know, certain herbs can help boost your immune system? These contain different properties that maintain and support immunity. Some of the common issues you will face due to the impairment of your immune system are respiratory tract infections, chronic stress, cold and flu symptoms, etc.

    However, you can manage all of these problems by taking the Advanced Bionutritionals Resistol.

    These herbs have different beneficial functions and help improve immune response. No reviews have been done by the food and drug administration (FDA) yet. However, the herb extract holds the potential to provide immune support daily.

    Moreover, the immune function in our body primarily depends on the white blood cells and t cells. These immune cells help provide a healthy immune system so that there is no hindrance to immune function.

    The Resistol product has elements that support healthy respiration alongside providing benefits against inflammation. Especially the licorice ingredient, it is highly sought after for its anti-inflammatory effects.

    Organixx 7M

    Supplement Overview
    What’s In It? This product contains Chaga, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps, which make a superior formula
    Quantity Per Pack:60 capsules
    How To Serve?Take two capsules daily
    Health Advantages:
  • Deals with upper respiratory infections
  • Avoids immune dysfunction
  • promote healthy blood pressure levels
  • Refund Policy:One-year money-back guarantee

    Your body has innate and adaptive immune systems. If you have a poor diet and your body is not receiving nutrition properly, you may get a poor immune function.

    Therefore, an additional supplement like the Organixx 7M will come in handy. The best thing about immune-boosting supplements like this is that they contain organic ingredients that can act as boosters to help your immune barrier.

    Unlike the other regular supplements, it contains different types of mushroom extracts. Why is that helpful? Mushrooms mainly have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

    Your immune system consists of; B and T cells. This helps fight off bacterial infections and even provides a natural defense against immune and virus problems.

    It includes Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake mushrooms. Studies show that including Shiitake in your diet can increase the number of cells related to immunity. These cells are responsible for dealing with bacterial infections and help decrease the occurrence of respiratory infections.

    The beta-glucan component of this mushroom elevates the number of bacteria-killing cells.

    Furthermore, the components of Reishi contain an extraordinary amount of high levels of beta-glucan. Therefore, you can ensure immune support without worry.

    BioShield MD

    Supplement Overview
    What’s In It? It contains a mixture of quercetin, cherry extracts, vitamin D, green tea extract, resveratrol, etc
    Quantity Per Pack:60 capsules
    How To Serve?Take two capsules daily for the best results
    Health Advantages:
  • Run detoxification process in your body
  • Improve memory function and alertness
  • Enhance your immune system function
  • Refund Policy:One-year money-back guarantee

    If you ever feel that your body has become relatively weak, and you get infected by bacteria/virus more often, your diet is not working out properly. And you need to boost up your self-defense.

    If you seek out any medical expertise, additional incorporation of immunity-boosting supplements in your diet will be their first advice to you. Why? Because you can fill up whatever nutrition your body is lacking with it.

    One product like that is the BioShield MD supplement. This product will boost up your immune barrier and help you recover your innate immunity.

    VitaPost Turmeric & Ginger

    Supplement Overview
    What’s In It? This product mainly contains 500 and 100mg of turmeric and ginger, respectively. With daily intake, these elements will act as immunity boosters
    Quantity Per Pack:60 capsules
    How To Serve?Serve two capsules every day
    Health Advantages:
  • Lower the symptoms of fatigue and early sickness
  • Enhance brain functioning and energy levels
  • Fight off chronic sickness
  • Refund Policy:30-day refund policy

    I have previously mentioned two VitaPost supplements. But this third one, the VitaPost Turmeric & Ginger supplement, is a unique product to boost immunity. We often use ingredients like turmeric and ginger in our everyday cooking.

    Moreover, the turmeric content in this product will help you provide a well-balanced and strong immune system. It is trendy since it is the most sought-after anti-inflammatory product.

    The problem with inflammation is that it causes your immune system to be hyper, and with a fantastic supplement like this one, you do not have to worry about it.

    Furthermore, ginger contains components that have antibacterial properties. If you often deal with respiratory infections, then this supplement will be perfect for you.

    Overall this is one of the best turmeric and ginger supplements and helps provide daily immune support.

    Immuno Defense 4X

    Supplement Overview
    What’s In It? You can pretty much guess from the name that this supplement contains four ingredients only. These are- bromelain, vitamin D, EpiCor, and quercetin
    Quantity Per Pack:60 capsules
    How To Serve?Take two capsules every day
    Health Advantages:
  • Boost antibodies production
  • Make your immune system and gut health smooth
  • Enhance your respiratory health
  • Refund Policy:60-day money-back guarantee

    Most effective immune support supplements contain a blend of multiple components, sometimes more than 10. While usually that helps boost your innate immunity, it may not be the best choice for a sensitive person.

    What do I mean by that? If you are easily allergy-prone, a higher ingredients list will not be favorable for you.

    Instead, a short and helpful list like the Immuno Defense 4X supplement will be the right choice for you. You can always check the label, and there will be a lesser chance of allergic reaction.

    While the ingredients list is small, the dosage is large enough to balance everything so that your immune system works perfectly. With each incorporation, you will get 500mg of both EpiCor and quercetin.

    Therefore, this supplement ensures sufficient production of white blood cells. Hence, these boosters will strengthen your immunity. This yeast extract can also help balance your sugar level. Overall, the combination of these four items will pack a punch to strengthen your innate immunity.

    Doctor G’s Naturals Q-Ion Immune Defense

    Supplement Overview
    What’s In It? It has the clinically proven dosages of Camellia Sinensis Extract, Bromelain, Zinc, Quercetin, and green tea extract
    Quantity Per Pack:30 capsule
    How To Serve?One capsule daily
    Health Advantages:
  • Promote your gut health and overall wellbeing
  • Decrease inflammation and pain
  • Fight off foreign invaders
  • Refund Policy:60-day money-back guarantee

    Are you looking for the perfect supplement that will protect against dangerous pathogens and infections? Sometimes, exercising regularly and having a balanced diet is not always possible.

    As a result, your immunity takes a massive blow and becomes weaker. If you seek out doctors who provide medical advice, they will prescribe you a supplement almost always.

    Today, I will be talking about the incredible Doctor G’s Naturals Q-Ion Immune Defense supplement. This product helps reduce the increased risk of infections massively by maintaining the immune barrier.

    Among the two immune systems, the innate immune system is responsible for keeping those viral infections and other pathogens at bay. And the way this occurs is with the help of T and B cells that form from bone marrow.

    Incorporating this antioxidant-rich supplement into your daily routine will benefit you from the Ion-blast technology that ensures quick absorption.

    Furthermore, board-certified physician Dr. John Gordon has created this supplement to ensure that your body has the right amount of zinc without a delayed absorption rate.

    You should follow the sound medical advice of your physician. But an extra boost from a supplement like this will never hurt.

    Immunity 911

    Supplement Overview
    What’s In It? Mushroom Blend, Himalayan Raspberry, Graviola Leaf, Olive Leaf, and Himalayan Pomegranate
    Quantity Per Pack:60 capsules
    How To Serve?Take two capsules every day
    Health Advantages:
  • Fight off bacterial infection
  • Enhance the production of antibodies
  • Boost your brain health and memory function
  • Refund Policy:90-day money-back guarantee

    Your immune system is like the frontline army that defends your immunity from pathogens and infections. If you lack a proper diet and healthy weight, that can damage and impair your immunity function.

    As a result, you will become more and more susceptible to infections. However, you can repair your immunity by taking the Immunity 911 supplement.

    If you are not sure which ingredients your body is lacking, you can rely on this supplement. It contains an extraordinary blend of over 20 different elements.

    Therefore, you may even end up incorporating an ingredient that you did not know you needed. Vitamin C will be the most effective in dealing with respiratory tract infections and flu symptoms among all these ingredients.

    These elements, alongside other mushroom and herbal extracts, prove to be effective in building up immunity in a substantial manner. Although it does not contain FDA-approved research, the ingredients are prevalent in regular supplements as immune boosters.

    Immunity Formulas Immune Support

    Supplement Overview
    What’s In It? This product comes with an excellent set of essential oil ingredients — lemon, oregano, peppermint, Bioperine, turmeric, and cinnamon
    Quantity Per Pack:10 ml
    How To Serve?Apply on skin, diffuse, or use topically
    Health Advantages:
  • Promote immune system function
  • Enhance metabolism and energy levels
  • Clean the air of your room
  • Refund Policy:NA

    One of the leading causes of most cold and flu-causing viruses is that they infect and cause upper respiratory tract infections. You can deal with this problem by strengthening your immune system. You can do that with the help of an excellent supplement like the Immunity Formulas Immune Support.

    Turmeric is a superb antioxidant that helps with inflammation. The same goes for cinnamon and oregano as they help fight free radicals, bacterial, fungal infections.

    Sometimes, you may be incorporating the correct nutritious elements, but they just will not work. That is because the absorption of those elements is not occurring as it should be.

    This is where the Bioperine component of Immune Support comes in handy. It helps with absorption so that your body’s intake of nutritious elements occurs faster.

    Just the addition of a supplement to your diet may not seem even remotely a substitution for building up your immune system. However, I can assure you that the combination of regular exercise, a healthy diet, and this supplement will be a game-changer in your lifestyle habits.

    How We Ranked The 13 Best Immunity Boosters

    We have taken into account several factors for choosing the immune supplements listed in this review. Most supplements come with scientifically proven components that are beneficial to our immune system.

    However, there are several herbal extracts that FDA may not have approved. Here I will be discussing the several key points that I kept in mind while making this supplement list.

    Effective Ingredients

    I urge you to read the supplement’s ingredient list. Some supplements come with only herbal or mushroom extracts. Others come with a mixture of yeast, herbal, and other scientifically proven elements.

    Most of the time, your body may be lacking zinc, vitamin E, C, D, iron, etc. You can fill up these lacking by taking the necessary supplement.

    Immune Health Benefits

    If your primary concern is strengthening your immune system, you must seek supplements containing specific elements like zinc or different vitamins. But that becomes a challenging task when you have so many supplements in the market to choose from.

    Did you know that the FDA regulations state that no supplement company can claim its product to cure diseases? They can, however, claim to strengthen your immune system.

    Remember that your health comes first. So before purchasing a random supplement, go through our list to get a better idea.


    An essential part is a dosage when it comes to supplements. Some products may provide the correct labeling and dosage information, while others do not. Therefore, you will have to look at the ingredient list to know what dosage you should be taking.

    Medical Advisory Board

    Our research and editorial team put a lot of effort into ensuring that most of the supplements listed in this review have at least one doctor backing them up. Why is this so important?

    The medical advisory board can create the best formulas that will help boost up your immune system. Having professional doctors stand by a formula means that it will be more effective.


    Another critical factor is the supplement’s price. Most of the supplements we listed in this review are relatively affordable. There are some expensive ones; one of them is the Immunity Formulas Immune Support product. But we can assure you that this supplement will be worth the purchase.

    Scientific Evidence for Immunity Booster

    Certain ingredients are scientifically proven to boost your immune health.

    Incorporating such elements into your everyday diet will provide you a strong immunity in the long run. But which specific components do science back up? Here, I will discuss the different elements in supplements that will indeed exert beneficial effects.

    Some supplements can boost the production of these cells and increase their amount so that they function sufficiently.


    Now let me discuss the ingredients, and I will start with turmeric. This is a rather popular spice, and it also has antioxidant properties. Its medicinal properties come from the compound curcumin.

    This compound is capable of exerting powerful functions to deal with inflammation. This scientifically proven bioactive compound can absorb your bloodstream, repair your immunity, deal with inflammation, etc.

    Vitamin C

    Studies suggest that one of the most effective vitamins is vitamin C. This element helps you deal with colds, heart disease, eye and skin-related diseases.

    One way of knowing you lack vitamin C in your body is when you notice more infections occurring in your respiratory system or if you frequently suffer from scurvy. Hence, this popular immune supplement ingredient has wound-healing properties that help keep your health in shape.

    Furthermore, your body cannot produce collagen and specific neurotransmitters without the help of vitamin C. It can also help increase connective tissues, which primarily take part in wound healing.

    Vitamin D

    This is another vitamin necessary to keep your immunity in proper shape. The vitamin responsible for the correct regulation of calcium and phosphate in your body is this one.

    If your daily food lacks the necessary vitamin D, you may suffer from bone-related diseases like osteomalacia. Your body cannot synthesize this vitamin on its own, so you have to incorporate food items like oily fish, liver, egg yolks, etc.

    Additionally, your body can produce vitamin D directly from sunlight as well, but that amount might not be enough to keep your immunity healthy at all times.

    Hence, supplements containing vitamin D as an ingredient will be beneficial. It may not seem even remotely a substitute, but you will derive benefit from it in the long run.


    The extract from black pepper is known as Bioperine. One of the main issues which cause immunity impairment is the lack of proper absorption of elements.

    For your immune function to be excellent, you need the ingredients to absorb quickly as they will only start functioning post absorption. Bioperine can increase bioavailability in your bloodstream so that components like antioxidants can absorb quicker.


    You can get enough zinc through your everyday diet; however, if your body lacks the required amount of zinc, that can harm your immunity. Zinc deficiency causes your body to become more susceptible to infections.

    Therefore, you can take zinc supplements like the VitaPost Immune Complex. Interestingly, zinc can also act as an antioxidant and deal with inflammation. You can include chicken, meat, whole grains, nuts, etc., in your diet alongside a good quality supplement to ensure your body has the right amount of zinc present.


    This ingredient contains vitamins and antioxidants that help strengthen your immune function. If you constantly deal with stress and inflammation-related issues, adding a supplement with elderberry content will benefit you. Elderberries are also rich in C vitamins.

    Therefore, incorporating this item will also help you get sufficient vitamins in your system. Studies show that this element can help prevent common colds and flu symptoms.


    Another common spice is ginger, but it is more than just a spice. Incorporating ginger powder/extract as a supplement in your diet will benefit you in many ways.

    Scientific researches show that ginger contains gingerol, which helps with indigestion, cold/flu, nausea, etc. This bioactive element provides excellent medicinal properties that keep your immunity in top-notch shape.

    If you did not know, ginger could also help reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, and free radicals. Excessive amounts of these radicals can cause your body much harm, and the antioxidant properties of ginger prevent that.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Immunity Boosters

    Q: Which vitamins are necessary for a stronger immune function?

    A: The vitamins most important for maintaining and strengthening your immunity are vitamin E, D, and C. These vitamins have properties that help you deal with infectious diseases and viral diseases.

    If you are more prone to cold or respiratory infections, your body may lack one of these vitamins. An easy way of making sure that these vitamins are present in your body is by taking supplements.

    Q: What is innate or natural immunity?

    A: The immunity that works in the frontline and fights off pathogens at the first stage is your natural immunity. Elements like vitamins, zinc, and different antioxidants must be present in your diet so that your immunity remains strong enough to fight viral or bacterial infections to keep these pathogens at bay.

    Q: What are the foods that improve immune health?

    A: Food items that are rich in antioxidant material are perfect for improving your overall immune system. These ingredients are also capable of dealing with inflammation and other diseases. For example, different vitamins, zinc, elderberry, turmeric, etc., are rich in antioxidant materials.

    Q: How can I strengthen my immune function?

    A: Aside from balancing your diet, you can regularly exercise and make enough time to sleep. Setting all of these aside, you can also boost your immunity by adding supplements to your diet.

    That will provide the strength to fight infections better and will reduce cognitive stress. Overall, a perfect combination of diet, exercise, and supplements will keep your immunity working like a perfectly oiled machine.

    Q: How is turmeric helpful?

    A: Turmeric is a popular ingredient that is rich in curcumin compounds. This element is capable of dealing with inflammation efficiently and calming down irritation. As a result, it helps keep your immune function stable. The incorporation of turmeric will help you fight flu and cold symptoms as well.

    Q: What supplement should I get to increase my immune function?

    A: There are several supplements available for the strengthening of your immunity. You have to seek out supplements that contain vitamins and mushroom/herbal extracts as their primary component.

    I suggest you try the Zenith Labs Nano C supplement. It contains nanoparticles of vitamin C, which absorb super fast into the bloodstream to work efficiently and strengthen the immune system function.

    Q: Are VitaPost supplements good immune boosters?

    A: Yes, VitaPost supplements are popular because of their complete ingredient list. This review has discussed three different VitaPost supplements; VitaPost Turmeric & Ginger, Immune Complex, and Immune Support.

    All of them have somewhat different elements. You can use them to deal with inflammation, infections and keep the overall health of immunity in shape.

    13 Best Immunity Boosters Final Words

    It is essential to make sure your immune system is in top shape. The only way to deal with so many dangerous infection-causing agents and pathogens is by building up your immunity to fight them off.

    These are some of the best immunity boosters that will help you achieve the immunity you need to protect yourself from infectious pathogens.

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