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Top 13 Best Herpes Supplements (2021) Review the Rankings

Were you at all aware that an estimated 491.5 million people were diagnosed with herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2)? That’s roughly 13.2% of the world’s population between 15 and 49 years of age. That’s not the worse part, as an estimated 3.7 billion people were diagnosed with herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1), amounting to 66.6% of the world’s population under 50 years of age [1]. For people wondering the difference between the two, the former is spread because of sexual intercourse. At the same time, the latter (which could also stem from sexual intercourse) mainly arises from oral sex.

Nevertheless, two questions that are likely to scurry in one’s mind include “how did we get to this point?” and “where are we at medicinally?” At present, there remains no cure for herpes, but the use of antiviral medications is encouraged. Unfortunately, even these solutions have been linked to headaches, nausea, vomiting, increased liver enzymes, and reduction of white blood cells, among others [2]. Is there another way out? It turns out there’s an entire niche within the supplement industry that may reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms the same way prescription drugs are believed to but without the terrible side effects.

It is a shame that herpes is so stigmatized, as this wrecks an individual’s mental health and emotional and physical health. Could you imagine the bout of shame instilled by society? Realizing a mounting need for comfort and healing, our editorial team decided to put together this guide to present the top, possibly effective herpes supplements and guides of 2021. Matter-of-factly, we discovered not one but 13 supplements that either satisfied our ranking criteria or are popularly recognized today. Without any further delay, let’s get started with the introductions.

The Top 13 Herpes Supplements of 2021

Earlier, we stated that ranking criteria were used. Well, this is a customizable list that breaks down vital indicators that measure the extent to which a solution meets our safety, purity, effectiveness, and quality standards. In all truth, it would have been nearly impossible to narrow down our list to a handful of solutions if it weren’t for this system. At a later point in this piece, more information will be provided. To add to the latter, we also considered popularity as a factor. The utilization of such an approach is to show that not all products deemed “popular” are made equally, and we hope this becomes clear shortly. With everything in mind, here are our top contenders (in no order):


image 12
  • Company: Health and Wisdom Inc.
  • Starting Price: $40

ViraLib is an herbal aid formulated to ease viral, bacterial, and fungal infections such as herpes, shingles, warts, and toenail fungus. The Health and Wisdom team maintains that ViraLib can alleviate seasonal colds, flu, sinus, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and integumentary system-related conditions.

Health and Wisdom is a woman-owned company, where President Laura Collinwood claims to have started her journey as a registered nurse and later a mother. Eventually, she became overwhelmed and realized that stress could make or break one’s health. With the help of a naturopath, she was introduced to natural healing, leading to this brand. As stated on the official website, “Our responsibility is to help our customers help themselves achieve greater wellbeing at affordable prices.”

What we liked about this company was its honesty. Matter-of-factly, on the ViraLib label, they’ve explicitly stated that “when aggressive action is taken at the onset of a skin condition (herpes, shingles, Bell’s Palsy), there is less likelihood there will be a full manifestation.” Furthermore, this solution is certified “Nemenhah” (for the religious) and recognized by United Plant Savers. Who can neglect their operations, which remain strong and are allegedly founded on scientific evidence since the late 1990s?

Individuals are recommended to take anywhere between a quarter to one full teaspoon up to three times daily, encompassing the likes of Skullcap Herb, Olive Leaf, Garlic, Goldenseal Root, and Lobelia.

HG Formula Max

image 9
  • Company: Terragen HG
  • Starting Price: $29.95

The HG Formula Max is advertised as a pain-free, gentle treatment for herpes outbreaks. Unlike the former solution, which was delivered in a tincture medium, this one is a cream to be applied on affected areas (i.e., herpes blisters, itch sores, irritation, stinging pain, etc.), primarily at the first sign of an outbreak or when a tingling sensation is felt. This product is suitable for early treatment, and so, individuals will need to be on their feet when experiencing herpes outbreaks.

According to the makers of Terragen HG, the product is allegedly a reflection of 10 years of scientific research on skin therapies. Not surprisingly, their solutions are available across 150 countries, allowing them to stand by their products at every conceivable stage. They also highlighted that “At Aidance Skincare, we’re proud of our reputation! We’ve maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have been a BBB accredited business since 2005.”

As for how it works, Aidance Scientific insists that the active ingredients found in this ointment deliver “positively charged ions, which seek out the negative ions that surround your herpes outbreak symptoms.” In addition, it combines microbes-targeting components while placing equal emphasis on others that heal and create a protective barrier against block irritants.

Regarding ingredients, this FDA-registered homeopathic formula combines active ingredients such as Thuja Occidentalis 6X HPUS, Natrum Muriaticum 6X HPUS, and Graphites 10X HPUS and inactive ingredients such as Organic Beeswax, Cedarwood Oil, Magnesium Oxide, Silver Oxide, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Zinc Oxide.

Kinoko Platinum AHCC

image 11
  • Company: Quality of Life
  • Starting Price: $69.95

The Kinoko Platinum AHCC is a dietary supplement that significantly improves immune response and maintains peak natural killer (NK) cell activity. Additionally, it can promote optimal T-cell and macrophage activities while enhancing cytokine production. The strategy taken by Quality of Life involves alleviating infections from inside the body rather than at the surface. This way, inflammation may be minimized, and herpes symptoms may be suppressed to some degree. The uniqueness in this formula comes from the included AHCC proprietary blend, which is deemed “one of the world’s most researched speciality immune supplements, supported by over 30 human clinical studies.” What might it entail? It turns out it includes medicinal mushrooms.

Regarding Quality of Life, the brand was founded in 1998 to contribute to consumers’ healing. In fact, “As a company committed to developing evidence-based products, Quality of Life is the only company […] that [guarantees] every single ingredient in every one of our products is backed by human studies and delivered in dosages consistent with clinical research.” Each serving contains 1.5g of AHCC encompassing Mycelia Extract of Hybridized Basidiomycetes Mushrooms and Acetylated Alpha-Glucans. Yes, it’s that simple!


image 8
  • Company: Nu-Derm Products
  • Starting Price: $50

Herpeva is a dietary supplement intended to support herpes, shingles, and cold sores while enhancing the immune system. Hence, this formula is founded on the idea of fortifying the role the immune system plays in lessening the effects of specific pathogens. Based on customer reviews, taking Herpeva was most helpful in minor cold sore breakouts and building collagen. The ingredient list took us by shock, which broadly encompasses vitamins and minerals followed by some herbs.

On the topic of contents, each serving (i.e., six capsules) contains significant concentrations of Vitamin A (10000IU), Vitamin C (2000mg), Vitamin E (400IU), Vitamin B12 (1500mcg), Zinc (50mg), L-Lysine HCl (2200mg), Olive Extract (10mg), Echinacea Purpurea (10mg) and Pancreatin (5mg). Although the strategy here is different, our team can’t stop but wonder why more information on the company background (besides the name) has not been provided. This is not to say that the formula is ineffective, as many of the ingredients found inside are immune-boosting, but transparency should be of equal importance.


image 7
  • Company: N/A
  • Starting Price: $69

Herpesyl is a dietary supplement that made the cut because of pure popularity. In further investigating this formula, our team was far from convinced. Out of all the products listed in this guide, this one vouches to “stop any cold sore outbreak before they even begin and kill the herpes virus, in a matter of weeks.” After decades of research and failing to arrive at a solution, this unnamed company claims to have created one.

Nevertheless, the ingredients include Vitamin C (30mg), Vitamin E (20mg), Selenium (20mcg), and a 1512mg proprietary blend. In it, individuals will find Graviola, Red Raspberry, Green Tea, Beta-Glucan, Turmeric, Pine Bark, Essiac Tea Complex, Grape Seed, Mushroom Complex, Quercetin, Pomegranate, Olive Leaf, Arabinogalactan, Cat’s Claw, Garlic, Panax Ginseng, and Lycopene.

Ultimately, we aren’t entirely sure how this supplement garnered any attention, especially when they fall short on transparency altogether. Precisely, neither the company background nor any evidence has been provided to support their absurd claims on destroying herpes. The listed ingredients are antioxidants, which might help the immune system, but there are more doubts than benefits to implementing this solution daily.


image 3
  • Company: N/A
  • Starting Price: $79

HerpaGreens is a greens supplement that is touted to reduce the severity of herpes symptoms, itchy lesions, skin eruptions, and flare-ups, among others. Like Herpesyl, this supplement is popularly believed to “stun the herpes virus into submission in as little time as possible.” Moreover, an array of ingredients filled with antioxidants are vouched to make lasting impressions. However, this supplement equally lacks substance. To affirm that a formula can reverse herpes entirely is a heavy claim to make. When it is not supported by scientific or any backing, for that matter, its entirety will be questioned.

Ingredients found inside each serving of HerpaGreens include Kale, Asparagus, Green Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Orange, Acerola Cherry, Green Tea Leaf, Concord Grapes, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Cranberries, Turmeric, Spirulina, Parsley, Banana, Coconut, Wheatgrass, Apricot, Cinnamon, Mushrooms Blend, Spinach, Ginseng, Pineapple, Cauliflower, Pomegranate, Prebiotics, and Probiotics. The possibility that the combined ingredients can reverse herpes is slim, but it contains immune-boosting properties.

Herpecillin & Herpecillin Plus

image 4
  • Company: Herpecillin
  • Starting Price: $50

Up next, we have the Herpecillin and Herpecillin Plus duo, two solutions that aim to help manage HSV-1, HSV- and shingles outbreaks before they erupt. As stated on the Amazon page, taking a capsule each could boost the immune system while lessening the presence and pain linked to the herpes symptoms. At present, scarce information is available on the manufacturers, i.e., Herpecillin, yet the reviews appear to celebrate the duo.

In particular, those who’ve given them a try have since noted that the supplements significantly reduced symptoms to the point where outbreaks become less frequent. Interestingly enough, on average, it appears to have taken four days to slash prevalence. One customer mentioned that to maintain positive results, the duo will have to be consumed regularly – possibly well into the future.

As for ingredients, the Herpecillin Plus formula exemplifies the potential of a 3300mg-proprietary blend of Vitamin C, L-Lysine, Zinc, and Astragalus, while the original formula contains Momordica Charantia (MAP30 protein).


image 2
  • Company: Progressive Health
  • Starting Price: $47

Herdox is a natural supplement that helps manage the number and severity of breakouts. With this solution on hand, individuals can anticipate a reduction in occurrence and healing times, additional support towards measles, HIV, and other immunodeficiency conditions, and a reduction in the visibility of lesions. The creators of this solution, Progressive Health, insist that Herdox was founded on the need for a healthier alternative to prescription medication, adding that “there are natural remedies that can improve and remove the symptoms we experience and those health conditions causing them, entirely.”

What made us lean to Progressive Health is their continued efforts to educate consumers on each solution, introduce science wherever we see fit and ensure quality is never compromised. Per the latter, each Herdox serving (i.e., three capsules) is said to comprise of Vitamin A (12500IU), Vitamin E (50IU), Zinc (10mg), Selenium (50mcg), L-Lysine (1250mg), Monolaurin (300mg), Lactoferrin (125mg), Garlic Powder (100mg), Lemon Balm Powder (100mg), Olive Leaf Extract (75mg), and Propolis Extract (62.5mg).

Beyond Simplex

image 1
  • Company: Beyond Nutrition Research
  • Starting Price: $69.95

The last of the supplements to have made our top 2021 list is Beyond Simplex, a solution brought to us by Beyond Nutrition Research. As stated on the official sales page, its formula combines polyphenols, antioxidants, and other naturally derived components to eliminate inflammation in the body. This is yet another supplement that piqued our curiosity, seeing that it has gained a massive support system from the public. In terms of strategy, inflammation isn’t the only targeted factor, as the immune system appears to be the primary interest. By strengthening the immune system, a protective shield of sorts may be built to barricade future pathogens while lessening the effects of existing ones.

That said, Beyond Nutrition Research is on a mission to drive consumers toward making appropriate health choices rather than “waiting on the sidelines” to attain wellness all around. With this principle, Beyond Simplex was developed, housing ingredients such as Vitamin C (500mg), Garlic (200mg), Berberine (150mg), Turmeric (150mg), Zinc Citrate (50mg), Copper Gluconate (500mcg), Vitamin E (500mcg), Magnesium (500mcg) and a 100mg-proprietary blend of Curcumin, Quercetin, Resveratrol, and L-Lysine.

If supplements aren’t relevant, several informative resources expound on positive lifestyle changes and their effects on herpes symptoms. Of the plenty, four such guides/resources crossed our paths with flying colors, which include:

Herpes Test

image 6
  • Company: The Gum Clinic Online Sexual Health Testing
  • Starting Price: £64.95

For people who are alarmed that they might have herpes, an at-home herpes test kit can be purchased. The Gum Clinic’s Herpes Test assesses both HSV-1 and HSV-2 complexes and involves either a urine test or a PCR swab test. Once samples have been collected, they must be returned to the Gum Clinic for analysis. When the team receives the kits, the analysis will begin with results ready in 48 hours. To see whether one should be getting tested in the first place, the Gum Clinic’s “Symptoms Checker” survey might be worth giving a shot as well.

Nevertheless, the limitation of this test is that if no symptoms unveil themselves, it will give a negative result. Only when small blisters are apparent will they yield a positive result. If this is worrisome, the next best option would be a blood test, which would require individuals to visit the nearest clinic. Another thing to bear in mind is that these kits will be shipped to and from London. Hence, people residing elsewhere might incur additional shipping and handling fees.

HSV Rapid Remedy: Fight the Herpes Virus

image 10
  • Creator: Dr. Christine Buehler
  • Starting Price: $67

Developed by Dr. Christine Buehler, HSV Rapid Remedy is a compilation of scientific research addressing herpes symptoms. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to follow a lifestyle for reduced severity and frequency of symptoms. Matter-of-factly, the expert affirms that the knowledge found in this guide can equip individuals with the essentials to perhaps become “completely free of herpes within three weeks.”

This program has been split into two parts. The first part will cover everything to know about taking vitamins, supplements, and compounds trusted to “uncloak the herpes virus.” Regarding the latter part of the program, it will suggest means of supercharging the immune system. The former will require ten days, while the latter will require up to 13 days of following instructions carefully. Authorities have not confirmed the idea that herpes can be reversed. Our editorial team became quite uneasy with pricing, seeing that very little substance had been provided beforehand. So, we included this solution and the next two, as they remain accepted choices so far.

Herpes Cleaner

  • Creator: N/A
  • Starting Price: $39.17

Before introducing Herpes Cleaner, a presentation delved into the process by which herpes tackles the body. To be precise, the virus is believed to “use a protein called ICP 47 to become invisible.” Regardless of how fortified the immune system might be, its ability to mask itself is beyond this world. This is where a guide like Herpes Cleaner may come into effect. As per an unnamed doctor, “there are 100% organic compounds scientifically proven to pierce through protein cloaks.”

The Herpes Cleaner was compiled as a five-minute daily, step-by-step guide that instructs everyone on how to fight herpes once and for all effectively. When this 17-day long program is followed to the tee, individuals will have the chance to say good riddance to cold sores and symptoms linked to both HSV-1 and HSV-2 complexes. To what extent does this persuade us? This is an intelligent question that everyone should ask themselves.

Herpes Eraser

image 5
  • Creator: Dr. Christine Buehler
  • Starting Price: $47

Herpes Eraser is yet another take presented by the supposed Dr. Christine Buehler. Based on the claims made, it is a protocol that may permanently eliminate herpes. Once again, the latter is a mere myth, which prevents us from taking this program seriously. Unexpectedly, the demand for Herpes Eraser is enormous, and we believe this might be because it touts simple lifestyle changes. Who wouldn’t want that over-promising supplements that need to be taken over the long run, right? It is essential to mention that we aren’t utterly shutting down the expert’s claims, as such changes are known to lessen the severity of pain and irritability, but never to the degree of eliminating herpes from one’s life.

How We Ranked The Best Herpes Supplements

The ranking criteria are fundamental to this guide, as it assisted our editorial team in settling on the listed solutions. By now, it should be evident that not all products are created equally and that there are several visions for how herpes symptoms can be minimized. We also included “popularity” as an additional factor, which didn’t achieve a desirable outcome. In all honesty, solutions judged as being popular carried scarce matter that could explain the suggested prices. It’s a shame that there are people out there looking to bank on the miseries of others. Bearing everything in mind, solutions that checked off as many of the following boxes meant the most to us:

Company & Transparency

Whether it be a supplement or a guide, it is vital to acquaint oneself with the creator. If no information on the entity or person with traceable credibility has been postulated, then such solutions are probably far worse than they are made out to be. In other words, it isn’t adequate to just make strong claims. Creators need to be transparent about their processes from the beginning until the very end. As for guides, if the person doesn’t even have the basic requirements, why not just refer to a search engine.

Scientific Evidence & Effective Dosages

Although all-natural ingredients are known for their nutritional properties and have been the root of all traditional medicinal practices, the support that scientific evidence provides increases confidence. The latter cannot be stressed enough, especially for people who are diagnosed with a virus that remains untreatable. If a company fails to abide by science, then it is equivalent to taking a filler pill.

Advertised Benefits

Of all the plausible indicators out there, the advertised benefits are most crucial in the context of the herpes virus. Individuals need to instill in their minds that there are no cures for HSV-1 and HSV-2 complexes. Suppose a supplements provider proclaims their formula as one that can ease pain and irritability linked to herpes. In that case, such statements are far more realistic than those that confirm “reversing herpes,” “unmasking the herpes virus,” or “stunning the herpes virus into submission in as little time as possible.” If you haven’t noticed already, most of the advertised benefits for popularly liked solutions scream “scam.”

Supporting Ingredients

Most companies are stuck by a combination of vitamins, minerals, plants, and herbs, to name a few. When such a strategy is employed, the synergy within the formula should hold. Individuals should ask themselves on what basis were proprietary blends developed? Was it merely tradition, or does it reflect science? Once more, for dealing with herpes, we prefer ingredients with some degree of significant evidence over folk medicine.


Uniqueness can be described in thousands of ways. For us, a company stands out if they go above and beyond market expectations. Wouldn’t a solution developed by a doctor be protected by a money-back guarantee, or a team that educates consumers on the finest of details be more attractive than one that offers the basics? Everyone should take the time to reflect on what uniqueness means to them when seeking supplements.

Value for Price

One can arrive at a conclusion regarding value for price after totaling the number of boxes that a product or service checks off from this ranking system: the fewer the count, the less reasonable the prices. If the price has always been the deciding factor, now’s the time to make it the finalizing factor.

The Scientific Side to Relieving Herpes Symptoms

We’ve landed on yet another excursion in this herpes ride. The top supplements and guides of 2021 and the contents of the ranking criteria have been thoroughly elaborated. The following section will focus on the scientific perspective on herpes symptoms. We chose the top five ingredients across all the trusted solutions in our guide to keeping things straightforward. Everyone should investigate each ingredient on the supplement’s list – a requirement critical for people with a history of medical issues or consuming prescription drugs. Concerning science, this is what our team succeeded in mustering:


Thuja, also referred to as white cedar, contains antiseptic, immune-stimulating, and emmenagogue properties. As summarized by one source, it also includes a rich source of polysaccharides and glycoproteins. Speaking of the former, it appears to be the main reason for this plant’s herpes-easing potential. Though we couldn’t find a study based on polysaccharides derived from thuja, we did stumble upon another that argued for the constituent’s antiviral activity against HSV-1 and HSV-2 [3]. After further searching, another source made the case that thuja is a plant home to naturopathy and is often used as a treatment for genital and anal warts [4]. More studies need to be conducted before arriving at a firm conclusion.


L-lysine is an amino acid that could prolong the development of HSV-1. A 2017 review [5] on a mission to summarize research evidence of L-lysine on preventing HSV disease recurrence highlighted that it might be ineffective with doses less than 1g/d without low-arginine diets. But, the researchers reported that “doses in excess of 3g/d appear to improve patients’ subjective experience of the disease.” A 2018 pilot study that looked at the effect of L-lysine in recurrent herpes cases concluded that there was a significant reduction in recurrence with an eight-year follow-up [6].

Basidiomycetes Mushrooms

Basidiomycota is filamentous fungi encompassing mushrooms, polypores, stinkhorns, puffballs, rusts, and smuts. That said, a 2014 study investigated the in vitro antiviral activity of the mycelia of higher mushrooms against HSV-1 and HSV-2. They found that their mixture (i.e., Pleurotus ostreatus, Fomes fomentarius, Auriporia Aurea and Trametes Versicolor) may have “a promising material for the pharmaceutical industry as an anti-influenza and antiherpetic agent with low toxicity [7].”

Skullcap Herb

Also known as Scutellaria, skullcap is a genus of flowering plants found within the mint family. One study that looked at the effects of Chinese medicine called Longdanxiegan on genital herpes in female guinea pigs claims to have seen significant results. Longdaxiegan contains ten ingredients, of which Gentian, Plantago, and Skullcap account for 14.01% each. By the end, the study found that medicine can be viewed as an alternative for HSV-2 infection [8]. Similarly, a review that studied 21 medicinal herbs traditionally used in China noted that skullcap’s rich source of polyphenolic compounds and other constituents might be responsible for its antiviral effects on herpes symptoms [9].

Garlic Powder

Garlic is widely known as a functional food, but it is trusted to prevent infectious diseases in traditional medicine. We discovered one review to systematically summarize pre-clinical and clinical studies on the antiviral properties of garlic. The researchers said, “pre-clinical investigations of garlic extract [have] shown antiviral activity against a wide range of viral infections including flu and respiratory infections, immunosuppression, genital herpes, neurological infections, gastrointestinal infections, etc.,” giving full credit to its active organosulfur compounds [10].

FAQS About Herpes Supplements

Q: What is genital herpes?

A: Genital herpes is a term coined to reflect infection with the herpes simplex virus, or as we know it, just “herpes.” This diagnosis can either be due to HSV-1 or HSV-2.

Q: What is the difference between “HSV-1” and “HSV-2” types?

A: Also known as herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), it is mainly transmitted orally (i.e., by kissing), while herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) is transmitted sexually.

Q: Are there any cures for herpes?

A: Unfortunately, there are no known cures or vaccines for herpes. For now, physicians are likely to prescribe antiviral medications to help reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms.

Q: Why is it problematic to be diagnosed with herpes?

A: For one, symptoms are repeatable, which could make it hard to live through, especially with increasing pain scores. Then, there’s the fact that herpes has been stigmatized, which could mentally, physically, and emotionally trigger the diagnosis. Of course, there’s also the fear of having sex with someone who has herpes. The most problematic issue is that people with genital herpes are three times more likely to get HIV [11].

Q: How do the symptoms of HSV-1 and HSV-2 differ from one another?

A: HSV-1 causes cold sores around the mouth and lips, whereas HSV-2 is known to cause sores around the genitals and rectum [12].

Q: Is it possible to live not knowing one has herpes?

A: Apparently, some people might not get diagnosed until having lived with it for years on end. Yet, the majority of the time, the first signs reveal themselves within 2 to 10 days, while the first rounds of outbreaks may remain for at least four weeks [13].

Q: How frequently do herpes outbreaks occur?

A: On average, people with HSV-1 or HSV-2 might experience herpes outbreaks roughly 4.5 times a year. In some cases, it might be less, while in others, the recurrence might be more.

Q: Will the herpes virus spread across the body?

A: No, although it remains in the body, it is usually known to cause blisters and cold sores in the same areas [14].

Q: How should outbreaks be dealt with?

A: Individuals are recommended to keep the affected area clean using salt water to prevent blisters from getting infected, apply an ice pack to soothe pain, use painkilling cream, and pour water on the genitals while peeing to lessen the pain [14].

Q: What protective measures can be taken to reduce frequency?

A: Using a condom is often recommended, regardless of the type of sex, but this doesn’t prevent spread since condoms do not fully cover the infected area. In cases of visible blisters and sores, sex should be avoided altogether. Finally, sharing sex toys is highly frowned upon [14].

Q: What might trigger the recurrence of herpes symptoms?

A: Avoidable triggers include smoking, drinking alcohol, exposure to ultraviolet light, and friction in the genital area (i.e., sex or wearing tight clothes). Unavoidable triggers include stress, menstrual cycles, surgery, and immunodeficiency [14].

Q: What if a pregnant woman has herpes?

A: Fortunately, women with herpes are highly unlikely to spread it to their babies. However, having herpes during pregnancy might give rise to an illness called neonatal herpes, which can be treated using antiviral medications. A baby’s risk of being diagnosed with the latter is generally slim unless the mother has herpes during her first pregnancy [14].

Q: How are cold sores different from canker sores?

A: Cold sores result from HSV-1, whereas canker sores found inside the mouth are caused by stress, minor injury in the moth, acidic fruits and vegetables, and spicy foods [15].

Q: What is herpes shedding?

A: Herpes shedding, or viral shedding, is when herpes transmission is more likely. The risk is high for the first outbreak, along with the duration of herpetic lesions, fever, bodily aches, swollen lymph nodes, and headaches [16]. One review found that “rates of total and subclinical HSV-2 shedding decrease after the first year following the initial clinical episode. However, viral shedding persists at high rates and copy numbers years after infection, and therefore may pose continued risk [17].”

Q: Does having genital herpes mean the same as having shingles?

A: No, shingles are referred to as herpes zoster. Although both infections carry comparable characteristics, shingles cannot be sexually transmitted and are in no way connected to genital herpes.

Q: Is it possible to get both herpes simplex viruses?

A: Yes, it is possible to be diagnosed with both; however, the risk of contracting HSV-1 is far greater than with HSV-2.

Q: Can people with herpes still have sex?

A: People with herpes will have to be honest about their diagnosis with their partners before having intercourse, so individuals will need to brace themselves before the conversation. Though condoms are highly recommended, the risks are still high.

The Top 13 Herpes Supplements of 2021 Final Verdict

Ultimately, herpes is a front runner among some of the most extensive health concerns across the globe. Between having no cures and the negative consequences of one’s social life, not forgetting their mindset and pain, finding every possible solution to ease symptoms becomes a must. This drove our editorial team to create a guide encompassing what we believed were the top herpes supplements contenders of 2021 with high purpose. Surely enough, not all supplements, tinctures, ointments, and guides are made equally. While some appear to house matter that can provide some form of comfort, others seem to lack it.

Among our top picks, those that made the cut on sheer popularity were far from impressive. This goes to show that the supplements’ niche for herpes still needs more work. That said, we can’t blame providers, as they tried to find natural means of lessening symptoms, which do exist according to alternative medicine practitioners. Our segment on the scientific narrative provided promising evidence (to some degree) on the healing aspects of certain ingredients. Unfortunately, for the time being, herpes will remain in the body, and there’s never going to be an occasion where we can say our riddance to the infection. This will be the case until a cure has been introduced to society.

We have high hopes that this guide might serve as a basis for research into herpes-related solutions. Matter-of-factly, the way that things have been structured here can be replicated to eliminate the bad while retrieving the good. Though our list did contain some poorly developed solutions meant to take advantage of the despair, this has been done to merely show consumers how easy it is to fall for products resembling scams. As a final remark, if any of the listed solutions are of interest, we encourage everyone to do their due diligence (with emphasis on health markers) before investing.

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