Top 10 HHC Gummies 2022

HHC gummies have seen an explosion of popularity in the last year, and companies have responded by releasing tons of new and innovative products. With all of these new and often unique HHC products on the market it can be hard to know which ones to try out. You’re in luck though, because in this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know! We put our expertise to use and assembled a list of the best HHC edibles for 2022.

We have assembled a list for you that includes some interesting new products and some amazing innovations in both cannabinoid mixes as well as creative new kinds of HHC. The HHC gummy industry has seen a ton of interesting innovation in the last year and we’ve found the best of the best.

Let’s dive in!

The Best HHC Gummies

TRE House – High Potency HHC – Strawberry Burst Gummies – 25mg

TRE House – Delta 8 + HHC + THC-O – Tropic Mango Gummies – 35mg

TRE House – HHC + Delta 10 + Delta 9 – Blue Raspberry Gummies – 20mg

HYDRO by Delta Extrax – HHC – Sours Gummies – 10mg

JustDelta – HHC – Sour Bears – 250mg-1000mg

Urb Finest Flowers – Delta 9 + HHC – Gummies – Lavender Lemonade – 500mg

Urb Finest Flowers – Delta 9 + HHC – Live Resin Gummies – Chili Mango – 500mg

JustDelta – HHC – Peach Rings – 250mg-1000mg

JustDelta – HHC – Rainbow Belts – 250mg-1000mg

MoonWLKR – HHC – Atlas Gummies – 12.5mg

TRE House – HHC – High Potency Strawberry Burst – 25mg

The TRĒ House Strawberry Burst gummies are a high-potency HHC gummy that comes with a hearty helping of CBD and a whopping 25mg of HHC per gummy! With a dose of pure HHC this large, high potency is an understatement! With a total of 500mg of HHC in each container, these are also an excellent value for their price. These gummies come in a crowd-pleasing strawberry flavor that is sweet and juicy and just a tiny bit tart.

These gummies offer high potency and a great flavor. This perfect combination of cannabinoids is sure to keep you lit, energized, and feeling good! HHC is very energetic and euphoric and with 25mg of potent HHC in each hemp gummy, you’ll no doubt be feeling the effects. Even if you have just a nibble of one!

Users have been raving over how effective HHC is at making them lit, without some of the lethargy that some other cannabinoids cause. We think the TRĒ House Strawberry Burst hemp gummies are the perfect choice for anyone looking to have a pure, powerful, HHC experience.

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TRE House – Tropic Mango Gummies – 35mg

TRĒ House focuses on producing advanced hemp formulas that mix many cannabinoids to create incomparable experiences. The company has been dominating the market in recent years with their sophisticated formulas paired with delightful flavors. TRĒ House Provides what might be their most advanced formula yet with their Tropical Mango gummies. These rank in at an astounding 35mg of cannabinoids per gummy!

The mix used is 20mg Delta-8 THC, 10mg of HHC, 3mg of CBD, and 2mg of THC-O. That combination of HHC, CBD, and other cannabinoids perfectly represents some of the mad science that is going on at TRĒ House. When it comes to being potent, these are the most potent gummies we have seen on the market yet. We recommend taking just a nibble for anyone except the most experienced of users. This mix gives a complex and nuanced experience that is a perfect balance between relaxed, energetic, and euphoric. The Tropical Mango hemp flavor is just that, tropical and sweet, and is a great start to the dramatic and exotic experience they induce! Feel free to sit back and enjoy the wild ride the TRĒ House Tropical Mango hemp gummies give and at this strength the gummies are sure to go a long ways.

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TRE House – D10 + D9 + HHC Blue Raspberry Gummies – 20mg

Another favorite choice of ours is the TRĒ House Blue Raspberry gummies. These have a mix of 10mg Delta-10 THC, 5mg HHC, and 5mg Delta-9 THC adding up to 20mg of hemp-extracted cannabinoids per gummy! This combination may seem complicated at first but it is one that complements the Blue Raspberry flavor well and offers up a lively HHC buzz. These are perfect for a night out where you want energy and to feel nice and euphoric. These gummies were designed to create a Delta-9-like experience that has been enhanced with HHC and Delta-10 which both offer up more energy, good mood, and excitement than the more traditional experience of Delta-9.

TRĒ House specializes in coming up with unique combinations of cannabinoids that offer up a next-level experience. It has been a hard job sorting which of the TRĒ House products score highest on our reviews, all of their products impress, and with 100mg of HHC per container, these are a fantastic value that will no doubt provide tons of great experiences. Pick yours up and get ready to party!

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HYDRO by Delta Extrax – Sour HHC Gummies – 10mg

Get ready to pucker up with the HHC HYDRO Sours by Delta Extrax. These pack a real wallop of sour flavor, coming in mixed fruit flavors and covered with granular sour powder, they really bring in a final touch with 10mg of HHC each. With 25 gummies in a container, you get a total of 250mg of HHC in each container, which is a great value for the price.

The dosing of 10mg of HHC is a great balance for a moderate effect and these can safely be enjoyed by just about anyone without the fear of being overwhelmed. We highly recommend these for anyone who loves sour candies and anyone who wants a medium-strength HHC experience that has good lasting power and offers the characteristic and beloved buzz of pure HHC.

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JustDelta – Sour Bears – 250mg – 1000mg

If you want to buy HHC with a sweet and sour twist, these might be a perfect choice. JustDelta Sour Bears are the perfect way to solve those gummy bear cravings. Much like their other cannabis products each package comes with 250mg of HHC and is dosed out perfectly to give a mild to medium intensity buzz.

These sour bears are coated with a sour powder that gives you a pucker as you enjoy the familiar mixed gummy flavors they come in. These offer a milder hemp experience than the other Just Delta offerings as the gummy bears are smaller and they are more numerous in the container, if you want to match the intensity of a buzz you find with some other brands eating more than one bear per session may be necessary, which we doubt will be difficult for anyone who loves sour candies!

The next time you shop for gummies, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a seriously potent hemp experience with Just Delta!

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Urb Finest Flowers – Live Resin Gummies – Lavender Lemonade – 500mg

Urb Finest Flowers puts the emphasis on gourmet on their products offering up very carefully curated cannabis flavor profiles. Their Lavender Lemonade Live Resin gummies truly live up to that standard. Each has a perfectly balanced dose of 10mg HHC and 10mg of Delta 9 THC, and comes in a tart soft gummy. Move over CBD, it’s recreation time!

These HHC + Delta 9 gummies have the perfect level of chew and the flavor is a perfect tart balance with a luscious lavender flavor that perfectly accompanies the subtle hemp flavor that comes in the aftertaste. That characteristic green flavor comes from their use of live resin, which uses an advanced process that retains more flavor and nuance than other processing methods. The end result is a very natural and clean-tasting gourmet product that will surely leave you in a state of bliss. We highly recommend these for those that truly enjoy a high-class experience that sets the mood for a balanced energetic and lit experience. Head to the site below and save big on these delicious hemp gummies!

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Urb Finest Flowers – Live Resin Gummies – Chili Mango – 500mg

If you are not one for green and floral flavors Urb Finest Flowers also has you covered with their exhilarating Chili Mango HHC flavor. Much like their lavender lemonade, each gummy is pre-loaded 10mg of HHC and 10mg of Delta 9 THC and makes you feel like you took a hearty puff of HHC flower!

These powerful HHC + Delta 9 gummies also contain their Live Resin formulation, which offers a very natural and clean flavor profile. The Chili Mango flavor is a flavor quite its own with the tropical fruitiness of mango followed by a gentle but noticeable chili flavor and spicy hit coupled with rich hemp flavor. Who said sweet couldn’t be spicy?

From California to Colorado, every customer we spoke to couldn’t get enough of this flavor! The mango flavor is much more natural tasting than many other candy flavors and has been carefully curated by Urb Finest Flowers to offer up a truly gourmet experience. The subtle spice makes for a great start to the energetic and nuanced buzz characteristic of HHC. Not only do you get an amazing flavor, but the effects are impressively powerful.

These are truly a gourmet HHC experience that has been carefully formulated and is well worth a try.

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JustDelta – Peach Rings – 250mg-1000mg

We absolutely love these HHC peach rings, they have the same great flavor as the classic candy and come with a wonderful addition of HHC! Each container contains 250mg of HHC which is perfect for a medium strength cannabis buzz that will leave you feeling mildly faded without the super potent effects that some of the TRĒ House Delta + HHC products might give you.

We will warn you though, it can be hard to resist eating more than one of these peach rings at a time, they are just that good! These make for a great go-to for those who like classic candy flavors and those who are looking to get moderately buzzed with a simple and easy to enjoy product. If you’re interested in adding some psychoactive fun to your CBD regimen, these gummies are an excellent option.

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Just Delta – Rainbow Belts – 250mg-1000mg

The Just Delta Rainbow Belts are an amazing candy-coated experience offering up 250mg of pure HHC per container. These belts are a ton of fun and are a real favorite of cannabis lovers. Though they don’t have any Delta cannabinoids in them, the effects are still impressively powerful.

The Just Delta rainbow belts are the perfect choice to set you up in a playful mood and really set the tone for the wonderful effects of the HHC as they set in. These come in a fruity flavor and are coated with sweet-sour granules. Compared to the other JustDelta products these offer up much more potent effects, given you unravel and eat an entire belt. You are likely to find that these don’t last as long either, as it is super easy to eat a whole roll at a time! We highly recommend these if you want a real candy treat and a delightful and energetic experience that is more intense than the other Just Delta gummies.

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MoonWLKR – HHC Edible – Atlas Gummies – 12.5mg

The Altas Gummies by MoonWLKR are the best watermelon-flavored HHC morsels that we have encountered. This company has pulled out all the stops with these gummies! Watermelon flavor is one of our favorite gummy flavors but it can be a challenge to find edibles that are watermelon flavored and offer up HHC as an option. Lucky for us MoonWLKR has delivered an excellent choice that stands its own on our top 10 list. Customers can’t get enough of these powerful gummies!

Each gummy offers up 12.5mg of HHC oil and with 25 gummies per bottle there is a total of 312.5mg of HHC in each bottle, which is a great value. Designed to mimic the Zkittlez cannabis strains of cannabis, and offer a Sativa-like experience where you feel mentally alert and energetic, as well as having some of the characteristic flavors of the strain. At 12.5mg each this offers the perfect strength to have a nuanced experience without feeling too faded or overwhelmed. These are great for movies and concerts alike and are great for any situation where you don’t want to have an overwhelming experience. So, take this information to heart and pick up your MOONWLKR gummies today!

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We hope you enjoy our list of top 10 gummies for 2022, there is a ton of variety here and surely something to satisfy even the pickiest cannabis lovers.

There are tons of new products out on the market and we have to admit TRĒ House really steals the show this year for their incredible gummies that each have a revolutionary mixture of cannabinoids to produce an unmatched experience, we really can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

If you’re on the hunt for a truly premium HHC,Check out the impressive collection of HHC gummies at

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