ThePhotoStick Omni Review – Just Another Photo Stick?

Do you want to use the PhotoStick Omni device but are wondering if it’s the right pick for you? This review contains all the details you need to decide for yourself.

If you can’t read the entire review now, here are our overall thoughts about the PhotoStick Omni device:

Editor rating: 8.3/10

  1. Safe for data backup

  2. Works on all smartphone OS

  3. Easy to use, fast and secure

  4. Top-notch customer service

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Keeping media files is fast becoming a tough row to hoe. As you probably know, recent smartphones and tablets models capture high-resolution pictures and videos that eat up chunks of space. Even if you are not a photo freak, it is not out of place to save some to keep the memories alive. Sometimes, you might want to edit your photos before uploading them on social media platforms or sharing them with other people. Either way, it is only a matter of time before your device starts saying, “Insufficient space to save files.”

If you’re a shutterbug, having to free up space again and again could become tiring. Especially now when people take up to 15 pictures daily. Imagine what that would mean to your storage in a year.

Cloud storage came and eased some burdens. However, a big limitation is that you’ll need an internet connection to access your files. So, what happens when you urgently need a file in a no-network area? The PhotoStick device perfectly addresses all these concerns. It is a device that stores and sorts thousands of photos securely. This PhotoStick Omni review will tell you exactly how it works and how to make your purchase.

What is the PhotoStick Omni Device?

The PhotoStick Omni is a hand-held device used in smartphones and tablets to backup pictures in their thousands. In most cases, users call it a “flash drive” because it performs similar functions. But, the PhotoStick Omni is pretty different. While you use flash drives on computers, the PhotoStick Omni device is common with smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, the PhotoStick Omni automatically locates and stores all pictures, including those not in the regular image directory.

The device works on both Android and iOS operating systems. However, we can not vouch for its compatibility with all devices, especially the old models. As you may know, old devices usually have compatibility issues with some external devices and apps. But, if you use a recent smartphone, tablet, or iPhone, it will work perfectly.

The PhotoStick Omni device comes in different capacities. Depending on your storage needs, there is the 32 GB size that saves up to 15,000 pictures and the 128 GB capacity that does four times as much.

The device will make a perfect storage solution if you are always on transit, use multiple devices, or change devices often. This device also saves you from the migraine of recovering your files if a data loss occurs.

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Who is the PhotoStick Device For?

Before purchasing a PhotoStick Omni device, you may want to juxtapose what it does with your needs to see if it is worthwhile.

Firstly, the PhotoStick Omni device is for you if your device has limited storage space left. Running out of space is the last thing every smartphone user wants. Apart from the fact that there won’t be space to store more files, phones mostly start to freeze.

Also, the PhotoStick Omni device would make a perfect fit for those in need of a portable storage device that works on all operating systems. You can use it on Android and iOS operated devices, including tablets and iPads. This way, you won’t have to worry about someone deleting any file mistakenly or a third-party hacking into your storage.

In addition, many people have reservations about cloud storage. While it is secure, users are required to make subscriptions. Besides, cloud storage data is only available with a working network connection. The PhotoStick Omni device doesn’t require any other payment after the one-time purchase, and it is not network-operated. You might want to consider it if you’re traveling to a no-network area soon.

Furthermore, there are instances when you want to go with some media files on trips/vacations, and the space on your device will not suffice. In these cases, the PhotoStick Omni will have your back. It comes in different capacities, from the basic 32 GB to the 128 GB. At the worst, the 128 GB should be enough to save all your files.

Suppose you want to take your images with you on the move but don’t have a lot of space on your phone. Using the PhotoStick might be an ideal option here as well. You can avoid using up the crucial storage on your smartphone by storing your images on the PhotoStick. It’s also just as portable as a phone.

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Pros of the PhotoStick Omni Device

No Gimmicks, Only Plug and Save

As you probably know, cloud storage requires internet connections to work. It often requires that you constantly ensure that you have a stable and strong internet connection to use it. Having to toggle network connections can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you need the file urgently.

If you know how to use flash drives on computers, you are good with the PhotoStick Omni device. To save pictures on it, all you need to do is plug it into your smartphone, tablet, or iPad, as the case may be, and leave the rest to the PhotoStick Omni device. So, you don’t have to spend unnecessary time and effort trying to figure out how to use it.

One-time Purchase

Have you ever got stuck trying to access a file on the cloud storage because of a network outage? You start trying out all the tweaks you know, thinking the problem is peculiar to your device. Sometimes, your mobile subscription could even expire unknowingly. Moreover, even if you’ve activated an automatic subscription, the order might still fail to execute sometimes.

The issue of multiple subscriptions and reactivations is not a concern with the PhotoStick Omni, and that makes the device pretty cheap to use. All it takes to use it is a one-time purchase.

Stores Personal Data Securely

In a time like this, when cyber hackers are becoming more brutal, it is logical to think of the safety of your files before using any storage option. Since the PhotoStick device does not require a network connection to work, your media files remain safe as long as no third party has access to your device.

Recovers Long-forgotten Memories

We often forget some files on our devices, especially if someone else transferred them to us. You check all the directories where you keep similar files, and nothing shows. Once you connect the PhotoStick device to your phone, it automatically scans all directories and backs your files up.

Compact and Durable

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Devices with multiple components are more prone to losses and technical issues since you have to connect the parts repeatedly. Besides, having to carry many components is enough of a burden. The PhotoStick device is compact and handy. Also, several users have testified to its durability in their reviews. Besides, there is a 60-day guarantee on the product. That alone speaks volumes about its durability. You have only little to do on your path to make it last.


As we all know, there are instances when secondary backups turn out as major cost and time investments, without even talking about having to retrieve lost data. Hardly would you find another backup option that beats the price of a PhotoStick Omni device. Plus, it’ll make a perfect option, especially if you are not techy.

Cons of the PhotoStick Omni Device

Most reviews skip the bad side of products. We thoroughly examined the Omni device and how it works, and we found out only a couple of issues that might turn out as disadvantages. However, these issues are minor enough that the users can fix themselves without any technical know-how.

In rare cases, the device misses files while scanning and copying directories. This problem occurs when PhotoStick can’t identify the file extension on time and doesn’t want to keep the user waiting. In this instance, you can identify the omitted files and copy them manually. The second disadvantage is not even peculiar to the PhotoStick Omni device alone. Since it is not a location-operated device, retrieving all files saved on the device might be impossible. This issue is fixable, too. Simply ensure you handle it with care, and mind where you keep it.

What Are The Customers Saying?

After reading the fantastic benefits and features of a product, there are chances that sentiments would inspire a buying decision immediately. However, it is always safer to compare what you’ve read with the testimonials of current or past users. Now let’s take a peek at what the customers are saying about PhotoStick.

More than half of the users gave the product 5-star reviews on Amazon, while less than 20 percent reported minor issues. However, the average rating is 3.9. Comparatively, this is quite a good indication that the manufacturers are true to their words. That said, let’s take a brief look at some of the matters raised in their comments.

Several users applauded the settings option for selecting file types before scanning and saving photos. This feature would greatly help streamline the types of pictures you back up on the device. For instance, stickers are in “gifs.” and I’m not sure anyone would want to backup such photographs. So, instead of copying and deleting them later, you can make things straight before scanning.

In addition, some users commented that the device has extra sorting options for date, size, name, and location. These features would help if there are specific files you want to copy and you have some details about them.

Another set of reviews addressed the storage capacity of the stick. If you are not a big fan of snapping, there are chances you won’t even exhaust a tenth of the total capacity.

Statistics prove that an average human takes about 15 photographs daily. In this case, a 128 GB capacity would suffice to backup all the pictures a user will snap in throughout the year. Users have remarked that they will be able to use the device for years to come after a one-time purchase, owing to the massive storage capacity.

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Furthermore, the majority of the users that encountered glitches admitted that another big plus is that users can do much more than save pictures. You can also create folders for different files, delete duplicates, and print your photos without the need to copy them to a computer first. This feature will be helpful to organize files properly so locating them later doesn’t become a hard row to hoe. Moreover, since the storage space is almost “unlimited” for pictures, you might want to share your device with another person. Once there are no trust issues, nothing will go wrong. All that is required is to create separate folders for everyone. Besides, the PhotoStick does not even lump photos together. It separates the files from computers into folders.

However, some users raised minor issues in their testimonials about how folders and sorting functions work. One of the concerns is that users cannot rename or sort folders after creating them. Also, files resave to the current date after editing. For instance, if you save a picture in 2021 and edit it in 2022, PhotoStick automatically overrides the date to 2022. Of course, these are honest concerns. However, the same happens on other storage devices.

How Does PhotoStick Omni Work?

PhotoStick leverages both software and hardware connection to backup files. First, you download the app on your smartphone from a trusted platform. If you use an Android-operated device, search for “PhotoStick Omni” on the Play Store. The application is available on the App Store for iPhone users as well. Downloads from other websites might backfire on your phone’s functioning eventually.

Next, the user plugs in the product through their smartphone’s USB port and turns on the power. The already-installed app immediately detects a connection and starts scanning all directories on the phone for media files of different types – jpeg, png, and the likes. However, we noted earlier that users could customize the types of files to scan for on the application.

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That said, the PhotoStick Omni device runs a scan with the pre-selected file types. The scanning process hunts for photos and videos on the device, including hidden files. The search is that intense. Ironically, most smartphone users are ignorant that their devices often save more media files than the “Gallery” application displays.

It is to be noted that the PhotoStick device works differently from a flash drive in terms of file copying. While a flash drive relies on its user to manually select the files they want to copy, click on “copy,” and then paste on the designated folder, the scan and backup process on the PhotoStick device is automatic from start to finish. It browses all folders selects the media files without any input. Also, it skips all duplicate files during selection.

After completing the scan, PhotoStick Omni collects all the detected files to a folder on the device (PhotoStick) and names the folder with the phone’s name. Best of all, the download process is as quick as a flash. Provided the device is well-fitted, it only takes a few seconds to copy photos, even in their thousands. Without question, this would make a perfect backup device for your files. So your concern about your device freezing would be a thing of the past with this device.

Over the years, smartphone users have had enough to deal with software and hardware glitches like virus attacks, cyber hacking, and power surges. Every smartphone and PC user knows these are great culprits of electronic devices. They could wipe off the whole storage and even crash them sometimes. The PhotoStick Omni device features a secure environment for your smartphone and media files. The fact that the device shields your files from all forms of attacks makes it a viable secondary storage option to consider.

Features of the PhotoStick Omni Device

Though we’ve mentioned some of the features of the PhotoStick Omni device in passing, these are some of the most notable features of the device.


Nothing proves the reliability of an ICT device or service like its security outlay. Today, as cybercrime is on the rise and hackers are becoming more brutal, you wouldn’t want to keep your files in a place where you can’t vouch for their safety.

Let’s take a brief look at cloud servers, for instance. No doubt, using them comes with many fantastic benefits. To mention a few, they are easy to use, and you can access your files remotely. However, because you do not manage the server(s), the best you can do is hope that the existing security architecture is strong enough to prevent a data breach. Furthermore, avoiding a data breach is not as easy as people think. If the worst happens and a cyber hacker breaks into your server’s data center, your files may be as good as gone forever.

Mind you, your photographs and videos are memory-preserving files you don’t want to lose. Instead of living in the uncertainties of cloud storage, is it not wiser to back them up in a device that guarantees 100 percent safety? That is exactly what the PhotoStick Omni device does.

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The PhotoStick Omni device has an inbuilt immunity against virus attacks, hacking, and data breach sources. Since the device doesn’t use GPS and network connections, you will have to be careless with your stick for a third party to access your files. Once you block all loose ends, your files are safe.

Top-notch Durability

How we use devices determines how long they stay functional. To help users, manufacturers often include some tips in instruction manuals. However, we don’t always get things perfect as humans. To improve durability, some manufacturers went to the extreme of using heavy materials for flash drives. Well, weight does not always equate to durability.

With this in mind, you will want to buy a durable and light device. One that is handy and can at least withstand some degree of rough handling. Not the type that breaks into pieces at the slightest fall. The PhotoStick ticks these boxes.

All the hardware components, mainly the chips, the USB plug, the case, and the protective cover, have a net weight of less than 1 ounce. Also, the size is just as they appear in pictures. It is handy, and if you want to take it along in a briefcase, it won’t take any more space than a pen would.

In addition, there are times when even the strongest device picks up faults, especially those with multiple keys. You use them only for a few months, only to discover the keypads are gone. There are no buttons or keys to press on the PhotoStick device. The only thing you do after inserting the USB end to the device you are copying from is to select the “Go” option. So, as far as you keep to the basic maintenance procedures, your device will last for a long time.

The PhotoStick Omni device perfectly blends durability and luxury.

Detects Several File Types

Has your device ever displayed error messages like “unsupported file” or “unable to read this file?” If you’ve had a fair share of error prompts like these, you may want to consider the types of files the device supports before buying one. As we always advise all potential product users, especially those who intend to purchase storage devices, you must confirm the file types it supports first. Otherwise, you might end up buying what wouldn’t serve you.

The PhotoStick Omni manufacturers thought way ahead and ensured the device could support as many file types as possible. All PhotoStick Omni devices can detect, preview, and save pictures in jpeg, png, and tif. Mind you, it doesn’t matter how far apart their ages and locations are; the device will do its work well regardless. So, there will be no need to sort or compile your files.

Best of all, smartphone newbies can plug in the device and leave the stick to do the rest. Compared to other storage devices, this is a big plus.

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Storage Capacity

The device manufacturers are aware that media files require big storage space. Smartphones cameras have since been upgraded from the usual low resolutions that did not exceed 2 MB per picture. With the new models of devices in the market today, a snapshot is at least 15 MB. That said, imagine taking ten pictures daily for a year; the pictures would have occupied well over 50 GB of your storage space. Also, videos would probably even take more.

Often, the ready solution is to keep multiple memory cards. But we all know that could be stressful. You have to keep unmounting and re-inserting cards whenever you want to save or copy files. Besides, continuous removal may influence rapid aging and sometimes a complete loss of files.

The PhotoStick Omni device is designed with enough space to store both videos and pictures. Like other portable storage devices, the PhotoStick Omni comes in different capacities – 32 GB and 128 GB. We believe the 128GB capacity should suffice for all your media files, even if you are an avid photo/videographer. However, you can get the 32 GB variant if you think it will do. If you want a device that can single-handedly store all your files, the PhotoStick Omni is a perfect option.

Money-back Guarantee

There are several reasons a user may want a refund after buying a product. Sometimes, they are not patient enough to confirm the specifications meet their needs. Again, there might be a change of taste. The PhotoStick Omni device has a money-back guarantee of sixty days. This offer allows users to return the device provided no physical damage to the stick.

In business, customer satisfaction goes beyond producing products that meet all the needs of the end-users at a fair price. Manufacturers should ensure their sales structures/models are as flexible as possible. Among others, warranties, guarantees, home deliveries are simple ideas many producers adopt. As long as you abide by the rules, you can request a refund for your purchase within the specified duration.

Having a money-back guarantee also showcases the manufacturers’ confidence in the product and how they value customers’ wishes and needs.

Plug and Save

You don’t want a device that requires multiple setups and inputs before they work. Apart from wasting time, the process might be too complex for the newbies. Besides, there are instances where you need to execute a backup when your battery is near empty.

The PhotoStick Omni device is both easy and fast to operate. Except if you want to pre-select file types, you are not required to make further promptings after inserting the device into the USB port. The device operates a “plug and use” system. This feature is not what you find in any device.

Provided that you have the app pre-installed on your device and you have specified the file type, the PhotoStick Omni will transfer your files to itself in record time once your plug it in.

Works Offline

The “work offline” feature PhotoStick Omni device features an offline connection, so the users have all-time access to their files. The manufacturers of PhotoStick devices are aware that your photographs and videos are files you may need anywhere. While some storage alternatives like cloud servers and social media require a network connection to view and download files, the PhotoStick Omni device works offline. So, you don’t need a network connection to view, save, and download your files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are files secure on the PhotoStick device?

Security is fast becoming a major problem in data storage today. Fortunately, it is one of the numerous advantages the PhotoStick Omni device has over other alternative storage options. Generally, activities that require network and GPS connections are more prone to hacking. We’ve heard of several data breach cases in data centers of cloud servers. In addition, many holders of multiple accounts on social media platforms were one-time victims of hacking.

The PhotoStick doesn’t require any network connection, so there are no fears of a data breach of any sort. All that is necessary is to keep your device properly.

  1. Can the PhotoStick Omni device recover old photos?

How long the pictures have stayed on smartphones does not influence how the device works. Once you insert the PhotoStick Omni device into your smartphone, it scans every folder for photographs and transfers them to its storage unit. The stick does the same for the hidden files.

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However, if you have customized the stick’s setting to ignore some file type(s), including those of the old pictures, the PhotoStick Omni device will skip those files during the scan process. For instance, when you limit your search to only “jpg and png,” PhotoStick will neglect all pictures having all other extensions. Other than this, the device does thorough work on all files.

  1. How many photos can PhotoStick save?

PhotoStick Omni can store up to 60000 images. However, the number of photos that a PhotoStick Omni device can store largely depends on the quality of the images and the capacity of your stick. Generally, high-resolution pictures require more space than low-quality types. So, you may want to confirm the camera quality of your smartphone first. In most cases, recent smartphone models produce pictures of higher qualities.

That said, the 32 GB model can approximately store up to 8000 high-resolution pictures, while the 128 GB specification can take four times that. Kindly note that these figures are not fixed.

  1. How long does it take to store files on PhotoStick?

With one’s experience with other storage devices, one may be tempted to think a PhotoStick Omni device would take forever to scan and copy such a massive number of files. Regardless of the number of pictures you are copying, the stick delivers promptly. None of the processes, scanning or copying, take time.

Thus, you won’t have to watch the progress bar move from 0 to 100% as with a flash drive. Everything is pretty fast. However, the process might be extended if you preview the files before copying. Otherwise, the stick only takes a few seconds or minutes to transfer files.

  1. What capacity of the PhotoStick device is best?

All variants of the PhotoStick Omni device are good and will conveniently store thousands of pictures. That said, you need to consider the number of pictures you intend to store on it. If all you need is a device that can save up to 15,000 photos, the 32 GB size will make a perfect fit. Numbers exceeding that figure may require the 64 GB or 128 GB models.

If you are a professional photographer or love to click pictures, then you may want to go for the model with more storage.

  1. Can PhotoStick work on every device?

All PhotoStick Omni devices work on Android and iOS operating systems, including smartphones, tablets, and iPads. However, a few users have reported some compatibility issues with their phones. Users with this problem often use old model devices with configurations below the minimum requirement of the stick. So, while Photostick works on all operating systems, there might be compatibility issues if your smartphone is not a recent model.

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The PhotoStick Omni device provides a simple and secure way to store media files. While it can store both photographs and videos, the users primarily use it for pictures alone. It comes in two major variants – the 32 GB and the 128 GB capacities. The 32 GB variant stores up to 15,000 photos, while the 128 GB type can go as high as 60,000 pictures. However, this may vary slightly with photo quality. Usually, the stick saves more when picture quality is low.

Our review of the product’s features and customers’ testimonials identified several pros of the device. It is handy and durable. The PhotoStick Omni is a device you can carry on the go without the fear of developing any fault. Furthermore, the product is economical and simple to use. Users don’t pay for anything again after buying. Best of all, it is secure. As it does not function with network connections, your files are inaccessible to any third party.

The users of PhotoStick Omni spoke massively well of it. Most users applauded the speed, storage capacity, and safety of the device. Once a user plugs it in, it automatically scans all folders, and like a flash, copies all pictures to its memory. That said, remember to confirm your storage needs before making a purchase. So you don’t end up buying what won’t serve you.

If you want a cross-platform storage device that is fast, secure, durable, easy to use, and supports multiple file types, the PhotoStick Omni will make a perfect fit.

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