The Breather Reviews: Is It Effective? Worth the Money to Buy?

Are you in need of a solution that can enhance your athletic performance? Finding it tough to get through the day with occasion breathing issues and/or weak lungs? One approach would entail resorting to medications and drugs (especially in serious cases), but what if we told you that there is a non-surgical, drug-free, and clinically proven strategy that can be employed to overcome such issues, would you be interested? Let’s just say that it involves some form of training and determination, leading to results within a matter of weeks. How is the latter even attainable? This is where it is fit to introduce PN Medical’s “The Breather”.

What is The Breather?

The Breather is a respiratory muscle training device that has been created to naturally strengthen one’s breathing capacities, with improvements made in as little as two weeks. By breathing capacities, we mean inducing the body to breathe stronger and efficiently. For people who continue to struggle to take fuller breaths, enjoy quality life, suffer from COPD, exhaustion, and/or asthma, and simply breathe, these issues can now be put behind us thanks to the daily uses of The Breather. Realistically, one’s performance and overall stamina are likely to be amplified, while coping better with stress and clearing the mind. Our editorial team was quite fascinated by the endless benefits that stem from focusing on the vigour of our airways. Thus, it naturally made sense to explore the driving force behind The Breather!

How does The Breather work?

As mentioned earlier, The Breather is founded on the principles of respiratory muscle training (RMT). RMT is a training technique trusted to support our respiratory muscles, consequently, improving one’s ability to perform anywhere from climbing the stairs, and going for long walks to athletic agility. Additionally, The Breather has been designed with some aspects of Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) as well, which provides resistance against inhalation.

Why is all this crucial? It turns out that it can provide an individualized strengthening option for those with difficulty breathing. Speaking of individualization, The Breather can be used according to one’s power thanks to the integrated levels of difficulty in terms of exhalation and inhalation. Precisely, individuals can adjust their respective units to the desired resistance. By the end, the lungs-training process will not only target breathing, but also challenge everyone towards further advancement in health.

What features does The Breather have?

There are several facets that make The Breather stand out. In reviewing them, our editorial team was most convinced by the following:

Doctor & Pulmonologist Recommended

The creators, PN Medical avow that The Breather has been scientifically engineered alongside doctors and scientists, permitting the team to devise a unit that neither requires a prescription nor any drugs. To our surprise, this method is said to have been backed by studies with significant evidence regarding symptoms linked to asthma, atelectasis, bronchiectasis, emphysema, COPD, and bronchitis among others.

FDA-Registered & Convenient Design

The Breather is FDA-registered and is built using medical-grade material for long-term uses. Furthermore, the design itself is compact, letting individuals carry it whenever and wherever. Most of all, neither batteries nor refills are required, so The Breather is as portable and convenient as one could possibly imagine.

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Controllable Intensity

Both inhale and exhale dials have been integrated so that they can be adjusted based on one’s lung strength. Five different resistance levels have been incorporated to ensure that continued efforts toward maximum strengthening.

Breathing Coach Mobile App

The Breather Breathing Coach app provides everyone with the basics on how to fortify the lungs. Inside this app, individuals can gain access to unlimited training videos, demos, and downloads. Other perks include being able to connect with a clinician or coach instantly and finding assistance in the process.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How should The Breather be used?

First, The Breather must be adjusted based on intensity levels. Next, individuals are asked to practice with it for 5 to 10 minutes, namely, by following the included 4-week training plan. Lastly, these steps should be repeated, preferably by completing two sets of 10 breaths twice a day, six days a week.

Is The Breather therapeutic?

Yes, The Breather functions as a therapeutic unit with every breath blown in and out of it. The team at PN Medical made their case by insisting that resistance to inhalation intensifies the diaphragm (i.e., the major breathing muscle and support for our neck), while resistance to exhalation mimics “pursed lips breathing and keep the airways clear of mucus.”

Is The Breather clinically effective?

Based on existing resources, hundreds of studies have been conducted using The Breather only to discover that it helps both patients and non-patients. Meaningful results include significant increases in maximal inspiratory and expiratory pressure, peak inspiratory and expiratory flow, vital capacity, forced expiratory volume, heart rate, blood pressure, and hyperinflation.

Does using The Breather give rise to unwanted side effects?

As long as the included instructions are followed to the finest of details, the risk of unwanted side effects can be minimized. However, when used while feeling unwell or lightheaded can be dangerous, similar to the effects of overexercising on wellness! For people with existing medical conditions, it might be a good idea to consult a health practitioner prior to placing an order.

Will it take time to improve the lungs using The Breather?

Time is important here given that it is required for building resistance. Likewise, repetitions are equally important and can help to strengthen one’s ability to fight resistance. If individuals are asked to take some time off, it will be difficult to continue from where one might have left off, so starting low is highly recommended. This is especially the case for people who are prone to hyperventilation.

Will The Breather make me cough and induce light-headedness?

Yes, coughing is a consequence of the force working against resistance, whereas light-headedness stems from the sudden increase in exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide. It may take up to two weeks for these symptoms to subside while training.

Is it safe to use The Breather lying down or reclined?

Although individuals can use The Breather either lying down or reclined, such positions are more likely to impair the respiratory muscle function. To limit this, sitting upright is highly recommended. In addition, it also supports proper training of the diaphragm.

Can children use The Breather?

Yes, The Breather can be used by practically anyone.

How should The Breather be maintained?

For optimal uses, The Breather must be regularly cleaned with mild, warm soapy water so that saliva build-up can be prevented during training. It is imperative that each unit be rinsed well, shaking off excess water and air drying on a clean paper towel. Once it has been completely dried, it can be stored in a plastic bag.

Does The Breather need to be replaced at some point?

Proper care limits the need for replacements. In fact, when maintained as suggested, individuals can use The Breather for over two years.

Is The Breather suitable for people who are accustomed to panic attacks?

Yes, since anxiety can lead to swallow, upper chest breathing and full-blown panic attacks, The Breather can help with learning diaphragmatic breathing, and reacting accordingly by using appropriate inhalation and exhalation processes.

Is The Breather an alternative to inhalers and bronchodilators?

No, The Breather does not replace inhalers, bronchodilators, or any medical devices/therapies for that matter.

Will The Breather improve exercise capacity and performance?

Yes, The Breather can improve exercise capacity and performance, whether individuals have respiratory problems or not.

Is The Breather protected by any money-back guarantees?

Yes, The Breather has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. If individuals aren’t satisfied by this device, a request for a refund should be made out to the customer service team. Listed below are some means of doing so:

  • Email: care@pnmedical.com
  • Phone: 1 (877) 414 4449
  • Address: PN Medical Inc., 3571 S. Atlantic Ave., Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

How much does The Breather cost?

The price for The Breather tends to vary based on the number of units purchased that are available on the official website. Presently, individuals can anticipate investing:

  • 1 Breather unit: $49.99 each
  • 3 Breather units: $119.98 total
  • 5 Breather units: $179.97 total

Meet the Creators: Peggy Nicholson, PN Medical

Since the 1980s, the PN Medical team has been helping people worldwide improve respiratory health by relying heavily on evidence-based science and research. The Breather was invented at the same time by respiratory therapist Peggy Nicholson and was deemed the first-ever respiratory muscle training device of its kind. In 2015, Peggy handed the entirety of PN Medical to Mark A. Carbone but stressed one thing: “the company [must] continue to put patients and clinicians first.”

As someone with a technology background, Mark to this day kept his promise and started developing digital health devices and software to further facilitate healthy respiratory function. Today, PN Medical is using 40 years of its experience to marshal new research and share education and protocols for proper use. To learn more about the history of The Breather and the current endeavors that the company is focusing on, visit here. Here are a couple of words from the team surrounding the efforts in understanding mask uses during COVID-19:

“The company recently launched an investigation into the breathing impact of the types of masks millions of us are using now. Early research has led PN Medical to develop new guidance on avoiding potential respiratory effects related to each mask type.”

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, The Breather is the first ever RMT device to have ever been launched and has been backed by extensive scientific evidence for strengthening the lungs. Developed by Peggy Nicholson in 1980, it remains a go-to, helping over one million people – both patients and nonpatients. Our editorial team was generally fond of the idea for The Breather, but the selling point for us was the mounting evidence indicating effectiveness for people of all ages and all works of life. Of course, results come to those who follow the training program and those who take rest in times of illnesses. In all honesty, this is a slow-and-steady process, and it should be treated this way for months on end before arriving at a conclusion regarding its worth. To get hold of The Breather at a discounted price, click here>>>.

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