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Rocket Lawyer UK Reviews 2021 – Pros & Cons.

Whether you are a salaried person, a housewife, student, businessman, or an old-age citizen; you might have not given a single thought about reaching out to an attorney. But if somehow if you ever feel the need to connect to a reliable attorney you definitely wouldn’t want to take the risk. While talking of online legal aid we can’t ignore the remarkable services of Rocket Lawyer.

In order to learn more about Rocket Lawyer let’s dig into the details and the services they offer.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is an affordable and simple way to get legal consultation. Whether you own a business or want to resolve a family issue by legal assistance. Rocket Lawyer helps you in a complex legal situation by providing the much-needed consultation from a legit attorney; moreover, it helps you in getting your legal documentation done free and quickly.

The purpose of Rocket Lawyer is to streamline the complex process of getting legal assistance yet making it more affordable so that any person gets benefited. Comparatively to the traditional way Rocket Lawyer is a much faster and easier way to incorporate your business, resolve inheritance or property issues. The easy, simple, and swift process of providing legal aid is the specialty of Rocket Lawyer.

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Rocket Lawyer Works

Incorporate your Business

Rocket Lawyer helps build your business from the scratch by helping you get a relevant yet available name, and assist you to file all the required paperwork with the state. The proficient legal team helps you throughout the process.

Trade Documents & Business Advice

The on-call attorneys assist you by providing accurate legal advice conforming to the relevant laws and answer your queries with the appropriate legal advice. The on-call legal experts help you by suggesting the required documents needed to run your business and further support you in preparing them needed to run your business smoothly.

Timely Compliance Support

The legal team and attorneys of Rocket Lawyer keep you informed about the upcoming legal requirements and documentation required for the compliance of state and corporal laws so that the timely arrangement of lawful proceedings can take place to keep your business or good standing while avoiding any possible penalties.

Pricing of Rocket Lawyer

Instead of so many confusing packages, Rocket Lawyer offers only two options. That are;

  1. Membership Services
  2. Non-Membership Services

Membership Service

In membership service, you have to pay $39.99 monthly that includes regular legal support and access to all of your personalized legal documents saved in the database. The membership also offers a 7-day free trial.

Non-Membership Service

These are the services for which pay upfront and do need to become a member. For such customers, Rocket Lawyer asks $49.99 for contacting a lawyer that includes one question only. For a 30 minute consultation, you are required to pay $59.99 while for document defense you need to pay $9.99 per document.

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Is Rocket Lawyer Legit?

Rocket Lawyer is a legitimate legal aid service that is known for its top-notch legal assistance. Since its inception in 2008, this legal firm has been able to provide legal aid successfully up to 20 million customers. Rocket Lawyer has earned overwhelmingly positive response from the customers who used their legal services for the quality of the work and sincere dedication they provide.

Package of Rocket Lawyer:

Following are some of the services Rocket Lawyer offers to its customers.

Preparation of Documents and Filing Articles

Rocket Lawyer helps you in preparing the essential legal documents required in the legal formation of your business, dividing your assets, adding beneficiaries, guardianship, handling the last wish or will. The company helps you in the formation of a series of documents concerning the core issue and helps you in filing the articles of incorporation with the state government.

Conducting Search for the Availability of Business Name

In order to form a company or business, you need to have a legal name for its existence. In this regard, the availability of your desired business name is a very important legal aspect. Though there is very little chance that someone may have registered their business with your desired name; however, if anything such happens the authorities could reject your filing proposal and continue to do so could leave your business and efforts at risk to face the possible lawsuits.

Rocket Lawyer helps you in the name availability process by conducting a thorough search including local records to make sure there is no business that exists with the same name so that you might able to move to the next steps or make necessary changes to the proposed business name.

Online Storage for Documentation

Rocket Lawyer offers an exclusive online document storage service that provides its customers an online interface that help you to maintain and manage all of your legal documentation easily. It further facilitates you to enjoy a digital signature system that lets you create and administer contracts, guardianship documents, last will, agreements, or divorce deeds online that can be printable, downloadable, and can be shared whenever needed. Those who are not technical geeks may get help from the Rocket Lawyer tutorials.

Physical Evidence of Documents

Rocket Lawyer not only helps in filing the articles or preparing documents but also makes them accessible online and sends the physical evidence or hard copy of each document for safekeeping or for record maintaining without charging you anything additional.

Reliable Support and Correspondence

The customer support of Rocket Lawyer is available through email and via phone. The customer support of Rocket Lawyer has been one of the main reasons why the company is known for its best and legit workmanship. The objective of the support team is to help you feel comfortable discussing the issues and feel confident over the course of action.

Rush Filing

This is a service specially designed for people who are want to get things done in a short span of time. Though Rocket Lawyer would charge for the urgent work done unlike other legal, they won’t let you wait and immediately offer you priority services to get your work done swiftly without any issue.

Legal Documents

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a senior citizen, or a patient at bed rest Rocket Lawyer provides you the comfort to craft and sign the legal documents from the comfort of your home or office. Rocket Lawyer lets you search for the type of legal document you need and lets you create a customized document based on your basic and state details. After entering the information your document is created and ready for download. Rocket Lawyer charges you $5 for this service.

Quick Access to Lawyer

If you run into a situation where legal assistance is required Rocket Lawyer helps you to connect with the lawyers on immediate basis. Rocket Lawyer directory lawyers from different locations and states so that if you need to get legal assistance in a specific city you can easily find it by filtering the available options to find out people nearby in your area.

Rocket Lawyer doesn’t charge you for this service but the consultation fees and other charges may apply depending on the lawyer you choose.

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Diversified Legal Services

Rocket Lawyer is not only limited to provide legal aid to businesses but also provides its support to individuals seeking legal assistance in various issues such as family inheritance, preparing will, guardianship, or divorce settlements. Their expert attorneys are easily accessible access to provide legal guidance and create legal documents for various purposes.

Customer Support

Rocket Lawyer customer support is available on weekdays for 12 hours a day. The company is known for its exceptionally helpful customer support.

Online Legal Aid

Rocket Lawyer has a vast library that contains almost every type of legal forms. These forms are customizable, easy to use, so you can amend them according to the basic details and later download or print them.

Online Legal Consultation

Rocket Lawyer provides its customers the opportunity to get legal advice online; it has dedicated attorneys that are experienced in various fields such as business law, marital issues, inheritance, or guardianship. So that when you ask for a legal consultation they provide you the best legal advice compliant with the law.

Licensed Attorneys

The customer support of Rocket Lawyer consists of licensed attorneys that are expert in various fields of law to provide you the legit and guaranteed solution to your legal issue.

7-day Free Trial

The customers are provided with a 7-day free trial at the start of their premium membership to enjoy the premium features before completely own the membership.

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Expensive Service

Compared to its competitors, Rocket Lawyer is relatively expensive.

Pointless Membership

Though becoming a member provides you access to all the legal services but is also true that you do not always need services. This is why considering the membership price relatively to other legal companies it is useless to invest such a huge amount.

Final Verdict

No doubt Rocket Lawyer provides reliable legal assistance with the aim to provide quality services to its customers by providing the optimal solutions in their businesses and personal life. Apart from providing guidance and assistance, it helps you get connected with licensed lawyers so that you can meet them in person. They offer a variety of legal aid that includes consultation, information, document defense, will writing, inheritance, and much more.

Though the services they provide are bit expensive relatively to their competing competitors but they do not compromise on the quality of the service they provide. This is why people who used their services are found it 100% legitimate and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are the documents from Rocket Lawyer are legit and legally acceptable?

Rocket Lawyer is a legit legal service. Since its inception in 2008, it has been providing high-quality legal assistance and has helped over 20 million customers with its reliable and legal aid. The company has received an overwhelmingly positive response from its customers.

The legal experts and attorneys at Rocket Lawyer help you prepare the documents that are acceptable and precisely accurate.

2.How much time it will take to prepare my document?

All the legal documents are prepared and processed swiftly without asking for irrelevant delay or process time. The processing time is also dependent on the type of legal issue and the information required. However, most customers are satisfied with the turnaround and support provided by Rocket Lawyer.

  1. How can I cancel my membership?

You can opt-out of the membership any time from Rocket Lawyer. The company will refund back your amount on a prorated basis.

  1. Contacts for Rocket Lawyers?

Phone number for Rocket Lawyer: (877)881-0947

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