The Top 18 Best Digestive Enzymes Supplements on the Market

Have you ever experienced bloating, nausea, indigestion, and other digestion-related issues? The chances are that your digestive health is not in good condition. In fact, without a healthy digestion rate, you will even face immune dysfunction. For that reason, digestive enzyme supplements are on a surge in popularity.

Well, that also means that there will be loads of average quality gut health supplements. How will you separate the digestive enzymes from all of them? That is where our experience and expertise step in. We have had multiple sessions with expert dieticians to find out all about digestive supplements.

After that, the task of choosing the worthy digestive enzyme supplements became an easy task for us. And we plan to spread the knowledge around. So, if you want to ensure a proper purchase, we will recommend sticking until the very end.

The18 Best Digestive Enzyme Supplements in 2021

Choosing digestive enzyme supplements might seem easy. But in reality, getting the digestive enzymes that work is pretty hard. We had to research the ingredients, go through tons of clinical trials, and compare more than 30 digestive enzymes to form a narrowed-down list.

Wondering what narrowed-down list we are talking about here? It goes something like this:

  • EnzymeMD
  • EnzyBurn
  • Live Conscious DigestWell
  • BiOptimizers MassZYMES
  • BiOptimizers HCL Breakthrough
  • Onnit DigesTech
  • Onnit Total Gut Health
  • Organixx Enzyme 17
  • NSP Nutrition Digestive Enzymes
  • Vital Plan Active Enzymes
  • Natural Health Source Digestive Enzyme Renewal
  • Amy Myers MD Complete Enzymes
  • AlphaZym Plus
  • EnzyMedica Digest Gold
  • SynoGut
  • Gut Garden Digestive Enzymes
  • Thorne Bio-Gest
  • VeganZyme



When we heard that a certified gastroenterologist backs a digestive enzyme supplement, we could not help but give it a try. And we are glad that we made that decision because it is very much worthy of having a position in our best digestive enzymes list.

One of the first things that make EnzymeMD stand out is that you can take it without any worries. Why? A board-certified gastroenterologist developed the formula. So, it will offer long-term support to digestive health. It is also different from the other digestive enzyme supplements. How?

Most digestive enzymes will rely on common probiotics found inside the yogurt. This digestive enzyme takes a different approach as it contains 18 plant-based digestive enzymes and combines them with probiotics. As it has plant-based enzymes, it will be safe for users with lactose intolerance.

That said, the plant-based digestive enzymes will do a proper job of removing toxins and gases from your gut health. It will help to naturally promote digestive health and allow the gut to process hard-to-digest foods efficiently. Also, this nutritional supplement can clear the digestive tract.

Highlighted Features

  • Formulated by a certified gastroenterologist
  • Utilizes plant-based digestive enzymes
  • Suitable for people with lactose intolerance
  • Boosts the digestive health
  • It makes it easier for the digestion organs to process hard-to-digest foods.



What if we told you that we found a digestive enzyme supplement based on the forgotten population of island dwellers? We did manage to find a digestive enzyme supplement such as that for our list of the best digestive enzymes! Want to know about it? Go through this review.

The manufacturers have noticed that the island dwellers lived skinny, healthy, and happy for hundreds of years. And they have formulated a blend of digestive enzymes included in their food intake. In other words, EnzyBurn contains plant-based enzymes.

However, as the active enzymes inside this blend are all-natural enzymes, you will not have to worry about having lactose intolerance issues. It will not trigger any problems or digestive discomfort. Instead, the ancient formula will fill your tummy up with natural enzymes that will offer digestive aid.

Most importantly, the blend of natural digestive enzymes comes in the form of a vegetable capsule. The digestive process will not have any issues getting all of the natural digestive enzymes from it. Also, after taking this digestive enzyme supplementation, the digestion system will absorb nutrients quickly from the foods.

Highlighted Features

  • It relies on plant-based enzymes
  • Will not trigger lactose intolerance issues
  • Ensures optimal nutrient absorption rate
  • Supports the gut health
  • It comes in the form of a vegetable capsule

Live Conscious DigestWell


The brand Live Conscious is pretty famous in the supplement market. Considering how famous and reputed they are, we were pretty excited to check their plant-based enzymes supplement. But the real question is whether it is a worthy pick for the best digestive enzyme supplement or not.

Spoiler alert! The Live Conscious DigestWell is entirely worthy of being on this list. It is not like most digestive enzymes supplements. Instead of relying on the most common digestive enzymes, this digestive enzyme supplement utilizes a broad-spectrum formula. Most importantly, the blend does not compromise one bit in quality.

Now, you might be wondering what the blend of this digestive enzyme supplement contains. Well, along with the plant-based enzymes, you will find ginger root extract, papaya, and pineapple. Those will enhance the overall efficiency of the blend. The blend is lactose intolerance friendly as well.

Furthermore, this high-quality digestive enzyme formula is backed up with a money-back guarantee. And the length of the guarantee is far higher than what many digestive enzyme supplements offer. Also, you will not have to break your bank just to get your hands on this formula of specialized digestive enzymes.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes a broad spectrum of active enzymes
  • It relies on plant-based enzymes
  • Backed up with a lengthy money-back guarantee
  • Promotes optimal nutrient absorption
  • Friendly to the users with lactose intolerance

BiOptimizers MassZYMES


Another brand that is pretty popular in the market of digestive enzyme supplements is BiOptimizers. This offering can increase the healthy gut bacteria, making it an excellent pick for the best digestive enzyme supplement.

However, that is not the only thing that BiOptimizers MassZYMES is capable of offering. To start with, the brand has opted for a full-spectrum formula that is rich in naturally occurring digestive enzymes. It contains enzymes derived from different plant-based sources. As a result, it is friendly to lactose intolerance.

The active enzymes of the formula are highly capable of making it easier for the gut to digest proteins. They will even increase energy levels, improve mental clarity, and enhance focus. The digestive enzyme supplement can also boost muscle recovery, which we do not see in many digestive enzyme supplements.

Another thing that makes this digestive enzyme supplementation worth the purchase is that the formula can enhance your ability to absorb nutrients. Once you start taking the digestive enzyme blend regularly, your gut health will see a massive boost. Also, it can support the immune system in multiple ways.

Highlighted Features

  • Increases the healthy gut bacteria inside the digestive system
  • Will not cause any lactose intolerance issues
  • Boosts the gut health
  • Improves the immune system
  • It contains loads of active enzymes

BiOptimizers HCL Breakthrough


Another offering from BiOptimizers that we have for this best digestive enzyme supplements list is the HCL Breakthrough.

The main goal of this digestive enzyme supplement is to enhance the digestive system and make it easier to digest food. To aid food digestion, it utilizes a proprietary enzyme blend. That digestive enzyme blend has multiple digestive enzymes to improve the overall gut health.

That said, it is not like regular gut health supplements. Apart from just aiding normal digestive function, it will relieve digestive distress and prevent different digestive disorders. As it will promote better digestion, your digestive system will not even face any issues while digesting proteins.

Other than that, the digestive enzyme supplement even holds the ability to protect the stomach from food-borne infections. And as there are different digestive enzymes in the blend, your digestive system will be highly capable of maintaining an optimal digestion rate. Also, it comes at a reasonably affordable price point.

Highlighted Features

  • Can offer relief from digestive discomfort
  • Relieves digestive disorders
  • Promotes a better digestion
  • Supports optimal digestion rate
  • It makes the food digestion process easier for the digestive system

Onnit DigesTech


While looking for the best digestive enzyme supplements, we stumbled upon offerings from different digestive enzyme brands. But there were only a few that utilized proven digestive enzymes in their digestive enzyme blend. And among those digestive enzyme brands, Onnit is one of them.

Like some other digestive enzyme supplements on this list, Onnit DigesTech utilizes a full-spectrum digestive enzyme blend. You will find three different digestive enzymes inside the formula. There are protease, lipase, and amylase. All of them will help to absorb nutrients, proteins, and carbs.

But that is not all! The formula also contains 14 different power digestive enzymes to support the digestive system. You will also find fennel seed powder, organic gum acacia, organic rice hulls, ginger root extract, and other natural ingredients. Those enhance the power of the blend and promote better digestion.

Moreover, the blend can fulfill the common digestive enzyme deficiency. It even holds the ability to offer relief from irritable bowel syndrome. And let us not forget that the formula has different digestive enzymes in it. Those digestive enzymes improve digestion and boost the immune system.

Highlighted Features

  • Full of different digestive enzymes
  • It contains organic gum acacia, organic rice hulls, and other complements
  • Can provide relief from irritable bowel syndrome
  • Supports the digestive system
  • Improves the digestive health

Onnit Total Gut Health


We have yet another offering from Onnit. And like the previous one, this digestive enzyme supplement is worthy enough to be among the best.

Let us first talk about the benefits that Onnit Total Gut Health can offer. This high-quality digestive enzyme blend can promote a healthy gut, support the immune system, and make it easier to break down food. After taking the digestive enzyme supplements, your body can even absorb nutrients effectively.

Unlike some random digestive enzyme brands, Onnit opts for a formula that has nothing but proven ingredients inside it. You will find different digestive enzymes that have seen loads of research and studies. Those digestive enzymes will do a proper job of supporting the digestive system.

The blend will also make it easier for your body to digest macronutrients. That is something regular pancreatic enzymes and lactase supplements will not be capable of offering. Your gut health will also see a lot of improvement as the toxins will get cleaned. It does have a lot to offer.

Highlighted Features

  • Supports the immune system
  • It makes it easier to break down foods
  • It contains highly proven digestive enzymes
  • Improves the condition of gut health
  • Make the gut absorb nutrients efficiently

Organixx Enzyme 17


Want to get your hands on one of the best digestive enzyme supplements that contain loads of digestive enzymes? Well, we might have found the proper digestive enzyme supplement for you.

As the name suggests, Organixx Enzyme 17 contains 17 different digestive enzymes. That is more than most of the digestive enzyme supplements that are on this list. Those digestive enzymes will adequately support the digestive system to digest carbs, protein, and fat.

Another great thing about this digestive enzyme supplement is that a certified doctor backs the formula. The doctor has formulated it properly to target different protein deficiencies. And once you start taking the digestive enzymes, your body will be highly capable of breaking down protein.

Even the dosage of the blend is reasonably higher than the other digestive supplements. Each serving will offer 22500 DU of amylase, 3000000 FCCPU of bromelain, 21 ENDO-PG of pectinase, and other beneficial digestive enzymes. Your digestive health will be in its best condition.

Highlighted Features

  • Has 17 digestive enzymes
  • Backed by a certified doctor
  • It makes the body capable of breaking down protein efficiently
  • Offers high dosages of digestive enzymes
  • Promotes the health of the digestive system

NSP Nutrition Digestive Enzymes


Another brand that is pretty famous in the supplement market is NSP Nutrition. And they are now offering a worthy digestive enzyme supplement that surely deserves a spot in this review segment of the best digestive enzymes supplements.

Like some of the other digestive enzymes in this list, NSP Nutrition Digestive Enzymes can offer loads of benefits. Firstly, it will target the protein digestion capability. The digestive enzymes of the formula will ensure that the digestive system does not have any trouble trying to digest the proteins.

Secondly, just like a lactase supplement, it will make sure your body gets the most out of the dairy products. Also, the digestive enzymes of the formula can work like a charm in terms of increasing the body’s fat-burning process. It can even increase energy levels. So, over time, the weight loss rate of your body will increase too.

You will not even have to break your bank just to get a bottle of this blend of digestive enzymes. The digestive enzyme supplement comes at an affordable price point, and each of the bottles is backed by a money-back guarantee. That means each purchase will be risk-free.

Highlighted Features

  • Improves the protein digestion ability
  • Ensures that the body can get most out of the protein foods
  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps with weight loss
  • It comes at an affordable price point

Vital Plan Active Enzymes


The Vital Plan Active Enzymes is not just a regular offering. Even though it might look like just another plant-based digestive enzyme supplement, it holds every right to be among the best digestive enzymes. Want to know how?

To begin with, it features a digestive enzyme formula that targets the comfort and traction function of the digestive system. It will support the gastrointestinal system with plant-based ingredients that have seen loads of research and are well-proven. Also, a certified doctor formulates it. That increases the overall legitimacy.

Among all digestive enzymes, you will find Alpha Galactosidase, digestive enzyme lipase, loads of exogenous enzymes, and others. The formula will not cause any lactose intolerance issues as it does not have any levels of the enzyme lactase. Those digestive enzymes will aid the small intestine and the whole system.

To enhance the digestive boost, it contains fennel and cardamom. Those will improve the absorption and allow your system to get the most out of the digestive enzymes. Plus, there is a money-back guarantee, making each purchase risk-proof.

Highlighted Features

  • Formulated by a doctor
  • It contains plant-based digestive enzymes
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee
  • Packs Alpha Galactosidase, exogenous enzymes, and many more
  • It contains fennel and cardamom

Natural Health Source Digestive Enzyme Renewal


While there are plenty of digestive enzyme supplements out there, there are not that many that can lower inflammation, boost nutrient absorption, and decrease abdominal pain at the same time. But if you were looking for the best digestive enzymes that can offer all of that, consider this offering.

So, how do the bottles of Natural Health Source Digestive Enzyme Renewal offer all of that? Well, instead of opting for generic formulas of digestive supplements, the brand has opted for a highly advanced blend. And just like the name suggests, the formula will renew all of the required digestive enzymes in your system.

Once your digestive health gets all of the required digestive enzymes, not only will it function optimally, but it will also work to remove all of the related issues. Abdominal pain, stomach pain, chest burning, and other problems related to digestive health will not be present anymore. It can even fix functional dyspepsia.

However, fixing the issues is not the only task of this blend. It works like a charm to make your digestive system absorb all of the nutrients from the food. Also, it will aid the small intestine in producing more digestive enzymes. And each purchase is backed by a lengthy money-back guarantee.

Highlighted Features

  • Renews the digestive enzymes inside the system
  • Helps to fix functional dyspepsia
  • Aids the small intestine in producing digestive enzymes
  • Can offer relief from abdominal pain
  • Increases the absorption rate

Amy Myers MD Complete Enzymes


Whenever the thoughts of the best digestive enzymes go through the back of the mind, people usually think of the offerings of Amy Myers. So, we wanted to know what their digestive enzymes have to offer. And we are glad that we tried this supplement out.

As the label suggests, Amy Myers MD Complete Enzymes contains a complete list of digestive enzymes. You will find Alpha Galactosidase, protease, and other digestive enzymes that a regular lactase supplement will not be capable of offering. Those will work together to solve digestion issues and support healthy gut inflammation.

But those are not the only benefits this digestive enzyme supplement has to offer. Once you start taking the blend of digestive enzymes regularly, your body will repair the intestines and respond to inflammation better. It will even help the people that have food sensitivity issues.

Furthermore, as a doctor formulates the blend of digestive enzymes, you will not have to worry about severe side effects. Dr. Amy Myers knows what matters when it comes to supporting digestive health. And it is also backed by a reasonably extended money-back guarantee.

Highlighted Features

  • Features loads of digestive enzymes, including Alpha Galactosidase
  • Supports healthy gut inflammation
  • It makes it easier for the gut to digest foods
  • Formulated by an actual doctor
  • Backed by an extended money-back guarantee

AlphaZym Plus


On the hunt for the best digestive enzymes that can help you lose weight? Well, if that is the case, you should take a look at what AlphaZym has to offer here.

AlphaZym Plus contains a blend of digestive enzymes that will target the root cause of obesity. It will aid the gut by offering loads of proven elements and make it more efficient in processing foods. As a result, your gut will not have any issues breaking down the complex foods.

Among all, you will find acai berry fruit extract, psyllium powder, inulin, aloe powder, slippery elm bark, and chlorella. These ingredients will push out all of the waste out of the system. And when there is less waste inside the gut, fat will not be capable of settling on that easily.

Some of the ingredients also detoxify the entire system. That will eventually make your gut absorb more nutrients than usual. Also, there are some digestive enzymes inside the blend that will support healthy inflammation. And the best part is that you will not have to spend a ton to get all of these benefits.

Highlighted Features

  • Targets the root cause of obesity
  • It offers the gut plenty of proven digestive enzymes
  • Improves the absorption rate
  • Pushes the waste out of the system
  • Detoxifies and supports inflammation

EnzyMedica Digest Gold


Speeding up digestion, boosting up energy, and reducing the occasional gas is something that most of the digestive enzymes will be capable of offering. However, not all of them will come at an affordable price point. But that is not the case for this digestive enzyme supplement offered by EnzyMedica.

Even though it falls under the affordable segment, EnzyMedica Digest Gold does not skimp one bit when offering digestive benefits. First, it will speed up the overall digestion system. The gut will be capable of absorbing the nutrients from the food without facing any issues.

When the gut processes the food efficiently, the chances of occasional gas problems occurring will be reasonably low. You will not even face bloating and indigestion problems. There are probiotics inside the blend of digestive enzymes. Those will help with inflammation and enhance the energy levels of your body.

Another thing that makes this an excellent pick for the best digestive enzyme supplement is the strength of the servings. Each will offer 1.5 billion active cultures. Those will aid your digestion, improve the condition of the gut, and let your body absorb all of the benefits of the digestive enzymes.

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable but contains loads of digestive enzymes
  • Speeds up the digestion process
  • It makes it easier to absorb the nutrients from the food
  • Lowers the chances of occasional ga
  • Relieves from indigestion



Hyperbolic health benefits are something that most digestive enzyme supplements will not be capable of offering. However, if you were looking for enzyme supplements that can offer that, check out SynoGut.

A health specialist formulates the blend of digestive enzymes. And he knows what makes digestive enzyme supplements work. The specialist has utilized highly potent natural ingredients instead of average and weak elements common on other enzyme supplements. That increases the overall efficiency.

But is it a worthy pick for the best digestive enzymes? No doubt about it! It contains multiple proven digestive enzymes. You will find flaxseed, black walnut, bentonite clay, psyllium, oat, aloe vera, and loads of other highly potent elements. Those will enhance the overall condition of the gut and make it highly efficient.

Apart from that, this blend of digestive enzymes will provide your body with the probiotics, prebiotics, and other nutrients it requires to function optimally. Those will eventually offer hyperbolic health benefits. Also, the purchases will be risk-free as a lengthy money-back guarantee backs each purchase.

Highlighted Features

  • The digestive enzymes blend offer hyperbolic health benefits
  • It contains loads of natural ingredients
  • Provides prebiotics and probiotics
  • Enhances the condition of the gut
  • Supports healthy digestion process

Gut Garden Digestive Enzymes


The best digestive enzymes do not always have to break your bank. Well, that is what Gut Garden believes. That is why they are now offering something that offers more value than most other enzyme supplements.

Unlike some of the other digestive enzyme supplements, Gut Garden Digestive Enzymes comes at an affordable price point. However, that does not mean that it lags when it comes to offering gut benefits. It will provide more benefits than some of the average digestive enzyme supplements out there.

Among all, you will see a restoration in stomach acid, relief in terms of stomach discomfort, acceleration in the digestion process, and many more after taking this digestive enzyme supplement. And to offer all of that, the digestive enzyme blend contains pepsin, papain, bromelain, betaine, and ox bile extract.

Apart from that, the digestive enzyme blend is highly capable of optimizing the digestion process. The formula will ensure your gut can get all of the nutrients from the food you eat. Now that is something that most enzyme supplements will not be capable of providing.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes at an affordable price point
  • Restores the stomach acid rate
  • Accelerates the digestion process
  • Optimizes the absorption rate
  • It contains loads of proven digestive enzymes

Thorne Bio-Gest


Another brand that believes that the best digestive enzymes should not break your wallet is Thorne. And the digestive enzyme supplement that they are offering is more affordable than most of the other enzyme supplements on this list. But what does it have to offer?

First of all, the Thorne Bio-Gest digestive enzyme blend will make it easier for the gut to process proteins, carbs, and fats. The formula of digestive enzymes provides that by including pepsin, HCL, ox bile, and pancreatin. The body needs all of these digestive enzymes to support the overall digestion process.

Even though the price point of the digestive enzyme supplement is in the affordable range, the brand did not opt for a low-quality formula. Each of the digestive enzymes is at a reasonable rate. For that reason, the blend of digestive enzymes will ensure that your gut health is in the top-notch position.

The blend of the digestive enzymes will also do a proper job of targeting stomach acid issues. It will focus on the insufficient secretion of stomach acids, which will aid the digestion process. Also, when you get older, you tend to use more antacids. Digestive enzyme supplements such as this can solve problems such as that too.

Highlighted Features

  • It makes it easier to digest fats, carbs, and protein
  • Affordable but utilizes a high-quality digestive enzyme formula
  • Can target stomach secretion issues
  • It helps to optimize the digestion process
  • It contains proven digestive enzymes



Last but not least, we have the VeganZyme for our list of the best digestive enzymes for the money. But just because it is in the final position, it does not mean that the digestive enzyme is less capable of offering digestion health benefits.

It works exceptionally well than most average enzyme supplements out there. The blend of this digestive enzyme contains proven digestive enzymes that will encourage overall balance inside the body. It will push the toxins and waste out of the system.

Besides that, the blend of digestive enzymes contains nothing but plant-based enzymes. So, it would be an excellent pick if you were on the lookout for enzyme supplements that are GMO-free and vegan-friendly. And this vegan-friendly blend of digestive enzymes can even boost immunity.

But that is not all! Unlike the average enzyme supplements, it will be capable of adequately supporting the digestion system. It will provide your body with the digestive enzymes it requires to process the hard-to-digest foods. So, you will be capable of getting more nutrients from the foods that you will intake.

Highlighted Features

  • Packed with proven digestive enzymes
  • Vegan-friendly and GMO-free
  • Can push out waste and toxins out of the system
  • Optimizes the digestion process
  • Supports immune system

How We Ranked the Best Digestive Enzymes Supplements

Choosing the digestive enzymes was not an easy task. All digestive enzyme supplements out there will claim to include proven digestive enzymes and offer the benefits of proper digestive enzyme supplements.

But in reality, most of them are average at best. So, to seclude the worthy ones from the average ones, we kept these in mind:

Proven Digestive Enzymes

The first marker the digestive enzyme supplements had to pass through was the formula. No blend of digestive enzymes will optimize the digestion process without proven digestive enzymes, let alone other benefits.

That said, not all of the enzyme supplements contained proven digestive enzymes at the same rate. Some include tons, while others pack a good enough number of digestive enzymes. And the digestive enzyme supplements that had more proven digestive enzymes got a higher overall ranking in our list.


There are plenty of digestive enzyme supplements that will have the right blend of digestive enzymes but will not work as effectively as they should. Do you know why? The dosages of the digestive enzymes are not right on those formulas.

For that reason, we considered the dosages of each of the digestive enzymes that the digestive enzyme supplements packed. However, comparing the digestive enzymes with milligrams versus milligrams is not an easy task. But checking whether the digestive enzyme contains clinically proven dosages is pretty straightforward.

So, when we were scrutinizing the enzyme supplements, we considered whether the blend of digestive enzymes had clinically effective dosages or not. The digestive enzyme supplements that did not check this factor did not make it into our list.


Some digestive enzyme supplements will not offer practical benefits even after utilizing proven digestive enzymes at the proper dosages. That is because the formula can not even get into the digestive tract.

Nonetheless, some of the digestive enzyme supplements will utilize enteric coating. That helps them survive the stomach acid. As a result, all of the digestive enzymes do end up where they should. And you will be capable of enjoying dynamic effects only if the digestive enzymes have a higher endurance rate.

That said, we only considered the digestive enzyme supplements that had a higher survivability rate.

Advertised Benefits

No digestive enzyme supplements will make your gut highly resilient to toxins and capable of digesting foods efficiently overnight. It is a gradual process. You would need to take the blend of digestive enzymes for a while to enjoy those benefits.

Likewise, no digestive enzyme supplements will even be capable of preventing deadly diseases. However, many digestive enzyme supplements will rely on these marketing strategies to make them seem too good for the money.

So, remember that if digestive enzyme supplements seem too good to be true, it probably is. That said, we did not consider the digestive enzyme supplements that relied on these exaggerating marketing strategies. Instead, we prioritized the digestive enzymes that were honest about the benefits they could offer.

Value Proposition

The thing with digestive enzyme supplements is that not all of them will belong to the same price point. Some will be more than $100, while many will be below $50. However, you can not just consider one price point and scrutinize each option because the formula is different.

Considering that, instead of factoring in the price point, we factored in the value proposition. If digestive enzyme supplements offered good value for the money, they got a position on our list. Likewise, if the value was not that good, we did not even bother checking or testing them out.

Number of Digestive Enzymes

As you know by now, your body utilizes loads of digestive enzymes. Each has its role. Take protease, for example. It will break down protein. Likewise, amylase will break down carbs. And we believe the worthy digestive enzyme supplements should contain more than just one enzyme.

We highly praised the ones that contained more than 10 or 15 digestive enzymes. Those got a higher overall position than the others. And the ones that only utilized a few did not even get a spot on our list.

Doctor Formulated

We can not stress enough how valuable doctor-backed supplements are. When doctors formulate a product, it automatically means that the supplement has gone through loads of testing and clinical tests. Also, doctor formulation adds a layer of legitimacy to the entire blend.

You will notice loads of doctor-formulated digestive enzyme supplements in our list. So, we have put more emphasis on them.

Track Record of the Manufacturer

Some of the enzyme supplements brands will enter the market by creating loads of hype behind their offerings. In most cases, they will capitalize on the hype and exit. And you might have already guessed, most of the digestive enzyme supplements such as that will be average at best.

Instead of putting our focus on those, we prioritized the offerings that were from reputed brands. Usually, those brands have been around the market for an extended amount of time. And in most cases, they got all of the recognition for offering high-quality products.

Complementary Ingredients

Most of the digestive enzyme supplements will not have digestive enzymes in them. And that is okay. The complementary ingredients such as prebiotics, probiotics, and others do support the digestion process. However, fillers do not.

So, when we were scrutinizing the digestive enzyme supplements, we checked whether the complementary ingredients were there just to increase the quantity of the supplement or not. If it was just fillers, that specific supplement did not make it into our list.

Money-Back Guarantee

Even the best digestive enzyme supplement might work as expected on some people. Getting digestive enzyme supplements that come with a money-back guarantee offers more peace of mind. You will know that if the formula does not work as it should, you will be entitled to get a complete refund.

It also shows that the brands are standing behind their products. Considering that, we preferred the digestive enzyme supplements that offered a money-back guarantee or had a good refund policy. Also, the lengthier the guarantee was, the higher the ranking the products got in our list.

What Are Digestive Enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are chemicals or compounds that your body secretes naturally to process food. These chemicals will break the food down and make it easier for the digestion system to get all its nutrients.

However, the body does not just randomly secrete these digestive enzymes. When the food passes through the gastrointestinal tract, the body gets the signal. And that is where your intestines will do their work of secreting the enzymes. Once the food gets processed accordingly, the nutrients go to the right places of your body.

What Are Digestive Enzyme Supplements?

The digestive enzyme supplements are capsules or powders that will have a formulation of digestive enzymes. In most cases, there will be more than one digestive enzyme inside the blend. And effective formulas can aid with digestion and keep the digestive system in the right conditions.

You might wonder why you would need digestive enzyme supplements when your body can produce them naturally? Well, the condition of the digestive system is not the same for all people. People that follow a balanced diet and eat foods that aid digestion health will usually have a better overall system.

People who do not have a sound digestion system will not have a balanced secretion of digestive enzymes. In fact, at one point, the body might stop producing some specific digestive enzymes entirely. For that reason, plenty of people have trouble digesting protein-rich foods, meat, and dairy products.

That is where these supplements will come into play. The digestive enzyme supplements work to solve digestion issues and help the digestion system to process foods properly.

How Do Our Bodies Digest Food?

To understand how digestive enzyme supplements help digest food, you first need to know how your body digests food. And in this segment, we aim to offer you a brief overview of the entire process.

First of all, the digestion process involves both the mechanical breakdown and chemical breakdown of foods. What does mechanical breakdown mean? Well, when you chew food, you are mechanically breaking down foods. That is where the entire process starts.

What about the chemical breakdown? That is the secretion of digestive enzymes, which is where the chemical breakdowns occur. The enzymes together break down food from the molecular level. They turn all of the nutrients into smaller molecules from larger molecules. And larger molecules are not that easy to absorb.

Those two processes make the food release the nutrients your body needs for energy production and growth. That said, did you know that the digestion process starts before you start eating? Yes! When you think of eating food, the brain sends signals to the digestion system. And the system releases the enzymes right away.

When the food passes through the GI tract, it encounters enzymes starting from your mouth, then stomach, then intestines, and finally pancreas. Also, different enzymes do different work. Some will break down fat, protein, carbs, and so on.

When your body cannot naturally secrete those enzymes, the digestive enzyme supplements help revert the scenario. Effective supplements will aid the digestion process and make it easier for the digestion system to process foods.

How Do You Know When You Have Low Digestive Enzyme Counts?

Some signs tell you whether the digestive enzyme count is expected in your system or not. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating and gas issues
  • Unexpected weight and weight loss
  • A feeling of having a rock inside your stomach
  • Unprecedented stomach pain
  • Visible pieces of oils, fats, and undigested food in the stool

That said, these are not severe cases. In extreme cases, you will notice symptoms of malnutrition when there is a meager enzyme count. Your body will not be capable of breaking down foods properly. As a result, you will be less capable of getting nutrients out of the food you consume.

Common Digestive Enzymes

Your body utilizes different digestive enzymes to process specific foods. For example, if you struggle with carbs, your body has a deficit of protein. Again, if you have indigestion and bloating issues, taking digestive enzyme supplements with 10 to 20 strains might help.

That said, here is the list of some of the most common enzymes, along with the description of the foods that they specifically target:

  • Lipase: Oils and fats
  • Cellulase: Fiber-rich vegetables
  • Protease: Proteins
  • Peptides: Specific types of proteins such as casein and gluten
  • Alpha Galactosidase: Starches with legumes
  • Pectinase: Pectin found in fruits
  • Amylase: Starches
  • Lactase: The lactose sugar that is found in dairy products
  • Glucoamylase: Maltose sugar
  • Invertase: Sucrose sugar

Top 10 Benefits of Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Wondering what benefits you will enjoy after you start taking the best digestive enzyme supplements? Well, here is in-depth information about the top ones:

Relief from Gas and Bloating

Facing gas and bloating issues after eating certain foods is pretty standard. Loads of people encounter problems such as this. Some will face these issues after eating loads of carb-rich or protein-rich foods.

And digestive enzymes can help in this regard. The effective ones will aid your digestion system in breaking down these foods. That would eventually reduce the risk of bloating and gas.

Protein Absorption

Some of the digestive enzyme supplements are explicitly for protein absorption. If you do not see any benefits even after taking protein-rich food, you might want to get one of them. That said, protein-focused digestive enzyme supplements can even address gas and bloating.

Better Nutrient

It is pretty natural for people with low digestive enzymes to have issues with absorbing nutrients. This condition is often called malabsorption. Sometimes, sticking to a healthy diet does not even offer a solution to the problem. In such cases, digestive enzyme supplements can help.

Focus on Specific Conditions

The body produces different digestive enzymes in the pancreas. If any medical condition that affects the pancreas, you might want to take digestive enzyme supplements. Doctors will suggest digestive enzyme supplements to patients who have cystic fibrosis, pancreatic cancer, and pancreatitis.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Digestive enzymes could help fight irritable bowel syndrome. Some IBS sufferers will take these supplements 20 minutes before taking meals. It helps digest the foods, makes the body absorb more nutrients, and eases digestive discomfort.

Lactose Intolerance

People that face lactose intolerance usually has an insufficient level of lactase. The lactase enzyme helps to break down the milk protein lactose. After taking a lactase supplement, people facing issues such as this will see relief.

Liver Disease

You will notice people having liver issues having enzyme supplements. Cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease, vitamin B12 deficiencies, vitamin D, and iron deficiencies also connect with enzyme dysfunction.


The issue of having too much stomach acid is called hypochlorhydria. Problems such as this make it difficult for the body to digest nutrients, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. People that suffer from conditions such as this will see relief after taking these supplements.

Age-Related Enzyme Deficiency

When you get older, your body will produce more alkaline. And the higher amount of alkaline will make it hard for the digestion system to release digestive enzymes. After taking these supplements, people having this issue will see relief.

Optimizes Unpredictable or Imbalanced Diet

When you have an unpredictable or imbalanced diet, the body will struggle with gas, bloating, indigestion, and other problems. And people that lead a busy life do not find the time to fix these diet issues. That is where these supplements can help.

What Does Science Have to Say Digestive Enzyme?

Each of the ingredients of the digestive enzyme supplements has seen a load of studies. And if you get to know about the results, you will be capable of understanding what benefits you can enjoy after getting these supplements. So, without further ado, let us get into describing a few.

Functional Dyspepsia

Researchers have evaluated the safety and efficacy of the enzyme complex in loads of double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled settings. Take this 2018 study, for example. Researchers gave the 40 different participants that had functional dyspepsia.

After 60 days of supplementation, researchers have noticed that there were statistically significant improvements among the patients.

Therapeutic Effects

One of the most extensive research regarding the digestive enzyme is from the review study of Current Drug Metabolism. Researchers have found that modern digestive supplements that offer different enzymes could be an ‘intriguing therapeutic option.’

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Cancer Effects

Mayo Clinic has conducted plenty of studies regarding these supplements. And they have found that the data of the enzymes are pretty intriguing when it comes to offering anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory benefits.

They admitted that the emerging level of clinical data seems to validate all of these benefits. However, they also said that more research is required to see what these are capable of offering.

Better Digestion

Harvard Health acknowledged that these supplements are linked to various benefits, including better overall digestion. Alongside that, 1MD, a supplement manufacturer, claims that different studies show a multitude of uses.

The supplement manufacturer also claimed that these supplements could reduce stool fat and offer other positive digestive effects.

How to Naturally Boost the Enzyme Count?

Yes, digestive enzyme supplements will surely help to raise the enzyme count. However, you can boost the effectiveness of the formula by taking the helping foods. What foods are we referring to here? Here is the list:

  • Pineapples: For papain
  • Bananas: For amylase and maltase
  • Avocado: For lipase
  • Papaya: For bromelain

You can get various enzymes apart from these by taking kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods. However, do not think these foods will raise your enzyme level and transform your GI health overnight.

Recommended Dosage of Digestive Enzyme Supplements

If you want to get the most out of the digestive supplements, you need to follow the recommended dosage. However, stating one recommended dosage for supplements is not possible as not all of them will have the same formula. Also, some will utilize more than 15 enzymes, while some will contain less than 10.

For that reason, you should check the dosage information on the supplement bottle that you have purchased. Follow that recommendation and take the dosages accordingly.

That said, if you want to know the recommended dosages of each of the digestive enzymes, you should take a look at the proposal dosages of Dr. Neal Smoller. It goes something like this:

  • Pancreatic Enzymes Dosage: High-dose enzymes such as 20000 DU of amylase and 5000 LU of lipase
  • Lactose Intolerance Dosage: 9000 LU of Lactose
  • Bloating and Gas Dosage: A high-dose formula that has a good amount of digestive enzymes
  • Other Digestive Concerns Dosage: A comprehensive formula that has multiple digestive enzymes that are in substantial doses

How Do Digestive Enzyme Dosages Work

After going through the dosage list, you might be pretty confused regarding the letters and numbers. Well, simply, enzymes do not come in milligrams or grams like the other nutritional supplementations. Instead, they will utilize measurement units such as LACU and HUT.

These measurement units come from the FCC, Food Chemical Codex. It is a directory of all food-related measures. Here is the list of the most common measurements that are utilized in FCC:

  • Protease: PC, SAPU, and HUT
  • Amylase: DU
  • Lipase: LU and FIP
  • Lactase: ALU and LACU

Nonetheless, some of the supplement manufacturers will take advantage of these confusing acronyms. They will usually add an impressive number before the acronym and confuse the buyers. For example, you might notice labels such as 1500 FCC. Remember that FCC is not a measurement unit; it is the list’s name.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digestive Enzymes

Q: When is the right time to take digestive enzymes?

A: To get the most out of the digestive enzyme supplements, you must take the supplement 15 to 30 minutes before a meal. If you take the supplement at that period, the enzymes will be ready for action just as the food enters the GI tract.

Q: Do digestive enzymes help with cystic fibrosis?

A: According to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, people that face cystic fibrosis should take enzymes before taking a meal. In cystic fibrosis, the pancreases will make thick mucus and block the release of the necessary enzymes for digestion.

However, if the condition does not get better over time, consider talking to your CF care team, doctor, and dieticians.

Q: Which digestive enzyme supplements have a higher strain?

A: The most common digestive enzyme strains are found in supplements that have protease, lipase, and amylase. So, if you want to get something that has a higher strain, pick one of them.

Q: How long do digestive supplements work after I consume them?

A: Usually, effective supplements will work for at least 60 minutes. And the average time of the enzyme supplementation is 45 minutes. For that reason, experts suggest taking these supplements 15 to 30 minutes before consuming foods.

Q: What are the common causes of low enzymes?

A: Usually, a low count of enzymes will occur when you are aging. However, if you do too much exercise or too little exercise, follow an unbalanced or poor diet, and have severe medical conditions, you might have a low count of digestive enzymes.

The18 Best Digestive Enzyme Supplements in 2021 Final Words

Digestive enzyme supplements have never been this popular. Due to that, the number of less effective and average quality supplements has surged. However, if you refer to our list of the best digestive enzymes, you will not have to worry about ending up with a placebo that comes in the form of a supplement.

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