Psychic Readings – Best Psychics Online for Accurate Readings & Guidance

Make the most of online psychic readings platforms with our help. Here are the best psychics platforms to follow for your accurate online readings.

People have favoured psychic readings, whether online or in-person, to get insight into the complex conclusions the future contains, unpleasant occurrences the past has delivered, and live issues the present faces. So, if the user is dealing with life’s thorny issues, such as the user’s love life, professional choices, life’s major decisions, and so on, selecting a psychic readings is a fantastic offer to claim. Choosing an internet psychic reading at times like the current crisis, when the entire globe is quarantining and adopting social-distancing measures due to the COVID-19 epidemic, is the icing on the cake.

Even though psychic readings have a wide range of positive outcomes, determining which psychic readings site is the best option can be difficult. Users frequently have concerns about the authenticity of the readings and services provided by these sites and whether they are worth the user’s confidence, valuable time, and hard-earned money. Many of these platforms or businesses provide their patrons with very accurate readings from exceptionally gifted psychics. In contrast, others may turn out to be a complete waste of time and money.

The Best Online Psychic Readings Services For 2022: First Look

We’re here to assist you in locating the most affordable psychic readings. The four finest psychic sites for affordable readings in 2022 are listed below.

Purple Garden

  • This remarkable network has over 3000 internet psychics.
  • User privacy and anonymity are guaranteed.
  • On their first purchase, new customers receive a 10% discount.
  • A mobile application for Android and iOS users to read on the move.

Psychic Source

  • They’ve been evolving their skills for three decades. It’s a team of highly trained and certified live psychics.
  • Mostly known for love, career and financial advice.
  • Engage in the first three minutes of initial sessions for free.
  • The initial consultation through phone, chat, or video call is reduced by 75%.


  • Several online psychics specialize in different aspects of life.
  • The best source for beginners for general psychic readings, tarot readings, and horoscopes.
  • You will receive a free psychic readings for the first three minutes.

California Psychics

  • The first session will be reduced by 70%.
  • A well-known platform that offers reliable tarot readings.
  • You may have a psychic readings online for as little as $1 per minute.
  • New customers may get five free minutes and an 80% discount on the rest of their session by using the code “ADD5”.
  • There are multiple sorting options to help them choose the top psychics for their needs.

#1. California Psychics – Wide Pool of Professional Psychics



California Psychics stepped into the psychic readings business in 1995. Its steadfast determination to help people deal with uncertainties has acquired numerous psychic readers; the number is well beyond 300.

Its Karma Rewards program is a benefit that enables you to claim free psychic readings.

The pool of Psychic Selection

California Psychics’ database is huge. And it is not just about the number; each psychic here has unique specialisations and skill sets. The areas they specialise in are not limited; they work as excellent tarot readers, clairsentients, empaths, and dream interpreters.

The internet makes it simple to go through the list and compare prices to get the best reading without overdoing your budget. Contact information, a list of talents, tools, and themes are included in each psychic profile.

Another factor that makes it worth your time is how it hires psychics. If a hundred psychics apply to work at California Psychics, it doesn’t admit more than two.

Communication Techniques

You can reach California Psychics’ advisers in various ways. For both Android and iPhone users, they provide all psychic help, be it its website on your laptop or its app on your phone.

A blog addressing relevant themes is also available on the website. It also tries to make your day as productive and conflict-free as possible with its horoscope readings.

Security & Confidentiality

California Psychics ensures that their customers’ privacy is protected. With its honest and real psychics, you never have to worry about an unauthorised person accessing your information.


  • It is simple to use.
  • Bonuses and karma awards.
  • Customer assistance is accessible around the clock.


  • There will be no cashback, only site credit.


Even though California Psychics only offers phone readings, consumers may earn Karma points, awards, and bonuses that they can use toward free readings. Tarot, dream interpretation, clairvoyants, mediums, empaths, and other types of readings are available.

⇒ Visit the official website of California Psychics

#2. Kasamba – Find the Best Psychic as per Your Needs



Kasamba’s knowledgeable psychic advisers have been providing accurate readings in tarot cards, astrology, spiritualism, fortune-telling, dream interpretation, palm reading, and more for over 20 years.

Hundreds of brilliant psychics are available on their unique psychic reading platform at all hours of the day. Customers may select and choose the psychic they are most comfortable with and obtain the greatest bargains for their specific needs. If you’ve never tried Kasamba or are considering it, keep reading for our in-depth Kasamba review. We’ll go through how it works, what they have to offer, and if it’s worth the money.

A Pool of Psychic Selection

It’s never been easier to find the appropriate psychic with Kasamba. On Kasamba’s wide and diversified psychic selection pool, you can quickly see each psychic’s skills, ratings, and reviews.

On each psychic’s profile card, you’ll see member comments as well as their rate per minute, providing you with essential information into the quality and type of readings available. There are thousands of these comments and reviews on most of Kasamba’s psychics, so look through them to ensure you get the ideal fit.

They also include biographical information, photographs, and a list of their services and expertise. So, it’s rather simple to browse the Kasamba Psychics roster and select one or more who appear to be a suitable fit for the services you’re searching for on the site.

If you’re undecided, Kasamba provides a page dedicated to their top-rated internet psychics called “Best Psychics”. Before making a decision, you may pose a question or make a request, enabling only the most qualified psychics to approach you and make an offer.

Kasamba’s best advisers have mastered a range of mystery schools, including the tarot, rune casting, and angel cards, and have years of expertise – some have been with the site for over a decade. Others write for the Kasamba blog regularly, providing crucial information and direction for individuals interested in the psychic community.

Communication Techniques

Kasamba allows you to communicate with your preferred psychic reader in two ways. You have the option of communicating via a live two-way text online chat or a phone psychic readings. You may use the phone option if you want to talk to someone, or you can use the live chat option if you don’t want to be vocal in your search for answers.

In a psychic readings, the expert generally uses extrasensory perception (ESP) or clairvoyant abilities to read your energy, which is supposed to form and shape your life. The advisers will use this approach to identify your past, present, and future and then share their findings with you in confidence.

The first three minutes are free every time you pick a new psychic. There are no chat noises, and it is completely silent, private, and anonymous. The chat conversations are recorded in real-time and saved automatically, so you may watch them whenever you like. If you’re not happy with the session, you may request a refund.

Following the initial offer, fees might vary greatly depending on the psychic reader, from a few bucks per minute to $10 or more per minute. The psychics themselves establish their ratings, and those with good evaluations and comments tend to have higher rates.

Security & Confidentiality

Kasamba guarantees that users will stay anonymous on their secure network and that all personal information will be kept private and protected. Only the screen name you pick will be visible to your Kasamba psychic. They don’t have access to any data (name, address, etc.) or transcripts of any sessions you’ve had with other psychics on the site.

Of course, because they aren’t attorneys or physicians, there is no legal need to maintain secrecy, but they won’t be able to link your screen name to your identity until you provide them with your real name. As a result, Kasamba is significantly more safe and private than going to a psychic in person.

All online transactions on Kasamba use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection to transfer payment information. Kasamba processes PayPal, credit, and debit card transactions using industry-standard safe encryption to either pay for your services or add money to your balance.

If you go with the latter option, you may use the balance to pay for services and replenish them whenever you want. It’s between you and the platform, regardless of how you pay — the psychic readers you engage with never see any of that information.


  • Both live chat and phone psychic readings are available.
  • A wide range of psychics is available.
  • Free minutes of reading and a 70% discount.


  • There is no video chat.


Kasamba has been offering professional psychic readings for over 20 years. Their team of psychics has a broad network of skilled advisers, specialising in tarot cards, astrology, spiritual counselling, fortune-telling, dream interpretation, and more. Live chat, email, and phone readings are accessible. New clients get free reading minutes and a 70% discount right away.

⇒ Visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. Psychic Source – Take Charge of your Future with Help from Compassionate Psychics



With over 180,000 likes on Facebook, Psychic Source has a considerable following. Customers who have used Psychic Source have given it varied ratings, although many believe it to be a professional and accurate psychic service.

Phone or chat readings start at $0.66 per minute and increase to $19.80 for 30 minutes. Customers can seek a refund if they are dissatisfied with the service because the site offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll go over everything you need to know about Psychic Source in this review.

The Pool of Psychic Selection

Customers may pick their psychic by looking at their photo and profile on the Psychic Source website. Numerous parameters help them find the right psychic, such as the psychic’s specialty, reviews, cost of the session, and more.

Customers may narrow their search for an adviser by specialty, expertise, tools, and reading style preferences. Psychics with various specialties, such as intuitive/empathy, love psychic, career psychic medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, energy healing, and pet psychic, are available for readings.

Some psychics use instruments like tarot, astrology, angel cards, reiki, numerology, cartomancy, and crystals. Reading star rating, price, and demand are other filter characteristics.

Communication Techniques

The Psychic Source website offers several resources to learn more about yourself and answer issues you may have. The website focuses on offering reliable psychic readings from multiple sources.

Customers may pick from various contact channels, including phone, live chat, and video, based on their preferences. The Psychic Source website also offers free daily horoscopes and direct readings. Customers may also read various articles on spirituality and other life issues.

Security & Confidentiality

To safeguard any information supplied with the service, including email address, name, billing address, phone number, and payment card information, Psychic Source employs SSL software with 256-bit encryption. Customers are included on mailing lists on the site, allowing Psychic Source to notify you with site updates. Customers can, however, unsubscribe from any mailing lists.


  • A diverse group of advisors.
  • There are several good reviews.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.


  • The rate of reading varies.
  • Mixed reviews.


Psychic Source has been providing accurate psychic readings since 1972. Their firm now has over 300 advisers specialising in love, health, work, family, healing, and more. Their customers can get readings over the phone, via online chat, or via video. It has collected tens of thousands of favourable client evaluations as one of the oldest and most reputable psychic readings businesses.

⇒ Visit the official website of Psychic Source

#4. Purple Garden – Become the Best Version of Yourself



Do you have any concerns regarding your romantic life? Are you worried about who you would cross paths with in the future? Maybe you’re lost and need some guidance. Purple Garden psychic readers is an internet service that connects you with qualified consultants that can help you. Search through hundreds of profiles to locate a psychic counsellor specialising in love, career, health, and other areas.

Purple Garden psychics, from the creators of Purple Ocean and Bitwine, concentrates solely on live readings. You may connect with a psychic guide from the comfort and privacy of your own home with Purple Garden psychic readers.

Psychics offer live readings through chat, video, and voice over the internet. Look at their profiles to identify a psychic who specialises in areas of life that are causing you problems. Advisors with various degrees of experience and budgets are available.

The Pool of Psychic Selection

Are you seeking solutions to some of life’s most difficult questions? Purple Garden psychic readers use intuition and unique talents to help you.

The psychic readers at Purple Garden cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Tarot readings,
  • psychic readings,
  • Relationship coaches,
  • Palm readings,
  • Astrology and horoscopes,
  • Oracle guidance,
  • Angel insights,
  • Dream analysis.

You may go through psychics’ profiles when you go to the website. Click on their names to see a snapshot of each psychic and their specific powers and divination instruments. These profiles help in many other ways, one of which is the per-minute cost of the session. So, you’ll know beforehand how much you have to pay!

Customers prefer Purple Garden because it has extra elements that aid in selecting the best psychic for you. Their psychics have video clips available so you can get a feel for them before booking a session. You may also examine the psychic’s ratings and read client feedback.

Pricing is open, even if it is more expensive than other psychic sites. You may go through profiles to discover a financial advisor that fits your needs. Purple Garden, however, lacks some introductory incentives and discounts that competitor sites frequently provide.

Communication Techniques

The psychic counsellors accessible via Purple Garden provide multiple live reading choices, like chat, audio, or video. VIP clients may try a reading risk-free with the Tryouts function.

English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, and other languages are supported through the Purple Garden mobile app, which is accessible for iOS and Android smartphones.

Security & Confidentiality

Many individuals are hesitant to talk with a psychic face to face, especially when dealing with some of life’s most personal issues. Purple Garden stands out as an excellent alternative when you can’t visit a psychic in person or want a reading from the comfort of your home. You have the option of using live chat, video, or voice to communicate. You may also create a user ID to avoid giving your full name.

You’ll have a better idea of who you’ll be speaking with before you schedule your appointment because each psychic has their introductory video with their profile. You can also read ratings and testimonials from prior clients on each advisor’s page.


  • psychic readings on the go.
  • Multiple reading styles.
  • Voice, video, and live chat feature.


  • Pricey with limited discounts.

While some bad reviews have suggested that Purple Garden’s psychics are bogus, this varies across people. People will have multiple viewpoints with so many advisors. However, the profiles’ openness, which includes customer reviews, ratings, and intro videos, aids you in selecting the right psychic before scheduling a session.

⇒ Visit the official website of Purple Garden

What Motivates Websites to Provide Free Online Psychic Readings?

Psychic readings businesses offer free reading trials for the same reason that supermarket salespeople dole out yoghourt samples: to attract new customers by enabling them to try a new product for free. Because it serves the interests of both enterprises and clients, this technique works in every industry.

Many individuals are hesitant to spend their hard-earned money on an unknown product or service, such as online psychic readings. On the other hand, everyone enjoys receiving presents, freebies, and bonuses. Giving someone a free sample sends a strong message: “We have complete faith in our product. Believe it or not, our services are exemplary! We’re confident you’ll want more.”

The Different Types of Free Psychic Readings

Here are some options to consider if you’re looking for free psychic reading online.

  • New Customers Get a Free Trial

    Nearly all psychic websites provide free psychic readings minutes to new clients to encourage them to sign up and continue using their services. You may obtain a psychic readings for free or nearly nothing if you use this approach effectively.

    You can use up your free minutes and terminate your subscription at any moment if you only need psychic advice for a single essential question. You may even sign up for many sites to take advantage of different new member benefits.

  • Apps and software

    Several applications provide rapid phone or online chat psychic readings; however, they are frequently inaccurate. If you download a random psychic guidance app from Google Play, you’re likely to come across advisors that haven’t been screened or tested. While you are welcome to test them, we do not advocate entrusting your most essential queries to them.

  • Groups On Facebook

    Keep an eye out for scammers if you join Facebook groups for psychic readings. Psychics (or persons claiming to be psychics) will try to extort money from you for further knowledge. Unlike traditional psychic agencies, Facebook groups do not test or verify their members, which frequently leads to fraud.

When Is It Best to Get a Free Psychic Consultation?

When faced with unclear situations in life, many people seek the advice of psychic consultants, tarot readers, and spiritual guidance counsellors. Here are a few examples:

  • Readings on Love

    “Is this the appropriate person for me?”, “when will I get married?” or “do you think it’s time to call it quits on this relationship?” are common questions.

    While love-life and partnership judgments are deeply personal, receiving well-rounded, enlightening love readings online from a reputable psychic might give guidance when you’re unsure.

  • Questions about your future career

    Psychics frequently face questions, such as “Will I be successful in business?”, “Is it necessary for me to sign this contract?” and “Which direction should I choose for my career?”.

    When the future looks uncertain, a psychic specialising in employment and Career readings might help.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    People may seek the advice of a psychic not because they have a specific problem but because they are stuck, unhappy, or bewildered. They may believe that their difficulties stem from something supernatural, such as their horoscope, aura, or previous lifetimes.

    Getting life-changing counsel isn’t always expensive. For as little as $1, you can have a psychic readings online. Most portals will even give you a few free minutes at the start of your session. We have compiled a list of the top online psychic readings services for 2022 based on millions of user reviews and ratings (including user experience, free minutes supplied, most inexpensive pricing, and so on).

    Conclusion – Which Online Psychic Readings Service Is Right for You?

    We hope that the information in this blog will resolve all of your concerns and remove any doubts you may have about free psychic readings on the internet. You will find only the best psychic readings platforms in the article. Our research is a testament to their competence! You don’t have to sift through the internet’s plethora of legitimate and phoney psychic readings sites.

    The subject of your interest (love, business, spirituality), desired reading style (such as tarot reading, numerology, previous life readings, or aura readings), preferred communication mode, and budget play a role in selecting the best online psychics.

    The web networks we looked at are great places to find dependable, experienced, and gifted psychic readers. The finest online psychics on each site have their specialty.

    Psychic Source and Kasamba are your best choices if you want a live chat session with top love psychics. Purple Garden and California Psychics are excellent for financial advice or major life issues.

    Take your time browsing through the network’s psychic profiles, reading client reviews, and focusing on what you want to ask to make the most of the free minutes and introductory bargains that psychic readings services give new members.

    We hope that our recommendations will assist you in selecting an online psychic readings service.


    1. What Questions Can I Ask During a Free Online Psychic Readings?

    Psychics frequently hear tales and specifics about love and relationship issues from their clients. They are there to answer any questions about your relationship, family, or love life.

    Don’t be afraid to bring up your ex-partner, a painful breakup, or a crush during a chat. You can consult these second-sighted seers to learn more about your current relationship or why your prior companion broke up with you.

    The following are some frequent inquiries that people ask love psychics:

    • Will I ever find my true love?
    • When will I be reunited with my soul mate?
    • Is my current partner a decent individual?
    • Is my boyfriend having an affair with me? Are they being truthful?
    • Are there any telltale signals that you’ve found your soul mate?
    • How can I make a new connection?
    • Is it the correct time for me to be married? / When will I get married?

    Love psychics can answer only a handful of these questions during a reading. You should make a list of questions that apply to your circumstance to have them addressed. Also, make sure your inquiries aren’t overly broad or closed-ended. Otherwise, you can end up with a one-word response that doesn’t reveal anything useful.

    Pro tip: Don’t give many details and limit your inquiry to one topic. A psychic might be confused if you ask several questions regarding various topics. It’ll also squander the time you have throughout your free psychic reading online.

    2. What Are the Best Methods for Getting in Touch with A Love Psychic?

    Many first-timers will feel embarrassed while seeing a psychic specialist. Nonetheless, you can engage in psychic readings online by live chat or email. Keep in mind that, while this kind of interaction is effective, it does have certain disadvantages. The sessions may be shorter and less in-depth than in other forms. Email sessions are also an option. This method works if you need time to think about and reply to your psychic.

    However, a phone psychic readings is how to go if you’re searching for a deeper connection. You can have lengthy phone calls and discuss your relationship difficulties deeper.

    Many psychic hotlines have gone one step further by offering live video calls. It’s the closest you’ll come to anything that came up when you searched for “psychics around me.” You may get a true love psychic readings without leaving your house using video calls. They’re also more approachable and engaging.

    Psychics can pick your aura, energy, and personality during these face-to-face meetings. Consequently, they understand your romantic life. Additionally, much as with phone conversations, you may easily conduct extended sessions.

    Experienced internet psychics know how to analyze and interpret clues from messages, phones, and live psychic encounters. Despite the obstacles, certain exceptional mystic advisors can communicate with you.

    3. Is It Possible for A Free Psychic Reading to Be Accurate?

    If it comes from a reputable psychic, a free psychic reading online may be as accurate as a paid one. Many individuals claim that internet psychic reading has aided them in gaining profound insights and making life-altering decisions.

    While there are no guarantees in this profession, choosing a vetted psychic through a respected service network like the ones we evaluated above increases your chances of obtaining accurate, trustworthy information.

    4. Can I Get a Free Psychic Reading Over the Phone?

    While most psychics are compassionate and understanding, it’s vital to remember that psychic websites are businesses advertising their services. Credible, real psychics who make a livelihood doing internet psychic readings can’t afford to give their time and abilities out for free with no expectation of receiving anything in return.

    You could get lucky and acquire a free psychic readings from a developing psychic growing clientele. Most of the time, though, the terms “free online readings” should make you suspicious.

    While you may be able to acquire a one-time free psychic reading as part of a service’s initial offer, the reading is generally quick. A brief free reading will not be enough if you want extensive, in-depth guidance from the top psychics.

    5. What Should I Avoid When Getting a Free Psychic Reading?

    People may grow desperate for counsel and help in stressful situations. The possibility of a rapid free future reading might be incredibly appealing, but please use caution. Here are some things to stay away from while seeking psychic advice.

    • Psychics with a bad reputation

      Tarot reading and fate telling aren’t professions with formal qualifications. So, frauds are common, and you should be cautious when selecting a psychic. Take the time to study psychic profiles, ask questions, and check reviews, even if you’re working with a reputable agency.

      It’s usually a bad indicator if all client evaluations are overwhelmingly positive. After all, it’s hard for an adviser to satisfy every customer after hundreds of psychic readings sessions.

    • Unsuitable Consultants

      The choice to hire a financial advisor is a very sensitive one. Even if the counsellor on a psychic readings website is genuine and skilled, they may cause you to feel uneasy. You should open yourself to an adviser while feeling confident and at ease to get accurate readings with healthy energy flow.

      Finally, an advisor may have expertise in a field outside your area of interest. For example, a love and relationships expert may not be the greatest person to consult about work issues, and a tarot reading specialist may not be particularly useful if you’re looking for astrological readings.

    • Paying Excessively

      It may be reassuring to speak with someone who listens to your problems and understands your position. However, your free minutes might fly by before you realise how long you’ve been chatting, and a quick chat can turn into an hour-long session that costs your hundreds of dollars. Be careful about the duration and keep your descriptions brief and to the point.

    • Putting Too Much Trust in A Psychic

      Always keep in mind that you alone are accountable for your life. Even the finest psychics cannot be held liable if, for example, you lose a significant amount of money in the stock market by following their predictions about your future. The same is true if the person they claimed to be your soulmate turns out to be a serial cheater. So, in addition to accepting their advice, judge for yourself if something is right for you!

      While accurate readings are possible, any advice, especially predictions for the future, should be taken with a grain of salt. Maintain a calm mind and make rational judgments, even if you receive guidance from a psychic counsellor who has received excellent ratings.

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