Online Psychic Reading: Best Psychics Websites Of 2022

Getting a psychic reading has never been easier. Blame it on the coronavirus pandemic or the technology advancements, but you can now get a reading over the phone, a live chat room or a video call. More and more people rely on long-distance online psychics and advisors for a plethora of different reasons – most importantly, they have the option to talk to an experienced advisor without leaving the comfort of their homes, regardless of their location.

There are more ways you can get psychic predictions. For instance, you could find particular advisors by searching over discussion forums or the Internet. Then, the better option involves getting on one of those portals that gather more specialists together. Practically, you get online, search for the specialty or type of reading you want and you will get a bunch of psychics who can do it for you – pretty much like a search engine, but for online psychic readings only.

Now, there are a few different places out there. Some of them allow any psychic out there to sign up and provide their services, with no actual research. Some others research psychics before letting them in – this is the kind of service you should go with. Moreover, you need a portal where people can leave reviews, so you can get a few hints about the psychic upfront, rather than end up getting scammed. Now, what are the best such portals out there?

Top 5 Psychic Reading Services

Online Psychic Reading Platform Main Features


  • Trusted psychic advisors and affordable services
  • 5 minutes FREE for the first session
  • 24/7 online support


  • Best psychics for love and relationships readings
  • Free first 3 minutes + 50% off for new customers
  • Great mobile app to connect with psychics

Purple Garden

  • 10$ bonus for the first session
  • User privacy and anonymity guaranteed
  • A mobile application for Android and iOS users


  • Very good chat-based readings
  • First 3 minutes are FREE
  • A secure user-friendly interface


  • Available over email or phone
  • 15 minutes for $10 plus 5 minutes for free
  • In-depth psychic readings

How We Chose The Best Online Psychic Websites? Our Methodology

There are lots of psychic reading websites out there, and each of them brings in thousands of psychics in different categories. Obviously, making an informed decision has never been more difficult – confusion kicks in when least expected when trying to find reliability and accuracy.

Just like for anything else in life, this problem can become history with the right research. In other words, you have to do your homework before committing to a website or a psychic. Small details often make the difference, yet people are blinded by all kinds of claims and ads.

The overall compatibility should be one of your main priorities. You have to find a psychic reader who you can connect to. Sure, you will never know until you try, but the idea is to keep searching if you and your advisor do not click – nothing wrong with any of you.

Reviews and comments are just as important – more reviews are better, especially if well detailed too.

It is just as important to be aware of potential scams in this industry – in fact, this is the reason wherefore it is often seen with skepticism. Finding a psychic with the right specialty and thousands of reviews will most likely push you in the right direction. You get the point – do your homework upfront.

The best part about today’s industry is that access to the Internet will give you all the information you require. If there is a phony psychic out there, chances are someone has already left some negative reviews about them. This is what makes research so important.

We browsed the Internet trying to find accurate reviews and descriptions, as well as specialties and stories – both positives and negatives. Our primary goal was to establish the most accurate websites around, as well as the most reputable ones.

From customer reviews and testimonials to online articles and stories, we went through everything to ensure the list is accurate and can provide a genuine experience with this industry – you can leave yourself in good hands.

Psychic Sites Reviews

Kasamba – Best Psychic Reading In Terms Of Experience

Kasamba Highlights

  • They’ve been in business since 1999
  • Secure payments and reliable service with a wide variety of options
  • Find the best experts in psychic and tarot reading, astrology, and mediumship
  • Get free 3 minutes and 50% discount
  • 100% secure chat options
  • You can download an app for daily horoscopes and updates

Kasamba is a psychic network where people can find professionals with different specialties, based on what they actually need help with. The network brings together more than three million customers, as well as a 24/7 service. It was established in 1999 – given a long time in this industry, you can tell it is doing the right thing.

How Kasamba works

Kasamba is aware of the fact that the psychic industry has been invaded by scammers, hence the necessity to conduct some early research. People are obviously skeptical about online businesses, especially if they have never had psychic predictions before. As a consequence, Kasamba allows free access to the website – explore psychics and specialties and find out more before signing up.

Feel free to browse one profile after another when in need of a psychic reading and discover more about the respective advisor. At the same time, you can see straight away which psychics are available for phone psychic predictions or readings over a live chat room – a great feature that gives you immediate access to an advisor.

Once you find the perfect psychic for your needs, you can sign up and proceed. Simply find the button enabling you to chat to the advisor. You will have to login or register. Click to register, and the process is intuitive and straightforward. You will also have to set the payment option before having the option to discuss with your chosen advisor for a psychic reading.

There are more options when it comes to setting the payment method. For example, you can upload funds based on what you think you will need – or perhaps your available budget. You can do it over a debit or credit card. You can also pay for the whole conversation once it is over, not to mention the possibility of using third-party platforms, like PayPal.

Types of readings

Not everyone may require the same type of psychic reading and luckily, there are lots of available options out there. Kasamba stands out in the crowd here. There are eight major categories for psychics. Each category has a bunch of subcategories for more specific results. For example, love and relationships can go in more directions, hence the necessity of being more specific.

Psychic readings are extremely popular and bring in access to plenty of cheap psychics. For example, you can find an expert to provide aura or crystal readings. If you are concerned about your pets, you can also find best online psychics helping with such matters. Rune casting and psychic mediums are just as common in this category.

Love readings are not to be overlooked either, whether you try to understand your current situation, find your soulmate or decide whether or not you should go on with what you have now. You can find online psychics helping with breakups, divorces, cheating affairs, gay issues, parents, marital life problems and so on.

Finally, tarot card readings are just as common and more suitable for those who require phone psychics or chat psychics to discover and understand themselves. They want to figure out what is going on at a much deeper level and again, there are plenty of other categories – angel card reading or cartomancy, just to name a few.

Other types of readings

Other categories are not to be overlooked either and they can also provide access to various types of spiritual readings. Fortune telling may sound like a fantasy, but it is a thrilling experience that will give you some good hints about your life. There are hundreds of psychics specialized in fortune-telling on Kasamba.

Astrology spiritual readings are also popular. They will provide more details about yourself and your life based on your date of birth and the planet alignment when you were born. Chinese astrology is the main subcategory, but you will find plenty of cheap psychics in the Vedic astrology subcategory as well – just take a look around.

Dream analyses are worth some attention to. If you feel like you can get plenty of clues from your dreams and the same symbols keep repeating, you may need some chat psychics or phone psychics to decipher your dreams. While there are lots of books on dream analyses, each situation is unique, hence the necessity of an expert.

Last, but not least, lots of people seek help from cheap psychics to gain some insights into their careers. If you have issues or question marks regarding your work, this is the perfect starting point. There are literally hundreds of experienced psychics looking forward to answer your questions – more specialties, as well.

While these main categories are enough for most people, there are a few smaller subcategories that will take your venture even further. For example, you can find spiritual readings in terms of paranormal activities, palm readings, numerology, universal laws, intimacy and new age spirituality, among many others.

Special offers

Kasamba does provide access to pretty much any category you can think of. But at this point, you probably ask yourself – how much do you need to pay for psychic readings online? What do phone psychics charge? Are chat psychics cheaper? The experts managing Kasamba are aware of the skeptical profile of this industry, so they have come up with some good offers.

You can get the best psychic reading out there by having the first three minutes for free. If you are not sure about the best psychics out there, simply try them out. If you are happy with how the conversation goes, feel free to go on with a full price once the three minutes are over. Even if you find the perfect service, these three minutes will help you determine whether or not you and the psychic can connect.

This is not the only special offer worth some attention though. Apart from the three minutes coming for free, Kasamba also tries to entice new customers with an introductory offer – simply put, the first reading is not charged at a full price. Instead, new users benefit from a 50% discount, which saves even more money.

Mobile application

While discussing with a psychic asks for a peaceful and quiet environment, not everyone may have the time to be in such conditions. Luckily, Kasamba has designed its own mobile application. You can download it for free and get the same features as over the website. You can get the best psychic reading or the horoscope in your office or while you commute.

Things to like about Kasamba

Kasamba has been around for 20 years – plenty of time to choose the best psychics in this industry and make the service look perfect to customers. Renowned for the top-notch tarot readings, Kasamba has expanded and has introduced more categories over the past years – these days, anyone can find whatever they are interested in.

The wide variety of categories and subcategories will also impress you. Kasamba can offer a phone psychic reading in any field out there, regardless of what you are after. There are not too many websites out there that can match it from this point of view. Plus, Kasamba has high rating on Trustpilot, its reputation has also drawn some of the best psychics on the market.

Mysticsense – More Options For Your Psychic Readings Online

Mysticsense Highlights

  • Wide network of experienced psychics and mediums
  • Low rates for online psychic readings
  • Very good recruiting system for psychics
  • Always-on support for your queries
  • Psychics provide love readings, career advice, dream analysis, tarot readings, financial forecasts, and more
  • Get the first 5 minutes free

MysticSense is relatively new when compared to other portals for online psychics. However, it has done a pretty good job at gathering together experienced psychics, not to mention taking things a bit further with its ease of use, convenience and website interface. Compared to other similar websites, it does stand out in the crowd.

How MysticSense works

MysticSense has taken its website to another level – it is modern, easy to use and everything you need can be found at a glance. Finding a psychic near me is just as handy because the registration is a matter of minutes. Compared to other similar websites, MysticSense takes it further and will also ask you for your location, country and timezone.

Such information is quite helpful because you can get psychic readings online from advisors in your area first. It is not a limitation though. You can find other psychics in various parts of the world. But then, their availability is displayed in your own timezone, meaning you no longer need to do conversions or math to figure out the right time to be online.

Search functionality

The search function is just as attractive. You can normally find it on every website out there and can browse various categories. The filters on MysticSense are better because you can mix them up. For example, if you need help with your career and destiny, as well as tarot readings and a direct reading style, you can choose all these criteria and find advisors who match all of them.

Mobile application

Despite being in the 21st century with its exquisite search functionality and modern website, there is one thing that MysticSense fails at. The portal does not have its own mobile application. You can still use the website through a browser on your mobile device, but the application would be more convenient. Most people would rather contact online psychics when they are at home though, in a quiet environment.

Costs and prices

Whether you are after a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading, MysticSense makes the pricing list crystal clear. There are no funny schemes that no one can actually understand, but very specific prices based on what you need. This is one of the pluses associated with this website, as many others come up with overwhelming schemes.

There are no gimmicks, so-called special offers to make you spend more to save more or pricing tiers. You can get a cheap psychic reading for $0.99 a minute. The priciest psychics charge $10 per minute. This is the maximum one can charge. At this point, MysticSense has managed to set a cap, so there are no abusive costs. Most accurate psychics will charge between $1 and $3 per minute though.

Just like other alternatives, MysticSense knows that you may not always feel a connection when talking to online psychics, so you need a bit of a trial. No matter who the psychic medium you choose is, you will get five minutes for free as soon as you sign up and make a deposit. You can even use this offer with expensive and famous psychics.

Educational materials

The industry has always been associated with scammers due to unscrupulous individuals trying to take advantage of innocent people. Luckily, MysticSense does a pretty good job at screening psychics before allowing them to provide their services. Moreover, the website has a comprehensive section with educational materials.

For instance, you can find out what to look for before deciding on a psychic, only to avoid scams – such as false promises of extreme wealth. You have lots of articles to go through and each category is well explained – great for those who have never used a psychic online before. Other than that, you have daily access to your horoscope too.

Types of readings

Most websites allow you to get a phone psychic reading or a chat one. Email readings are also quite common. MysticSense takes this venture even further. If you feel like talking face to face to an advisor is the only way to experience a connection with them, you can now talk to real psychics over video calls through the platform.

It is worth noting that each category has numerous subcategories. You will find top categories like love and relationship, career, tarot readings, numerology and so on. But then, one category may not be enough to give you the chat psychic reading you require, hence the necessity to explore subcategories too.

For instance, you could talk to a psychic online about affairs and cheating issues. There are lots of advisors with more than four stars in this subcategory, so they obviously know what they are doing. Then, how about toxic relationships? You will find over 150 experts willing to give you a hand, so you can determine whether or not you should move on.

The love category also has a grief counseling subcategory. It is suitable for those who simply cannot get over the loss of a loved one. There are about 100 advisors in this group and they provide compassionate readings that will make you feel better. As if all these were not enough, you will find a subcategory for LGBTQ relationships too.

Asknow – Find A Phone Psychic

Asknow Highlights

  • 24/7 support for all queries
  • 5-star reviews and top-rated psychic advisors
  • Enjoy psychic readings by phone, email or chat
  • Bonuses and discounts for new clients
  • Ask life questions to sort out relationships, career, mental health, and life decisions

AskNow is among the oldest psychic portals on the market today. The website was initially released in 2005. It had a slow beginning, but the access to real psychics and multiple categories and subcategories have brought people closer. Today, it benefits from an incredible reputation and allows people to find psychics around them or on the other side of the world.

Interactive experience

You will be impressed by the interactive website as soon as you go online to get a chat psychic reading. You have everything you need at a glance. Feeling confused? Is this the first time you are trying to talk to a psychic? There is nothing to worry about – you will see a toll-free number located on top of the page for easy access and direct questions.

Top rated psychics are displayed in line. You will see their profile pictures and a few details about them. Click on their profiles and you will find even more details – a personal story, the experience, specialty and so on. You can also see reviews from previous customers, so you know precisely what kind of service to expect.

Ask a free question

This is a special feature that defines AskNow today. As you go on the website, it feels like one of those false offers – you ask the question and then you are asked to pay for it. Wrong. The special offer is authentic. You actually ask a question and a psychic will email you back, providing the answer to it. The more specific you are, the more personalized the answer will be.

To be a bit more specific, you need to know that this offer kicks in when you sign up. As you fill everything up during the registration process, the website will begin a 30 minute countdown. You have the free toll number to call and you need to use the activation code. Only then you will get the answer to your question. This method aims to prevent bots from abusing the offer.

The customer service is friendly and knowledgeable should you have any questions. If you are interested to know more about psychics, you should know they are tested every half a year to ensure their abilities are still sharp. Plus, psychics with a rating lower than four stars will not be allowed to provide their services, which shows that AskNow puts quality first.

As you browse the AskNow website, you will notice a different offer advertised as five free minutes. This is the same offer. Those five minutes are given for you to ask a question. You can use them once you find a suitable psychics. Assuming you are not sure about the connection and vibe, use these five minutes to figure it out.

Payments and prices

You need to make a deposit in order to benefit from the five free minutes. If your deposit is declined, the offer will not kick in. If it goes through, you will get your minutes. Credit card users will benefit from instant access to them because the system will get them charged only if they exceed the free minutes associated with their accounts.

You do not have to keep a chronometer near you to keep an eye on your conversations – just to ensure you do not exceed your budget. Instead, you will hear a beep when the five minutes are almost done. Besides, you will see a timer for each conversation, so you know precisely how much money you are about to spend.

There are more categories for advisors out there, and each category comes with different price ranges. For example, top rated advisors will ask for $3.99 to $9.99 per minute. These are the real psychics with plenty of experience and reviews. Elite advisors are famous psychics who can charge between $10 and $12.99 per minute or even more. They have direct specialties.

Finally, a master advisor is less likely to provide a cheap psychic reading because this is the ultimate category – proven gifts and specific answer. They charge $13 per minute or more. No matter who you decide to choose for a psychic online, you have a few introductory packages out there – $1 per minute.

How to get in touch with a psychic

You do not need too much experience to find a psychic – especially as you can also find someone from a completely different country. Make a few searches and go through the results. Click on someone’s photo, and you will gain access to a personal page with lots of information about the respective psychic medium or spirit medium – reviews, experience, personal details, availability and so on.

Choose your local time and the system will match it to provide the availability in your timezone. You can get in touch with a psychic straight away if they are available. If not, you can also book an appointment. Feel free to request calls back as well – the psychic medium may call at random times then, so make sure you are available.

Daily horoscope

Apart from getting a cheap psychic reading, you gain access to a few different freebies as well. The horoscope is probably the most significant one. You have a bunch of famous psychics sorting out the horoscope on a daily basis – just some quick predictions for the respective day. You can also find lunar sign lists, lucky numbers and more.

Different types of readings

Just like you have probably guessed already, you will find a bunch of different categories over AskNow – from career and love to numerology and tarot reading. You will find readers providing access to different types of specialties or tools. Some of them rely on their abilities, while others stick to tools. Each category has more subcategories for an even deeper final result.

5 Factors You Should Consider Before Visiting Psychic Reading Website?

Deciding on the right psychic network is difficult because it feels like buying a new product or choosing a new service. You need to do some research. Indeed, once you get in there, finding the right psychic will not be so challenging because there are plenty of reviews, as well as search criteria to ensure you find the right advisor. Now, what do you need to think about before signing up?

1. Special offers

There are quite a bunch of psychic portals out there and most of them provide some sort of special offers, discounts or freebies. Even the most reputable ones on the market will try their best to get new customers. Therefore, it would make no sense to choose a random website that does not offer anything for free – pretty much like buying a new phone contract or a car.

If you are after free online psychic readings, you are in luck. You may not get half an hour or an hour for free, but at least you will get a few free minutes. Look for at least three free minutes with a psychic. Even if the profile seems perfect for what you need help with, you may not always vibe with the psychic or perhaps the psychic cannot connect to your aura.

Therefore, a few free minutes are more than enough to ensure you two can vibe. Once this trial expires, you will be able to finish the reading or go on with it at the psychic’s rate. Some portals go even further and also provide access to special offers per minute or discounted rates – most commonly for new customers.

2. Contact options

Most psychic websites will provide access to at least one contact option. The phone call option is the most popular one and allows people to get in touch with the psychics they want over the phone. Other than that, the live psychic chat option is not to be overlooked either. If this is the first time you talk to a psychic and you are not comfortable over the phone, simply choose the live psychic reading chat option.

Email readings are also common on some websites, but not all of them. They are quite difficult to track in terms of payments, yet you can still find some websites providing such features. You will simply ask your questions in an email message, then allow a few days or hours for the psychic to reply once they come online.

Some people argue that the best psychic readings are done face to face. It does not mean that you need to visit a psychic in person – difficult if you cannot find someone with experience in your area. Instead, you can contact a psychic over a video call. Video calls give you a different type of vibe and can help the connection.

3. Specialties

Some websites provide access to dozens of specialties and even more subcategories. It is definitely confusing to make a good decision, as your questions could easily match a few different subcategories. Then, there are websites that do not provide enough subcategories, so your questions will have to be a bit general. Opt for a website with up to 10 different categories and a few subcategories for each.

4. Years on the market

A website that has been around for a decade or two is obviously doing something right. Overtime, such websites have had enough time to gather around experienced psychics as well. Therefore, they are more likely to provide what you are after. On the other side, a two-year-old portal has a limited database of psychics, so you might have to struggle a little.

5. Satisfaction guarantee

The satisfaction guarantee used to be a thing back in the day, but too many people abused it. These days, you are less likely to get it – yet some websites still offer it. It is one of the last things to consider though. If you get a few free minutes with a psychic, you are less likely to require this guarantee – you will know upfront whether or not you two have a connection.

Local Or Online Psychics – Which Option Is Better, In Our Opinion?

Looking for a good “psychic near me”? There are lots of options out there and each of them comes with various specialties, experience levels or tools. Now, whether it was the pandemic or the convenience, lots of people turned to online psychics. For the more skeptical ones, nothing compares to a local psychic who can feel your energy face to face. Facing two different opportunities, you probably ask yourself – which option is better? Here is what you need to know about local psychics vs online psychics.

Local psychics explained

Local psychics could go in two different directions. If you can find a local professional with a reputation and plenty of experience, go for it. They are in your area, so getting there should not be that difficult. But then, there are more things you need to pay attention to. First, the psychic should be specialized in what you need help with – be it a specific love problem or something related to your career.

Second, the availability could also be an issue. Most local psychics near you will work on weekdays and between certain hours. If this is when you work too, you better make sure you can find a day off. It is not like you can go there at 10PM and get an instant reading. If you have these aspects covered, there are no reasons to overlook a reputable local psychic in your area.

Online psychics explained

A new world will open up in front of you when you reach online psychics. You can find psychics specialized in precisely what you need – in the smallest details. You can find direct or indirect psychics. Are you after specific tools? Some psychics use their own abilities only, while others rely on tarot cards or any other tools.

Is availability a problem? You can get in touch with psychics who live on the other side of the world whenever it is convenient for you. You will find all the specialties you need, tools and availability with no problems at all. Furthermore, you will be able to have a conversation over a live chat room (if you feel a bit uncomfortable), phone call or video call. Do it from the comfort of your bedroom too.

Online psychics are not perfect either because the environment is convenient for scammers. Sure, you can find local scammers too, but things are different over the Internet because there is no way to check them or figure out if you truly vibe with them. Luckily, there are ways to overcome this issue and psychic platforms or networks work wonders – specialties, reviews from previous clients and vetted advisors.

As a short final conclusion, it does make sense to choose the local expert when comparing local psychics vs online psychics. However, there are many criteria they must meet – tools, reputation and specialty. Do not settle for less than what you need or your readings may not be too accurate. Online psychics are more diversified and provide many more options, so you are more likely to find the exact service you require.

Paid Vs Free Psychic Reading Online – What to Know Upfront?

Choosing a good psychic is difficult and while many professionals come with a fee (usually per minute or per reading), you will also find some free best psychic readers out there. At this point, you probably ask yourself – what should you go for? Is free reading any good? All in all, here is what you need to know about free vs paid psychic reading.

Benefits of free psychic reading

Lots of research will eventually give you some free psychic reading websites. You will find them as part of different services. Most psychics will not provide free readings on their websites, but then, you may find various portals that provide this kind of service. Just like anything else in life, nothing that comes for free is good enough.

Whether it is a car, an old TV you find on the side of the road, an old toaster or an old book – these things are less likely to work very well. The same rule applies to free services. Sure, you may get a free service as part of a deal – buy the carpet and someone will fit it for free. But then, no one will do it for free out of nowhere.

Free accurate psychic readings are usually part of a bigger deal. Many professional websites provide a free trial, which is alright. You will get three or five free minutes, so you can determine whether or not you have a vibe with the live psychic reader. Once this trial is over, you will have to pay or hang up. Other than that, it is impossible to get a professional free psychic reading online. Think about it – why would a professional do it for free?

Benefits of paid psychic reading

Paid psychic reading implies taking it to another level. Again, just because you pay for it, it does not mean that you will get a top notch service. Some psychics are better than others and just like in any other industry, there are some scammers as well. This is why you need to go for a professional – ideally, one of those networks that gather together vetted live psychics.

Most of these networks also allow customers to leave reviews regarding their psychics, so you know precisely what kind of service you will get. It is probably the best way to determine whether a psychic is authentic or not.

Best online psychic reading services are paid, come at different rates, depending on the advisor’s experience and rating. While they are not free (apart from the free trial), you can still get some good special offers and promotions, so you can still find good value for money.

Bottom line, the comparison between free vs paid accurate psychic reading online obviously goes in one direction. You are less likely to find free readings anyway and if you do, they are probably random or part of a bigger deal that involves paying for further assistance.

It does not mean that paid sessions will always deliver, hence the necessity to do your research and stick to a professional advisor or one of those networks gathering more psychics together.

Bottom line, finding a psychic near me has never been easier because you can gain access to famous and experienced psychics from all over the world – a plethora of contact options, numerous specialties, various tools and great availability. Your readings can be conducted online now, so there is no need to leave the comfort of your home.

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