Psychic Reading Online: Best Online Psychics Websites For Free, Paid And Accurate Readings In 2021

Online psychics have emerged as a remedy to most of your life problems. If you find that hard to believe? Keep reading further, and we can bet that you will change your views.

Sometimes it feels like life is a maze, and we are like rats stuck inside it. This maze can get quite confusing and challenging at times. We are all running around trying to find the exit somehow. The exit that could lead us to happiness and contentment. However, often at times, the universe goes against our wishes and desires. While some people are able to embrace this change, many find it hard to digest.

The one thing that does make us happy and pushes us to embrace life challenges is the support or guidance of someone in our lives. That someone can be a friend, lover, relative, or even a psychic reader. With proper support and guidance, our morals can be uplifted, and we can have the courage to go through all the obstacles in life.

There is no need to feel hopeless in life if you do not have found someone yet to share your burden of worries with. Perhaps you do not even want to share them deliberately. Many people have a hard time talking about their concerns with their partners, relatives, or friends. It could simply be because they do not want to make them worried or cause anyone any trouble.

In this scenario, the best help you can get is from a psychic reader online. Previously, the best psychic readings were done through special methods and would only answer the raised questions or queries, considering a particular subject. However, now there are authentic and experienced psychics available online that will guide you towards leading a better life.

In the present times, psychic readings online have taken a new shift. Now you will find psychic readers and psychic mediums that tell readings supported by scientific evidence and logical statements. Moreover, it is no longer necessary to physically meet the psychic reader or search for a ‘psychic reader near me.’ There is a whole universe of psychic readers available online through emails, video calls, and chats.

Now, if you have decided to find a reliable psychic online, landing the right psychic medium or perfect psychic is of utmost importance. The reason behind this is that you wouldn’t want cheap psychics that will waste your money and your time and effort by telling you things that you already know or giving you fake information. You will often find free psychic readings online or free psychic reading websites on the internet, but you don’t have to be tempted by the word free and do thorough research before using any good psychic reading service.

The 4 Best Online Psychics Websites to Get You Your Money’s Worth!

Before you shortlist any best psychic online, it is better to do your thorough research in the psychic and psychic medium industry. Read all the ratings and reviews regarding the best psychic online, and then contact the one you find most credible. Keep reading further as we help ease your search of finding the best psychic reading platform out there.


  • Top Choice for Love Psychic Readings and Love Advice
  • Free Psychic Reading Offer: First 3-mins Free on Sign Up
  • Multiple Language Options Available for Customers

Psychic Source

  • Ideal for Psychic Readings focusing on Personal Issues
  • Free Psychic Reading Offer: First 3-mins Free on Sign Up
  • Affordable Psychic Reading for Everyone

Keen Psychics

  • Perfect for Trustable and Reliable Online Psychics
  • Free Psychic Reading Offer: First 10-mins for $1.99 on Sign Up
  • Guarantees Client Privacy and Data Security


  • The Most User-Friendly Online Psychic Reading Platform
  • Free Psychic Reading Offer: First 5-mins Free on Sign Up
  • Offers Multiple Online Psychics in the Free Trial

#1: Kasamba – Heal Your Broken Heart with a Free Online Psychic Reading from Kasamba!


When it comes to love psychic readings online, Kasamba is labeled as one of the best psychic reading platforms. Kasamba will help individuals find the right answers to all their love-related problems. They can assist you with your problems such as not finding true love, divorce, breakups, etc. They have insights and knowledge that not all psychic readers possess. That is why they are the best in their game.

Most individuals belonging to the LGBTQ+ community often face many hurdles in different aspects of their lives. So naturally, they will also face hurdles in finding a good psychic reader or credible psychic readings online. However, this is not the case. A good psychic reader such as Kasamba is one of the best psychic readers out there who welcome people from diverse backgrounds.

They specialize in reading about the people of LGBTQ+ as they are experienced in dealing with their issues and queries. Many people from this community often face problems finding the right partner for themselves, how they should deal with their difficult families or friends, or how they should find accepting jobs and advance in their careers. Many LGBTQ+ individuals often suffer from depression because they fear ending up alone and keep fighting for their rights.

A Kasamba user, Sonja Brandon, talks about how the psychic portal helped them overcome her breakup. She shares, People talk about their summer love experiences, but it was the opposite for me. You see, what happened was that my fiancé, who I had been dating for the past three years, was cheating on me with his secretary. So cliched right? But I guess that’s how life is. Breaking off my engagement was one of the hardest life decisions that I had to make.

It left me lifeless. Like someone took away my heart out of my chest. The pain was just too much, and I couldn’t focus on anything in life.

God bless my sister, who insisted me to give psychic readings online a shot. She swore by Kasamba, claiming it’s the best psychic platform out there. I went ahead with it on her constant persistence, but I didn’t have my hopes too high.

I was completely wrong, though. From my first psychic reading session to the latest one I had just last week, I’ve noticed a remarkable positive change in my mental well-being. Kasamba gave me hope when I was going through the worst nightmare of my life.

If anyone is looking for love psychics reading to heal from the pain of a broken heart, then Kasamba is the best option for you.

Although the language medium on Kasamba psychic website is English, they also have expert psychics who can communicate in different languages. To close the communication gap between them and their customers and encompass a larger market, they have decided to keep bilingual employees.

In addition to that, if any client is facing some emergency situation, they can call the helpline of Kasamba, which is available 24/7. They have the best customer support service, and no matter where you are or what problem you are dealing with, their helpline will assist you in the best possible way. Kasamba aspires to satisfy and give comfort to its clients at all times. Hence, you can be sure that you will experience no discomfort or unpleasantness while availing of their services.

One thing that puts the psychic network at risk is the entry of several fakes. Kasamba is aware of the fact that many fraud psychics have entered the psychic network.

This also makes customers more hesitant to try out cheap psychic reading since they are unsure about the process. Taking into account the hesitation, Kasamba has an exclusive deal for new users in the form of a free trial period to take their time and explore the psychic website while also getting to know professional psychics.

You can choose which psychic you would like to consult from our psychic network. Kasamba has professional profiles of all the psychics on board. They even let me check which psychics are available when and through which medium.

Find the perfect fix for your broken heart with an online psychic reading from Kasamba. Click here to enjoy a free psychic reading for the first three minutes when you sign up!

#2: Psychic Source – Providing Round-the-Clock Psychic Readings Online to Help You with Personal Growth & More!


Want to know a platform that will always be there for you? Then Psychic Source is the right choice.

Psychic Source is online 24/7 and ensures that their clientele is always satisfied – so they can make their psychic reading online a better experience.

At Psychic Source, you have access to all sorts of mediums available for psychic readings online. The options are endless such as phone readings, chat, email, and much more.

An effective way for society to function is through value consensus and empathy. We all need to care for one another. Your primary socialization is carried out by your family, while secondary socialization takes place at educational institutes.

If we had no one to teach us and help us become better-socialized individuals, our lives would have been much different. Each person has their perspectives of things; some that may seem small to us is a big deal to someone else and vice versa.

So, before you can make any judgments, it is essential that you are connected with your inner self: your conscience. In the modern-day, humans have simply too much on their minds, with conflicting love interests, career tensions, familial issues. There are just too many things going on.

This is where psychics come in; these psychics help us by guiding us through rough patches in our lives and providing assistance in multiple ways to choose the right path by offering full transparency. What defines the best psychic reading? It should bring you comfort and calmness.

We can easily derive that Psychic Source is one of the best psychic readings online websites out there. It is popular for its effective psychics and incredibly accurate advice.

As mentioned before, Psychic Source has a vast variety of psychics on board that specialize in multiple fields, meaning a solution for every query.

Let’s look at an honest review from a Psychic Source customer, Some people have tough luck. No matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to succeed in life. That’s exactly what I used to firmly believe before I attended an online psychic reading session from Psychic Source.

I had been making poor financial choices that cost me thousands of dollars in debts. The situation got so worse that I was about to go bankrupt. That’s when Psychic Source came into my life and saved me. No exaggeration!

I searched for a platform on the web that could help me make smarter life choices, and Psychic Source certainly checked all the tick boxes in this regard.”

Psychic Source is determined to remove any stigma attached to psychic reading online and to provide its clientele with a guaranteed satisfactory experience on its platform.

They make sure that their psychics recruited have been thoroughly checked and run a background check on each hire to avoid fraudulent activities. Their psychics are all highly educated individuals ranging from different fields and specialization areas.

Psychic Sources promises complete customer satisfaction and has guaranteed that you would leave satisfied if you were to ever get a psychic reading online on their website.

If the constant pressure of trying to make big in life weighing you down, then head over to Psychic Source for a nurturing and positive psychic reading. Click here to sign up at Psychic Source and enjoy affordable psychic reading services like never before!

#3: Keen Psychics – The Go-to Platform for Reliable and Accurate Psychic Reading Predictions and Psychic Advice!


When we think of an extremely user-friendly psychic reading online website, we think of Keen Psychics. They have made searching for a psychic easier than ever, with easily accessible shortcut tabs and multiple categories – you are bound to find whatever you are looking for.

Moreover, suppose you have decided on a certain type of psychic reading online. In that case, Keen Psychics has a feature that allows you to enter whatever specialty you want along with your budget constraint, after which the website searches for a psychic for you within your range.

If you are on a budget constraint and search for cheap psychics or cheap psychic readings, you can enter the amount you want into the box, and Keen Psychics will search for someone in that range.

Furthermore, you can select to either search a psychic on your own by navigating their psychic reading website or simply just select ‘Get Matched.’

Keen Psychics has a special feature that will ask the user some questions based on your psychic reading choices and automatically select a psychic that best suits your answers.

A Keen Psychics customer, Natalie Hook, describes an online psychic reading from the platform as “A life-changing experience.” That is how much the platform is admired by its loyal users. Natalie adds, I was always intrigued by online psychics and wanted to experience it at least once in my life. When I discovered Keen Psychics, I was super excited to try it. Truth be told, I was mostly just doing it for the thrill. But it turned out way more insightful than I had ever imagined.

This is why I described psychics readings from Keen as a life-changing experience. Not only did it help overcome my mental health issues, but it also helped me grow as a person. Keep Psychics provides 100% reliable and reassuring online psychic readings that could help you better track your present and gain a strong foothold over your future.

If you wish to experiment with a free psychic reading online platform, Keen Psychics should be your first and foremost choice. Highly recommended for their outstanding customer service. Kudos to the entire team for pulling off a job so well.”

You will see that although there are lots of psychic readings online, but Keen Psychics are the best out there.

They have such a strong, well-groomed, and experienced set of psychic readers that you are bound to get impressed by them. You will simply be in awe and realize that your investment in terms of time was certainly worth it. They have such a good name in the market and are one of the greatest companies in the psychic industry.

In addition to that, their top-notch customer service gives so much satisfaction to the clients, leaving them speechless. They guarantee client privacy, safety, and security at all costs. They ensure to go in the depth of your problems and solve them from the roots.

They also do tarot card readings online, including love tarot card reading and other mystic services. They are most popular for their phone psychic reading and video psychic readings.

Find a new mentor in life in the form of an online psychic from Keen Psychics. Click here to connect with an expert psychics to combat all the obstacles in life. Hurry up and register at Keen Psychics right away!

#4: Mystic Sense – The Most User-Friendly Psychic Reading Platform to Help You Deal with All Life Problems!


Another renowned experienced psychics platform over the internet is MysticSense. These famous psychics have an online website, which is very elaborate to people with almost all kinds of problems.

At first, you may get confused looking at their website but do not worry. You can click on the Search tab and type the keywords of the issue you are after.

And suppose you have time and you want to dig deep into your issue thoroughly. In that case, you should go through the website and its tabs containing all kinds of issues such as grief counseling, toxic relationships, family problems, breakups, divorces, LGBTQ+ community issues, and many others. They are at the top of their game because they provide the best knowledge and guidance for people, and there may not be any life issues with which they do not have experience.

MysticSense contains a vast diary with some of the best psychics on board. Compared to their competitors, they hold sort of an edge when it comes to having multiple psychics available and has many other features to offer, and can be called one of the best psychic readings websites.

Their interface is built in such a way that as soon as you open their webpage, it displays the number of psychics available for immediate readings. All you need to do is click on the psychic medium or psychic of your choice and get started. You can further browse through psychic categories and special skill sets as well.

MysticSense is one of the most user-friendly websites you will come across. Not only do they let you browse psychics, but you can also search for them in categories like “Top Rated Psychics” or according to their area of expertise.

Their registration is simple; it requires only four steps. You will need to fill out your personal information and phone number, add some additional data, and wait for a confirmation message. Once done, it is only a matter of minutes before you can start searching for psychics and readings.

Similarly, MysticSense also allows new users to test the platform and avail a trial period like all other web pages. You can choose any medium for your psychic reading or any psychic professional, in particular, once you’ve made the deposit – the first five minutes are always free on your first time.

Here is what Joshua Harrison, a recent MysticSense user, has to say,” I attended my first live psychics reading with an empty canvas. I was seeking some excitement in life, and I was looking for a sense of hope amidst these dark times. A global pandemic? Who would have thought!

I was COVID positive, and I consider myself lucky enough to have survived. But those two weeks of quarantine changed my outlook on life forever. I had heard from various friends that online psychics readings helped them make it through stressful times. I could really use a stress buster at this point!

I chose MysticSense as my first online psychic reading platform, and I’m happy with my choice. The one thing that I liked the most about MysticSense was that I could talk to not just one but up to three top psychic reading experts in the free trial.

The psychic readers were polite and friendly and made me feel right at home. I talked about my feelings and how the pandemic affected me. They understood my concerns and answered each of my questions in detail. If you are trying your luck at online psychics readings, start with a phone psychic reading or chat psychics from MysticSense. I can assure you that you will get reliable psychic predictions from the platform.”

There are chances that any random psychic you consult online could be a fake psychic or a fraud. You must do enough research before choosing just anyone for a cheap psychic reading online. Make sure to know which questions and behavior raise red flags.

MysticSense is known to have one of the best psychics on board with 100% reliability. To avoid customers from coming across any fraudulent behavior, MysticSense does a pretty good job at running effective background checks before recruiting psychics.

You are just one-click away from exploring the modern world of psychic readings online at MysticSense. Visit this link to become part of the MysticSense family and avail a free 5-min psychic reading trial!

Frequently Asked Questions – What Psychic Reading Customers Want to Know!


What can I talk to my psychic about?

There is still lots of speculation about the legitimacy of online psychics.

Psychics are your spiritual healing guide; you can pretty much talk to them about anything and everything. By anything, we mean that if you have uncertainties about setting up a new shop or why things are happening in a certain way, you can talk to the best psychics about it all – psychic readings cover everything.

Not only do psychic readings help with daily life issues, but people often turn to the best local psychics for their relationship problems. You can go to these love psychics to figure out whether your partner is the correct choice for you or if you are having a hard time getting over an ex or are in a toxic relationship – love psychics cover it all for you.

Moreover, these psychic readings often cover many monetary and financial issues with their readers. Online and local psychics help you figure out why you are going through what you are going through and whether you should be making those tricky financial decisions in your life.

A common point of discussion within many readers is wanting to know the future. Many people turn to the best psychics to learn more about their future and what went wrong in the past.

Should you be choosing online psychics?

Many people are concerned with the legitimacy of psychic readings online. They often question whether online psychics are as good as live psychics? Truth be told, online psychics are just as correct as live psychics. Online psychic readings should give you accurate results as well.

Many people search for ‘psychics near me’ or ‘psychic reading near me.’ As mentioned before, they tend to search for the best psychics to learn about their past/future or even get advice for any decisions they are about to make in their personal or professional lives.

Psychics act like a wall of peace for these people, and they feel comforted after sharing their issues with them. They have answers to all your problems. It can be difficult questions, troubling situations, or even matters within your personal life.

You do not necessarily have to be in a bad place to reach out to psychics. Many people also turn to psychic readings or online psychics to get some clarity or some sort of peace in their lives. If you just need someone to listen and support you through the process, you can still consult a psychic.

Are psychic readings free as well?

While many psychic readings online are premium, some of these websites also offer free psychic services for the first three minutes of your session, sort of like a trial, so you can get used to the process.

Every psychic reading online website has different bundles and packages. Some have specific offers that allow you to choose certain free minutes and even consult the professional beforehand, so you are prepared for the session.

To make it easier, we have compiled a guide on the best psychics and cheap psychic reading options out there. Keep reading to find out more.

There are certain options available online that give you completely free psychics readings without any charge. However, these psychic readings are most likely auto-generated and lack the touch of the professional psychic.

Not only websites, but you can also probably find many free psychics reading online applications on your mobile phone. While these will only be computer-generated answers and not real psychics, they will still provide you with insightful advice and maybe fun to try it out.

Should I refrain from sharing certain information in free psychic readings online?

Your psychic reading should feel like a conversation, not an interview or an interrogation; it should have a proper flow. So, when consulting a psychic online or even a tarot session, make sure to structure your questions properly.

Don’t try to micromanage your psychic reading session. That will disrupt the overall flow of your conversation and may, in turn, yield unsatisfactory results. We would advise you to let your psychic reader take the lead, and they will know how to steer the conversation in the right direction.

Are phone psychic readings better than chat psychic readings?

Users usually either select a phone psychic readings or chat psychic readings – they are the most common medium when it comes to online psychic readings.

Phone psychic readings have been here for quite a long. People have been using the phone for consultations for ages. It helps sustain your anonymity, does not require you to travel too far, and is readily available.

If you are bad at texting and prefer to have a conversation over typing, then phone psychic readings are ideal for you. At times, it could just feel like having a normal conversation with a friend over the phone.

Whereas if you do not like talking over the phone a lot, then online chat psychic readings are probably better for you. They even have certain benefits over the phone psychic readings; chat psychics readings provide you with a script of the exact conversation, which helps you remember what you talked about and when.

Similarly, chat psychics readings do not require you to have complete privacy or be in a silent room – you can do that pretty much anywhere from any device.

Can these psychic readers predict the future?

While it may seem like psychic readers have superpowers, that is not the case – they do have special abilities to provide you with accurate advice, but they do not have any special powers.

We would suggest you keep an open mind while getting an online or live psychic reading done because it is unlikely that your psychic will be able to predict the future with exact dates and times for you.

Can psychic readings be fake or fabricated?

The internet is a vast place; while it is most helpful, it has also disrupted the overall image and reputation of the original best psychics readers out there due to many fake psychics.

When choosing a psychic, you need to be extra careful and do enough research to make sure that the person is an authentic psychic. We would suggest choosing from the list of psychics mentioned here since we have properly screened the ones mentioned.

Not only are they all highly experienced psychics, but they also offer satisfaction guarantees.

Let’s Wrap It Up – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to reiterate that psychic reading could prove to be the best way to figure out your life in the best possible way. This specifically applies to people who are unable to understand life challenges and really need some divine guidance.

The above-mentioned psychic reading companies are some of the bests out there, and their ratings and reviews are proof of that. They have professional psychic readers from all around the world who have a lot of experience in dealing with many issues.

Although you have to decide by yourself, it is better to do proper research before selecting any psychic reader online to get your money’s worth. Good luck!

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