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Psychic Reading Online: Best Chat & Phone Psychics for Accurate Readings

Online psychic readings by phone and chat have transformed the profession as we know it. There were days when people waited for carnivals and summer fairs to meet a psychic expert. These days, you book a mystic consultation with a few clicks.

Despite the advancements, the world still relies on intuitive psychic mediums to find a structure in the universe and the missing dots that connect us. Having this knowledge can help us prepare for the future and overcome challenges that bring us down.

Read this article to find a personal psychic companion who can help guide you. So that you gain the courage to embark on a journey about self-awareness and spiritual awakening.

Let’s begin.

Top Sites for Online Psychic Readings by Phone and Chat

We have shortlisted the best virtual platforms for online psychic readings by phone and chat. Each website brings something unique to the reading table with its versatile psychic readings, affordable packages, and accessibility.

Here’s a short preview of what each site offers:

Keen Psychics

  • Reliable Online Psychic Readings by Phone and Chat
  • A Secure User-Friendly Interface for Virtual Mystic Consultations
  • 10-Minute Introductory Readings for Only $1.99

California Psychics

  • 24/7 Online Psychic Readings for Clarity & Connection
  • A Global Community of Psychic Readers at Your Fingertips
  • Free Psychic Reading (5 Free Minutes) and $1/min for paid consultations


  • An Ideal Choice for Love Psychics and Relationship Advice
  • Free Psychic Reading for 3 Minutes + 50% Off for New Clients
  • Mobile App for Android and iOS Users

Psychic Source

  • Receive Accurate Psychic Readings Online for Career & Financial Advice
  • Exclusive Deal for New Users (75% Off) + First 3 Minutes Are Free for Every Introductory Session
  • Exceptional Customer Service

Overview: Which Site for Psychic Readings Online by Phone and Chat Is Right for You?

Whether you’re choosing a platform for chat and phone psychic readings based on accuracy or flexibility, we can help. Go through our detailed reviews for psychic reading online to select a source that aligns with your individual needs and requirements. Our assessments highlight key features along with the special deals and services offered by each platform.

Let’s begin.

#1 Keen Psychics: The Ultimate Psychic Reading Platform for Beginners


Keen Psychics have served the mystic community for over twenty years, working from 1990 to this date. Throughout these years, they manage to maintain an outstanding reputation as the most reliable and trustworthy site for online psychic readings. Their well-vetted community of 1700+ mystic advisors specializes in a diverse range of reading styles. Popular choices include astrologists, numerologists, live psychics, pet psychics and other types of psychic mediums.

You can contact these experienced advisors for love tarot readings, financial advice, spiritual guidance, and anything else your heart desires. In addition to this, you receive continuous support from an always-on help desk for customers. The dedicated staff will make navigating the mystic world super simple for you.

Besides this, they’ve got a user-oriented interface that had tons of self-help options integrated within the site for optimum usage. For instance, they have a ‘Best Match’ tool that connects you with a compatible psychic advisor based on your answers. You can drop a message to your favorite mystic consultant if they aren’t available. All registered advisors have a callback option to contact recurring clients whenever they miss a message or call.

You can count on these gifted advisors to help you sort out your love and life problems. Each of them goes through a strict screening process to prove their merit and skills. It determines whether or not they’re the right choice for the Keen Psychic clients.

For additional security, all psychic readings by phone and chat have an anonymous chat option. It allows you to participate in clandestine conversations with your designated psychic advisor without the fear of being overheard or scammed. They even have a mobile-friendly app for real-time psychic advice.

Exclusive Offer: How Much Do Online Psychics Cost on Keen Psychics?

You may sign up for free psychic readings by phone or chat for a 3-minute-long introductory session. Interested users can continue their mystic consultation by paying only $1.99 for extended 10-minute reading. This exclusive offer helps newcomers get a better understanding of how online psychics work and what they can expect from mystic guidance. In addition to this, they receive complete answers to all their burning questions about personal and professional life. That too, without burning a hole in their pocket.

Having the flexibility to choose between phone psychics and chat psychics makes things convenient and easy for clients, new and old. The only thing to remember is that the total cost of each session might vary from one psychic reader to another. So do a comparative analysis of price plans before committing to online psychic reading.

Special Features: What Makes Keen Psychics Unique?

  • Over two decades of experience in online psychic readings
  • Connect with fully certified psychic advisors for tarot readings, astrology, numerology, and more
  • Accurate psychic readings by phone and chat
  • Exemplary customer service that works around-the-clock
  • User-friendly interface and various self-help features for a seamless mystic experience
  • Daily horoscope updates with personalized elements and shareable options
  • Free online psychic readings that last for three minutes
  • Pay only $1.99 for 10-minute psychic readings online
  • Budget-friendly packages and an advanced mobile app for more accessibility

Over 35 million mystic consultations are happening at Keen Psychics at present. Be part of the next one after going through a quick and easy registration.

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#2 California Psychics: 100% Accurate Tarot Readings by Phone and Chat


California Psychics started its mystic service way back in 1995. It has come a long way from thereby becoming a force to be reckoned with in the virtual world of psychic reading. The team takes great pride in appointing premier psychic advisors, clairvoyants, spiritual guides, and tarot readers for online consultations. These gifted advisors are here to answer all your questions about love, financial investments, professional pursuits, and even about relationships you might have left behind.

The possibilities are as endless as the versatile psychic services it offers. Top choices include online tarot readings, love psychics, dream interpretations, daily horoscopes, career forecasts, and more. Match with the right advisor by using the advanced filtering tool for a no-fuss search for a compatible mystic advisor.

California Psychics takes great pride in appointing genuine psychics and tarot readers. They accomplish this feat by running a detailed background check to determine whether a specialist has what it takes to become part of its growing community of online psychics. Applicants get judged according to skills, qualifications, specialties, and referrals. The proficiency, performance, and accuracy of the psychic readers are evaluated during real-time sessions. Client feedback and testimonials are also taken into consideration.

You can use them as a benchmark to choose a qualified online psychic reader who meets your criteria. Always consider the questions you want to ask before choosing a mystic advisor that fits those standards. These efforts increase the likelihood of receiving an accurate psychic reading by phone or chat psychics. Feel free to swap psychic experts and take a free psychic reading by phone or chat with different mystic practitioners. That way you can choose online psychics based on a real-time experience and the way they conduct their mystic consultation.

Besides this, California Psychics has a five-star rating for online psychic readings. It managed to secure this sweet spot after working diligently to keep all clients satisfied with their intuitive advisors. All conversations between the reader and client are confidential with little or no involvement from third-party sources. Adding to this are encrypted passwords, log-in credentials, and secure online payments methods.

You’ll appreciate the assorted range of psychic styles and virtual fortune-telling service. Current options include psychic mediums such as pendulums, tarot cards, angel cars, crystal balls, etc. Plus, it’s one of the few online psychic reading services that uses I-Chings. The Chinese technique elevates your mystic experience and maximizes the accuracy of your reading. You can opt for a stand-alone psychic reading online with i-Ching or team it with tarot readings. It all depends on you and the psychic medium you choose for guidance.

When in doubt, you can seek assistance through the 24/7 hotline for California Psychics. Use it to call customer service representatives for help when things go amiss. It could be anything from network issues, technical errors, inquiries about the cost of online psychic services to questions about a specific psychic medium. No matter what the issue is, the team tries its best to comply with client requests.

Exclusive Offers: How Much Do Online Psychics Cost on California Psychics?

If you’re interested in budget-friendly psychic reading services, California Psychics can be the right option for you. They charge $1 per minute for your online psychic reading with approximately 5 free minutes to test the waters. The short introductory session gives you an idea of where your psychic reading is headed and what you need to do in life. You can request for extended consultations to learn more.

Apart from this, regular clients can choose between three psychic categories for long-term subscriptions. The price plan is divided into preferred psychics, popular psychics, and premium advisors. Here the online psychics are divided according to skills, experience and budget. Use this division to receive online psychic reading services that are easy on your pocket.

Special Features: What Makes California Psychics Unique?

  • A top-rated website for online psychic readings with decades of experience
  • Seek spiritual guidance and psychic advice from qualified psychic experts around the world
  • 24/7 customer care support for impromptu live psychic sessions
  • Customer feedback and testimonials for transparency and assurance
  • Free psychic reading online for 5-minute trials
  • Paid psychics services costs $1 per minute
  • Three-tier subscription system to match competitive market prices
  • A companion app for real-time psychic advice and daily horoscope updates

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#3 Kasamba: Reliable Live Psychic Readings on Matters of Love & Life


Kasamba entered the virtual world in 1999 and has expanded its psychic services since then with a mobile app and live psychic services. It’s the leading platform for online psychic readings by phone, video, and chat psychics. The site serves as a global network for over a thousand psychic experts, astrologists, clairvoyants, tarot readers, rune readers, pet psychics and many more specialists available for mystic consultations.

It specializes in finding the best match for you based on your preferences and budget. From reading astrological signs, having faith in daily horoscopes to asking for financial advice via tarot readings, you can do it all at Kasamba.

That said, its claim for fame lies in love psychics and love tarot readings that uncovers the path that takes you to your one true love. Use the site to meet empaths and intuitive guides that will resolve your relationship problems with the aid of their mystic powers. Additionally, you can connect with angel guides and holistic healers to detangle yourself from worldly woes.

As you can see, you can venture down different psychic pathways when you log into your account. It all depends on where you are in life and where you want to go.

Best of all, Kasamba ensures that these spiritual sessions are conducted in safe and secure surroundings. The interactive site lets you participate in online psychic readings in a private chat room with a designated advisor. People that use confidential chat options can speak to their psychic expert without giving away their personal details. Your bank account details, social security numbers, and contact information will stay hidden from third parties and the psychic experts as well. These steps provide a sense of assurance and protection when you interact with verified participants.

Only authorised personnel can enter chat rooms and use free psychic reading services in real-time. You can ask the customer support service provider for assistance if you experience a technical glitch or are unable to connect with your designated psychic expert.

Apart from this, Kasamba adheres to online safety policies by creating a rigid recruitment process for newly appointed psychic experts. Know that applicants have to share details about their professional and personal lives. It includes information about their qualification, training, and mystic skills along with other details. The final selection happens after a comparative assessment used to ensure that only real psychic advisors make the cut.

Users can use customer testimonials and feedback to determine whether or not an individual psychic consultant fits your needs. Having an account of previous success stories humanises these psychic-centred services. Additionally, Kasamba prioritises client expectations and approval over everything else. The money back guarantee and refund policies serve as an evident proof of this notion.

Exclusive Offers: How Much Does an Online Psychic Reading Cost on Kasamba?

Clients can pay roughly around $1 per minute for paid psychic reading sessions on Kasamba. You will also enjoy an in-depth consultation with real psychic experts once you sign-up for an introductory trial session with your chosen advisor. The reading begins with an introductory session that lasts for three minutes. Here you can discuss expectations from the fortune teller and share some details about your life.

After that, you have to pay for an extended consultation if you have more questions or need your mystic advisor to share more details. New users can enjoy a 50% discount offer on the first complete psychic reading online.

Lastly, Kasamba offers a full refund in case something goes amiss. For this, you’ll have to get in touch with the official customer support centre to ask for help. Explain the situation and ask for a refund. The team will process the request accordingly, giving you a chance to receive the money without any issues.

Special Features: What Makes Kasamba Unique?

  • Over two decades of expertise and millions of successful psychic readings online
  • Connect with a wide network of local and international psychic advisors
  • 24x7x365 days unadulterated support from customer service operators
  • The best site for live psychics, love tarot readings, relationship advice, astrology, numerology, etc.
  • Best match tool to connect you with compatible psychic experts and spiritual guides
  • 3 minutes of free psychic reading online
  • 50% off on all psychic services for new customers only
  • Mobile-friendly app for real-time psychic consultations and regular updates on your horoscope
  • Safe and secure payment options to optimise financial transactions

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#4 Psychic Source: 24/7 Customer Support for Psychic Readings Online


Psychic Source is one of the oldest psychic platforms operating online. It was established in 1989 as a hotline for psychic readings by phone. Technological advancements led to its expansion as a single source for online psychics around the world. You can find everything from tarot readings, career forecasts, dream interpretations, love psychics to daily horoscopes here. That too through psychic mediums old and new such as tarot cards, pendulums, crystal balls, crystals, and more.

The interactive platform can help you find the answers to all the burning questions about life. For instance, spiritual guides can help you uncover a secret from the past or announce the arrival of a special someone in your future. Alternatively, you can talk to gifted psychics to gain insights that connect your past, present, and future to shed light on the uncertainties surrounding you.

Having been in the business for decades has helped Psychic Source to build an impressive portfolio. It managed to bring the world’s best certified online psychics, holistic healers, astrologists, numerologists, and seers on one platform. Each applicant gets chosen after a strict screening. It tends to involve interviews, practical demos, and a list of referrals to ensure that all registered psychic advisors are credible. Online psychic profiles give users an overview of these traits and experience levels to maintain transparency. Customer feedback and testimonials support this information. That makes it easier for you to choose a personable online psychic for your mystic consultation.

What’s more?

Psychic Source ensures that all mystical interactions occur in private chat rooms without any involvement from third parties or sneaky online scammers. So whether you opt for chat psychics, phone psychics, or a video call, it will be conducted in a secure virtual space. All registered clients can log into personal accounts with an encrypted password.

Moreover, you can download a companion app for Psychic Source. It can provide you with more real-time updates and notifications about discount deals, special offers, and relevant events. You can even use it for your live chat sessions with an available psychic reader. An always-on customer support team can answer your app-related queries and inquisitive questions about matters of life.

On the whole, these features and exemplary customer services make time spent on psychic consultations pleasant and meaningful.

Exclusive Offers: How Much Does Online Psychic Reading Cost on Psychic Source?

Psychic Source offers some incredible discount offers and free psychics online for loyal customers and first-time users. You can kick-start your mystic journey with an exclusive free 3-minutes introductory session with an online psychic of your choice. Then continue your consultation by paying only $0.99 per minute for the remaining session.

Besides this, new clients will receive a 75% discount on their first paid session. A ‘Psychic Best Match Tool’ makes this offer more promising as you get matched with three well-suited psychic experts. Having a compatible reader for your first psychic reading online increases the chances of receiving an accurate reading.

More importantly, you have the freedom to discontinue the service whenever you want. Or ask for a refund if you are unhappy with the trial session. Remember to call the hotline for immediate support during these situations.

Special Features: What Makes Psychic Source Unique?

  • Over 30 years of expertise in online psychics
  • The best place for career forecasts and financial advice from gifted seers
  • Top services include tarot readings, aura reading, angel card reading, zodiac compatibility, energy healing, and other types of psychic readings
  • 24/7 customer support to connect you with your favourite psychic expert
  • Consult the best psychics online via phone, live chat, and video calls
  • Highly accurate tarot readings with personalised predictions
  • Free psychic readings online for a 3 minute trial
  • All new customers can enjoy 75% off for their first paid consultation
  • Budget-friendly psychic readings online for spiritual guidance and mystic advice

Have Faith in the Future and Take the Next Step with Confidence after Receiving Free Psychic Readings Online from Psychic Source.

How to Choose Reliable Online Psychics for Your First Reading?

Online psychic readings can appear confusing if you’re a beginner. You might doubt the accuracy of your tarot reading and whether or not you have chosen a credible person for consultation. Other questions might revolve around the significance of techniques, psychic mediums, and psychic reading styles you select before your introductory session.

We make things easier for you by answering significant questions about psychic readings online and how to reap the benefits of this experience.

Here are some practical tips to follow:

Q1. How to Choose a Legit Online Psychic for Your Reading?

It’s natural to feel sceptical about placing your faith in the unknown.

Yet, there are millions of people who have found contentment and solace after listening to a psychic. According to current statistics, psychic services have boosted their revenues, in the last two years, by generating a collective revenue of 2 billion dollars. The numbers indicate an increased interest in psychic readings online.

If you’re one of them, you should learn how to sift through fake sites to find an approachable, affordable, and accurate psychic reader.

Here’s what you need to do:

Firstly, research prospective psychics near me and practitioners found online to list your options. Choose platforms that offer the best prices and personalised services for psychic readings online. After you have shortlisted a few names, do a background search to find out if they are credible or not. You can do this by going through online reviews and customer feedback.

Besides this, look for service providers that offer multiple types of psychic services. That way, you will have more variety during your psychic pursuits.

After this, you should:

  • Give live psychics a chance by opting for free psychic readings online
  • Select psychic readers based on how well they express themselves and explain your predictions
  • Only select verified psychic readers from well-known websites and interactive online directories for mystic advisors
  • Ensure that your chosen psychics has the skills, experience, and certification required to offer quality service and accurate psychic readings

Apart from this, you should read the terms and conditions, consider payment options, and look for user-oriented features. If the website and the online psychics look and sound legit, you can continue signing up for a consultation.

Q2. Are Online Psychic Readings Better Than In-Person Encounters?

Yes, online psychic readings have more advantages than face-to-face interactions.

Here are some significant reasons for choosing online psychic readings over in-person consultations:

  • Accessibility.

    You can sign up for psychic reading from your home, office or cafe with ease. You can even connect with a global community of psychic experts without stepping out of your home. The virtual aspect makes psychic reading online exciting and more fulfilling than before.

  • Flexibility.

    Having access to a 24-hour psychic service makes it easier for you to fit in a mystic session into your busy schedule. Online psychics allow you to receive consultation after business hours and ask for help when you feel lonely and hopeless.

  • Credibility.

    These days, you don’t have to walk into a psychic booth and talk to a stranger. Instead, you can perform a quick background search beforehand to ensure that your psychic reader isn’t involved in any scams. Connecting through networking sites adds another level of security. Additionally, reading online reviews and customer feedback give you further assurance.

Lastly, virtual settings give newcomers the courage to seek fortune tellers without worrying about getting judged. The post-pandemic effect proves this as people look for a sense of surety and positivity amid the chaos of the new normal.

Q3. How Many Types of Psychic Readings Are There?

There are several different types of online psychic readings. Each technique can help you decode a specific aspect of your life and answer questions related to your personal and professional success. For instance, love tarot reading only focuses on soul mates, relationships, and partners. You can’t expect the same reading to give you hints about your career.

Here’s a glimpse of the main types of psychic readings and how they work:

  • Tarot readings ‘makes sense of things ’ through symbolic cards with illustrations that can be connected to your past, present, and future.
  • Angel card readers consult angles and celestial bodies to answer your questions.
  • Holistic healers and energy healers deep dive into the spiritual world to guide you towards a journey of self-discovery.
  • Astrologists study zodiac signs and constellations to predict the future.
  • Numerologists use the relationship between numbers, letters, and divine intervention to help you gain clarity.
  • Dream interpreters decode the signs present in your dreams to explain how they might be significant to past events or things that can happen in the coming years.

Research types of psychic readings and what you can use them for before choosing an expert. Knowing the advantages and limitations of each technique can help you select an option that fits your situation.

Chat Psychics vs. Phone Psychics: Which One Should You Choose?

Online psychic readings by phone and live chats are two popular forms of communication with mystic advisors. Unlike video calls, they retain a sense of anonymity when you sign up for a consultation. That’s because your psychic advisor can’t see your face during these sessions.

Yet, this is where the similarities end as both types of online psychic readings provide you with a distinctive experience.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Online Psychic Readings by Phone

    If you’re interested in a heart-to-heart consultation with your psychic expert, phone psychics is the way to go. Discussing readings via the phone allows you to carry longer, detailed conversations than chat psychics.

    Additionally, you can ask follow up questions for more insights and clarity in real-time. Your mystic advisor shall respond accordingly as long as you have time.

    However, there are a few disadvantages of this format. For starters, you can get sidetracked easily during the conversation. It’s why we recommend that you keep a list of questions at hand and prepare a few notes to ensure all the important things get covered during the call.

    Apart from this, you might forget what the psychic expert tells you after the call. Hence, it’s important to make notes during consultation.

  • Online Psychic Readings by Chat

    According to the reviews featured on we recommend text-based readings to people who are better at writing than speaking. Chat psychics are more specific and precise in comparison to psychic phone reading. Additionally, these sessions are more discreet because nobody can overhear your conversation.

    Overall, there are fewer distractions when you’re texting and you are more focused on consultations. You can even keep a record of everything you discussed by saving the chats.

    However, you might be at a disadvantage because these sessions are not as detailed as online psychic readings by phone.

    In the end, you should consider these pros and cons before choosing one over the other.

Parting Words

On the whole, finding accurate online psychic readings by phone and chat is no longer a problem. Incidentally, the need for these consultations has surged during the lockdown as people find a way to form new connections and crave clarity to silence their irrational fears.

If you find yourself in the same boat, we advise you to choose reputable well-known psychic platforms to make the most of this trend. We have reviewed four fantastic options as recommendations. Use these reviews as a reference before signing up for a consultation.

Best of luck!

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