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Psychic Reading Online: 5 Best Online Psychic Readers for Live Chat & Phone Sessions

Nobody’s life is without flaws. We all face numerous challenges from time to time, ranging from relationship issues to frightening health ailments and awful financial situations. People occasionally get in our way, and sometimes, it is us who get in our way. We usually find a solution to our difficulties and end the heartbreakingly gloomy days.

However, we occasionally require assistance in navigating our challenges and pointing us in the right direction. It’s much better when the assisting hand has spiritual healing capacity and can locate information concealed from the usual senses. Psychics are the only ones who can provide a helpful hand.

People are reluctant to take guidance from the best online psychics for many factors. Hearing about frauds on TV scares some people, while others lack the financial means to pay them. Whatever the reason for your delay, this guide will assist you in breaking through the boundaries and locating the most trustworthy free psychic reading online services.

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Let’s speak a little more about how internet psychics may help you before we get into the finest psychic reading online sites.

Why Should You Consider Psychic Readings Over the Internet?

Our aspects of cognition and psychology illuminate things depending on the circumstances. Many individuals seek the advice of free psychic readings to help them make the best judgments and choices in these instances. It is because they help us discover the perfect answers to our complex concerns.

The best psychics, psychic readers, and psychic professionals can tell us about anything we’re thinking about or what’s giving us so much stress that we can’t see well.

For example, the greatest online psychic readings may assist with:

Obtain A Future Route

The future is a mystery for everyone, which is a well-known reality. On the other hand, the finest psychics can give you a heads-up on what to expect. They do so base on various personal, logical, and cosmic elements. You may rest confident that internet psychic readings are not based on magic or targeted guesswork. Instead, you could be surprised at how correct these minor details turn out to be.

It’s quite usual for us to feel overwhelmed while making life-changing decisions, and merely considering all of our alternatives may be exhausting. Furthermore, you may experience the sensation of being trapped when you are unclear of what the future holds for you. In such situations, you might feel that you cannot locate any alternatives for a given activity.

Online psychic readings might be beneficial in rescuing you from your paranoia. A trained psychic can help you manage your life by describing your options and aiding you in making the right decisions. The top psychics can also reflect upon the future and paint you a picture with their knowledge to help you make specific judgments.

Divert Your Thoughts

Do you find yourself amid a major problem? You may even believe you have no idea how to get out of it. On the other hand, you may think that your current life path was not intended for you. If any of this rings a bell for you, internet psychic readings may be just what you need.

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This reading will provide many points of view on a single topic, allowing you to get the data and clarity you need to make an informed conclusion. Consequently, addressing this particular issue will be considerably easier for you.

Obtain Confirmation of Your Choices

You’ve taken to a fairly radical choice but aren’t sure if it’s ideal. In situations like these, relying on an online psychic reading might prove useful.

A genuine psychic will assist you in a manner that helps you arrive at the finest decision possible. It is because the finest psychics provide you with a glimpse into your future, allowing you to make better decisions and deal with your problems. You can find solutions for problems at work, in your family, in your partnerships, or in society overall.

Determine The Most Beneficial Environments

For several reasons, many individuals are drawn to free online psychic readings by phone, chat psychics, or live psychics. It is because they are in a highly acceptable setting in which they are unlikely to offend anybody or fear that their secrets will spread like wildfire.

If you’re a newcomer, the guarantee of privacy makes the initial session much more relaxing and pleasant. What’s even nicer seems to be that you won’t need to abandon your home’s safety and convenience. These considerations are especially critical for in-depth readings that provide inspiration and motivation.

Regardless of the medium, you and your psychic reader can have an uninterrupted conversation, and all of the specifics of the conversation will be kept private. Whether you select a simple website or the top online psychics on the internet, this veil of anonymity is ensured.

Let’s move on to the finest psychic reading websites in 2022!

Top 4 Best Online Psychic Reading Websites Of 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the four most trustworthy and free psychic reading websites that have been operating for a long time. Each of the greatest online psychic reading sites is supported by a large network of seasoned online psychics that have been assisting people through their darkest times for decades. They are the most economical and the most compatible and dependable.

Purple Garden

  • There are around 3000 internet psychics in this outstanding network.
  • Guaranteed user privacy and anonymity.
  • New users get a 10% discount on their first purchase.
  • For Android and iOS users, a mobile application for on-the-go readings.

Psychic Source

  • They have honed themselves with over three decades of expertise. It is a staff of highly trained and licensed live psychics.
  • Known mostly for career and financial guidance.
  • Free for the first three minutes of the reading.
  • The first reading through phone, chat, or video call is discounted by 75%.


  • There are plenty of internet psychics that specialize in various areas of life.
  • The greatest place to acquire general psychic readings, tarot readings, and horoscopes for beginners.
  • You will get a free psychic reading online for the first three minutes.
  • The initial session is discounted by 70%.

California Psychics

  • A highly regarded platform that provides accurate tarot readings.
  • Starting at $1 per minute, you can have a psychic reading online.
  • With the code “ADD5”, new users get five free minutes and an 80% discount on the rest of their session.
  • There are several sorting options available to aid clients in determining the best psychics of their choice.

#1. Kasamba – Enjoy Reliable and Fun Psychic Readings Every Time


If you Googled ‘psychics near me’ or ‘online psychics reading,’ Kasamba would most certainly appear towards the top of the search results page. Kasamba has a large and loyal consumer base, having formed spiritual bonds with over 4 million individuals spiritually!

Kasamba is particularly well-known for being a pioneer in online psychics and its free internet psychic readings. Since 1999, they have had a reputation in the market for providing 100 percent accurate and dependable readings.

Knowing what to expect from the future might be frightening, especially if your issues relate to your relationships and love life. Your path will become a lot simpler with the greatest psychic reading online on Kasamba assisting you through life.

Kasamba has earned the confidence of its consumers by offering accurate and completely trustworthy psychic readings. Kasamba also provides total transparency in its service by publishing reader bios and profiles on its website. It will not only assist the readers but will also enable them to make better-educated decisions. As a result, users will never shy away from free psychics that are completely clear and forthright about what they know.

Kasamba’s online psychic readings also have some fantastic deals that you will most likely not be able to pass up. Each new adviser will provide you with three minutes free of charge during your introductory session.

Kasamba will be available to you at all hours of the day and week when you’re having problems in your daily life and need expert advice. They provide a fantastic live chat feature that allows you to interact with your preferred adviser at any time of day. You may arrange sessions at any moment during the day to get the guidance you need.

Kasamba’s mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android, allowing you to remain in touch with your favorite live psychics wherever you are. Their program is extremely user-friendly, with a user interface that is straightforward to browse. You can also utilize their live chat option or consult with your favorite free psychic readings whenever you want.

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You are free to access thousands of reviews and ratings on the Kasamba website or app. These reviews show that this platform not only delivers excellent reading services and makes consumers’ lives easier.

Attractive Features

  • Has been doing internet psychic readings for over 20 years.
  • 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • You will find highly experienced psychics on this platform. You can also expect to find several positive reviews.
  • Comprehensive readings are available, including astrology, numerology, tarot readings, and others.
  • Reading sessions that are completely anonymous, personal, and safe.
  • On their first reading, new clients receive a 50% discount.
  • With the aid of various types of specialist psychics, you may gain insight into your personal life.


  • Extremely flexible payment options.
  • Free for the first three minutes, plus discounts.
  • Tarot reading and other unstructured types of reading are offered in multiple formats.
  • Data security is assured.


  • Unfortunately, you can access their mobile app services only if you have subscribed to their platform as a member.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Kasamba comes highly rated as one of the most economical and low-cost love psychic websites available online. All psychic readers on Kasamba are required to establish their per-minute pricing within the platform’s guidelines. It’s vital to keep track of how much you’ll have to spend each minute for a psychic reading. That is because a single minute might cost anywhere from $1 to more than $5.

Kasamba also has a one-of-a-kind introductory period that includes a free, authentic psychic reading within the first 3 minutes and a 50% discount on all first-time readings.

Kasamba allows you to steer your life in the direction you choose.

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#2. Psychic Source – Create your own Happily Ever After


Since 1989, Psychic Source has been providing internet psychic readings. They’ve managed to accomplish at least three decades’ worth of top-notch readings. Their ability to deliver outstanding tarot readings, psychic readings, career forecasts, relationship psychics, dream interpretation, fortune-telling, and counseling sets them apart from their competitors. It’s no surprise that Psychic Source attracts consumers from all around the world.

The great psychic advisors’ portfolio distinguishes Psychic Source from its competitors. They are pleased to have one of the greatest, most skilled, and certified psychic reading panels on their platform, offering the best of the best to their consumers. Psychic Source is known for its sensitivity and kind demeanor, making its customers feel at ease when they contact them for assistance.

They ensure that their consumers are comfortable enough to confide in them about their secrets and important life issues through customer satisfaction. There’s no better way to mentor someone than to ask them to tell you the truth. Psychic Source is well-known for doing just that.

Your Psychic Source pals understand how anxiety and sadness feel, and they’re here to help you get out of it. Psychic Source is proud to have a diverse group of specialist psychics on staff to help with love, job, financial issues, previous lives, loss of a loved one, horoscopes, and more.

The committee involved in screening psychic readers put the applicants on this website through a thorough vetting procedure to guarantee that they do not compromise the quality of their service. Rest easy that their psychic reading professionals are certified, experienced, and completely trained. They provide everything from astrological readings to love tarot readings to previous life readings to dream interpretation.

Customer satisfaction is a top focus at Psychic Source, and their mentors and psychic counselors understand how important it is.

Psychic Source feels delighted to be one of the greatest psychic reading online websites, with a reputation for giving consumers the most accurate and dependable predictions and visions. Their exceptional advisors use their intuitive and spiritual abilities to see and hear things that no ordinary person can comprehend. Psychic Source is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for real spiritual healing and soul cleaning.

Attractive Features

  • The platform is supported by a combined two decades of expertise.
  • Specialized staff is there to assist you with any concerns you may have at all times.
  • Supported by a vast network of seasoned psychics who have spent years assisting people in planning for the future and making the most of the present.
  • The portal offers a diverse selection of the finest psychic readings to individuals sitting in different corners of the world, from free psychic love readings to tarot readings and dream analysis.
  • Readings start at $1 per minute and go up from there.
  • The availability of Android and iOS apps makes the consultation process easier.
  • Real-time, 100 percent secure, accurate, and personal readings are provided.
  • Customers new to the program receive a 70% discount on their first session.


  • Readers of exceptional quality.
  • Genuine reviews.
  • Data security is assured.
  • Assurance of customer satisfaction.


  • Some psychic sessions may prove costlier than others.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Psychic Source comes highly recommended since it provides the finest discounts to its consumers. Here, you will have some special deals to take advantage of, such as a 3-minute free trial session with one of the greatest online psychics of your choice. Aside from that, Psychic Source provides new visitors to their website a 75 percent discount, which is quite appealing to anyone who wants to change their fate.

Customers will keep returning for more when they join up to try their luck with Psychic Source. This platform is the top pick for many clients due to its world-class free psychic readings and low costs. To give you an idea of what to expect, your initial consultations with Psychic Source will cost as little as $0.66 per minute, which would be after you have received three minutes of complimentary psychic readings.

You may make your life more predictable by using the Psychic Source.

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#3. Purple Garden – Navigate Through Trauma and Difficult Experiences with Psychic Readings


Purple Garden can assist you in navigating through difficult times in your life and achieving your full potential. It can help you through any situation, whether you want to know about a future event or get insight into your worries, vulnerabilities, and passions.

This one-stop shop for psychic reading online sessions may assist you in gaining insight and direction on all of your pressing concerns. Purple Garden began offering psychic readings over the internet in 2006. It is run on the most up-to-date platforms compared to the previous ones and provides numerous services. It has happy clients all over the world. This network has over 3000 live psychics that can assist folks in finding a way out of their gloom.

Purple Garden has been assisting millions of individuals throughout every corner of the world in realizing their full potential for more than a decade. Purple Garden features user-friendly software for iOS and Android users, which sets it apart from its competitors. Clients will find it easier to download the app and interact with internet psychics for their psychic readings.

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Aside from that, the program supports several languages, including Dutch, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Greek, French, and, of course, English. Purple Garden concentrates on giving live psychic readings for individuals from different languages worldwide, in addition to serving people across different time zones.

Purple Garden offers online psychic readings on several topics that might include money, love, job, romance, health, and much more. Tarot card reading, palm reading, relationship counseling, dream analysis, oracle advice, angel insights, horoscope, and astrology are among the many services available. Many individuals are apprehensive about consulting with a psychic in person. Obtaining a psychic reading online is very different from receiving one personally.

Purple Garden’s online psychics provide multiple contact ways for consumers to receive live readings. You can use a phone call, video call, email, or even live chat if that is more convenient for you.

When it comes to the site itself, discovering internet psychics is a breeze. Users may quickly sort all online psychics accessible using their specified parameters, including cost, reviews, and preferred ways of communication. They may also search for internet psychics within their price range to ensure that they connect with affordable ones. It saves you time to find an internet psychic who is a good fit for your concerns.

Attractive Features

  • The website, founded in 2006, now has over 3000 of the top psychics.
  • Contains a massive list of internet psychics that have decades of experience and are certified in their abilities.
  • Tarot readings, dream interpretation, oracle advice, angel insights, and more are among the services offered.
  • People worldwide may get help via live chat, video calls, and phone.
  • Aside from the textual narrative, each internet psychic’s page includes an introduction video.
  • Psychic readings are completely private and anonymous.
  • Allows you to check out the greatest psychics’ ratings and reviews before booking a session with them.


  • Purple Garden’s emoji-heavy website is entertaining to surf.
  • Access to talented psychics’ service is straightforward because of the obvious smiling face/frowny face review rating system.
  • The ones that are busy or have high accuracy are obvious in the extensive introductory profiles.
  • The site lists the number of reads each person has done – some have done over 50,000!


  • Purple Garden is not recommended for amateurs because the online service gives very little detail aside from individual advertisements.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Purple Garden is top-rated since locating helpful psychics on Purple Garden is simple and quick due to the personalized filters. User ratings, the number of readings, cost, chosen means of contact, and the minimum number of advisor reviews may all be used to order the results. Users may also choose a price range to guarantee that only solutions within their budget are presented to them.

Purple Garden will assist you in uncovering your life’s mysteries.

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#4. California Psychics – Find out your Fortune from the Best in the Psychic Industry


California Psychics is a great place to go if you want to learn more about what’s going on in your life and spirit. In the early 1990s, this corporation figuratively opened its doors to its clients. Since the website’s launch, consumers have placed their confidence in them in the same way that a lost person finds light at the end of a tunnel.

California Psychics is committed to maintaining its high level of reputation. The psychic service has reportedly done much hard work in assembling a staff of qualified and knowledgeable internet psychic readers. To offer the most accurate readings, they ensure that all of their applicants go through several processes in the hiring process.

Initially, each applicant must go through a rigorous screening procedure. These examinations ensure that only individuals who have demonstrated exceptional performance and proficiency are employed, enhancing the company’s trust.

California Psychics also conducts background checks on its online psychic counselors, as well as a thorough screening procedure that considers the candidates’ credibility, expertise, and diligence. Additionally, the total quality and accuracy of readings, and customer ratings, are added to each free psychic’s unique ranking continually.

California Psychics provides a staff of top-notch and highly competent psychic readers from which to pick. These professionals will not only provide their clientele with very accurate readings to assist them with their long-term plans, but they will also fill each appointment with optimism and contagious positive energy.

California Psychics’ non-judgmental readings for your future life offer you the head start you’ve always wanted to set the tone right and get started. Over 2 million pleased clients have received online psychic readings from them over their three decades of operation. Based on their 5-star ratings and favorable remarks, you can also guess how pleased each client was.

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Another fantastic feature of California Psychics is that they provide a wide range of psychic styles. In addition, they provide a wide range of fortune-telling services. Crystal gazing interpretations, I-chings, tarot card readings, pendulums, and much more are all part of their broad repertoire.

They’ve also added a few additional types of psychic readings and fortune-telling sessions to their repertoire throughout the years. If you prefer chat psychics or free psychic readings over the phone, all of these services will be there at your fingertips.

Attractive Features

  • The platform has been operational since 1995.
  • Millions of individuals have benefited in issues concerning love and relationships, mental health, career, future forecasts, and much more.
  • It connects you with an experienced team of the best psychic readers who are available every time to provide guidance and support during difficult times.
  • Before being recruited for the job, internet psychics are subjected to a thorough examination.
  • Psychics employ diverse techniques (crystal balls, cards, pendulums, etc.).
  • Real-time and 100 percent accurate psychic readings are available.
  • The first five minutes of psychic readings are free for new customers.


  • You can obtain a discount if you utilize the coupon ‘ADD5’.
  • You can browse through over 300 readers.
  • Millions of happy consumers worldwide have blessed the psychic readers on this website with positive reviews.
  • Readers with extensive experience; experts in the subject.


  • The reading approach may appear to be a bit generic for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Finally, California Psychics is a top recommendation since it offers some of the greatest psychic readings online at reasonable prices. The comprehensive screening procedure that California Psychics conducts for all potential psychic reading providers is one of the reasons for their success. To be a part of California Psychics, all readers must satisfy specific criteria and demonstrate their talents.

With the guidance of a California Psychic reading, you may start living the life you’ve always desired.

⇒ Visit the official website of California Psychics


1) What can I do to get the most out of a psychic reading?

It helps to be informed for a psychic medium session, just as it does for many other aspects of life. Having your questions prepared ahead of time not only helps you make the most of your time with a psychic but will also help you concentrate your energy.

But, don’t become overly attached to a certain aim; it’s better to let the fortune teller control the pace and flow of the conversation. They have their way of working, which you should respect to get the best reading possible.

Avoid asking simple yes/no questions. Asking open-ended questions will allow the psychic to express their insights and prevent conversational dead ends.

2) Is it better to have a phone reading or a chat reading?

So, you’ve found a tarot card reading that seems like a good fit for you, and you’re ready to connect. It’s easy to get mixed up between the two most common methods of contacting an online psychic reader: phone and chat.

People have been getting psychic readings over the phone for decades. It’s handy, portable, and well-suited to several readings and tools. Some people despise the thought of having face-to-face talks and find typing swiftly in chat stressful.

Talking to phone psychics is an excellent balance for them. It may even appear as if you’re conversing with a friend. On the other hand, online communication has its advantages. It might be tough to recall everything spoken during a phone reading. It can happen because the psychic sessions can be lengthy.

When you choose a chat psychic, you will receive a transcript of the whole session. Furthermore, the communication is silent, which might be considered an advantage.

You should use a chat psychic if phone sessions are difficult for you due to a noisy setting or privacy concerns. It helps find the ideal answer.

3) What should I avoid during a psychic reading online?

Psychic readings are crucial dialogues, whether it’s a session with a psychic medium or a tarot reading session. Again, we advise against asking many yes or no questions because they will lead to a dead-end in the conversation.

Another piece of advice we’d like to provide is to refrain from exerting too much influence over the psychic reading. You may disrupt the entire psychic process if you do so. Both the customer and the reader may have a negative experience due to that. Allow the psychic reader to lead the conversation, and you’ll acquire useful information.

4) Would psychic websites provide me with free sessions?

You’ve come to the right place. Free trial readings are available on several psychic websites. The first three minutes are free, but the rest of the call is charged at a reduced per-minute cost.

Other websites provide free minutes as part of an introductory package or allow you to speak with a psychic before making a purchase. It is also possible to receive a whole reading for free.

The problem is that most psychic readings are created by algorithms and are not tailored to your circumstance. You may also hunt for free smartphone apps that automatically respond to your questions.

Although you won’t interact with a real medium here, the free readings are enjoyable. And, who knows, you could even get some useful advice!

5) What is the reason that people seek psychic help?

Psychics are endowed with mystic abilities and a keen sense of intuition. They possess a special relationship with energy. Most individuals maintain complete trust in a psychic’s skills, while others are simply interested in the influence a psychic reading might have on their lives.

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Users contact psychics with a plethora of queries on their thoughts. These readings help them analyze their current situation and learn what the near future holds for them.

Final Thoughts

Finally, internet psychic readings are being supplied to the general public as a ray of light in the current world’s gloom. By bringing quality and convenience to customers’ fingertips, free psychics have sparked a revolution in the profession. Nowadays, you may easily contact the top psychics without ever leaving the comfort of your home, seeking insight, spiritual healing, and assistance for all of your life’s issues.

We hope that the material in this blog will answer all of your questions and dispel any reservations you may have had regarding free psychic readings online. We’ve hand-picked and tested all of the greatest psychic reading platforms available by phone, chat, live, or other ways. You no longer have to comb through the internet’s profusion of satisfactory or fraudulent psychic reading sites.

You may take your time to investigate each of the above-mentioned greatest psychics platforms to find one that best meets your needs and ideologies. What is the key to finding something that you are entirely comfortable with amid all the commotion? It is to test all of those mentioned above top online psychic readings platforms and then choose the one you like.

So, if you’ve made a bad career choice, have a broken love, or need some general advice, internet psychics are waiting to help you on one of the sites described above. Allow the greatest psychics to lead you.

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