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Phone Psychics: 5 Top Sites for Psychic Phone Readings Online

A guide to best phone psychics online, most accurate psychic phone readings services providing free calling consultation in 2022.

If you’re feeling lost and abandoned in a world of uncertainty, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world have watched their lives fall apart after the pandemic. You can fill the void with certainty, hope, and optimism shared during a psychic phone reading online.

Thanks to virtual psychic readings, you can immerse yourself in the spiritual world and decode the laws of the universe. The new knowledge can set you towards a clearer path and a better future. The key lies in having faith and ensuring that you choose a trustworthy mystic advisor for this new chapter in life.

We provide you with all the information you need for selecting the best psychics for this quest in this article.

Let’s begin!

5 Top Sites for Psychic Phone Readings Online

If you’re looking for trustworthy phone psychics and accurate readings, then we can help. We’ve searched the web to find the best virtual platforms for these mystical services. Each name on this list offers something unique and adheres to standard user privacy protocols during sessions. Additionally, they feature an excellent range of psychic phone reading services within your budget too.

Let’s have a look:


  • Receive precise psychic phone readings for love and relationship advice
  • Connect with top-rated phone psychics and chat psychics
  • Free 3 minutes+ 70% discount for new clients

Keen Psychics

  • The best choice for beginners
  • Pay only $1.99 for your 10-minute introductory reading
  • 5-star psychics and abundant services within your reach

California Psychics

  • Affordable phone psychic readings for everyone
  • Pay only $1/minute + 5 free minutes for trial readings
  • 100% accuracy and precise predictions

Psychic Source

  • The ultimate choice for career forecasts and financial advice
  • Connect with experienced online psychics and tarot readers
  • 75% discount after 3 free minutes

Ask Now

  • Enjoy low rates and accurate psychic phone readings
  • 24×7 customer support for psychic readings by phone
  • 5 Free Minutes for All Introductory Sessions

Full Disclosure: Which Platform Should You Choose for Psychic Phone Readings Online?

There might be thousands of virtual platforms available for online psychics these days. Having numerous offerings can make finding a reliable psychic service provider challenging for newcomers. It’s why we scoured the net to shortlist sites that stood the test of time.

Each platform offers versatility, affordability, and above all, security for your phone psychic readings online.

Here’s a closer look at the best psychics available online:

Kasamba: The #1 Choice for Phone Psychic Readings


Do you feel like you’re unlucky in love? Do you dream about a happily ever after with your significant other? Find out if it’s the right time to marry, have kids, or make other life-altering decisions in your love life at Kasamba.

The old-school psychic service uses love psychics as a claim to fame. Its 100% accuracy rate, zodiac compatibility tests, and personalised predictions have satisfied over a million customers. You can be part of its winning streak by taking a leap of faith and signing up for a free psychic phone reading.

There are infinite options available on Kasamba for online psychics. The most frequently used services include love tarot readings, angel card reading, dream analysis, daily horoscope, and other mystic reading styles. Each session is led by a verified psychic expert who passed the platform’s rigid screening policies.

Besides this, Kasamba uses anonymous chat features, secured chat rooms, and protected payment channels for operations. All three elements collectively ensure that there’s no breach of privacy or security during your online psychic session. A 24/7 customer support team and glowing customer reviews testify to its transparent conduct.

How Much Does Phone Psychics Reading Cost?

Kasamba might be one of the oldest phone psychic service providers on this list. Yet, it doesn’t use its expertise as an excuse to charge you more than others—instead, it is known to provide phone psychic readings at a competitive market price.

Your mystic reading with Kasamba starts with free psychics. These trial sessions last for three minutes. After that, you can either cancel the consultation or opt for a paid upgrade. The extended session costs $1 per minute with a 70% off discount for first-timers. You can schedule a follow-up after completing the introductory reading.

Apart from this, you can pay for monthly bundle packages to book monthly appointments with your preferred psychic reader.

Special Features

  • More than 20 years of experience in love psychics and relationship advice
  • Consult gifted seers, tarot card readers, astrologists, and spiritual advisors from all around the world.
  • An always-on customer service support team
  • Offer interactive psychic sessions via text messages, phone, and video calls
  • Live psychics for love tarot card readings, aura reading, astrology, angel card readings, and more
  • Free psychic readings online (Max 3 minutes)
  • Budget-friendly psychic services starting from $1/min
  • Completely secure payment options
  • User verification and protected passwords for extra security
  • Money-back guarantee

In short, it’s got everything you need for an enlightening and meaningful psychic reading online.

>> Get all your questions about life and love answered at Kasamba

Keen Psychics: The Perfect Choice for Beginners


If you’re new to online psychics, you might have an easier time navigating Keen Psychics than other service providers. Its well-integrated user interface and self-help services streamline operations. Therefore, making everything from registration to scheduling a consultation seems relatively simple.

The value offered to clients, and its tech-driven updates set Keen Psychics apart from old-school mystic platforms. You’ll also enjoy the extraordinary range of psychic mediums available on this site. Popular choices include astrology chart readings, career forecasts, angel card readings, tarot card readings, rune readings, and other types of live psychics. Users are allowed to mix and match psychic reading styles when they book an advanced psychic reader.

You can browse through the online profiles of each verified psychic. Then choose the best option available in the area of interest. Keen Psychics ensure that every interaction leads to a meaningful conversation. That’s why they’ve run a thorough background check on each prospect psychic before inviting them to the platform. These efforts ensure that you interact with experienced online psychics who will always adhere to user privacy protocols.

Moreover, your contact details and identity remains hidden throughout your free psychics reading by phone. You have the option to share your name or stick to initials if you decide to continue consultation at a later date.

Apart from this, the customer support team at Keen Psychics stays active at all hours. That means they are ready to intervene and assist you during technical emergencies or other phone psychics-related issues. You can even switch onto chat psychics or video calls with their help if required.

If you’re still unsure, you might gain more clarity by reading the fantastic reviews and customer stories shared on their official site and social media pages. These testimonials give you a hint of what you can expect from this user-focused team of psychic experts.

How Much Does Phone Psychic Reading Cost?

Keen Psychics creates a level playing field for newcomers and loyal customers. You can test the waters with a free psychic reading by phone. Then move onto an extended session that costs $1.99 and lasts for 10 minutes. It’s an upgrade like no other, with a particular focus on accessibility and budget.

If you’re satisfied with the phone psychic services, you can seal the deal by becoming a repeat customer. It allows you to enjoy discount deals and seasonal offers shared with monthly subscribers. Additionally, you have the choice to continue working with the same psychic expert or seeking consultation from multiple mystic practitioners.

The final decision lies in your hands. Keen Psychics only wants you to have fun during this insightful journey.

Special Features

  • A well-reputable psychic service with 20 years of experience
  • Interact with a global community of experienced psychics online
  • An excellent choice for online tarot card readings, astrology, dream analysis, spiritual readings, and other types of mystic consultations
  • Work with a reliable customer support team where everyone’s always ready to help
  • Offers phone psychics, chat psychics, and video calls in real-time
  • Enjoy free phone psychic readings for the first three minutes
  • Upgrade your trial session by paying only $1.99 for a 10-minute long consultation
  • Starting price $1 per minute for paid psychic readings
  • User-friendly interface for easy usage and accessibility
  • The platform receives 5-star ratings on user privacy and customer support

All this makes it a great pick for first time users. Its excellent customer support services and incredible web-integration are other qualities that allows it to stand apart from a crowd of competing phone psychic services.

Visit Keen Psychics to enjoy 10 minutes of phone psychic reading for only $1.99

California Psychics: Get Reliable Readings at Exceptional Rates


California Psychics ventured into the magical world almost two decades ago. They have managed to retain their reputation and hype by providing an assorted range of psychic services online. These include tarot card readings, i-Ching readings, energy healing, astrology, holistic healing, etc. Each of these divination tools requires skilful handling and intuitive interpretation.

California Psychics ensures that these requirements are met by recruiting the best psychics online. These mystic practitioners undergo multiple tests and demos before they become a part of this community. The well-vetted team creates a safe and secure environment for users as, you only interact with experienced readers. These professionals have a genuine interest in the spiritual world, which translates better during your free psychic readings.

Moreover, you get to choose your psychic expert with the assistance of a search engine. You can ask customer support representatives for assistance and read online reviews for more information on the selected psychic. These features help you make an informed decision when you’re choosing your mystic advisor.

Additionally, it illustrates that California Psychics prioritises your interests and psychic goals over everything else. They’ve created password-protected accounts, anonymous chat options and secure payment channels too. These features ensure that your confidential information stays safe during psychic reading online.

How Much Does Phone Psychic Reading Cost?

California Psychics beats other psychic services with its five-minute-long Introductory session. The two-minute extension allows you to enjoy free psychics and ask follow-up questions without worrying about time constraints. It could be the very thing that turns your standard session into a golden opportunity to find love, wealth, and success.

Later on, you can upgrade the consultation for a few more minutes at the cost of $1 per minute.

Recurring clients can opt for monthly services chosen through its three-tier price plan. Options include preferred psychics, popular psychics, and premium phone psychics online. Each is distinguished by the level of expertise, skills, and methods. Customer ratings and feedback also influence the total price.

Nevertheless, these flexible offerings ensure that all services are within a reasonable budget range.

Special Features

  • It offers decades of expertise in mysticism and psychic readings
  • A well-vetted team of online psychics, tarot card readers, astrologists, and other types of psychic readers is available on a single platform
  • 100% precise psychic readings by phone and chat
  • Low rates and commendable customer support services
  • Confidentiality chats are available for more anonymity
  • One of the few psychic platforms with i-Ching readings available online
  • Receive psychic readings by phone, chat psychics , and video calls
  • Pay $1 per minute for your introductory mystic sessions
  • A three-tier pricing system for user convenience

On the whole, California Psychics aligns with your budget and psychic goals with ease. They back this up with transparent phone psychic services and honest conduct. Consequently, allowing you to feel safe and secure whenever you log in to this mystical space.

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Psychic Source: A Trustworthy Source for Financial Advice and Career Consultations


Psychic Source was originally offered psychic reading by phone offline in the 90s. It upgraded to an online network with the passage of time and technological advancements. Yet, many loyal customers remain invested in its phone psychics. Having an early start has made it popular amongst online psychics that need a reputable medium to connect with clients.

Therefore, you’ll have access to a well-vetted team of live psychics, spiritual guides, astrologists, seers, and aura readers on this platform. These psychic practitioners use everything from tarot cards, crystal balls to astrology charts for their readings. Subsequently, their experience and methodical approach lead to 100% accurate psychic readings by phone, chat, and video.

All you have to do is choose the right mystic advisor for your session. It’s an easy feat because of its well-integrated search engine. All you have to do is type a few keywords and use the Psychic Tool to find a compatible spiritual advisor. Alternatively, you can ask the staff for suggestions or use customer testimonials to seek consultation from a top-rated advisor.

Lastly, you’ll appreciate the confidentiality chat features and encrypted online registration available on Psychic Source. It safeguards your privacy and keeps prying eyes away whenever you come online.

Special Features

  • Over 30 years of experience in phone psychics and tarot reading online
  • Highly recommended for career and finance-related psychic consultations
  • Book an online consultation with top-rated psychics from all around the world
  • 24-hour customer support services available for psychic emergences
  • Connect with mystic advisors in private chat rooms via phone, text, or video calls
  • Popular psychic services (i.e., tarot card reading, career forecast, and dream interpretations) are available on-demand
  • Try your luck with a non-obligatory trial (free 3 minutes)
  • Exclusive 75% off for new clients after their first psychic session
  • Secure financial transactions through reputable online payment methods

Overall, Psychic Source provides you with the whole package deal. It’s affordable, versatile, and completely secure for all types of online psychic readings. In addition to that, it’s backed by a dedicated customer support team that’s always there for you.

How Much Does Phone Psychic Reading Cost?

Psychic Source provides on-demand mystic services at reasonable prices and year-round discount offers. Loyal customers receive great deals, and newcomers start their psychic journey on a good note with an exclusive 75% off on completing their introductory consultation.

It all begins with a quick and easy signup process. You can then choose a registered psychic expert and start a free psychic reading online . All trial sessions are three minutes long, after which you can switch to a paid subscription. If you’re a first-timer, you can use the discount offer, while recurring customers can give a fixed monthly package a try. These get charged according to the experience level and specialty of the psychic expert.

Luckily, Psychic Source offers budget-oriented price plans starting from only $0.66. That means you won’t have to break the bank to get an accurate reading.

Head over to Psychic Source for a 75% discount offer on phone psychic readings!

AskNow: Affordable Live Psychic Sessions by Phone


AskNow opened its psychic services in 2005. That makes it relatively new compared to the other websites on this list. Yet, this doesn’t stop it from working alongside the bigger psychic hotlines. The company manages to lure in customers with its authentic offerings and cooperative services. For instance, the free ask service lets you ask whatever you desire without paying a dime. Additionally, they’ve got a spectacular range of psychic services.

Popular options include mystic consultations with tarot card readers, numerologists, astrologists, intuitive readers, career specialists, and other types of online psychics. You can go through psychic profiles to choose a compatible psychic before booking a psychic reading. After that, you can enjoy free psychic readings by phone, chat, or video call for the trial session.

Moreover, when it comes to user satisfaction and privacy, AskNow doesn’t disappoint. Its customer support team works around the clock to answer queries and address complaints in real-time.They’ve also got a strict screening system in place to keep fake psychics and inexperienced online psychics out of the equation.

Apart from this, they have secure chat rooms and password-protected user accounts. These features maintain user privacy throughout your session. All this ensures that you don’t face any difficulties whenever you use AskNow for your psychic reading online.

How Much Does Phone Psychic Reading Cost?

AskNow offers a free ask for all new visitors. All you have to do is ask your question and receive your reading via email. Response time takes 24-48 hours, depending on when you send the query. You can move onto a live psychic reading if you are satisfied with the prediction.

Next, you choose a physic advisor of your choice for a free introductory consultation. These trial sessions last for five minutes, which is longer than most free psychic readings. You can opt for an extended consultation after the trial period ends. The base cost is $1 per minute with additional charges for premium psychic experts.

Special Features

  • Genuine and accurate psychic readings by phone and chat guaranteed
  • Real-time phone psychics, chat psychics, and video calls
  • Enjoy a 24/7 connection with gifted live psychics from near and far
  • Choose from a diverse range of psychic readings (i.e., crystal gazing, astrology, tarot card reading, spiritual guides, and more)
  • Free Psychic readings by phone that last for five minutes
  • Pay only $1 per minute to consult a professional mystic reader
  • Adjustable price range and personalised packages available

In short, AskNow can help you resolve life challenges and prepare for a more prosperous future with accurate psychic phone readings online. Additionally, its affordable rates and unconditional customer support services elevate the whole mystical experience.

Visit AskNow to Rewrite the Stars and Live Your Best Life

How to Choose Reliable Phone Psychics for Your Online Psychic Reading?

The pandemic led to a “ boom in spirituality ” as wandering souls flocked towards tarot card readings and astrological charts. Everyone wanted to know if the world was ending and whether their financial investments would bear any fruit in the future. Others used astrology and holistic healing as a psychic medium to connect with their inner self.

These might be the reasons why you’re eager to hop on the tarot train of success. Alternatively, you may be a romantic soul who wants some love adviceto find the perfect partner.

No matter the reason, we can help you select the right psychic consultant with our helpful guide.

Here’s a short guide to get you started on the right track:

Q. 1 How to Choose a Trustworthy Platform for Your Psychic Readings by Phone?

Online psychic scams are more common than you think. Yet, there are ways to prevent financial ruin if you set a few ground rules. Keeping an eye out for red flags and registering on verified mystic networks with phone psychics are some steps to take. These preventive measures allow you to explore the spiritual world with minimum setbacks.

We’ve created a few simple rules to streamline your search for the next reliable psychic master.

Let’s have a look:

Rule No.1: Research. Research. Research.

You can’t pick a random online psychic for your reading. Conduct thorough research in the psychic specialty or field you’re interested in to learn how everything works. After that, choose a mystic service platform that offers these services.

You need to ensure that your chosen website adopts a transparent business model. That means it abides by user privacy laws and doesn’t breach security for ulterior motives. Third-party involvement is also kept to a minimum to prevent unwanted ads and data transfers during your secure psychic reading sessions.

Rule No.2: Check Customer Reviews and Ratings

A trustworthy psychic reading platform, appreciates honest feedback and addresses complaints. Good reviews and 5-star ratings are a good indicator of how well a specific psychic service performs. Hence, you should scroll through a few to know what you can expect from your shortlisted service providers.

Some websites post reviews with the psychic’s name or add reviews on their profile. Having honest customer feedback can help you select a compatible mystic advisor. You can compare pricing to ensure that your phone psychic readings online don’t exceed the budget.

Rule No.3: Read the Fine Print

Don’t take online terms and conditions lightly as they determine whether or not a psychic service is safe for use, along with their interest in taking steps for user data protection and security. For instance, some websites might request user verification passwords every time you log in. Other psychic services offer confidentiality chats and third-party clauses that prevent your information from reaching the wrong hands.

Furthermore, you can follow the transactional trail to see where your money goes. Virtual spaces that value customer trust and loyalty. It’s why they collaborate with reputable online payment platforms (i.e., PayPal). Having a well-vetted and frequently used medium minimises financial risk and facilitates secure transactions.

Alternatively, you figure out which one of our suggested sites provides multiple payment options. That way, you can sign up for paid packages and access premium psychic services with ease.

Any psychic reading online platform that doesn’t meet these criteria might not be the right choice for you. Not only do they pose a threat in terms of credibility, but there’s a chance that you might waste your time and money on a fake psychic.

How Do Phone Psychics Work?

Like any other online service, you need to create an account on the website. After that, you can search, scroll and schedule an appointment with a preferred psychic expert.

Most psychic platforms (like the ones we recommended) offer live chat and a customer hotline for real-time support. You can use these services for suggestions and any technical glitch you might come across during the search.

Once you’ve set the time and date, the site will direct you towards a protected chat room. Your mystic advisor will start the session with a quick introduction. They might ask you to share something about yourself and what you expect from this reading. Prepare to answer specific questions about personal and professional life during this conversation.

Small talk helps build a rapport and allows psychic mediums to feel more connected during the psychic. Subsequently, it’s an excellent way to set you at ease.

The next phase of your psychic reading by phone involves the reading itself. Each psychic expert uses divination tools such as tarot cards, pendulums, astrology charts, i-Chings to predict your future. Your mystic guide will perform the reading over the phone and dictate what these tools reveal after asking your question.

You have the choice to ask follow-up questions for more clarity within the same session. If you’re satisfied with the reading, you may end the phone call. You can return to the same psychic expert for future consultations or book someone else for the next reading.

The whole process is pretty flexible and adaptable. These traits make online psychic readings a much better experience than restrictive in-person settings for mystics.

Phone Psychics vs. Chat Psychics: Why Are Psychic Phone Readings Better?

If there’s a choice between text-based psychic readings and psychic readings by phone, the latter wins most of the time. That’s because phone psychics are more personable and intimate compared to texts.

More importantly, psychic phone readings are in-depth and detailed. The conversation flows easily, and you can ask follow-up questions in real-time. You can also be specific when you want clarity or ask your designated reader to repeat something during the reading. Additionally, phone psychics are more attuned to your feelings and thoughts. That makes it easier for them to interpret your thoughts and understand your follow-up questions.

In contrast, texting psychic experts might seem restrictive if your writing skills aren’t as good as your speaking capability. Similarly, formulating the right question via text can be challenging as you need to keep things short. You might misinterpret the reading when you’re used to discussing ideas aloud. These factors can leave you feeling disenchanted.

Therefore, we suggest that you begin your mystical journey via phone instead of cryptic text messages.

How to Get Accurate Readings from Phone Psychics?

The secret to receiving an accurate reading is two-fold.

First, you need to do your research and ensure that you’re selecting an experienced mystic advisor for your free psychic readings. Answer number one already teaches you how to book an appointment with a compatible psychic expert. Follow those rules to the T to meet the best psychics available online.

If you’re feeling anxious about what you might hear, you may ask the customer support representative to walk you through the process. Knowing what to expect can calm you down and help you prepare yourself mentally for the psychic reading.

Next, ensure that you’re in a noise-free room. You can even light some incense candles to create a relaxing mood. That way, there will be no disruptions or distractions when you’re talking to your online psychic and you’ll approach everything with more focus.

You see, the way you react to a psychic reading influences its accuracy. Hence, it’s vital that you keep an open mind throughout your session. Then try your best to implement what you learned by making small changes in your routine and perception. Taking an initiative to transform your life increases the chances of making a prediction come true.

Final Words

In the end, the path of enlightenment remains open for anyone who makes an effort to seek it. Phone psychic readings can be your first step towards this insightful journey. It allows you to see the world in a new light and shake off the worries that weigh you down.

Moreover, the right mystic advisor can show you how to overcome emerging challenges and resolve internal conflicts with accurate predictions. Additionally, you can venture into the virtual side of psychic readings with confidence by choosing a verified, customer-approved phone psychic service. The ones we reviewed will give you a solid head start on this quest.

May the odds ever be in your favour!

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