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Online Tarot Readings: Best Tarot Card Reading Websites for Love & Career Insight

Future events are unpredictable, and most individuals are wary of uncertain and unfamiliar events. Worry about the future keeps them up at night and even hinders them from fulfilling their purposes. Individuals seem lost and need a gentle push that can make them understand that they are on the right track. It is in these moments that people resort to psychic arts and, importantly, online tarot card reading. Millions and billions of people across the world have always benefited from these tarot card readings that have illuminated their paths to self-awareness and have helped them better understand their life energy flow.

This form of psychic reading involves experts using a deck of cards to predict a person’s past, present, and future. In addition to this, those who are confused by life’s challenges and difficulties can also benefit from tarot readings. Yet, despite its several advantages, tarot reading remains a highly underused gift. This is because getting an authentic online tarot reading expert among numerous imposters is very challenging. However, once discovered, people encounter extraordinary variations in the way they see and experience life. Furthermore, the shift of tarot readings practices to tarot online has likewise raised the perplexities of people envious of getting a life-changing online tarot card reading experience.

To assist people in making appropriate decisions and protect them from falling into a fraudulent platform, we provide a review of the four best online tarot card reading platforms known for their expertise and authenticity.

Best Rated Tarot Cards Reading Platforms of 2022

1. Kasamba – most reliable online tarot card readings platform that provides accurate readings on love and relationships. It provides users with the first 3 minutes of their tarot readings free of charge with a flat discount of 70%.

2. Keen Psychics – most affordable tarot card reading online platform with highly skilled psychics. Obtain a ten-minute online tarot reading for as little as $1.99, including phone calls, email communication, and live chat support.

3. Psychic Source – This website is most well-known for obtaining tarot reading with the support of angel cards. There is a free tarot reading for the first three minutes on this website, along with a flat 75% discount.

4. California Psychics – best online tarot card reading platform to receive valuable insights on the future and career-related advice. At California Psychics, clients get initial 5 minutes of free tarot reading if they use the promo code ‘ADD5’, and all initial tarot readings at $1 per minute.

#1. Kasamba Psychics – Best Website For Expert Love Readings


Kasamba psychics hold the distinction of being the very best in tarot reading online. Over the last two decades, this site has consistently provided a high standard of tarot readings and consistent quality to its customers. People tend to use Kasamba psychics as the primary name when they are seeking the most authoritative and accurate platform for love tarot card reading.

Kasamba Psychics’ tarot card readers specialize in providing various psychic renderings, including tarot card readings, rune stone readings, palm readings, numerology, horoscope reviews, and various others. Furthermore, Kasamba offers the most credible and out-of-the-box love tarot readings in addition to all of the above.

Therefore, people who are dealing with dilemmas, questions, or doubts related to love, marriage, or relations should always wish to hire Kasamba psychics as they can supply solutions to all their love and relationship concerns. A user can receive the most moderately priced online tarot reading service over the internet at present with this online tarot card reading website.

The primary reason for these low rates is that Kasamba Psychics’ tarot card readers only offer their services within the pricing parameters predetermined by Kasamba’s in-house team of psychics. One minute of expert tarot card reading at Kasamba Psychics starts at $1, and the highest price can increase to $30. The price for this complete service depends on the kind of support a user needs, along with the style of tarot card reading desired and the proficiency level of the card reading platform.

Aside from that, every new user of the Kasamba portal receives three free minutes of their first online tarot card reading, no matter which tarot card expert they choose, as well as a 70 percent discount on the first online tarot reading consultation. Kasamba is aware that several patrons are hesitant to invest large sums in online tarot readings because they don’t know how the session will transpire.

By providing people with a sense of how a tarot card reading concourse works, these opening minutes help them to grow out of this unwillingness. They can move forward with the concourse if they feel it is worth it. The three minutes of complimentary tarot card reading can be stopped anytime if you are not satisfied with the tarot reading. In case of dissatisfaction with the interpretation session, the entire payment is returned to the patron instantly.

Kasamba also provides two distinct approaches to tarot card reading that are known as cartomancy and angel reading. In the tarot card world, cartomancy serves to aid individuals in complex love-related matters such as relationship issues. Also, explanations can be given about eventuality, wealth, and the state of one’s life. Alternatively, angel cards can be used to communicate insight with your guardian spirit, departed family members, and spirit exhibitor.

At Kasamba, creating an online account is a simple and straightforward process. It requires something as simple as filling in an online form that asks for basic information such as a contact number, initial name, and e-mail address. By inserting this data, the Kasamba Psychics network immediately takes you to their main webpage in which you can book an appointment with your coveted tarot card reader and schedule an interpretation.

Apart from this, Kasamba Psychics is strict and dogmatic about the vetting process they observe when it comes to employing and hiring tarot card readers. Kasamba’s management team evaluates tarot card readers on the basis of a variety of factors, including a background investigation, areas of expertise, and exceptional abilities honed by the readers. To get the specifics of their fiery eagerness, a user can contact Kasamba tarot card readers over the phone, chat with them or conduct an email exchange.

As Kasamba understands, users may be skeptical of tarot card readers and their ability to offer accurate information, especially if they have never had such an experience before. Thus, Kasamba offers a client-friendly portal through which interested visitors can browse a plethora of assistance options, analyze the whole interface of spiritual readers before deciding what action to take.

On the home page, all the profiles of the psychics affiliated with Kasamba Psychics are displayed. There is an option of reading various tarot card reader profiles and finding out more about their tarot reading style as well as their charges, as well as the comments and reviews left by their previous clients. As of this writing, Kasamba Psychics has performed more than two million successful online tarot readings of all different matters.

Kasamba also offers a unique mobile application to enable users to engage in tarot reading encounters wherever they are. Furthermore, they regularly post blog posts on their portal to update and inform their customers.

Kasamba’s tarot online readers are knowledgeable about providing clients with upshots they were seeking. A lot of users from around the world are attracted to this website because it wishes to give them marvelous guidance to make their lives better.


  • Psychics have rated five stars because they are truly blessed.
  • The USP is three minutes free tarot reading with each new psychic.
  • There is the option of getting a tarot reading and other kinds of informal reading.
  • Payment options that are extremely flexible
  • Platform provides users with low-cost access to tarot readings
  • Offering many services and Tarot card readers to choose from


  • The reading and video chat options are unavailable.
  • Kasamba’s top tarot card readers are a bit overpriced.

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#2. Keen Psychics Accurate And Credible Tarot Card Reading Online


Keen Psychics main page covers almost all of its features, allowing visitors to get a good idea of every advantage of using it. It has testimonials, Psychic Advisor Categories, prominent mentions, links to readings and FAQs, as well as a price filter. Despite including so many features, it does not look cluttered. Having this feature makes Keen Psychics more user-friendly as customers can be informed of most of the features available to them.

Aside from its attractive and user-friendly website design, Keen Psychics also offers a satisfaction guarantee plan that allows users to receive a credit for future conversations, up to a limit of $25 in Keen dollars, if they have an issue with the platform.

Whenever an unsatisfactory experience occurs, it will be reimbursed every 30 days. It only applies to conversations that occurred within the past 72 hours. The site has a ‘get matched’ tool that helps people find a psychic or tarot reader that matches their needs. Based on a few questions, the matching tool helps you find suitable psychics. Through these features, psychics make tarot reading online a smooth experience.

The advisors on Keen each have their own areas of expertise, methods, and approaches; they also list their background information. By doing this, users can get a comprehensive review of the psychic, making it easier for them to choose one that suits their needs. People can quickly determine whether a psychic can perform the task based on customer reviews and ratings. Additionally, new users may get their first 3 minutes absolutely free. This gives them a chance to see and determine whether or not the tarot card reader matches their needs.

Tarot card reading online provides a host of benefits over offline sessions because you can test out the reader’s skills beforehand in the online mode. Often, it’s through word-of-mouth which isn’t very reliable.

Keen Psychics is particularly known for its online readings. Love tarot card reading has proven helpful for most customers as they resolve their relationship and love life troubles. You can find links to relevant questions about love on the Homepage itself, such as, How do I know someone is thinking about me? What is the best way to deal with a breakup? What is love tarot reading? Psychics help people override their fear of falling in love, so they can manifest love in a healthy way.

Keen Psychics also has valuable introductory offers like getting 10 Minutes for $1.99 that will make love tarot reading available for many people. Keen also offers great promotions to existing customers via email if they have submitted their Personal Information to receive these promotions.

In addition, Keen offers a telephone number that can be used to contact advisers or manage one’s account when one is not using their computer or internet. They have the option of listening to Favorites or recently called advisors, selecting them by Category, and speaking with them by entering their extension, getting account information, or reviewing account balances. With these features in place, online tarot reading becomes easier.


  • Enjoy three free minutes in the beginning.
  • Online horoscopes are available for free.
  • Blog posts and articles aimed at assisting readers with the comprehension of different readings.
  • A special introductory offer (10 minutes for $1.99)


  • Chat/ Phone is the only way to contact Keen Psychic
  • No personalized connection between the psychic and the client/user
  • The international processing fee is higher and subject to change according to each country’s code.

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#3. Psychic Source – Customized Expert Tarot Readings


The fourth and one-of-its-kind tarot card reading platform on this list of this review is Psychic Source. Over the past 30 years, this online tarot card reading platform has always ranked at the top of the table of the best online tarot readings. This is a thriving psychic and tarot card reading web portal where individuals can obtain the most profound insights in their life correlated with all the impediments they encounter.

Psychic Source’s tarot readings experts use excellent cards for administering the most extensive and insightful tarot readings, which inspire individuals to take all the crucial decisions in life with satisfaction.

Psychic Source also requires tarot reading experts to undergo three stages of testing to prove their knowledge and expertise in tarot readings, such as a screening test, primary evaluation, and personal interview before they can begin operating and assisting clients. A total of 400 skilled tarot readers work at the Psychic Source at present.

In addition to having experts in each area of tarot reading, Psychic Source bears a more distinguished specialization that offers tarot readings with the administration of spiritual archangels and other psychic mechanisms of a more specific scope. Tarot card reading online prices offered to consumers by Psychic Source are not at all overpriced.

Psychic Source is recognized as the most cost-effective psychic reading service. In terms of the high-quality tarot card readings interpretations patrons receive through this platform, the rate charged is $10 per 10 minutes tarot reading, $15 per 20-minute tarot reading, and just $19.80 per 30-minute tarot reading.

Also, new guests to Psychic Source can take advantage of several excellent opening deals, including the fact that they are not required to spend any money on their opening three minutes, as well as a 75 percent discount on their tarot readings. In order to receive authentic tarot readings for as reasonable a price as possible, people should unquestionably choose Psychic Sources.

In addition to the above features, the most distinctive characteristic of Psychic Source is the fact that they offer their customers the most authentic and confidential tarot card readings. As a result, people can reassure themselves that their secrecy is secure and enjoy the most memorable tarot card reading experience. Furthermore, It is one of the best platforms for online tarot card readings that has loads of positive client feedback.

The reason for such an extensive amount of assertive patron reviews is the proficient and practiced client assistance team that operates at all levels to manage and help their clients. For any issues with the online tarot reading concourse, patrons can simply call, send an email or use live chat with the patron assistance team.

In addition to this, Psychic Source offers a comprehensive FAQ section for its users to get guidance. It is, therefore, necessary for individuals interested in investigating the most efficient online tool for a tarot card reading at a low cost to visit this website.


  • Expertise in psychic reading that extends back over thirty years
  • A simple and easy to use portal
  • Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed
  • Guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction
  • For unsatisfied clients, there is a cash refund/cashback.


  • Only available on the web, so clients are not able to remotely access the system.
  • As soon as the first three minutes of reading are completed, the charges at Psychic Source are a bit pricey.

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#4. California Psychics – A Leading Website Offering Life Changing Insights


California Psychics has recently completed its successful two decades in the world of tarot card readings. Many people have relied on them to obtain tarot card readings for peace and happiness as a result of the years of experience they have in this realm. The company has earned a great deal of respect and recognition from the community through its unwavering commitment to meeting their needs.

California Psychics is known for its precision and convenience when it comes to tarot reading. Anyone who is unaware of how tarot card reading works or how these readings are presented must always pick California Psychics as the mode of obtaining readings at this website is a cakewalk. When you look at this website, you will see that all you have to do is log on to the website for an informative tarot card reading session.

Past this, you will see a lot of options on the main home page, from where you can select the option that states tarot card readings. When you go to the tarot experts section, you will find an exhaustive list of those working on this platform. All of these tarot card readers specialize in diverse fields and present tarot reading in a variety of different ways. Using the profile of each tarot reader, you can determine who you connect with most and who meets the budget you set. A tarot card reading session usually starts at $1 at California Psychics.

New users of the platform can also take advantage of an additional discount. Additionally, this website offers its patrons a special code, the ‘ADD5’, which enables them to receive additional discounts and cashback. This particular site stands out from the pack among tarot reading websites. The second quality that makes California Psychics the most outstanding tarot card reading platform is the stringent vetting process it employs before contracting any tarot card reader to its portal.

Psychics at this platform are enrolled on California Psychics only after passing various dogmatic examinations and passing various written and oral tests. California Psychics receives many positive customer reviews on its cloud service platform, which is why the recommendations it receives are generally positive, making it easier for you to find your best online tarot card reader. You will not find California Psychics’ website to be complex or complicated at all. To receive the coveted Tarot reading on any significant matter, you can spontaneously log in or register to the California psychic’s website or download their high-tech mobile app, which is constituted for a more enjoyable user experience.

Furthermore, the platform provides some toll-free numbers for users to call if they need emergency assistance. By calling that number, a customer service representative can set up a consultation with the most experienced tarot card reader, who can offer comforting explanations of any situation you might be dealing with. Customers of California Psychics are exceedingly satisfied up to date. That is why this is one of the most prominent online tarot card reading websites that continually makes people’s lives more fulfilling with its accurate tarot reading assistance.


  • Psychic readers with extensive training
  • Special opening offers for first-time clients
  • Get in touch with psychic readers via phone or live chat
  • The company offers a partial refund policy for unsatisfied customers.
  • Karma rewards- allows clients to receive free tarot reading credit points.


  • After the first three minutes, the price of this portal becomes quite expensive.
  • A limited quantity of psychic experts
  • There are no options for video conferences with psychic readers

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A Few Common Tarot Cards And Their Meanings!

Different decks of tarot cards have varying interpretations, but a couple of common cards are the same. We’ve covered a few common cards here and discussed how they’re interpreted in general.

The Fool

This is a number zero card. In one sense, it can signify a free and open personality, while on the other hand, it could signal inexperience and immaturity.

The Lovers

Symbolizing union in a person’s life, this is the sixth card in the deck. Positive, passionate, and sexual dating relationships are commonly predicted by it. It suggests that one should leave the past behind and emphasizes the love bond one shares.


This card is the 13th in the deck, and some tarot card reading experts take it too literally. In most cases, it is a sign that something new is about to happen. It means letting go of a negative pattern, relationship, or way of life.


This is the 20th card. It is generally perceived as renewal and hope for a new future.

The Moon

The moon is the 18th card in the deck and often represents the loss of sense of direction in life. The goal is to make people aware of their anxiety and confusion. Furthermore, it can also imply doubt and out-of-touch ideas that aren’t based on reality.

The Devil

This card is the fifteenth card. An individual may pull this when he engages in repetitive, destructive behavior in his life. It is interpreted as a signal that they are stuck, co-dependent, fearful, or even trapped in bondage to addiction or bring to light that their life’s choices have been lacking moral structure and based on the base instincts with their selfish lust in mind, without regard for others’ welfare. In order to become free from the grip of “the devil,” this card is meant to bring awareness to a situation that is requiring a change for improvement in the individual’s life.

Wheel of Fortune

In the tarot card reading deck, this is the tenth card. Most of the time, it is linked to the stages of one’s life and how choices impact those stages. It shows how the energy one puts into the world returns to them, showing possibilities or opportunities.


Despite its ancient meaning, this card is now interpreted as a symbol of discipline and control. In this card, we are warned to stay away from base emotions and impulses.

The Empress

The Empress card represents a mother, a nurturing being, as well as a creator of art, romance, and business. It suggests that ideas start to germinate before they are fully formed. Also, the Empress is frequently identified as Demeter, the goddess of abundance. Known as the giver of gifts of the earth, she can also be possessive and overprotective.

The cards are only symbols and can be interpreted in different ways by different tarot card reading experts. In addition to the type of question the client has in mind, the interpretation of the cards will also depend on that. Thus, these are only a few indicative interpretations of the cards, not their exact meanings.

Online Tarot Card Reading (FAQs)

Is Online Tarot Card Reading A Better Option Than In Person Reading?

Finding a tarot reader near me is the biggest challenge to in-person readings. As a next step, the client should pray that they are competent and experienced to perform a good tarot reading. Afterward, the client must set aside time during business hours to travel and get the tarot readings, which makes it almost impossible.

As a counterpoint to this, tarot reading online websites typically offer different options for getting a tarot reading, such as phone calls, chats, or video calls. Sites that provide tarot online are available 24/7, so anyone can get a tarot card reading online at any time. It’s also more advantageous to use this method because it offers free trials, refunds, and extensive background checks on the psychics. Because the tarot card readings are secluded from the client’s immediate environment, they are secure and discreet. Furthermore, in a time of the global pandemic, it is so much better to receive these services at home than to travel to a remote location.

How Does a Love Tarot Card Reading Work?

In a love tarot card reading, the reader gets important information about their relationship with their partner or information about their love life, tarot card reading tell customers about their love lives by asking them which emotion card they feel most attracted to.

What Is The Reliability Of Free Tarot Readings?

The short answer to this question is no. Readings from a free tarot card reading online are not as accurate as those from a paid one because frequently, a bot is used to chat, leading to some errors,online tarot reading might give away a few minutes for free, but the entire session can’t be available without any charges because the psychic conducting it will charge a fee for using their gift of clairvoyance. A professional who is experienced in providing authentic readings usually charges a fee.

How Should I Prepare For A Tarot Card Reading Session?

There has been a rise in the popularity of tarot reading online partly because they are easier to navigate. Still, that doesn’t make it any easier to talk with someone you don’t know. Prior to going to a tarot card reading, make sure you are in the right frame of mind. Do not get distracted by the personal questions you’ll be asked. Concentrate on yourself and your reactions rather than worrying about what others are thinking.

Be prepared to talk naturally with your tarot card reader as you prepare a list of questions. Don’t limit yourself to your questions. In order to have a successful online session, the technical requirements need to be ready in advance. Consider recording the meeting to aid in remembering the responses and readings later on.

Is It Possible For Two Cards To Have Similar Meanings?

some tarot cards online seem to have similar meanings, for example, many see the 9 of wands as strength. But, The Major Arcana also includes the card Strength.

The strength shown in the 9 of Wands is more militarized in nature. The strength stands for being ready to strike but not making the first move, defense, and formation. This differs from the personal strength needed to prevail over our animalistic nature, temptations, or addictions.

Can Future Predictions Be Inferred From Online Tarot Readings?

Getting a tarot card reading online is an excellent way to receive the most accurate and consistent future predictions since online platforms employ the most professional and knowledgeable tarot card readers who have the ability to predict a person’s future in an honorable manner.

The Bottom Line

Before trying spiritual guidance and diving into tarot card reading, make sure to determine what you are seeking. Choose one from the four websites mentioned above to obtain detailed spiritual administration through tarot card readings.

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