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Online Tarot Readings: Best Tarot Card Reading Sites in 2021

Nobody knows what they will experience or encounter in the future — be it in the upcoming days or the very next minute. Earlier, royal families used to invest in oracles and soothsayers, get tarot readings from their designated advisors or readers, and plan ahead based on their recommendations.

Over time, psychic readings soon became commonplace, with everyone hoping to find out more about themselves and what their future holds for them. By 2020, one of the prominent arts of psychic readings — tarot card readings — became quite popular.

While tarot card reading has become one of the trusted forms of psychic reading in the physical market, the virtual world also has a lot to offer these days. If you are concerned about what the future holds in your love life, career, finances, or personal life, an online tarot reading session could be just the solution you need. Even more, you can find out all of this from the comfort of your own home.

You may see tarot or psychic reading as magic, but it is merely a fascinating art form that helps you connect with your inner self and improve your life.

We can vouch for them, as we have tried out numerous online psychic and tarot reading services before writing this blog.

In this guide, however, we will tell you only about the five best ones since we want you to have an accurate, safe, and genuine tarot reading experience. In addition, we will also answer a few frequently asked questions on tarot readings and their accuracy.

Top 5 Online Tarot Reading Sites [Full Reviews]

#1. Kasamba: Overall Best Tarot Reading

#2. Keen: Most Accurate and Reasonable

#3. AskNow: Web of Worldwide Psychics

#4. Oranum: Best for Live Readings

#5. Mysticsense: Customized Tarot Reading with 5 Free Minutes

#1. Kasamba: Overall Best Tarot Reading


If you want face-to-face tarot reading sessions, Kasamba is the best. Although the video-call session feature is not available in web layout, the Kasamba application can instantly connect you with insightful, gifted, and expert tarot readers. It is well-known for its accurate tarot reading on relationship and love topics.

Kasamba’s tarot readers are available 24/7. In addition, if you have any grievances or feedback on any reader, you can contact Kasamba customer support. The site claims 100% satisfaction, and if you are not content with the first session, you can ask for a refund. You can even use three free minutes of reading to consult and judge the quality and efficiency of Kasamba’s tarot readers before making any purchase. You can enjoy attractive discounts, too.


  • Specialized in tarot, psychic, dream, and fortune-telling
  • Fast and responsive customer support
  • Well-designed mobile application for Android and iOS devices
  • Secure payment gateway
  • All psychic sessions are confidential between the readers and the users
  • 100% guarantee on popular tarot readings


  • Up to 50% discount on users’ first psychic session
  • Free trial of three minutes from any tarot reader of choice
  • 400,000+ satisfied clients
  • 1,000+ customer reviews
  • Modest charges per minute


  • Limited availability of tarot reading on video calls
  • Different contact mediums for different readings

Why do we recommend it?

Kasamba is famous for providing a vast network of tarot readers, life advisors, astrologists, and spiritualists. Whether you are comfortable in an offline or online session, the advisor can connect with you via email, phone, video call, or chat. In addition, the user registration process is simple and easy. You only need a password and username to start enjoying free minutes and accurate reading sessions at all times.

=> Visit the Official Website of Kasamba for More Information

#2. Keen: Most Accurate and Reasonable


Keen is famous for providing psychic solutions for love and relationships issues, such as making amends in a current relationship or trying new ways to find a life partner. It has an extensive web of talented and experienced psychic readers to give you insights into all aspects of life. Besides, Keen’s registered readers can also give you solutions on issues related to cheating, love, infidelity, relationships, compatibility, etc.

Since 1999, Keen has satisfied 14 million users and has also launched a mobile application that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Keen readers are available via phone and chat 24/7 to answer your queries. In addition, all of your psychic or tarot reading sessions are 100% confidential and secure.


  • Specializes in career, love, relationship, tarot, and destiny
  • Three free minutes as a trial
  • Informative articles on tarot reading and its functions
  • Specialized mobile application for iOS and Android platforms
  • Free horoscopes from certified experts
  • Responsive customer care support
  • Pricing starts from $1.99 per minute for expert psychic readers


  • Secure and confidential reading sessions
  • 100% guarantee on reading satisfaction
  • Readers available 24/7
  • Free trial minutes to assess services and quality of tarot readers
  • Dynamic platform; usable both on a computer browser and mobile application
  • Filtering options available in the psychic search panel


  • Limited to tarot readers specializing in love readings
  • High charges per minute for popular psychic readers

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend Keen because it has a vast network of advisors and psychic readers who can serve you the best. The site search panel has an advanced filter to locate a suitable tarot reader based on affordability, specialties, skills, and availability. In addition, you initially pay a minimal amount to start a session, and it is not halted even if your credit or session duration has expired. The psychic readers reasonably charge you for their expertise and never leave you unsatisfied.

=> Visit the Official Website of Keen for More Information

#3. AskNow: Web of Worldwide Psychics


AskNow is a network of qualified and seasonally-trained psychic readers. It has recently completed two decades in the industry while serving more than 14 million customers worldwide. The registered psychic readers have expertise in giving psychic advice on dating, career, finance, love, relationship, and other areas of life.

The readers are available 24/7 on chat, email, and phone to give accurate readings. Moreover, it provides five free minutes as credit that you can use on your first reading. In the introductory package, a psychic reader costs $1 per minute. Also, it works on a credit coin or minutes system.


  • Specializes in relationship, love, goal, career, astrology, and past life
  • Readings available in multiple languages
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android devices
  • Up to ten minutes free, depending on the package purchased
  • Responsive customer support available 24/7
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Pricing starts from $3.99 per minute


  • Free reading with live psychic readers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple reading packages available
  • Over two decades of experience in the industry


  • Hardly any satisfaction guarantee on readings
  • High-rated advisors and tarot readers are expensive

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend AskNow because its site is simple to navigate, and its services are exceptionally satisfactory. It has an advanced search panel where you can find the right psychic based on price, skills, and type.

Moreover, you can connect with psychic readers at any time via chat or call. AskNow works on a credit coin system, implying that your reading sessions will constantly be topped up until the end.

AskNow gives five free minutes to new users and then charges $1 per minute. Other than that, you can buy credit coins for 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes for $10, $20, and $30, respectively.

=> Visit the Official Website of AskNow for More Information

#4. Oranum: Best for Live Readings


Oranum is fundamentally a web community of live spiritualists, advisors, tarot readers, etc., to help millions of worldwide users. It may enable you to gain clarity on life events and decisions. Oranum’s psychics are famous for shedding light on your hidden life aspects that may be shaping your present life.

Apart from tarot reading, its fortune-telling services are also famous because of the use of multiple languages, methods, and specialties. For tarot readings, Oranum also entertains video calls to maintain sheer transparency and trust among its customers. You can also download its mobile app for free and search for the right psychic reader for your needs.


  • Free trial up to ten minutes
  • Fast payment gateway
  • Live customer support
  • Online training to registered psychic readers
  • Multi-lingual readers
  • Specialized in rituals, energies, spiritual guidance, sound healing, and pendulum


  • Network of skilled and qualified psychic readers
  • Convenient search filtration option
  • Wide psychic reading coverage
  • 24/7 service availability
  • Cost-effective introductory package
  • Video call option available on some readings
  • Multi-language options for reading sessions


  • Phone readings are limited
  • No claim or guarantee on customer satisfaction

Why do we recommend it?

Although phone readings are limited on Oranum, new users can experience their first tarot readings on chat from qualified psychic readers. After registering on Oranum, you get free credits worth $9.99. After that, your introductory session would cost $1 per minute with up to ten free minutes.

Oranum also facilitates live reading sessions where you can join and find answers for free. Moreover, you can chat with the live psychic and ask questions for free. Oranum also does not save your debit or credit cards until you allow it, ensuring a secure experience.

=> Visit the Official Website of Oranum for More Information

#5. Mysticsense: Customized Tarot Reading with 5 Free Minutes


Mysticsense is famous for directing users towards the path of intuitiveness and success. It claims to provide you with the world’s best psychics to answer your life-related queries, which are available both on voice and video calls throughout the year.

It uses a rigorous vetting process to accept psychics worldwide on the online tarot reading platform. In addition, the results of psychic readers’ background, qualifications, and certifications are shown on the website for better searchability and user security.

Moreover, the official site’s searching tool lets you filter the psychic readers based on their reading style, unique tags, tools, status, and specialties.


  • Pricing starts from $0.99 per minute
  • Five minutes for a free trial
  • Proficient tarot readers
  • Confidential reading sessions


  • Customized psychic readings
  • Extensive network of professional psychic readers
  • Background check info of the registered psychics available
  • Readings’ availability via video call, chat, or voice call


  • Free five minutes do not apply to all psychics
  • Live psychics are limited

Why do we recommend it?

When you need a specialized psychic reader according to your needs and budget, nothing can beat Mysticsense. It only entertains registered psychics whose background checks and information are revealed to the public.

Moreover, you can effortlessly reach psychics via video calls, voice calls, or chat, and you can enjoy five full free minutes to try Mysticsense.

If you ever feel troubled with your love life or relationships, you can register on Mysticsense and book an appointment. After using your free five minutes, a $10–20 top-up is needed for a new reading session.

=> Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense for More Information

Our Selection: How Did We Make the List of Online Tarot Card Reading Sites

Most people go to counselors or life coaches to get insight into their own lives. However, those professionals may only be able to help you in technical and theoretical terms. Online tarot card readings are an art form that taps into your spiritual self and offers a transformative perspective and guidance on the direction your life may and should take.

Millions of people worldwide rely on the guidance of psychics, as their readings have helped them improve their lives. At the end of this article, you, too, will understand the significance of online tarot readings.

But, before we begin, you should know how we selected these best platforms.

The following selection parameters were applied to choose the best online tarot reading sites. In addition, you may also refer to the pointers for inspecting any new or old online tarot site of your choice.

Free Trials

Since most people are suspicious of the legitimacy of online tarot readers, the sites we have chosen for you offer free trials. These trials provide a user with free minutes, allowing you the time and insight into how these psychic readings work and how they could help you lead a better life. Additionally, these platforms also give new users the scope of assessing the quality of the services provided by these psychic readers before making a purchase.

Offers and Discounts

Legit psychic readers charge a lot for their accurate and expert readings. Usually, an offline tarot reader would never offer any discounts, which makes such services highly expensive in the long run. However, with online tarot reading services, you can avail of significant discounts for premium tarot readings from certified experts.

Online Reviews

To establish its reliability and reputation, the service-providing site posts genuine reviews from previous users. However, you can find multiple reviews on their sites and third-party sources for the selected online tarot reading platforms. In addition, some users have also posted detailed and lengthy reviews about their experience with certified and seasonally-trained tarot readers.


You may find specific tarot reading sites that do not disclose information about their experts. However, the selected top five sites are responsible enough to answer your questions about psychic and tarot reading via published articles, FAQs, service descriptions, readers’ information, and 24/7 customer support.

Availability and Pricing

Generally, offline psychic readers charge you for every session. In this way, you sometimes pay more for short sessions without even realizing it. Besides, you have to travel from your home to the reader’s place after making time in your hectic schedule. But, you can now skip travel, save money on transportation, and pay modest prices to expert psychic readers — all on the selected online psychic reading platforms. The average cost per minute for certified readers ranges from $0.99 to $59.99, depending on their expertise and reading specializations.

You can find more features and benefits of these online psychic reading sites in their respective review sections.

Finding the Right Tarot Reader Online

The availability of online tarot readers has made it convenient and more straightforward for anybody to receive psychic readings anywhere and at any time. But, multiple options on online psychic reading platforms could make your search for a suitable tarot card reader confusing. So, we have listed a few easy tips to simplify your journey without wasting any time, energy, or money.

Information on Tarot Card Readers

Before selecting the right tarot card reading platform, you must know your precise requirements. Once your needs are recognized, start looking for basic information about psychic reading sites or readers.

A tarot reader’s information procurement is essential because it will shed light on his/her experience, expertise, specialization, and licenses.

Personal Reciprocity

It is imperative that you feel valued and connected to your tarot reader for the best reading. Unfortunately, you do not get a complementary or free trial session in offline tarot reading to make personal reciprocity.

But, some online tarot reading platforms offer you free minutes or trials. You could also try as many online psychic readers as possible for free until you establish a personal rapport with them. It will help you match your vibes with online psychic readers to get the best reading and value for your money.

Payment Plans

Whether you are selecting an online psychic reader or an offline one, you must always read the payment terms and conditions. To analyze the worth of your money and tarot reading session, you must correlate the session’s duration with your final payment. Most online tarot reading platforms mention both maximum and minimum charges per minute of their registered and certified psychic readers to remove cost confusion.

Read Feedback

Most certified tarot readers stay open about their reviews and feedback from their previous clients. You can either ask them to show you their clients’ testimonials or you can find them on your own on the site. In addition, personal references can also work. Finally, just as we have suggested our best five online tarot reading sites, your relatives or friends may also help you find the right online tarot reader.

Certification & Experience

Anybody can become a tarot reader with sheer psychic learning and practice. Therefore, you may find both experienced and amateur tarot readers online. To avoid any fraud or dissatisfaction, you must always look for the experience and license of your tarot readers. With certified psychic readers, you can be assured of receiving accurate readings. Moreover, such readers always know the best ways of card interpretation and tarot reading.


Online tarot readings can be addictive. Therefore, we suggest you consult a tarot reader and understand the final readings for particular issues or needs instead of collective ones. By constantly availing of free trials, you will soon start paying excessively for online tarot reading services for your every life issue or trouble. So, you must always set a monetary budget before opting for premium and paid online tarot reading sessions.

Advantages of Online Tarot Card Readings

Earlier, tarot reading was considered entertainment. However, with time, people started realizing the relevance of tarot reading and its effect on life. Now, a significant number of people rely on online tarot readings to improve their future.

A tarot reader may virtually showcase your tarot cards before dealing them out and asking you to select a few. Tarot cards are supposed to give the details of your future, present, and past life. Readers generally use four kinds of tarot card decks — Pentacles, Wands, Cups, and Swords. Your readings will depend on your needs and also the deck type used for them.

If you are still skeptical about online tarot readings, you can refer to the below-mentioned benefits.

Love and Relationship Counseling

If you face trouble in your relationship or love life, an online tarot reading can instantly give solutions to eradicate them in the future. Tarot reading in such cases is carried out by reinstating your abrogating energy to sustain a bond. Whether you are worried about your past or current relationship, our five selected online tarot platforms can give you the most accurate and life-changing insights.

Mind Tranquility

A disturbed mind can hinder you from accomplishing goals and, mainly, mind tranquility. If you are bothered about your life and peace, an online psychic reading session can help you overcome the issues and achieve your goals.

Certified online tarot readers understand your selected cards to ease your anxieties. In addition, they comprehend your underlying mental issues and try to give the best possible solution to help you.

Life Enrichment

Some individuals have unique and hidden talents they fail to recognize until it is too late. Nobody can anticipate your future perspective based on your talent as efficiently as a tarot reader. An online psychic reading may give you insight into your hidden talents and how you can make the best of them.

Choice Making

Are you currently feeling confident and satisfied with your life and decisions? Do you want more opportunities to excel? You can anticipate your bright future by making the right choices. Online tarot reading also helps you make the best possible decisions to resolve your predicaments about your love life, family, career, health, finance, etc. In this manner, you can also approach life from a different perspective by making the right decisions.

Possibilities for Life Improvement

Nobody is perfect. Therefore, anybody can make mistakes that can change their lifestyle and disturb mind harmony. You can go for online tarot reading services if you want to know possible remedies to improve your life and rectify life-changing mistakes. However, make sure you choose only certified and experienced online tarot readers.

Online Vs. Offline Card Reading Services

Your tarot card reading results can be the same with both offline and online sessions. However, the change in consumer trends has pushed offline tarot reading to come online and serve you. Here, we will discuss how online psychic reading services are better than offline ones to help you make an informed decision.


We are not discussing the cost of online psychic readings but your expense to reach an offline reader’s address. You can find certified and experienced psychic readers online within your budget. Moreover, you can book a session whenever you are free or available.

Some online tarot reading sites, like the ones we have mentioned, reveal their tarot card reader’s credentials, expertise, and licenses for your reference. With that info, you can hire any reader without having to waste time or money on transportation, researching to find a good reader, or choosing random readers before you get the right one.

Discounts, Refunds, & Free Trials

With offline tarot readers, you cannot expect to get a free trial or discount. And, you definitely cannot expect refunds if you are not satisfied with their readings. These are incentives that only online tarot readers (and their hosting platforms) can provide you with to increase their credibility and build trust among their clientele. Not only does it ensure you get value for money, but it also guarantees you do not get duped by fraudsters in the process.

Payment Options

Gone are the days when you had to always pay in cash for the services of a tarot reader. Now, you can choose from a wide range of payment options on these tarot reader-hosting platforms, making it safe, reliable, and secure. The platforms make payment and refunds convenient and hassle-free so you can sit back and have the best experience possible.


Imagine telling your life events and secrets to an unknown person, face-to-face, or worse, in front of an audience. Would you find it uncomfortable to proceed with the session?

On an online tarot reading site, you get multiple options to connect with as many or whichever specific reader you want. You can go for a discreet text chat room or enter an open video chat room. You can also personally speak over the phone or have a one-on-one video session. Such features are generally available on most online tarot reading websites that cater to various kinds of users with different privacy needs.

Online Tarot Card Reading: FAQs

Q: What is tarot reading?

A: It is a psychic process where an expert reader analyzes your past, reveals subtle details about your present, and helps you make better future decisions. Most people generally prefer tarot card readings, as these help them take control of their lives and make informed decisions. In addition, you can use online tarot reading services to know about your career, family, and life.

Q: What does a tarot card reading process involve?

A: Tarot card readings can be done both online and offline. However, online tarot reading is much preferred for its cost, convenience, and availability.

A tarot card reader may ask you a specific or an open-ended question about your issues. The reader will then take a tarot deck and shuffle it while asking some questions. Later, the reader will deal out the cards and ask you to choose some. Finally, after you select the required number of cards, the tarot reader will decipher the messages for you.

After you utterly understand your reading results, the tarot reader will clear your remaining doubts and suggest some solutions for you to make the best of your reading.

Q: What type of questions should I ask to get the best reading?

A: We suggest you ask open-ended questions like, “What do I do to get a promotion?” or, “What should I do differently in life?” Questions like, “Will I get married?” or, “Will I pass an exam?” limit the scope of detailed reading. Such questions can be answered with a “yes” or a “no,” but you are taking tarot reading services for more than that. Your open-ended questions will allow the psychic reader to make the best interpretation of your selected cards and their messages.

Q: How precise can a tarot reading be?

A: If you are opting for online tarot reading to get a grip on your life, you will be surprised by its accuracy. In any case, a successful reading depends on how open you are to the reader, the bond between you and the reader, and how skilled your psychic expert is.

Q: How does one become a tarot reader?

A: Everybody is blessed with psychic powers, but only some people exercise them. Therefore, we call them gifted human beings. Similarly, a tarot reader initially works on the inner psychic strength and ability to connect with you well. Later, she/he researches, studies, and works on different tarot card decks to answer your questions.

In short, a tarot reader spends many years only on studying tarot cards, interpreting meanings, and exploring psychic powers.

With experience and expertise, a seasoned tarot card reader can also be certified by reputable and authorized organizations specialized in psychic readings.

Summing Up

Tarot readings can give you subtle insights into your life without making any physical changes in your present time. We think of psychic readings as a gateway to peace, certainty, and serenity in life.

Your first tarot reading experience may differ from those of others. You may also find other online psychic reading platforms that may not be on our list. However, we confidently suggest Kasamba and Keen as the two best tarot reading platforms for safe, cost-effective, accurate, and anytime readings.

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