Online Psychics: Top 5 Psychic Reading Platforms to Find Clarity in Life

Struggling with adapting to change in various areas of your life? Here’s how online psychic readings from the best psychics sites can help you!

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a new way of life. What we have come to accept right now is that getting online services and consultation has never been easier. The online world has grown in stature during the recent years and has reached new heights today. The rapid tech advancements and the limiting nature of the pandemic have meant that we now have a number of avenues to access the online world and a wide variety of services available on it as well.

The world of psychic reading has changed as a result of this online digital revolution as well. While most of 2020 was spent fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 is the year that consumerism and the buying behavior displayed by consumers return to normal. Although we are almost 3 quarters through 2021, we still are left with 3 important months, which are expected to spell a return to normalcy in business operations and overall consumer trust.

The digital revolution has also led to a general rise in the online psychic platforms. While people previously relied on traditional face-to-face psychic visits, they have now come to appreciate and acknowledge the feasibility offered by online consultations. The advent and rise of communication through the internet have made psychic reading online possible.

What this means is that online psychic reading platforms, which have been operational for years and decades, now have more traffic coming towards them than ever before. However, while customers are more comfortable using the internet for psychic readings, there is still some skepticism found in whether these online psychics are perfect for them or not. Individuals are still coming to terms with whether a psychic reading platform online can be trusted or not, based on the limited interaction between the user and the platform.

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While users are skeptical about the online psychic reading industry, there are numerous ways they can follow to ensure fluidity and transparency within it. When going to a psychic reading session, most people require a tranquil experience that gives them the mental peace and safety they are looking for. Online psychics can help solve this problem through unwavering support and can help guide individuals to surety in both love and life.

Online psychics present online are ever ready to guide you to success in matters of the heart and financial security. Their support goes beyond the virtual domain and restrictions imposed within it. Be it through call, text or through video conferences, online psychics help give you a friendly response.

In this article, we take you through some of the best psychic reading platforms in the industry. These online platforms have been chosen after due consideration and have a list of psychics ready to help you when the need arises.

Briefly Reviewing the Best Psychic Reading Platforms

Psychic readings and psychics have come a long way after the advent of the internet and the use of online services and solutions. We now stand at a point in time where it is extremely convenient for customers to head online and get all kinds of services from the online world.


  • Kasamba comes with years of experience and has experienced psychic readers.
  • The very first session on Kasamba is for free.
  • Kasamba comes with a mobile application to make the experience faster.

Psychic Source

  • Experienced platform with well-trained psychic readers
  • Five-minute free session for the first time
  • 80 percent discount on promo code

Mystic Sense

  • Mystic Sense has renowned psychic readers and online psychics on the platform.
  • You can choose your ideal psychic using the right mode of your choice and the filters provided by the website
  • Goes by your budget
  • New users get to enjoy free sessions

Keen Psychics

  • One of the most reliable brands for online readings in the market
  • Convenient rates for all users
  • First session comes with a free trial period to help users decide their own feasibility and pick up a schedule

California Psychics

  • Almost three decades of online experience helping users find clarity in life
  • The website comes with experienced psychic readers
  • The support team is available around the clock to help answer your questions
  • Users get answers to almost all their questions in the trial session
  • Convenient rates

Detailed Reviews of The Top Psychic Websites to Find Clarity in Life

The online psychic reading platforms that we have briefly discussed above will now be discussed in greater clarity here. We would look to review the top psychic platforms in the industry to identify the services they provide and the benefits they provide to customers in the long run.

#1: Kasamba – Your Online Psychic Reading Solution to Discuss Matters of the Heart

Kasamba is one of the most popular psychic reading platforms on the online world today. The platform has customers and professionals coming in from all walks of life, as they gather under the umbrella of the network to talk about matters of the heart and to bring clarity in life.

The network has serviced well over three million customers ever since it was established in 1999 and has some of the best psychics present on it. The confidence of the customers and the growing trust associated with the network is enough to know that it is doing the right thing.

Operating Mechanism

Kasamba operates as a single source solution for psychic readings. The platform is host to a number of psychic readers who gather under one roof to offer different specialties. The psychic reading industry has seen an invasion of scammers and fraudsters from all over the globe, and Kasamba is well aware of that fact.

People using Kasamba are clear about the potential it has to offer and are skeptical about the frauds they can experience with psychics online. A customer who hasn’t had a psychic consultation online will be scared of trying out a new website.

Kasamba recognizes these limitations and offers a free trial period to all users. The free trial period can help give customers an idea of the service standard and can also rope in their interest.

Kasamba follows a thorough selection process where they only sign up the crème de la crème of the psychic industry. They ensure that the online psychics on the platform understand customer requirements and how to service them. Customers can also find psychic readings meeting their budget. It is easy to set a budget and filter through the website, as you can easily find the right psychic of your choice.

Reading Style

Not everyone requires the same style of psychic readings and luckily there are a number of options available on Kasamba. Kasamba comes with multiple categories with certified psychics available for predictions and consultations in each category. Each category then comes with specific sub categories that include the required professionals.

Kasamba is extremely popular for its diversity in psychic readings because it is host to a number of psychic readers. You can easily find an expert of your liking because of the multiple readers present on the platform.

Special Promos and Offers

Kasamba provides offers and discounts on pretty much everything under the sun. You can head for any category of your liking and get a discount of your choice. The experts positioned at the helm of Kasamba realize the potential of the application and offer you a free trial of three minutes. The free trial can help get conversation going and is good to build a lasting connection. Once you start conversing through the free trial, you realize the benefits of the psychic reading session.

From love psychics to financial psychics, you can find almost every category in Kasamba and can avail the discounts offered on the platform to your liking,

The website also comes with a mobile application of its own, which is necessary for a peaceful environment. Kasamba has its own mobile application, which can be downloaded for free to avail exciting features. You get to benefit from an amazing experience through quality psychic readings and horoscope sessions.

Things to Like About Kasamba

There are many things to like about Kasamba and the experience that it provides. Some of these things include;

  • Kasamba comes with years of experience and has experienced psychic readers.
  • The very first session on Kasamba is for free.
  • Kasamba comes with a mobile application to make the experience faster.
  • There are a number of categories available for psychic reading on the platform.

Connect with some of the best psychics at Kasamba to enjoy clarity in matters of the heart and financial affairs.

#2: Psychic Source – The Perfect Psychic Reading Platform for Users Looking for Clarity in Life

Psychic Source is a leading service provider in the niche and is known for their 30 years of experience in the online psychic reading industry. The good part about Psychic Source is that they provide clarity in almost all matters of the heart, financial affairs and career struggles.

Psychics on the platform can look at your future and determine whether you’d be able to marry a particular person or secure your dream job.

How the Platform Works

Psychic Source comes with an exemplary application and a smooth website that makes readings convenient and easy for everyone involved. The readings are simple to keep a track of and psychics at Psychic Source offer a personalized experience.

Once you head in for a session, online psychics will understand your requirements and give you the best experience possible. The experience will be based on securing your satisfaction and providing thorough communication.

Multiple Modes of Contact

Users get to select between a number of different options when going for the right psychic reading option. To start with, users can go for a video session with their psychic. The video session is based on utmost clarity and includes thorough details on the future.

Other than that, users can also go for a chat session or a phone session. Phone sessions are generally thorough as well and include all important details. Chat sessions are best for people with social anxiety, who wouldn’t appreciate the constant contact and interaction of anything other than a chat. The psychic you shortlist will understand your reservations and give you the right experience based on your requirements.

Things to Like About Psychic Source

There are many things to like about Psychic Source and the experience that it provides. Some of these things include;

  • Experienced platform with well-trained psychic readers
  • Five-minute free session for the first time
  • 80 percent discount on promo code
  • The platform comes with a thorough search feature to help you find the best psychic for your requirements.

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#3: Mysticsense – The Best Contemporary Psychic Reading Platform with Experts from Over the World

Mystic Sense is definitely not as old as some of the other online psychics in the industry, but it has done a good job at gathering together some of the most experienced psychics under one roof. The platform has taken things one step further with its convenient web interface, ease of use and the ability to stand out of the ordinary.

The platform has roped in customer interest and trust through effective techniques and is surely one to vouch for today.

How the Platform Works

Mystic Sense has taken the psychic website experience to a whole other level. The platform is modern, simple to use and comes with almost everything you need under one roof. The registration process for the platform is simply easy and it allows users to find the right psychic of their choice in one go.

Mystic Sense goes a step above some of the other similar websites in its competition and gives a superior brand of service. Mystic Sense also allows you to find psychics in your own close vicinity. Since the interaction is virtual, most users will find this feature pointless, but you would want to have the same time zones with your online psychics so that they can host a brief session according to your schedule as well.

Search Filters

Mystic Sense comes with a number of exciting and effective search filters that narrow down the search process and allow you to find a psychic for your requirements. The best part about the filters at Mystic Sense is that you can mix them up to see appropriate results. You can go for different reading styles and even opt for tarot readers if you want a different perspective in life. Different to that of a psychic reader. There are different psychic readers and prediction experts on the platform who can help you with the above.

While Mystic Sense ticks all other boxes, it does fail when it comes to a mobile application of its own. The platform lacks a proper application. Despite being part of the 21st Century Mystic Sense still lacks a proper mobile application. The platform can only be accessed through the website, and not through a dedicated application as Kasamba above can be.

Cost and Pricing

Regardless of whether you require a chat psychic reading or a phone psychic reading, Mystic Sense can make pricing a lot more convenient and feasible for you. The website comes with direct pricing strategies that are easy to understand and follow. Additionally, there are also promotional offers available for beginner customers. You will get an amazing discount and low rates if you are getting a psychic reading for the first time on the website.

Things to Like About Mystic Sense

There are many things to like about Mystic Sense and the experience that it provides. Some of these things include;

  • Mystic Sense has renowned psychic readers and psychics on the platform.
  • You can choose your ideal psychic using the right mode of your choice and the filters provided by the website
  • Goes by your budget
  • New users get to enjoy free sessions

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#4: Keen Psychics – The Right Psychic Reading Platform For Love Readings

Keen Psychics is one of the best psychic sites in the fraternity of psychic platforms. Just like Kasamba, Keen Psychics is also popularly known for psychic readings related to matters of the heart. The platform has been providing accurate readings for some 22 years now and features psychics that carry industry relevant experience and professionalism.

Interestingly, you get psychics will all kinds of experience and budgetary restrictions on Keen Psychics. You can get psychics that come at discounted rates, while you can also work with psychic experts that have years of experience in the industry and charge more. Most customers come to the platform to seek advice in rebuilding their relationship and working through the complications of life. Keen Psychics can help solve these problems and can provide them with the clarity they require.

Operating Mechanism

Keen Psychics offer confidential readings to all concerned and ensure that customer data is protected at all costs. Many people get worried about their personal information and their security when it comes to working with online psychics. Keen Psychics offer unconditional support in this regard as they provide 100 percent confidentiality in their readings and make sure that all customer details are protected at all costs.

The priority for all psychic readers on the platform is to make psychic readings more convenient and affordable for all involved. Psychic readers on the platform get together to ensure a seamless experience for all involved. Users get to enjoy unhindered attention without the risk of their personal data being used across multiple platforms.

Certified Professionals

Keen Psychics offer all certified professionals under one roof. The platform provides a number of search mechanisms and filters that can help users in seeing through the psychics on the platform and finding the right one for their needs. Regardless of whether you are at a friend’s place or a café, you will have a psychic ready to guide you whenever needed.

Things to Like About Keen Psychics

There are many things to like about Keen Psychics and the experience that it provides. Some of these things include;

  • One of the most reliable brands for online readings in the market
  • Convenient rates for all users
  • First session comes with a free trial period to help users decide their own feasibility and pick up a schedule
  • The best, certified psychics available on one platform

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#5: California Psychics – An Accurate Psychic Reading Platform for Career and Destiny

California Psychics is known for its experience and is the last platform in our recommended list. The platform comes with over 25 years of experience and is one of the most popular brands in the industry. The psychics present at California psychics help users get clarity in matters of the heart and in matters related to their career.

How Does the Platform Work?

The world can often be a brutal place to live in. When faced with complications of the heart, in their career and other affairs, many people feel like they will never be able to get out of the complicated mess. However, with California psychics there is the continued promise of support in the long run.

California psychics come with a mobile application that works to ensure the right connection for users. The mobile application can help you connect with psychics near you, so that you are working with professionals within your time zone. The psychics present on the platform also provide accurate career and financial forecasts based on how you look at life.

Discounts and Promos

California psychics offer a discount that gives you 5 free minutes on your first reading. The rates for the first meeting will start at $1 per minute, once the first 5 free trial minutes are over. These rates are extremely convenient and allow users the ability to test the service and get a hang of it, before they eventually go on to pay in full. The more you pay, the better is the standard of the service you receive.

Once you go for your second reading, you can choose one out of the three packages on offer. These three packages include the Popular Package, the Preferred Package and the Premier Package.

Things to Like About California Psychics

There are many things to like about California Psychics and the experience that it provides. Some of these things include;

  • Almost three decades of online experience helping users find clarity in life
  • The website comes with experienced psychic readers
  • The support team is available around the clock to help answer your questions
  • Users get answers to almost all their questions in the trial session
  • Convenient rates that are affordable for almost everyone

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Are Psychic Love Readings Reliable And How Do They Help Me?

Psychic love readings have helped many individuals get through the turmoil of life and decide the best possible course of action for the future. Love psychics do a lot more than just help you get over complications of the heart, as they also guide you towards clarity in the future and build a strong bond between you and your partner.

A psychic love expert can also help tell you exactly where your love life is headed and what you can come to expect from it. You can get what you want from a psychic love reading by asking and answering the following important questions;

  • What kind of energy does your relationship exude? Is it surrounded by positive energy?
  • What are the common problems that you may face as a couple in the future? What strategies and what characteristics would you want in your partner to be able to monitor and go beyond those problems.
  • Is your relationship going in the direction that you want? Would you want to change something about the pace you are progressing at and the speed that you are changing gears?
  • What is the best piece of advice someone can give you right now? How will you look to do to act on that advice?
  • If there are problems in your relationship, what are the best ways to solve those problems?

How to Pick the Best Online Website for Psychic Readings?

Most people tend to be afraid of what to expect from an online psychic reading session, because they aren’t sure of what to expect from it. For starters, almost everyone that has developed out of the fear of a psychic reading session, has done so by choosing a psychic platform they can put their trust on and one that gives them reliable services they can rely on.

When it comes to choosing a psychic reading platform online, you should first start by looking at reviews online. The reviews online tend to give you a fair indication of what to expect from the service and whether it can be trusted in the long run. You can find the relevant reviews pertaining to a psychic reading platform on the platform itself, independent sites online and through different portals like Reddit, Quora and social media where customers may leave their testimonials.

Moving on, according to The Mercury News when you are performing your preliminary research, you should go for a psychic reading platform that provides the following services to customers:

  • A 100 percent money back guarantee
  • 100 percent security on the payments received
  • Discounts and promo packages for all customers coming to the platform.
  • A registration and payment process that is protected through packages.
  • Personalization in the search process where different online readers have customized pages that customers can run through while choosing the right one.

How Long Does a Free Session Last Online?

As we have read in the psychic reviews above, most platforms provide you a free trial session on your first visit. The free trial session can either be in the form of a few free minutes or in the form of a discount on the entire session. Regardless, the free trial session is meant to help give you clarity in your dealings and to help you find the right fit for you.

If it weren’t for the trial session, most people would shy away from an online psychic reading and avoid online psychics altogether. Most online sessions provide a trial period of 5 to 10 minutes. This session is enough to acclimatize you with the session itself and the way things will be. The longer the session is, the more you get to evaluate the personnel and the psychic you are dealing with.

What Should You Look For in a Psychic Reading?

You should preferably look for reliability before anything else in a psychic reading. Frauds and scams are common with online services, and a few black sheep have also made their way into the online world of psychic reading. You need to make sure that the website and the platform can be trusted with your key financial details and that your financials are secure at all times.

Do not compromise on financial security and reliability. Prioritize it as a good platform should give you the security you require.

Final Thoughts

Online psychics tend to make life a lot easier for you than it is. The clarity they provide and the thoroughness in service delivery can help save you from problems in the long run. Additionally, due to the efficiency of online psychics, you don’t have to google ‘Psychic near me’ anymore. Even if you hit a rock or an obstacle in your love life, career, financials and what not, you can head online and have a professional oversee your future and devise the perfect strategy by lending you clarity in your dealings.

We have reviewed a number of psychic reading platforms here and believe that every platform has to offer its own set of benefits. You can head to Kasamba and Keen Psychics if you want a psychic that can complete the feeling of desolation within you and can guide you to success. If it is your finances that keep you up during the late hours of the night, you can head to Psychic Source or California Psychics. If you want to find some inspiration in life and are looking for some happiness to relieve the stress that Mystic Sense is the right space for you.

Each platform comes with its own benefits, which is why you should run through the reviews above in detail. The more details you read, the better it will be for you in the long run.

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