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The misconception that has been surrounding online psychic readings and mediums is more because of its representation in popular media than its inaccuracy to provide solutions to your problems. Most people imagine hippies surrounded by colorful drapes, runes, divination tools, and more when imagining a psychic reader.

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A psychic reader is a common person who happens to have an interest and affinity in the science of psychic reading. They can connect with the cosmic energies that surround us and interrupt the information contained in them. With this information, they provide insights and guidance to the users who need help to find the correct path in life, to make the correct decision, and to lead a better love and work life.

With the interaction between the psychic and their client, the reader can find answers through which you can get clarity regarding various life situations. Each reading is personal, with each answer dependent upon the life led by the user.

The Best Online Psychic Readings Services

Following are the best rated websites that provide unbiased and true Readings

#1. Kasamba : One of the most preferred sites for all issues related to love, Kasamba has been providing a multitude of services for decades. The psychics here offer instant clarity with additional offers of the first three minutes of free psychic reading online and 50% off on all sessions site wide.

#2. California Psychics : The website hosts online psychics readers that provide the most accurate reading regarding career and can guide people in issues of money. The users will find various offers on the site such as the first 5 minutes of free psychic love reading along with sessions at affordable rates of $1 per minute.

#3. Keen Psychics : Keen has psychic readers that provide their services at different rates so that one can find a reader that suits their pocket. You can get an in-depth insight about your life at $1.99 for 10 minutes.

#4. Psychic Source : One of the oldest websites providing the best online psychic services, Psychic Source is trusted by millions. It offers the first three minutes of free psychic reading for new users along with an additional offer of 75% off on all rates.

Kasamba – Best Online Psychics for Love & Relationship Readings


With Kasamba, you can be assured that you will find the best online psychics reading. It not only provides the first three minutes of free psychic readings by phone but it also provides the information about the readers on their profiles so that you can make a well-informed decision. The profile also contains reviews that are left by past clients so that you can better understand the style and method of a particular reader.

At the profile, you will find a feature that informs whether the reader is online now. If they are, then you can begin the session through various options available such as phone psychics reading, live psychic reading through video, online chat, etc. If they are “away”, that is, not available for a session right now, then you can book a session with them at your convenience.

The readers at Kasamba have been providing their services after years of training and experience. They are well-trained to render insights even through online chat and phone readings.

Salient Features

  • Boasts millions of 5-star ratings and reviews at the app and website.
  • The readers can be connected with reading round the clock.
  • Special readers are available for issues related to topics such as love psychics, career, tarot reading, etc.

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California Psychics – Highly Accurate Online Psychics


The website for California Psychics is provided with various features and tools to make navigation easier for the users. With the filtering options, well-separated web pages, and a detailed menu, you can find the perfect psychic reader that meets all your expectations and needs in minutes.

You will find various readers available for special reading types such as angel card reading, numerology, aura reading, energy healing, pet spirits, getting over past grief and toxic relationships, etc. It can be difficult to find such specialized readers in your vicinity. California Psychics makes their reach and guidance spread throughout the world through their platform.

You can also find special services and readers that are dedicated to women, the LGBTQ+ community, etc. You can also filter the readers as per their reading style. If you want a direct reading or a compassionate reader, you will find one without wasting your time searching for them.

With the additional feature of the first five minutes of free psychic reading, you can make sure that the reader you choose is right for you. If you do not like the reading style of the reader, then you can exit the session within the first five minutes. Thus, you will not have to pay for a reading that did not help you.

Salient Features

  • Professional psychics that have proper certificates to prove their training and experience.
  • Connect with the readers through online chat, video, and phone.
  • Use the filtering options and information provided on the profile of the readers to find the right reader for you.
  • 5 Free Minutes when using (CODE: “ADD5”)

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Keen – Psychics at Very Cheap Rates


Keen offers its trusted services around the globe 24/7 so that people who cannot find time for a online psychics reading session during the day because of their jobs and other responsibilities can access guidance at the time available to them. Keen also hosts a multi-features website whose special property is the daily horoscope that is available for free.

One can refer to the horoscope before starting their day to have a great time. Along with that, Keen offers an unconditional offer of the first three minutes of the session for free so that the users can choose the reader that is right for them. You can find the right psychic for you by reviewing the ratings left by previous users. Along with that, the site ensures that all the users available on the portal have been selected after passing through an extensive selection process that ensures that they have professional experience and training in their field.

Salient Features

  • More than 1,700 psychics available who hold different specializations.
  • The chat, phone, and video features offered are completely safe and secured with encryption.
  • Has been providing unfailing services for more than 20 years.
  • Best introductory packages: 10 minutes for less then $2

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Psychic Source – Top Choice for First Time Users


Psychic Source has been offering its services for more than three decades. Along with professional readers and impeccable services, the one feature that makes Psychic Source stand out is its 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

The website has a 24/7 working portal where the customers can register their complaints if they are dissatisfied with the services provided by any reader. Based on the complaint, the user may even get 100% cashback if they did not find any clarity or help during the session.

Psychic Source has a secure payment system so that there is no chance of hacking the database. Such features have made Psychic Source gain millions of followers around the world throughout its years of service.

Salient Features

  • Special offer of 3 minutes free along with 75% off on all session rates.
  • Services available for psychic readings by phone call, online chat psychics, and video call.
  • Ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

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Different Forms of Psychic Reading

As the life of two persons can never be the same, similarly, the help required by them to deal with their life can also be different. While some may need psychic reading to find inspiration in life again, others might need it to deal with the grief of close kin. Psychic reading is an all-encompassing umbrella that includes different types of readings you can choose from. Whether you need help in your love life or are searching for growth in your work, you can find the reading that meets your expectations and needs the best.

Tarot Card Reading

One of the most common types of online psychic reading that is observed and sought after across the globe is tarot reading . The method includes a specially created pack of tarot cards. Each card of the pack is based on a story that has been derived from folklore and religious stories spread around the world. Based on these stories and what these cards represent, one can find answers to a multitude of questions in their life. From love psychics, career, family, to your college grades, these tarot cards can give you an insight.

The cards hold the potential to inform more about the client as well as understand what they truly want in life. An expert tarot card reader will be able to apprehend the meaning behind these cards based on the experiences and life of the user, thereby making each card hold a unique meaning for different people.


Mediumship is an extension of psychic reading that deals with the spirits that surround us. These spirits have immense knowledge about life, past and future. Psychic readers who have to specialize in mediumship can communicate with the spirits. You can get information, advice, and insights from your loved ones, family, and friends that have passed away.

Mediums can not only connect to human spirits, but also, they can communicate with angels, spirit guides, animal spirits, ascended masters, and otherworldly beings that can offer help and guidance to the reader.


Palm reading is another practice in the domain of online psychics reading that has been followed for millennia. The importance and impact of palm reading exist to this date in various civilizations and cultures. It includes the services where the reader studies your palm to know more about your expected future, past, and the events that can be expected. The lines that are etched in our palms are believed to hold information about the details of one’s life.

A psychic reader who has been trained in palm reading will assess the patterns, shapes, and lines that are formed on your hand. With this information, they can predict your health, relationships, career, and more. In most cases, the right palm is used for a psychic reading .


Numerology is the art of psychic reading that deals with numbers. These could be special numbers such as our birth dates, anniversary dates, dates of exams, interviews, etc., or these could be numbers that we come across repeatedly throughout our day. For example, the number plate of the bus that you take to home or work daily, the time at which you wake up or sleep, etc.

Psychic readers that follow the art of numerology can make calculated predictions about one’s life using the numbers that they come across often. They believe that numbers are the hidden language of the universe and if their meaning can be derived, one can understand the working of the universe.

With the results that one gains from numerology, one can understand more about their personality traits, their behavioral patterns, and their emotions. It can also lead them to the best path for their internal growth and success.

Angel Card Reading

Most people confuse the angel cards as some special form of tarot cards. However, both these arts of psychic reading are very different from each other. A Tarot card is based on your aura, the energy that you protrude towards the universe around you. On the other hand, angel card reading is based on the guidance that is offered by beings such as archangels, angels, ascended masters, etc.

The angel card readers can connect to these masters and guides through the cards so that they can shed light upon the secrets and hardships of the journey of life. Angel cards are used for the most pressing questions and important needs as they can bring powerful messages from otherworldly beings that hold great power.

Oracle Reading

Oracles have worked as the symbol of psychic reading in popular media for years. When talking about oracles, most people imagine a magic ball with clouds inside it that opens when a question is asked. However, the truth is that any tool or cards that have divination power can be used as an oracle.

Various divination tools and cards can be used so that the user can find the answers to their questions. These tools can be anything from runes with history and meaning to decks of cards and dowsing rods. All divination tools used have a special meaning behind them. The user can choose the tool that works best for them to acquire healing and peace in their life.

Aura Reading

Another form of reading that has proven to be immensely helpful by various users around the world is aura reading. Aura is the energy that surrounds us. This energy reflects our thoughts and emotions like a mirror. People who have negative thoughts are said to have a strong, repulsive aura that drives away good feelings in life.

By reading the energy that surrounds you, a psychic reader can learn about your past and present, your thoughts and emotions, and your outlook towards life. The energy that is contained in the aura cannot be seen or connected with; it can only be felt by a proficient reader.

Aura reading is a practice that is used to gain clarity in life and achieve inspiration to turn your life into a better, more productive path. You can gain information about various essential aspects of your life through aura reading.

How to Get An Online Psychic Reading?

Once you have understood various forms of reading that you can choose from, you can now search and choose the online psychic reader that fits the criteria you need. Whether you need a psychic medium or an empath, a channeler or a tarot card reader, you need to decide this before booking an online reading session. Here are the different forms in which online psychic reading is offered.

Phone psychic reading

Psychic phone readings are one of the most popular and common forms in which psychic reading is provided through online portals and apps. They grew in popularity in the early seventies and eighties when the use of phones became a common thing among different classes of people. Today, there are various online tools through which psychic readers and users can connect and conduct a phone psychic reading session.

Live video reading session

Videos are the most recent format of online psychics reading that has been gaining attention because of its exclusive feel that is akin to a physical psychic reading session. Various apps and tools can be used to get an online video session. The client and the reader can see each other and talk face-to-face during the session. This method feels more intimate and helps form a better connection between both parties.

Online chat reading

This is another form of the online reading session that has become popular because of recent advancement in communication technology. People who do not want to share their information or can hardly find any time to dedicate to an online reading session can choose this option. This method ensures to protect the privacy of the client as most chat psychic methods available are encrypted from both ends. It also provides more versatility to the reader.

Email psychic reading

Email is not a common online reading session. It is usually opted by those who cannot find the time to engage in a personal reading session and would rather exchange a series of emails over a definite interval of time. This is a budget and time-friendly option for people who need in-depth readings without devoting much time.

Different Styles of Reading

When you enter a reading session, you should make sure that you are comfortable with the reading style of the psychic reader. Also, no matter the style or method of the session, the psychic reader should be polite and understanding. They should make you feel comfortable even if you are nervous. Along with that, you should be able to keep your point across to the reader. They should also not be offering much personal information about themselves. Remember, the reading is for you and should centre around your issues and experiences only.

The following are the various reading styles that are most common with psychic readers. These styles can be observed in different forms of readings.


Readers that provide a direct reading are usually those who provide a quick reading. You will receive answers that are to the point. They are seldom vague about their answers and tend not to beat around the bush. They will provide you with the insights that they read even if the reading is hard or uncomfortable. If you think that you may feel uncomfortable or anxious after hearing an answer that is unfavourable to you, then you should avoid such a reader.


Spiritual reading style is chosen by those who work on issues such as love psychics, karmic relationships, twin flames, star-crossed lovers, soulmates, etc. They seek advice from guiding spirits and higher beings such as angels, archangels, etc. They may relate the readings with the inscriptions and holy texts for a more spiritual context. If you do not follow the particular religion that is observed by the reader or do not need spiritual insights, then such a reader may not be the best style for you.


Compassionate readers encourage the users. Their style of reading will fill you with inspiration and hope. They tend to form a deep connection with the client and try to understand their emotions and experiences before providing the reading. They will indulge you in the reading such that you can gain insights regarding the past and future through thorough discussion.


Such readers provide ample space for the client to talk and discuss their issues. They tend to provide strategies and methods with which you can solve your problems instead of making predictions and vague readings about the future. People who doubt the art of psychic reading should choose such readers as they connect with the clients easily and provide a more realistic and practical solution to your problems.

Is Online Psychic Reading Accurate?

People usually have doubts regarding online psychics readings. Psychic readings are an art that is based on the connection between two people, that is, the reader and the person who is seeking guidance. This connection is believed to be strengthened when both the reader and the user are present in the same physical space. Various readings such as palm reading, aura reading, etc., are believed to work only when the psychic can touch and interact with the user. This is why people spend hours finding a suitable psychic near me.

However, for an experienced psychic reader, physical space does not pose an issue. They do not need to directly touch your palm to the reader, you do not need to directly touch and choose the tarot cards for them to be accurate. An experienced psychic reader can trace your life journey and shed light on your future even when conversing with you over a phone call or an online chat.

Psychic reading is based on connection, that is true. However, the connection is not formed physically. Rather, the connection exists when there is a bond between both the parties, the guide and the one seeking guidance. This bond can be formed when the user places their trust in the reader and ensures them with the personal information that is needed for the reading. When you trust your reader to provide you with accurate reading, the psychic reading will be a success no matter what mode of communication you choose.

Another doubt that people have when they first try online psychic reading is that they find themselves with limited resources to check the trustworthiness of the reader. To aid these, most sites that offer online psychic readings with real readers offer complete information and details regarding the reader on their profiles. The information provided includes their experience, the field that they specialize in, what are their strong suits, etc.

When you have a psychic reading online, you have the option to choose from live video, online chat, phone call, and in some cases, email reading. In all these versions, you will find that the reader gives immense attention to the words that you choose to explain your issues, the kinds of questions you ask, the information that you choose to share, etc. While assessing these details, they create an outline of your personality traits and patterns that you follow while making decisions. Thus, with the help of such information, they can provide you with a much more accurate reading.

If you still have doubts regarding the trustworthiness of the reading session and process, you can choose a live video session that will give you the same experience as if you are in the physical presence of the psychic reader.

Points to Note While Getting An Online Psychic Readings

There are cases when people find that the psychic reading session did not help them at all. They feel dejected and disappointed after the session because they could not get clearer and definitive answers. They try various types of psychic readings and readers but they fail to find the satisfaction that most promise comes with a psychic reading session.

This disappointment and failure of the reading session can happen because of various reasons. Sometimes, it can be because of the inexperience of the reader or because the reader and the person seeking advice cannot find a rhythm to match. However, most of the time, the reading fails because of the expectations set by the user before the reading. Here are some of the steps that you can take before and during a reading session to ensure that you get the most from it and get the peace of mind and clarity that you have been searching for.

Avoid Expectations

The first thing that will disappoint you during a psychic reading online, especially if it is your first reading, is that it was not what you expected. If you do not have any experience in reading sessions, then expecting certain results based on the stories and cases that you have heard will make you feel like the reading session was a failure.

Do not get into a reading session expecting to hear a particular answer. The answer that you will receive from the reading will be based on the information provided by you and the experiences that you have faced till now. Expecting a certain answer will automatically make you believe that the psychic session did not work for you.

Give the Lead of the Session to the Psychic Reader

You are here to listen, to get advice and guidance. You may pose your questions, explain your problem, but do not overwhelm the psychic with too many questions. Let the reader guide the session. The way they lead the flow of the session might now be what you expected but that is okay. With patience and understanding, and of course, open ears, you will receive tremendous guidance throughout the session.

Offer them more explanation and information if they ask for it. Do not overload them with information that might not be connected to the session. Oversharing information can also prove to be a risk for your personal information security and safety. If you feel that the information being asked by the psychic does not relate to the reading or the question at hand, you can politely refuse to share the information. A professional psychic will always understand and not force you to reveal any information you do not want to.

Trust the Process and the Reader

Without trust, there cannot be a successful psychic reading session. If you have doubts regarding the process, then you can ask the reader to clear them before starting with the session. Psychic reading is also a science and requires patience and accuracy so that one can get any relevant and useful information. Do not rush the process or the reader.

While choosing an online psychic reader, make sure that you select one that you feel comfortable with. You should be able to freely converse with the reader and provide them with the information that they need for the session. If you find that you cannot trust the reader or are still doubtful about the process, you can end the session.

However, even if you find that the method or the process chosen by the reader is not clear to you, stay through the session with patience. The method might not be familiar to you but it will provide you with the serenity and answers that can help you grow in life.

Ask Open-ended Questions

A reading session is like a conversation. It needs to flow both ways for it to be successful. And it is only when the reading is successful that you can get the answers to the questions burning in your mind.

Thus, make sure that you ask open-ended questions. You can frame the questions that you want to ask before the reading session so that you can ensure that they are direct, keep your problem across, and give space for the reader to analyze the situation so that they can provide you with an appropriate answer.

Questions that have ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as answers, questions that are bound by time, or those that do not have you as the subject should be avoided. The reading is about you and you should ensure that the questions circle around your problems only.

Psychic readers use various skills that they have been trained with and tools that they have an affinity with to gather information about you and make accurate predictions about your life. They also help in gaining confirmation, inspiration, guidance, and encouragement in life. A true psychic reader can truly enlighten the life of a person with their knowledge and perception of life and the universe.

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