Online Psychic Reading: 5 Best Online Psychics For Accurate Fortune Telling & Tarot Reading| 2022’s Top Tarot Decks For Future Predictions For Life Guidance, Love Reading & Career

Psychic reading has been around us for years now, and irrespective of any culture or beliefs, it is popular among people. The hopeful and reassuring outcomes of best online psychic readings never fail to attract people with a curiosity about their future. If you are unsure about your life and would love to start your psychic reading journey, you are in the right place.

An online psychic reading through phone, chat, and video can be strange for most people, especially if you are trying it for the first time. However, the highlight of these psychic readings is that you might end up l finding solace with your everyday hurdles.

On that account, today, we have tried our best to make a list of the five best online psychic reading platforms where you can begin your way into this world. We have considered the most reliable and precise sites, loved by a majority, and can provide you with the best results.

Top 5 Picks For Best Tarot Decks Of 2022

We will discuss the five best fortune-telling sites popular in the current day. Here, we will be providing you an insight into their special features and unique qualities and hopefully help you select the one suitable for you.

  1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Site, Editor’s Choice
  2. Kasamba: Best For Fortune Telling & Psychic Mediums
  3. MysticSense: Get Accurate Future Predictions & Life Guidance
  4. Keen: Professional Tarot Readers For Spiritual Readings
  5. Psychic Oz: Popular Psychic Networks Of Expert Tarot Readers

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Site, Editor’s Choice


Purple Garden is among the most trustworthy and accurate sites for online psychic readings. One of their main advantages is the accessibility of both live and recorded psychic reading for the users. They provide a wide range of psychic readers, out of which most of them give an accurate and precise reading for a variety of your life decisions.

Due to these genuine and caring tarot readers, Purple Garden is famous among its customers, who are often satisfied with their results. They give high-quality readings for the customers through their specialized mobile app. Through Purple Garden, you can receive various types of readings through phone, chat, and video showing their versatility feature for their readers.


The main highlight of this site is the variety of categories they provide for users. Purple Garden provides you with love and relationship readings, spiritual and tarot readings, astrology, numerology, analysis of your dreams, and many more. They make it possible for you to approach several readers who are giving precise and absolute original readings most of the time.

One of their features also allows you to check the schedules of these tarot readers and a video of their abilities so you can choose according to whatever suits you. The site gives you the ultimate access to the tarot reader of your choice instantly. Their website is easy to use, making it approachable for new users.

They also provide you with discounts and offers for specific occasions. They also have a per minute billing for chats or phone readings. The popular readers charge you up to $15 per minute for reading via video. Purple Garden is an excellent option if you are looking for authentic readings at reasonable offers.


  • Different categories of readings according to your need
  • Psychic readers available through text, call, or video call
  • Free minutes available at the beginning
  • Easy accessibility through a mobile app
  • Immediately connect with the tarot readers when using


  • A little too expensive when compared to others
  • Discount offers are limited
  • Some tarot readers are not available online, which restricts the options for the customers

Customer Reviews

The customer feedback for Purple Garden hinted at their quality of service when it comes to online psychic readings. The customers mentioned how accurate reading results from the psychics on this site have been life-changing. Their authentic and original readings have been a great comfort to many. What’s more, their prices are also affordable.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba: Best For Fortune Telling & Psychic Mediums


Kasamba is a comprehensive platform that provides everything that you need to know. It has horoscopes, tarot readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, etc. Like Keen, Kasamba has also been around in the psychic world for quite a long time. Their readings have their unique color and authenticity.

They provide insightful reading through their site and calls, chat, and email. Their site has some reputable and talented psychic readers who have given service to over three million customers for the last twenty years. They provide you with a list of top-rated psychic readers on their website, which might be helpful for you if you use their site for the first time.


When it comes to Kasamba, the main catch is their price to their customers. With such an experience and many top-rated psychic readers, you might think their service is expensive. Well, it is not. They offer a low price rate per minute. Some top-rated psychics might charge a little more, but it is still affordable.

Additionally, they offer a 15% discount for new users and a fantastic three-minute free session. You can schedule your reading consultation beforehand after deciding which type of reading you need with a psychic.


  • Very affordable with three minutes free session for the first time use
  • Featuring a variety of categories for you to choose
  • Two decades of experience
  • Available through phone, chat, and mail


  • Prices might increase in some instances
  • You must be a member to get access through a mobile application

Customer Reviews

Kasamba has a money return policy, so the customers would not face a money loss even if they are not satisfied with the experience. Their customers get drawn to them due to their reliable outcomes in most sessions.

They also ensure that their customers get profound and immediate results, attracting more users with their psychics. Customers are also satisfied with their offline features, which provide you with a session through the mail and will provide results within 24 hours.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. MysticSense: Get Accurate Future Predictions & Life Guidance


MysticSense is another platform that also offers the best psychic medium reading services to its customers. The one unique factor that would arise wonder and curiosity in you is their offer of passing a message from your loved one who has passed on.

MysticSense has talented psychics who will help you gain answers regarding your love life, life goals, and what the future beholds for you. They help you to gain insight into life challenges through phone chat, video calls and emails like other websites.

Their website also avails information to its customers for further research. They also provide you with detailed information about their psychics, which helps new customers find the best option.


MysticSense is one of the best options for beginners in the psychic reading world. They offer you a five-minute free session and bill per minute. Their service is suitable for anyone looking to get readings through their phone. If you are not satisfied with your first session, they will add a five-minute free session to your subscription. That gives you a chance to try again.

Their website also provides videos from their master psychics explaining and giving important insights on psychic readings and answering your initial doubts. MysticSense is known for its affordable prices with amazing psychic reading results. Their psychic mediums are immensely experienced, some up to 30 years.


  • Available through chat and phone
  • New customers get a free five-minute session
  • It offers the lowest price, $1 per minute
  • The unique feature is their specialization in mediumship
  • You can filter and screen the psychics of your choice


  • Not available through video calls and mail
  • Better for people who are comfortable with a phone psychic reading conversation
  • Some master psychics can be a little more expensive

Customer Reviews

Customers love MysticSense due to their genuine service. They provide you with an extra free five-minute session on your first try if you are not satisfied with the one you spoke with before. The only downside is that you can only connect to them calls and chats. However, their customers are not disappointed because of this.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MysticSense

#4. Keen: Professional Tarot Readers For Spiritual Readings


Keen is an immediate favorite of the new users, and it has been in this field for nearly two decades. In short, we can confidently rely on the results provided on the site because of their years of experience in an online psychic reading. You can witness a range of readings on this site and even some rare Chinese and Vedic astrology readings. Also, Keen is widely known for its accurate love readings.

Keen also has a mobile app version making it fast to gain a psychic reading whenever required by the users. Keen provides the most number of psychic readers to choose from among other online sites. They have around 1700 psychics as options for their customers.


Keen has the highest options of psychics to choose from according to your wish. You can get a reading through either chat or email. As mentioned earlier, they are known for their reliable love readings by tarot readers with years of experience.

They allow you a three-minute free session and offer a special deal to new customers. You can imagine that this is a reasonably low cost to test out the psychics of your choice for the first time. You will have the option to filter out the readers according to the price and type of reading you need.

Keen makes sure that all of your information is private and safe. After Purple Garden, Keen is one of the most popular affordable sites with detailed and precise results.


  • Available through phone, chat, and email
  • A mobile app version is also available
  • The first three minutes of consultation are free
  • Experience in this field for over two decades
  • The low-cost price range for new customers
  • Every advisor is experienced in the field and provides accurate psychic readings
  • Most popular for love readings


  • No free trials given
  • free psychic readings three minutes only for the first psychic reading

Customer Reviews

For over twenty years, Keen has shown its authenticity and strengths by being in this field. From looking at this, you can derive genuine reviews from their customers. Many customers have shed light on how Keen helped them through their dark times.

The psychics at Keen help you navigate the problems in your life and reassure you about your future. If you need a complete experience of psychic readings with the best results, Keen is another place to look.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#5. Psychic Oz: Popular Psychic Networks Of Expert Tarot Readers


The people at Psychic Oz believe in full-on transparency and clarity in their services. They provide chat & call services due to this very reason. Doing this assures you of the processes, and helps you understand how they get the results.

They offer a variety of readings, including astrology, dream analysis and even sound therapy. In addition to this, they also provide many languages to choose from for reading apart from English.


As mentioned before, Psychic Oz provides its services through chat, emails, and calls. They also offer upto 5 minutes during the first session. They also allow you to converse with the psychic reader of your choice before proceeding further.


  • A wide variety of specializations and categories
  • First 5 minutes are free psychic reading online.


  • They do not offer services through video calls.

Customer Reviews

Many customers have opted for individual psychics, making it easy to choose the best psychic if you are using the site for the first time. At times, their credit system can be a little confusing for some customers compared to the costing system given by other platforms.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Psychic Oz

Things to Consider While Choosing an Online Psychic Medium

Of course, it is normal to feel unsure and confused when you start your journey in the psychic reading world as a newbie. You may have questions like whom to trust and where to invest your money for excellent results. Yes, it is not an easy task, especially for indecisive people.

Hence, below are a few points you can consider before making your ultimate decision.

  • Years of Experience

Now, an online psychic reading platform will have a lot more trustworthy customers when compared to others. That is a known fact, and it is useful for beginners to decide where they want to put their trust.

You can notice that all the popular and best online psychic reading services have decades of experience in this field. That shows that they know what they are doing and are best at it.

Some psychics on these platforms have more than 40 years of experience, which benefits new customers while experimenting with their first session. Of course, many psychics can be very talented but have only short-term experiences. However, at the same time, years of experience are a compelling factor to consider when you begin your psychic reading.

  • Customer Reviews and Feedback

The online platforms provide detailed information about the psychics on their sites. This is very helpful when you are checking for a service on a website and what to choose the best option out there. However, on top of this, customer feedback is the main highlight to focus on from your perspective.

By reading and looking at others’ experiences, you will get a sense of the overall picture and what is there further for you to explore. Therefore, always read customer reviews on the sites to know more about their service.

  • Methods Through Which you Get the Sessions

This might not be a prominent factor, but it should be considered before getting a session. We saw that Oranum only offers video chat which might not be favorable for some customers. The best online psychic reading sites should have options for their customers. That could include reading through calls, chat, and video. Some also allow asking questions and getting answers through the mail. These options help you choose the one that works well and is ideal for you.

  • Cost and Free Trial Minutes for New Customers

Most online psychic reading sites allow their customers to gain a three to a five-minute free psychic reading trial on their first use. This is a very nice way to use the session you got because if you are not satisfied, you can terminate the session after the first three minutes. Trial minutes help the customers to have an insight into the site and decide the best psychic reader for them.

  • Proper Satisfaction and Money Back Policy

Money back policy is not common among all the online psychic platforms. But there are few which provide this service. There are also a few who do not make you pay in the first session. If these are what you are looking for, check those sites before using them.

Online vs. Offline Psychics

As you can assume, the main difference between an online and offline psychic depends is your comfort. When you search for a psychic near me, you will have to go to their place and meet them face to face. However, online psychics are much more approachable and also favorable to your timing. You can get your psychic reading done by sitting in the comfort of your home.

Moreover, it can be a little uncertain when you have to go and meet a psychic in real life. The advantage here is meeting them face to face and understanding how they are providing you with the results. Then, there could be situations where other people are waiting for their sessions. You might feel uncomfortable sharing everything you wanted to discuss with the psychic in this case.

With online psychic reading, you can avoid these things. You can schedule a session with your timing and get the same experience but with more comfort. You will get effective results in both cases. The only thing you have to consider is your comfort in your busy life. If you are willing to take time and go out to meet a psychic, then do that. But remember that be it online or offline, the outcome is the same, so why not choose online psychic reading over offline ones?

FAQs On Psychic Readings & Online Tarot Readers

Q1.Why should anyone get a psychic reading?

The answer to this question entirely depends upon the people. There can be various reasons for anyone to try a psychic reading. While some might be genuinely curious about their lives and want an answer, others might do it just for fun and entertainment.

People also do this to get a clear aspect of a difficult phase of their life. This could help them get further insights into their love life, career goals, or potential future events. Whatever the reason may be, it is interesting to note that people end up accessing online psychic reading from time to time.

Q2.What to expect from an online psychic reading experience?

It is a fact that online psychic readings are nothing different from offline or face-to-face psychics. The only difference here is the mode through which you seek the results. Over the years, many people have given their opinion on how online psychic reading has tremendously changed their lives. You can get a clear image of what to expect from these readings.

You will be able to get information about your life and messages from dead loved ones. If these aspects seem like something you want to try, it doesn’t matter if the reading is done online or offline.

Q3.How do these readings work?

The psychics that you find online can do it in their ways. Some follow tarot cards, while others use crystal balls. Some listen to your issues and give an insight based on their feelings or intuitions. It works differently for different psychics. They provide the information you have asked for, which could bring you a great deal of comfort.

Q4.How accurate can these readings be?

This might be the most asked question by millions of people. It is not easy to trust someone about the events that could happen in your life. On top of that, it is not done for free. So why should you waste your time and money when you are not sure about the accuracy of these answers? Well, there is no particular reason.

There is not an accurate rate by which you can know if the reading is precise or not. Sometimes it could be, and sometimes it is not. However, the interesting fact is that even when it is not sure, people still find something in the psychic reading and keep visiting these online psychic reading platforms.

Q5.Can you find various types of reading on these platforms?

The answer is yes. Some psychics are focused on a particular category like love or based on income matters. There are also categories for astrology readings and analysis of your dreams. Therefore, whatever your reason, there is always a person out there to help you through online psychic readings.

Wrapping Up On Choosing The Best Online Psychic Readers

In conclusion, getting an online psychic reading does have its own merits but is totally according to your choice. If you are curious about your life and looking to find some closure, this might be effective. As discussed in this post, there are many platforms to choose from and the factors you have to consider.

All these psychic readers are experienced and have years of experience, making them approachable if you are in a crisis. They also provide various categories to choose the one you are the most curious about and get results. Online psychic readings work in your favor with their schedules and timings.

If you need an explanation about certain events in your life, this is a great way to relieve some of your stress. Always remember to check the factors and the customer reviews and decide on the best option that suits your needs. Hopefully, this article helped you get an insight on this and will help you make the decision.

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