Noom Diet Reviews: How Much Does Noom Cost? Does It Really Work?

Noom reviews, does noon diet really work? how much does Noom cost? what is Noom weight loss app and is it worth it? discover a detailed review of how Noom can help your journey to a happier and healthier life.

Losing weight is no piece of cake, but the Noom diet app makes it possible by actually letting you eat a piece of cake. Confused much? Don’t be.

Keep reading our guide as we take you through a detailed Noom review and answer all your burning questions about the app. By the end of this Noom review you will be able to figure out one thing: Is Noom worth it or not?

Noom Reviews – Introduction to Noom

If the question ‘What is Noom’ is still lurking in your mind, then you have landed just at the right place. This section of the Noom review will give you an overview of what the Noom weight-loss and the Noom diet plan is about. Let’s get started.

The Noom platform argues that it is the ultimate weight loss application. Imagine having a personal diet trainer, and nutritionist all combined in the shape of one platform.

You must be thinking there are several diet apps out there, what is so special about Noom? Noom helps you adopt changes in your lifestyle as well as your behavior according to your diet. They make it a point to list down foods they would recommend eating and those they would not. Moreover, they have many healthy lifestyle articles on their website, which are of great help when you are on a diet – they even quiz you afterward to see what you learned.

We all hate tests, but the tests that Noom has are highly educational and will support you through your journey. If you are a newbie and don’t know much about how to take your weight loss journey forward, then Noom has information regarding the number of calories you need to intake and how many carbs. They also have several tips on exercise to boost your physical activity.

You can also provide feedback or reach out for support whenever you want, their representatives are available through real-time chat.

Noom is a platform made to achieve weight loss targets but there is a lot more that Noom has in store. The Noom app contains multiple support groups. It also claims to be excellent within coaching. However, after thorough analysis we found out that it is not as competent as other sites. While there are areas that could use work, it has great potential and is overall a great website.

Get to Know the Noom Program

image2 has a program that focuses on psychological behavioral changes that eventually lead to weight loss.

They have multiple features that help keep your weight in check, such as:

  • Recording your Food
  • Managing and Logging Physical Activities
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Personal Training
  • Peer/Support Group Personalized for You

Their fairly simple guides or lectures help you fully grasp the Noom Weight Loss program to commit and help you reach your target quicker.

Noom doesn’t promise that you will lose weight immediately. They believe that you need to first let go of your previous lifestyle and adopt a healthier front to lose weight. As you adopt a new lifestyle or new eating regimes, you will be able to let go of the old habits and bring about change. They term this as “sustainable weight loss.”

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What to Expect in the Noom Healthy Weight Program?

  • 1st Week: Get to know your coaches – the “Noom Nerds.”
  • 2nd Week: Learn the fundamentals of weight loss.
  • 3rd Week: Learn how nutrition works.
  • 4th Week: Bringing some changes in your diet.
  • 5th Week: Starting some exercise.
  • 6th Week: The importance of enough sleep.
  • 7th Week: Dealing with our inner problems.
  • 8th Week: How to overcome your fears.
  • 9th Week: How to stay focused throughout the plan.
  • 10th Week: Training on how to stay on a diet.
  • 11th Week: The Dos and Don’ts of Eating out.
  • 12th Week: Advanced exercise routine.
  • 13th Week: How to deal with stress.
  • 14th Week: MBCT.
  • 15th Week: How to stay motivated throughout the journey.
  • 16th Week: Onwards to the future.

How Does Noom Work?


To start your Noom journey, you will first need to download the application. Once downloaded, you will be required to enter your basic information such as weight, height, etc. along with some additional info.

The Noom platform requires you to be consistent since you will need to enter your meal times and exercise routines. Through this, the Noom app will provide you with accurate evaluation of your dietary plans and exercise routines.

The app also provides you with a personal trainer who is constantly in touch with you through the in-app messaging on Noom which helps you better understand your goals and fulfill the purpose of this program.

If you have completed the Noom Weight Loss Program, you should by now, know what healthy foods to eat, how to properly exercise, etc.

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What Makes Noom Different from the Others? wants to instill change, with the help of behavioral psychology – Noom intends on helping its users not only lose weight but adopt better lifestyles.

The brand is built on three prominent channels: Psychology, Innovation, and Personal Training. Here is a break down on all three:

Psychology : Noom follows psychology closely, it makes sure that all their products and information is verified and has evidence to be verified. With the help of CBT, Noom helps people understand the changes and adopt them rationally.

Innovation : When it comes to technological advancements, there are no compromises within Noom. It makes sure to deliver its users with the best of features and tools.

Personal Training : Noom makes sure to employ one of the best personal trainers out there, each of which, is handpicked for you. These trainers will help you improve your weight loss journey and achieve more goals in life.

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Noom Diet Plan: What Can You Eat While on Diet?


Most diets require to quit food or stop eating, Noom is not like that. Instead, Noom lets the user decide what they should be eating and what to avoid. The color code foods in red, green, and yellow. Green being foods that are healthy and low calories – yellow being normal calorie foods. Whereas red being a high-calorie food item that should be eaten in smaller portions.

Get to Know the Red, Yellow, and Green Rule


Green foods are the healthiest ones on the table, they contain the lowest calories and lots of nutrients. All green food is what you should be eating most of the day and daily to stay healthy.

Healthy foods are:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Whole Grains
  • Non-fat Dairy
  • Some Protein Sources – Tofu


As you can tell, yellow food has lower nutritional value and more calories, comparatively. You can eat those in normal amounts, not too much.

Such foods are:

  • Protein – Chicken, Beef
  • Fish
  • Low-Fat Dairy
  • Legumes
  • Grains


These red foods have the lowest nutritional value and too many calories. They are unhealthy to eat daily or in large amounts. It is recommended to eat such foods in smaller portions.

Processed foods or even full-fat cheese are included in red foods. Your diet should consist of red foods, but only 25% of it. Any more is not healthy and can be bad for your weight loss journey.

These food entail:

  • Multiple oils
  • Seeds – flax seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.
  • Multiple nuts – almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc.
  • Processed Spreads – peanut butter, chocolate spread, etc.

Noom never says that you should not eat a particular food, they do not believe in cutting down on food while dieting. However, they say that you should restrict the amounts when eating red or yellow foods and have smaller portions than usual.

What is the Noom Eating Plan?

You can customize your Noom eating plan according to your preference, it asks you to record what you are eating and then helps categorize your food accordingly. They make calorie ranges for you and notify you when you are going overboard or suggest appropriate recipes that fit within your range.

For every user, makes sure to give them a calorie goal. To which they say that almost forty percent of your diet should consist of yellow foods. While thirty-five percent of it should consist of green food items. Lastly, almost twenty-five percent of it should be red foods. That’s how you complete your daily calorie goal.

All these numbers can be confusing, which is why Noom handles all the math for you. All you need to do is log on what you do and when.

What Your Meal Plan Might Look Like on Noom?


Noom will help you decide what to eat and when to make your diet plan as effective as possible.

Breakfast : Whole grains, or oatmeal with a side of fruit.

Snack : Nuts or seeds such as chia seeds, almonds, etc.

Lunch : Protein source along with vegetables and some sort of low-fat spread.

Snack : Spreads with a side of vegetables.

Dinner : Protein source with some side of vegetables.

If you are someone who craves food, then Noom will have you healthily satisfy those cravings. Fruits will have you satisfy those sweet or candy cravings, whereas you can use the spreads to fulfill any salty moods. Being on a diet doesn’t mean having to not eat or be unhappy all the time.

Fad diets are not the right fit for fab people like you. Experience the Noom weight loss plan and you will be surprised with the results. Visit this link for a free Noom trial.

Step by Step Guide – How to Use Noom?


Noom is easy to use, it is user friendly – here’s how:

First Step : Once you start Noom, you have to take their ten-minute quiz. This will help Noom make a customized plan for your diet and weight loss techniques.

Second Step : Noom, however, is a premium app and you will need to pay before beginning your diet plan. You can get a seven-day free trial, however, once that is over. Noom will charge you $129 for the next three months.

Third Step : Once the payment is done, you can find out who your trainers are and look at your diet plan and exercise routine. Your trainers should provide you with an appropriate plan and exercise routine along with specific calorie ranges.

Over the 16 weeks Noom Plan, they require you to also participate in ten behavioral psychology lessons such as CBT. How much time you spend on those sessions is your choice completely.

Once you have completed two days successfully, your trainer will check in with you to see how your performance is going and whether you are facing any difficulties or not. Noom personalizes these plans for you according to the information you sent.

Pros and Cons of Choosing the Noom Diet and Noom Weight Loss Program

Before you decide to get on board with the Noom diet program, you should consider all your options.

Even though the Noom weight loss program and Noom diet has proved to be viable for thousands of people, some people have different experiences. The Noom plan comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages; it all comes down to your preferences at the end of the day.


Before we explore the pros and cons of the Noom Diet plan, there are few points to consider. First of all, it is imperative to understand that you cannot just download the Noom weight loss app and forget about it. This app requires you to be on your toes all the time. The app is nothing short of a knowledge hub for people seeking a healthy lifestyle. You have a plethora of articles and other informative content to explore.

Apart from this, you will constantly be reminded of your weight loss goal and how closer you are to achieving that target. The Noom app requires your time and commitment. It acts as a virtual companion reminding you of all the daily tasks and targets that you have to fulfill daily. So, keep all these factors in mind before you start taking interest in the app.

This section of our Noom review will cover the pros and cons of using the Noom plan to help you decide, ‘is Noom worth it?’ or not?

Why Should You Opt for the Noom Diet?

To be fair, the pros of using the Noom plan outnumber the cons if we look at the bigger picture. However, it is important to understand that the app is targeted at a specific group of people. People already invested or have the slightest bit of interest in switching to a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

Let’s now look at all the pros of choosing the Noom plan to understand why is Noom worth it for some people:

1. Noom Offers Personalized Coaching

The Noom plan focuses on a customer-centric approach. The makers of the famous Noom Plan understand that everyone has a different set of needs, and you cannot apply the same logic for them. Noom takes pride in providing personalized coaching for all its users.

Personalized coaching works as a great marketing tactic to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It makes the customer feel special and valued that the Noom plan is customized according to their needs, and they are getting undivided, one-on-one attention from a health expert. It also helps improve the authenticity of the Noom diet plan or the Noom weight loss program.

2. Noom Guarantees Long-Lasting Results

Noom is not another fluke when it comes to weight-loss programs. You will find thousands of positive Noom reviews on the web, giving a testament that the Noom diet plan helps attain long-lasting results.

We all know the frustration of following fad diet programs that may seem to work out initially, but end up doubling your weight as soon as you let them go. With Noom, the results guaranteed are realistic. You cannot expect to shed 50 pounds overnight, the Noom plan never makes such false claims.

If you persistently follow the customized Noom diet plan, you will witness a slow and steady journey to success. You will achieve your targeted weight eventually, but it will take its due time. The Noom plan aims to give you long-lasting results that actually matter rather than making fake and unrealistic promises to fool their customers.

3. Noom Makes it Easier to Keep Track of Your Weight Loss Progress

Like we said earlier, the Noom app works like a constant virtual companion. This means that the app is always available on the go, making it easier for you to track your weight loss progress.

The app does an in-depth study of your weight-loss journey and encourages you to log everything down constantly. This way, you can easily monitor everything from the Noom home screen and evaluate your performance.

Whether you completed your daily walking goals or not? Did you exceed your calorie intake for the day? How many calories did you burn from physical activity, etc.?

If you are looking for the answers to all of the above questions, the Noom plan amalgamates all of this and more. This also acts as a great motivating factor, as the app gives you a constant reminder of how well your weight loss journey is going.

4. Noom Puts You First

Unlike typical weight loss apps, Noom will not put pressure on you to lose weight just for the sake of it. The Noom plan is a specialized program that focuses on human psychographics and how their behavior dictates their preferences.

If you read various Noom reviews or use the app yourself, you will know what we are talking about. From the initial registration process, when you take the Noom quiz, you will notice a pattern. All the questions are more qualitative and focused on understanding your personality rather than just your weight numbers.

Noom values your emotions and personal preferences. The customized Noom plan is based not on just your weight goals but also your interests and psychographics. This approach is a modern customer targeting approach that helps create customized strategies for each individual and garners better results for both parties.

Therefore, if you are hesitant about weight-loss programs just because you do not feel valued enough as an individual, investing in the Noom diet plan would certainly be worth it.

5. Noom Will Not Give You a Run for Your Money

When it comes to effective weight-loss options, there is a common misconception embedded into our system. We are talking about the ideology that if it is not difficult, it will not work out.

We all know various people in our circle who constantly fear that trying to lose weight is a next-to-impossible task. In reality, this is not the case at all. Effective weight-loss programs like Noom highlight that weight loss can indeed be easy to achieve and anyone can do it.

The Noom app comes equipped with easy-to-follow workout plans that you can choose according to your liking. Whether you can only deal with 6 minutes of workout or go as long as 60 mins, there is something for everyone.

In addition to this, Noom weight-loss program focuses on your cognitive behavior and provides your health advice accordingly. This makes the app stand out from its competitors by giving you personalized and long-lasting weight-loss guidance.

6. Noom Diet Plan Does Not Encourage You to Starve Yourself

You do not have to kill your heart to shed those extra pounds. That is one of the greatest benefits of relying on the Noom diet plan. Unlike traditional meal plans and fad diets, Noom does not discourage you from eating your favorite food items.

It focuses on making you more conscious of your choices by giving you a clearer picture of everything. The red, green, and yellow colored food classification helps users to maintain a balanced diet throughout the day. To fulfill your daily calorie intake, you can eat red food in small quantities and consume more green food items.

Enjoy the food you love without any guilt. This approach is also great for your mental health as it does not leave you deprived or frustrated. Moreover, in the longer run this educational approach motivates users to eat a more balanced diet that will satiate their heart as well as hunger. A win-win situation for both!

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Why You Should Not Opt for the Noom Diet?

As discussed earlier in this Noom review, this program may not always work for everyone. Every individual has unique needs and preferences when it comes to weight loss. If the keto diet worked for someone, there is no guarantee that it would work for you too.

Let’s now delve deep into the reasons why the Noom plan may not be your cup of tea.

1. Noom Can Be Heavy on the Pocket for Some People

The most common question addressed in Noom reviews is related to Noom cost, and is Noom worth it or not? Like all great things come with a hefty price tag, Noom does too.

Noom cost can go up to $129 for a quarterly plan, which may not be easily affordable by everyone. To be fair, the definition of expensive varies from person to person according to their priorities.

Some people spend all their money on designer bags and shoes, while some would rather spend it on themselves. Therefore, it might not be a tempting offer for those who do not want to pay extra for a customized Noom plan.

Note that Noom price can be further reduced too. You just have to get your hands on a Noom discount code or a Noom promo code for that. Moreover, you can also opt for Noom free trial and see if the Noom price is really worth it or not.

2. Noom Is Not the Best Choice for Lazy People

If you are a couch potato and hate logging in or committing to anything long-term, then the Noom app is not for you.

As we discussed earlier in our Noom review, the app requires a lot of time and commitment on a daily basis. If you are not ready to invest in a weight-loss program that requires little effort on the regular, then you will not be so willing to pay for the Noom weight-loss program.

3. Noom Is Not Ideal for People Looking To be Spoon Fed

As the statement above implies, you cannot expect the Noom diet plan to dictate you every little thing. The program does not impose things on you.

Therefore, if you are looking for specific diet plans and what you should eat every day, the Noom diet is not the right choice for you. Noom leaves the choice to you and gives you an open ground to play around with.

While the Noom com diet plan will certainly guide you about your daily calorie intake and which food items are good for you and which not, it will not restrict you to follow only a specific meal plan.

FAQs – What Customers Are Asking About Noom?


Can Noom be considered for weight loss?

Certainly, Noom diet app is great if you want to lose weight and adopt long-term healthy lifestyle changes. If you are wondering about what Noom is, then first know that you can either choose Noom for a weight loss journey or use it to keep a good diet and find new ways to make healthier, more delicious dinners. By seeing the different reviews of Noom, you can ensure that it is a great method to audit yourself now and then.

Is the Noom App affordable?

Indeed, it is. You do not have to pay to download the app itself. Later on, you will have to pay a small subscription fee when you would like to see the Noom coaching services and meal plans. Noom diet plan is not free but, the company gives a two weeks’ trial, which will cost you only $1, and you will only be billed the complete amount if you do not cancel the plan within 14 days. You can also find Noom discount codes or Noom promo code now and then. This way, you can use the services and determine if it fits your needs before you fully commit to it. Reviews of Noom and its ratings say that the Noom app is surely a great health booster.

Is using Noom simple and easy?

Definitely it is. When you open Noom plan, you will see step-by-step guidelines and daily or weekly reminders that will help you keep updating your progress throughout the month. Because Noom uses such user-friendly interface, manually doing the food logging is not at all difficult. On the other hand, weight loss apps such as MyFitnessPal and Weight Watchers are quite difficult to handle. Noom reviews will definitely give you more details on how easy to adopt the Noom diet will be.

What is the meaning of Noom?

The co-founder and the president of Noom technology is Artem Petkov. Noom is not really a short form of any longer name. In fact, it is simply the backward spelling of Moon.

Petkov says that Moon, with all its calmness and wisdom, is always present for the peace of the whole wide world and its people. Therefore, the inspiration is taken from the Moon actually, because just like the moon, Noom will also show you the right direction when you are lost. In addition to that, Noom weight loss app is also available in different languages for your ease.

What program does Noom offer?

Noom has two types of healthy programs – one is the Managing Diabetes Program and the other one is Healthy weight management program

Managing diabetes program consists of the guidelines as in the healthy eating programs, but its main focus is on the balance of taking carbs. This program takes into consideration the criteria set by the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The criteria are about measuring the success rate of this program by evaluating the curriculum, participation, and other sorts of metrics.

The other one is healthy weight management. It consists of four parts divided into sixteen weeks. Noom diet reviews say that this is the best program if you seriously consider shedding pounds to make yourself healthier. It consists of very simple and easy-to-follow steps which you can adopt with the help of the coaches and other people like you on the Noom app.

Does Noom really work?

After reading about various Noom reviews and cost analyses, it is safe to say that Noom is a great weight-loss app.

One of the best things about Noom is that it provides one-on-one coaching, which motivates people to reach their health goals. All the wellness and health coaches on Noom are simply amazing, with incredible professional knowledge and good experience.

What is so different about Noom as compared to the other weight loss apps?

The most appropriate way to answer this question about the Noom app is not to consider it a fad diet. It is something to which you can get committed and have long-term health benefits.

Are you losing your mind trying to lose your weight? Stop everything and join the Noom app today. A free trial is waiting for you, hurry up!

Noom Reviews: Quick Facts About Noom

  1. The Noom app has a weight loss program which are four to eight months long.
  2. Noom gives special food meal information keeping in mind the special needs of all types of clients.
  3. Programs found on Noom have gone through several rigorous tests and reviews.
  4. Noom’s insights regarding meal plans and other healthy guidance help clients with their conditions without ignoring their diets.
  5. Noom is simply wonderful for vegetarians.
  6. The best thing about Noom is that anyone can win a two-week membership for free.

Reviews of Noom: What Noom Customers Have to Say?

In this section of our Noom review, we will take a look at customer feedback on Noom over recent years.

Let’s start with Noom Reviews 2021:


Now that we know what the latest Noom Reviews 2021 look like, it is safe to say that the Noom com reviews are a hit so far. Let’s see how the Noom app was panning out a year before.

Here is what Noom Reviews 2020 looked like:


One great thing found in Noom Reviews 2020 is that the developers have responded back to the customer. Brownie points to Noom for that!

If you are still wondering, “Is Noom worth it or not?”. Click here to enjoy an exclusive free Noom trial and see for yourself why everyone is talking about the Noom app!

Let’s Find Out Noom Price: How Much Does Noom Cost and is Noom Worth It?

Be it Noom reviews 2021 or Noom reviews 2020; there are some questions common in all reviews of Noom:

  • How much does Noom cost?
  • How much is Noom?
  • Is Noom worth it?
  • What is the standard Noom price?
  • What is the cost of the Noom weight-loss program?
  • Is Noom free?
  • How much is Noom per month?
  • How much does Noom cost per month?
  • What is Noom cost per month?
  • Is there a Noom free trial?
  • What are Noom reviews and cost?

This section is dedicated to addressing all your queries about Noom price. The good news is that there is a Noom free trial! Yes, you heard it right. Noom offers a free 1 week trial to give you a taste of how the overall program is laid out.

If you wish to know how much is Noom per month and is Noom worth your money or not, you can check out the picture below for further details.


The standard Noom cost per month starts from $66.35 USD and can go up to $500 depending on the Noom price plan that you choose.

You can also enjoy a Noom discount code or a Noom promo code and reduce Noom pricing.

The Bottom Line: Is Investing in Noom Worth It?

How you perform on Noom depends on how committed you are to the program. You need to make sure that you are consistent, follow dietary recommendations as well as your trainer’s advice.

However, if at any point you feel like that the app is not helpful to you and is affecting you negatively, then make sure to either report or unsubscribe from the service immediately.

We believe Noom is a great service if you do not mind using your phone a lot and can log everything onto it.

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