mSpy Reviews – As a Parental Control App: Does it really work?

mSpy is a very well-known parental control app. The most amazing fact about mSpy is it allows parents to check what is happening on their child’s phone from a remote area. Okay, before going into the details of it let us first see, what is the reason for having apps for parental controls? Phone whether it is an iPhone or a simple Android device is a mandatory device for everyone. Starting from an old man of 80 years to a kid of 8 years, all have a phone in their grip.

Now, when the matter is with your kids, obviously, you will not take a risk, especially when they are in their teens. Teenagers need to be monitored more than any other kids and hence a parental app like mSpy shares your responsibility and reduces your worry to some extent. Therefore, in today’s time, you definitely need a parental control app and the most interesting part is, that your child is not going to know about its presence!

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What is mSpy?

mSpy is a dedicated cell phone tracker for all kids. Although mSpy can be used for other purposes also, it is mainly designed for the parents. Almost models of Android and iOS platforms support this app. Parents need to install mSpy on their kid’s phones and they can monitor via another device.

The process of installation of this parental control app is very easy. You just need two devices, one is your kid’s device where you are going to install the application and the other is yours for monitoring.

The mSpy will ask you to create an account and select the type of device you want to monitor. mSpy supports both iOS and android and most interestingly, for the iPhone, it also doesn’t require installation. Nevertheless, for the android device, you need to install the app. After the purchase of the app and providing proper details, you will get a registration code, which is to be kept handy for future use.

But, the most important part of the app installation is to disable the play protect option. Otherwise, your kid is going to get notifications about the app and they will be aware of its presence.


What does mSpy do?

Okay, so start with, mSpy, the most downloaded parental control app comes with a number of features that people couldn’t have thought of even a decade back. Whether it is blocking an unknown caller or monitoring a child’s text messages, WhatsApp, and even Snapchat, mSpy is the perfect choice for the parents in today’s time. That means, not only monitoring but also blocking is possible through mSpy. It actually gives you full control over your kid’s phone.

mSpy parental control app also comes with this GPS tracking feature. This helps the parents or better to say, it alerts the parents so that children do not reach a place where they should not be. Nowadays, children are very progressive and can be on social media platforms. mSpy ensures that parents know who their child is speaking to. In addition, the app also makes sure of blocking illegitimate websites and also, harmful Wi-Fi networks that can pose a problem to the device. Moreover, a parent can also block a stolen or misplaced device remotely or even wipe data!

This is a short brief of what mSpy can do. But, as a parent, it is always important to know the advantages as well as the disadvantages of any parental control app in detail. It also gives discount up to 50% using mSpy coupon codes.

Why to choose mSpy cell phone tracker?

When it comes to apps for parental control, mSpy is indeed the best. There are so many updated features and the first highlight goes to its compatibility. Whichever operating system you may have, mSpy is going to work on it.

A User-Friendly Parental Control App

If the apps for parental control become very difficult to use and you need to search for options here and there, it really becomes exhausting and mind-wrenching. Every app should be user-friendly and easily handled by all. Keeping in mind that all parents cannot be too tech savvy all the time, mSpy is actually very easy to use with its proper visible menu and linked tabs. The dashboard on the terminal device is a clear picture to everyone.


Activity tracking

mSpy shows the details of activity done on the target device, ie, your kid’s phone. As mentioned earlier, the dashboard is a clear picture, you can minutely note how much, and where the device is used. For instance, is your child texting more nowadays? Or is the browser being more often used? You can see all of this in graph form on your device. Whether it is the browsing history, GPS location, Text Messages, or Whatsapp, the app is going to show you how much is this used.

Along with this, just below that, you are going to get the overview of the contacts that have been called multiple times. Even, mSpy covers the number where your child is sending the maximum messages. If your child has a habit of browsing websites, as most children nowadays have, you can also have a look at that.

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Contact tracking

With a single on this parental control app, you are going to see the list of contacts that your child has on their phone. Sometimes, especially for the teens, they save numbers in a different suspicious name so that parents cannot understand. This feature is going to be handy for you, because, apart from showing the names, it will show you the numbers as well as the email addresses. If you feel any kind of suspicious activity from that number, taking a step forward will be easier.

Tracking text messages

Now, children are clever enough sometimes not to speak over the phone but simply run their fingers on the keyboard. Yes, we are talking about text messages. It is perhaps the most secretive way to speak to someone without letting others know.

mSpy tracks all the messages on your kid’s phone and you can see them on your device anytime. The most interesting fact is the app allows you to see messages even before its installation is done.

Are you running out of time and not able to see the older messages? You also have an option for that. Just select the date range you want to see and the total data will be on your screen.


How to Track Calls in mSpy Parental Control App?

The most important thing to track on the kid’s phone nowadays is whom they are calling. In a busy world like today when both the parents are working for hours outside, it is necessary to track your kid’s phone through a parental control app and track their call. Now, a lot of people around you know that you don’t stay at home and it is very easy to take the number of your child and ask them all details of the house. Children’s minds are as clear as water and definitely, they are going to say everything.

This not only risks your house or property but also the life of your child. On the contrary, teenagers often fall into trap of ill-minded people and a lot of mishaps happen without their parent’s knowledge.

Therefore, even if you are remote; you can see who is a frequent caller on your kid’s phone and take steps accordingly. mSpy is very particular about the details that provide. Not only the name and number, but you will also get the status of the call ie, whether the call is outgoing or incoming, the duration of the call along with the date and time. Quite amazing right!

Just like the message part, you can get a call list of the target phone that is generated before the installation of the application.

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Apart from calls and messages that are mostly security-oriented, a parental control app should also be responsible for the child’s mental health. In other words, visual clips like images are often the reflection of a child’s thinking. The photos that they are downloading, saving, or taking a screenshot of are also important. mSpy helps in tracking the photos present on your kid’s phone.

Yes, we all can check the kid’s phone for the images. However, sometimes kids see something and delete them within minutes because they know parents may know about this. In such a case, mSpy is of great help. Without even touching their phone, you get to know what images they have stored on their device. However, unlike messages and calls, you will get much fewer images that have been downloaded before mSpy installation.


Another way to understand your child’s brain is through video. Downloading a video nowadays is not at all a difficult task. mSpy allows you to see the videos stored on your child’s phone. Additionally, they allow you to download the video and store them on your device for future reference.

Event tracking

Although it might look useless, tracking the calendar of your Lil one’s phone is mandatory, especially if he or she is a teen. The reason is very simple. Teens nowadays visit a number of places without giving proper knowledge to their parents. If they register those events, you will be able to see them in the calendar by tracking through mSpy. The parental app is going to show you everything, the title of the event along with the description and most importantly the location. In addition, mSpy is going to show the starting and ending times of the event.


Keylogger in mSpy Parental Control App

Okay, before knowing how this is going to help you, first let us understand what keylogger is. Keystroke Logging is the process of storing the keystrokes, ie, what you are typing on different sites including store apps like Amazon, Etsy, and messaging apps like Whatsapp, etc. Keylogger is the tool by which you can retrieve those typed elements on your device.

Why do you need this feature in a parental control app? The reason is very simple. No software can assure the safety of your child; however, it can help you to ensure that your child is deviating away. For instance, internet surfing is like a huge sea. Whatever you put on the tab appears in seconds on the screen. With parental supervision internet is heaven but what about without supervision. Things can be worse. Therefore, with this keylogger tool, you will get the list of things that your kid is searching on the internet, shopping apps, etc., and can keep a copy to yourself also.

mSpy keylogger tool is extremely effective since it keeps the keystrokes intact and complete and tracks them from almost all apps of regular use.

With the help of this, you can have a dual advantage. First, you know what your kids are searching and second, you can find their wish of having something and give them a beautiful surprise!

Keyword tracking

Now, when it is about the keyword, you have to think of the keywords you want to search on your kid’s phone. There are an innumerable number of words and phrases searched on the phone daily. Sometimes, the keylogger may miss some crucial words that you want to know. No problem! With this tool, you can simply type the words and the app is going to show you every detail of the word, like, where it is used, in which app this word is found, etc.

One more feature worth mentioning is you can register the word to email and mSpy is going to send you details through mail once it finds the word.

Blocking unwanted apps and websites

The Playstore and Apple store comes with an uncountable number of apps. Not all apps are dangerous. However, some addictive apps may destroy your kid’s concentration. On the other hand, by any means, if teens get the knowledge of adult apps, nothing can be more destructive than this. With the ‘installed apps’ section on the mSpy you can immediately block that unwanted app and they will not be able to open that app without even knowing what happened.

Another notable option is ‘browsing history’ and ‘blocking websites’. Browsing history allows you to see the sites they are visiting and how many times they have visited those. In case you find they have visited some unwanted sites like adult sites or some other sites that can be dangerous, it is extremely important to block them instantly. With the blocking website feature, you can block those websites and they can never open that.

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GPS tracking

Now, this is the most effective aspect of a parental control app. Teens often tend to lie to parents and go to other places where they should not be. With the GPS tracking feature of mSpy, you will get the detailed location of your child. Not only the latitude and longitude of the place, but you will also get the distance, time, address, and also the Google map view of the place. As said earlier, the software cannot ensure child safety but it can obviously help you out with these amazing features.

Another notable feature is ‘Geofencing’. This feature will assist you to mark a certain radius. If your kid goes beyond that range, you will receive a notification. Geofencing also allows showing the current location of your child.

Drawbacks of mSpy Parental Control App

Apps for parental control will not always have everything. There must be some drawbacks to mSpy parental app. Yes, there are a few.

  • Data Sync speed is not up to the mark.
  • mSpy has an issue Money-Back Guarantee. Many users have already complained about this issue. Additionally, the user is deprived of a free trial also.
  • Other than WhatsApp mSpy does not track any other social site like YouTube & TikTok. Along with other websites, children visit YouTube for various reasons out of curiosity. mSpy doesn’t ensure the blocking or tracking of such videos on YouTube or TikTok.
  • Sometimes, few photos and videos are synced in this parental app. Other than that, uploading the most recent images take time. Therefore, you may not get the photo and video update immediately.

mSpy Review: The End Note

Apps for parental control are designed to save your child from the bad elements. mSpy cell phone tracker actually comes with a lot more features than the mentioned one. For instance, they have a screen recorder option. They have an option for blocking Wi fi. You can also see the deleted messages, which is of great advantage!

mSpy comes with some unique and updated features. But, the use of this app should be legitimate. To be franker, one must use this app for good things like child safety and not for doubting your partner or spouse and then creating mistrust.

Nevertheless, keeping the huge number of pros in mind, we can always avoid those little cons. We thus always recommend having the mSpy parental control app and keeping your child safe from all dangers.

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