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Most Trusted Online Tarot Reading Sites Of 2021:Get A Psychic Reading Fixed From Top Tarot Cards Readers For Accurate Predictions & Truthful Answers About Love Career & Life

You’ll have to use your mystic and spiritual abilities if you want to learn more about your future. For this reason, you should be cautious when selecting an online psychic tarot reader because the accuracy of a tarot online reading solely depends on one’s expertise level.

Life is a series of unforeseen events, and you never know what will happen next. As a result, battling the waves that lurk around every corner becomes extremely difficult to accomplish. The best online tarot reading site can change the course of your present and future endeavors, whether you’re worried about your career, family status, love life, or something else entirely.

People can be divided into two wide categories based on their overall behavior. The first group consists of people who have a strong faith in divine guidance. They see tarot reading as a way to communicate with the universe spiritually by using mystic powers.

On the other hand, the second group is generally referred to as ‘cynics.’ To them, tarot readings are associated with terms like “black magic” and “occult rituals,” so they dismiss them out of hand.

However, before we get into our top five recommendations, let us give you a quick rundown of what makes these websites our top picks in the first place:

Top 5 Best Tarot Reading Websites Of 2021

  1. Kasamba: Editor’s Choice For Most Trusted Tarot Reading Website
  2. Keen: Top Rated Tarot Cards Readers With Accurate Readings
  3. AskNow: Best Psychic Readers For Exact Future Predictions
  4. Oranum: Best Psychic Reading With Free Ten Minutes
  5. MysticSense: Best For Spiritual Readings

#1. Kasamba: Editor’s Choice For Most Trusted Tarot Reading Website


Brand Overview

Kasamba has been around for a long time. This psychic network has a mobile app that works on both iOS and Android devices as a bonus. People can get a tarot reading whenever they want, from wherever they are.

Users will not have any difficulty finding an advisor on this site because a page dedicated to tarot readers lets them sort the experts according to different criteria. Customers can choose a tarot card expert based on their experience or read reviews and testimonials on their profile pages.

Advisors can be selected in the same way that communication methods can be. Because people can get readings from their preferred spiritualist via phone, email, or live chat, communicating with them isn’t an issue.

Additionally, Kasamba has many promotions that make using this psychic platform even more enticing. Newcomers, for example, receive three minutes of free reading, and the first session is heavily discounted for new customers.


This platform’s many services are readings of tarot cards and crystal balls, pet and psychic psychics and mediums, and rune castings, astrology, horoscopes, career forecasts, and numerology.

Psychic phone readings and online chat tarot readings are available at all times, as are all tarot card reading services. Kasamba’s psychics are experts in a wide range of fields, including life, love, relationships, and the deeper meanings of objects. Over time, they provide accurate tarot readings.


  • A slender network of gifted mediums and mediums
  • Capable of locating the best in a wide range of fields, including dream interpretation and career forecasting
  • This is a great site, run by people with over two decades of experience
  • Experts in online cartomancy working today include some of the best


  • The higher the quality, the higher the minute rate

Customer Experience

Historically, Kasamba has been a trusted brand in the industry. Online tarot card readers appreciate the service because it allows them to learn more about the field before committing large sums of money to a single reading.

It’s the same for loyal customers, who get rewards like free trials, coupons, and other perks in exchange for their continued business. With these kinds of incentives, customers are more inclined to stay with a business.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#2. Keen: Top Rated Tarot Cards Readers With Accurate Readings


Brand Overview

Even though Keen Psychics comes in third, don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a lesser platform. If you’re not up to date on the technical aspects of online tarot card reading or are concerned about the pricing structure, this is your best bet. This platform’s easy-to-use interface makes it much easier for you to make the transition into the online and virtual sector than other top-rated psychic hotlines.

You can get online tarot readings via phone calls, chats, and even email using this well-known platform. Tarot readings are available 24/7. In addition to tarot reading, Keen provides a wide range of other mystic services if you so desire.

Simply put, you can use their psychic platform to receive spiritual guidance from the most experienced and intuitive psychics and empaths.

As previously mentioned, Keen Psychics is the go-to platform for many customers looking for affordable online tarot reading services. You won’t be let down by this platform, whether you’re looking for low-cost plans or real testimonials that back up the credibility of psychics.


Your options may seem limited when there are more than 1,700 psychics available. However, thanks to Keen’s filtering feature, this is a piece of cake. Choose the price range, specialization, and whether you want to use an audio call or an online chat-based on your budget, requirements, and preferences. Following your selection, read each psychic’s bio to find out if they have a strong connection with you.

The website is simple and provides a wide range of search tools to help customers locate their ideal writers. Your adviser at Keen can be reached either via computer or mobile app. These alternative applications provide you with the best mode of communication due to their simplicity.


  • A wide range of online services is available, from mediums and astrologers to tarot readings
  • The site that makes it simple to find the right expert to meet your needs
  • With more options, you’re more likely to choose those who meet your requirements
  • Having the option to choose between a wide range of price points


  • Due to a large number of options, selecting someone may be a difficult task

Customer Experience

As a new client, you’ll receive an additional benefit from Keen. Keen offers three free minutes or ten minutes for $1.99 for your initial tarot reading.

While finding the best tarot card readers may take some time and trial and error, Keen makes the process as risk-free and affordable as possible by offering the first 10 minutes at a discount.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen

#3. AskNow: Best Psychic Readers For Exact Future Predictions


Brand Overview

Numerous psychic services aren’t organized enough when it comes to the skill levels of their advisors, and this needs to change. You may have to refine your search much more than you’d like to get a call or meeting with an advisor or reader who you know will be of genuine assistance to you.

One of the good features of AskNow is the ability to filter advisors by availability, categories, and reading style and top advisor ratings, elite advisors, and master advisors. Any other psychic advisory service provider offers nothing like this.

AskNow has been providing psychic guidance to customers worldwide since 2005, and they’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback. For your convenience, you can call or chat with one of their knowledgeable tarot card readers at any time of day or night, seven days a week.


You can learn about each psychic’s skills and astrological signs and even read customer reviews on their AskNow profile page, one of the best parts of the service. Some people who read this blog may have a wide range of specializations listed in their bios.

Prices range from one cent up to sixteen cents per minute. Some of the tarot card reading categories you’ll find on the site include Spiritualist, Empath, Zodiac Expert, Intuitive, and Tarot Expert.


  • Allows users to find from a variety of advisor levels
  • There are two options, both of which are extremely cost-effective
  • Featured advisors and readers are grouped separately so you can learn more about them


  • Meetings can only be held over the phone or online

Customer Experience

Customers love the site’s openness and honesty, as well as its accuracy when making recommendations. Other customers have mentioned how friendly and honest AskNow psychics are and how well-versed they interpret tarot cards. Many professional psychics have their spiritual abilities formally evaluated every year, and AskNow customers can get answers from them.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow

#4. Oranum: Best Psychic Reading With Free Ten Minutes


Brand Overview

To date, Oranum has helped millions of people find their way in life through its spiritual community of live advisors. There is a possibility that Oranum’s psychics can shed light on the aspect of your life that is secretly influencing your overall character.

Oranum is a reputable online fortune-telling service with a diverse advisor specializing in various fields, methods, and languages. This online tarot reading is distinct in that it provides users with the option of video readings.

Webcam readings allow you to see and hear your psychic in addition to just hearing them over the phone. If you’re looking for a specific type of psychic, you can narrow your results by looking at their abilities and methods.

Oranum also offers a convenient on-the-go app for quick readings that is easy to use. Psychics can be easily accessed on your mobile device thanks to the app available for free download and installation.


Because of the website’s fluid user interface, it provides a pleasurable online experience for visitors.

Site sections include psychic mediums, mediums of the spirit, and so on. This website also has sections for career advisors, psychics, and so on. If you go with a psychic, you’ll pay anywhere from $5 to $29.99 per minute. To learn more about a psychic, click on their bio link after you’ve had a chance to look through the different categories’ psychics.

Numerous subcategories are available within the card reading category, allowing customers to focus their search on a specific type of tarot card reading. Some readers will use the more traditional tarot decks, while others will use something different, such as a rune deck or Gypsy deck.


  • Try it out for free for ten minutes
  • Customers have access to live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and payments for psychics, are made on time every 15 days
  • There are numerous languages from which to choose
  • Top rated for video chat tarot readings


  • There is no telephone tarot card reading service

Customer Experience

The site offers a wide range of applications, and customers appreciate that they can speak with a reader before scheduling a reading for free. In addition, customers love the live video chat feature. Only a few people had negative things to say about the reading, and those people were dissatisfied with the reading results, not the quality of the tarot card reading itself.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum

#5. MysticSense: Best For Spiritual Readings


Brand Overview

There is a similarity between MysticSense and Keen in that you have the option of looking through an extensive list of well-rated tarot card readers as well as psychics, mediums, and other experts. While the experts on MysticSense have a wide range of specialties, there are some differences in how they are divided up and which ones they prefer.

You can spend more time on MysticSense searching for things like LGBTQ relationships, lost objects, and a soulmate. You can also still come across many people who practice tarot reading and other forms of cartomancy in today’s world.

MysticSense offers a wide range of reading options, including phone, webchat, SMS, and even a simple video call. As long as you and your psychic expert agree on it, there are various ways to go about it, no matter how tight your schedule is. Only on your first visit will you receive a free five-minute tarot reading.


Other than astrology and tarot card readings, MysticSense also offers spiritual and love readings. Even when they’re on vacation, they’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for emergencies. When you need answers or assistance, MysticSense is always ready to help.

MysticSense offers five free minutes of use when you sign up. It promises to be less expensive than most of its competitors after the first five minutes are up. Psychics are allowed to set their fees, but tarot readings are less expensive.


  • There are numerous specialized psychic services available to meet specialized needs
  • There are excellent tarot readers out there, as well as a few others who specialize in cartomancy
  • It’s simple to use and has a large directory of highly qualified psychics
  • For the majority of services, you’ll find excellent rates and prices


  • No mobile app–although one is being developed

Customer Experience

MysticSense is highly regarded for tarot readings on the internet. Mystic stands behind its work and guarantees complete customer satisfaction. That means you can get your money back from them if something goes wrong or you’re dissatisfied.

Your tarot card reader will be a good investment if you can find someone who is a good match for it. Consistently high-quality content is the goal of the website.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MysticSense

How We Choose These Online Tarot Reading Sites

  • Customer Reviews

The general reputation of a site in the eyes of its customers is usually conveyed through customer reviews. Ideally, the best tarot card sites will have the most positive customer reviews because of their ability to provide customers with a satisfying reading experience.

Negative reviews imply the opposite instead of a lack of commitment to providing customers with an enjoyable experience.

We scoured Reddit, Quora, Facebook, and Twitter for tarot-reading subreddits and forums. To ensure that we only chose sites with a high average number of positive reviews across all platforms, we even looked at reviews on the App Store and Google Play for apps. Because a few bad reviews aren’t a deal-breaker, we also looked at sites that had improved their service after receiving a few bad ones in the past.

  • Most Experienced Psychics

Online tarot card readers are the critical link in your reading’s success or failure. The most reputable online tarot reading websites are keen on screening and verifying online psychics before they are admitted to their site, knowing that there have been cases of dodgy psychics giving fake online readings to customers.

This is for the benefit of customers, who will enjoy their reading experience significantly more as a result. Verifications vary and may check for skills, talent, professionalism, and communication skills, among other things.

We examined many tarot reading online sections for this study, looking for those that consistently provide their clients with thorough screenings and verifications. And we made that for the benefit of customers who want the most accurate readings and a positive psychic experience in general.

  • Great Welcome Offers for New Clients

The use of welcome offers can help a tarot reading website get new customers. Most of these welcome offers are in the form of free minutes, as with Kasamba, or discounts on readings, as with Psychic Source.

On the other hand, some websites provide mediocre welcome packages that give customers little opportunity to explore the sites. Our team went through all of the sites we’d shortlisted one by one, evaluating their welcome offers to ensure that they truly did provide new customers with a reasonable number of free minutes and reading discounts.

  • Satisfaction Guarantees Offered

A money-back guarantee is always included in a reputable online tarot card reading service to reassure customers. When it comes to your reading experience, if you’re not happy for any reason, you’re entitled to a full refund, minutes back, or a waiver of the fee for reading. We selected websites with strong policies to ensure that their customers were satisfied with great care and attention. Allow customers to receive compensation if there is a problem with their reading or dissatisfaction with the overall service.

  • Fine Print

As a guidebook and service terms, an online tarot card website’s fine print includes the Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers, and even Warnings. We all know that no one reads the small print because, well, they want to get to the good stuff, right? However, some websites attempt to smuggle in a rule that doesn’t serve their customers’ interests.

For instance, a LifeReader reader offers a refund. Even so, if they don’t think it’s appropriate, they have the right to refuse a refund request and refund you only a portion of what you paid in the first place.

Buying Guide for Using Services of The Online Tarot Reading Sites

  • Free Minutes

Free trials are offered by the best tarot reading websites. There’s no better way to find out whether or not you and a reader are a good match than with a free trial. When it comes to free tarot readings, conditions can differ from one website to the next.

Many platforms give new users a free minute of reading time with their first reader when they sign up. If you switch readers frequently, some platforms, like Kasamba, will give you extra minutes for free.

  • Variety of Specialties

Tarot card readings are most effective when you prepare for them ahead of time; go with a platform that offers a variety of readings. When a platform has a wide range of services, you don’t have to look for another one. The more services you have to choose from, the more likely you will find what you’re looking for and receive an accurate reading.

  • Positive Reviews

You can check the quality of an online tarot card reader by reading customer reviews. There should be more positive reviews than negative ones for an ideal online tarot card reading platform. Reviewers should be able to tell whether or not the site is reliable and provides accurate results.

Negative feedback is to be expected on any website offering tarot card readings. Please make sure there aren’t any flaws you can’t live with by checking them out. However, it’s important to remember that review sites are more likely to feature positive feedback than negative.

Make use of independent platforms like Google, Better Business Bureau, and Trust Pilot in addition to customer reviews posted on a site.

  • Discounts for New Customers

You can get a tarot reading for less money if you shop around. These price cuts offer an excellent opportunity to try out a new website without having to pay full price.

Use a platform that offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for a risk-free experience. In this way, if you are dissatisfied with the services of a tarot reader, you can get a refund or a free session.

  • Screened and Vetted Psychic Readers

Only background-checked and verified psychic readers are used on the best tarot reading websites. As a result, the platform relies on only a select group of readers who have earned their trust. Tarot readings can be inaccurate and misleading if a site does not state that it screens its readers.

Online Tarot Reading Sites: Benefits

Even today, some people are skeptical about the accuracy of tarot card readings, which has led them to doubt the entire process altogether. Although many people are skeptical of the procedure, proponents say it can benefit people in all aspects of life, from health and finances to relationships and even love. A number of the advantages of tarot card reading have been scientifically proven. Here they are.

  • Clarity in life

Tarot card devotees believed that knowing what was going on in their lives helped them find clarity. When you get a tarot card reading, you get the opportunity to see where your life is headed.

  • Decision Making

Making decisions aids them by providing a precise time, method, or approach that must be followed. The result will be seamless if done this way.

  • New opportunities

A tarot reading may be able to reveal a new opportunity that’s just around the corner for you. Career readings are no different, as tarot experts will see if anything significant appears in your cards.

  • Closure

Breakups and losses can be addressed with the help of a tarot card reading, which can give you the closure you seek. People who are skilled at giving advice and conveying messages through the use of tarot cards are rare.

FAQs About Tarot Reading

Q1. What Types of Tarot Card Readings Are There?

Tarot card readings come in a wide variety of forms. Variations occur according to “spread,” which is defined as the arrangement of the cards in a specific pattern. In various poker spreads, different card positions have various connotations.

In addition to the Celtic Cross, a three-card spread can be used to read about the future and the tarot’s past, present, and future in one go. Using the Celtic Cross, you can learn a lot about yourself, your past, present, and immediate future. It’s a ten-card spread.

Q2. Should I do Software Reading or Tarot Reading In Live?

Live tarot readings are far superior for a beginner’s introduction to tarot. The cards tell a story, so working with an experienced reader is critical. A free psychic reading from a random website’s online tarot deck is alluring. However, there’s a chance you’ll misinterpret the site’s response, making AI-powered psychic readings dangerous. This is particularly valid for sites that aren’t well-known or trustworthy.

You could, for instance, pull the “Moon” card from a hat on one of these websites about your current situation. Dreams or deception can be the subject of this passage. If you have a gifted psychic, you can look at the other cards in the spread and make sense of them as a whole.

Q3. How Should I Choose the Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites and the Best Tarot Card Readers?

A knowledgeable reader can make a huge difference, as you can see. It’s important to look at how long a site has been around and how many readings it has provided when selecting a psychic reading site. The best tarot card sites, like those listed above, have ways of contacting the company. Please take a look at their customer service policies as well.

Look at each person’s description on their profile to find the best tarot reader for you. Ideally, this will provide you with information on the person’s education, work history, and areas of expertise.

Also, look over testimonials left by previous customers. Many people are drawn to different types of tarot card readers because of the various styles they exhibit—compassionate, straightforward, and wise.

Q4. Are There 100% Free Online Tarot Reading Services?

Fortunately, some online tarot readings are available for free. It can be a fun way to get some quick answers or to practice your interpretation skills, even if they aren’t as accurate as an expert reading would be., FreeDivination, and Astrology Answers are just a few of the many sites offering free psychic readings online. Along with free AI tarot spreads, you can also read informative articles on astrology, spirituality, and much more on those platforms.

Instead of paying for an in-person reading, we suggest using an online service like Keen or Kasamba that offers free minutes to try out a professional card reader before committing to a paid reading.

Q5. How Long Should Online Tarot Readings Last?

Customers have the option of having their tarot reading go on for as long as they want. However, for a more thorough reading, a tarot card reading should last about 15 minutes.

Even so, the cost of tarot reading sessions will vary based on the complexity of the issue being addressed, the number of tarot cards drawn, and the customer’s willingness to pay. Tarot readings can last up to two hours or even longer. If a customer feels their tarot reading session is not beneficial to them, they can end it at any time.

Q6. Is there a connection between horoscopes and astrology?

This is an erroneous assumption, and the answer is “no.” Horoscopes and forecasts are both included in astrology. It makes predictions about a person based on a person’s birth chart.

However, astrology incorporates several diverse fields, including tarot card reading, horoscopes, numerology, and divination, rather than looking at how the stars affect our lives.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Online Tarot Reading Site?

There are numerous considerations to make when getting a psychic reading. With this knowledge, you can make an educated choice when using an online tarot card reading service.

Also, bear in mind that not all tarot readers are created equal! It’s your responsibility to do your homework and figure out which service provider best suits your requirements. This can be difficult, but it will be well worth your time and effort when you receive information about and insights into your life and any problems you may be facing at that time.

Overall, Kasamba comes highly recommended because of its skilled tarot card readers, excellent customer reviews, a wide range of readings, and extra minutes for free tarot reading.

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