Loci Cycle Reviews: Does It Work? What to Know Before Buying!

The Loci Cycle is an AI-powered traffic creation tool that helps you generate $2,000 per week in profit.

Created by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz, The Loci Cycle allows students to make money in crypto without buying coins – all by taking advantage of an AI-powered system that targets “zero competition” niches.

What is The Loci Cycle? Is The Loci Cycle a scam or does it live up to the hype? Can you really make $2,079 per week with this unique traffic generation system? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about The Loci Cycle and how it works.


What is The Loci Cycle?

The Loci Cycle is a website creation and traffic automation tool created by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.

By signing up for The Loci Cycle today and implementing the proven systems over the next 90 days, you can purportedly make $2,079 per week by targeting zero competition niches.

The AI-powered tool generates traffic for your website automatically, allowing you to earn huge returns on investment.

With The Loci Cycle, you can also make money in crypto without buying coins. However, The Loci Cycle is designed to work in any niche – including crypto or any other field you want to take. You can create crypto websites, pet food websites, beauty product websites, or anything else with the goal of generating affiliate income.

Chris and Jay have begun to promote The Loci Cycle online with webinars, eBooks, and presentations. During a live webinar, you can discover more about how The Loci Cycle works, what’s involved with The Loci Cycle, and how much money you can make.

The Loci Cycle is priced between $3,500 and $4,000, depending on your payment option.

Chris and Jay announced the Loci Cycle in October 2021. The Loci Cycle mindmap will launch on October 19, the workshop will occur on October 24, and you get live access on October 25.


How Does The Loci Cycle Work?

The Loci Cycle is simpler than you think. It involves creating websites and pushing traffic to those websites to create conversions.


With The Loci Cycle, you can generate enormous online profits with:

  • No inventory or suppliers
  • No service fulfilment
  • No customer service

Instead, you simply attract customers to products and services online, and the vendor does the rest of the heavy lifting.

According to the official website, you can use the proven Loci Cycle system to generate $2,079+ per week in any niche. Here’s how the system works:

  • Step 1) You get the attention of hungry buyers.
  • Step 2) Hungry buyers visit the vendor’s site to make their purchase.
  • Step 3) The vendor pays you a share of the sale for bringing them a new customer.
  • Step 4) The vendor handles the order, and everyone is happy.

It’s affiliate marketing: someone pays you to direct traffic to their online products and services. If someone buys that online product or service, then you get a cut.

However, The Loci Cycle takes affiliate marketing to the next level by introducing something called Loci Farming. By adding Loci Farming strategies, you can automate and grow your online business to earn more than $2,000 per week in any niche.

How Loci Farming Works

The Loci Cycle is also based on Loci Farming. The idea is that you “farm” your way to earn $2,079+ per week in passive profits.


The Loci Farming system is based on creating your own Loci Farm. You follow three simple steps, including:

  • Step 1) Choose an offer based on the ‘high profit low competition’ selection criteria.
  • Step 2) Display a proven copy and paste mini site (a ‘Loci Farm’) to promote the offer.
  • Step 3) Activate the clever AI traffic automation tool to drive free targeted buyer traffic.

That’s it. In fact, Chris and Jay claim it all takes about 30 minutes – and it requires zero experience.

However, Chris and Jay insist it’s not “easy money.” Instead, it requires hard work. However, if you’re driven to make money online and you want to get rich quickly, then The Loci Cycle and Loci Farming may be the right business opportunity for you.


What’s the Best Niche for a Loci Farm?

When you sign up for The Loci Cycle, you get access to a website builder that creates Loci Farm mini-sites for you. These websites are designed to target low or zero-competition niches online, allowing you to generate huge profits through affiliate income.

Here’s how Chris and Jay describe the Loci Farm system:

“Loci Farms are simple copy & paste mini-websites already proven to convert…Deploy them in zero to low competition niches to harvest low-hanging profits.”

The best niches, markets, and industries for a Loci Farm have:

  • Zero to low competition
  • Plentiful low-hanging fruit profit opportunities
  • Non-existent barriers to entry (you can access the space within 24 to 48 hours)
  • Abundant opportunities to plant more seeds and scale up
  • The potential to sell your Loci Farm for a cash windfall in the future

Chris and Jay claim to have coached all kinds of students to create their own Loci Farms. By subscribing to The Loci Cycle today, you can discover how to create your own Loci Farm – and then amplify the profits of your Loci Farm by pushing targeted traffic to the website.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The Loci Cycle sales page is filled with stories of students generating huge returns on investment through The Loci Cycle and the Loci Farming system.


Although Chris and Jay claim these results are not typical, students have generated over $100,000 by implementing The Loci Cycle and the Loci Farming system.

Here are some of the big wins recently shared in The Loci Cycle community:

  • One entrepreneur made $107,229.94 on a single offer with only 12 hours of effort
  • One student earns $3,000 to $5,000 from a single Loci Farm, claiming the system “changed my life”
  • Despite the demands of running an eight-figure software company, Chris has his own Loci Farm business that generates over $72,000 per year in automatic profits; Chris claims he spends just one hour every three months on the project, minimizing effort and maximizing profits
  • Chris and Jay repeatedly mention that the goal is to create $2,079+ per week in passive income, or around $108,000+ per year in automatic revenue
  • One student made $2,999 in seven days through The Loci Cycle
  • Another student made $150 on his first day with The Loci Cycle, while yet another student earned $3,573 per month within the first 30 days; another student generated $1,500 per month within 19 days
  • One student described as “a 45-year old introvert” blew up his traffic and added $30 million in sales using The Loci Cycle

According to Chris and Jay, you can expect to get results within about 90 days of following the program. If you’re willing to spend effort on the program over 90 days, then Chris and Jay are confident you can join the winners’ circle and start making huge returns of your own.


How to Farm Crypto Profits Without Buying Coins

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Chris and Jay claim you can make money in crypto without owning or trading cryptocurrencies.


In fact, Chris and Jay claim you can make money in crypto without “risking any money trading.” Plus, they claim 5,500+ opportunities are already waiting.

How does it work?

Chris and Jay have launched a Crypto Loci Farm Minisite Builder. That tool lets you build a miniature site targeting niche crypto-related terms, allowing you to earn profit through various crypto opportunities.

If someone is searching how to buy Chainlink (LINK) online, for example, then they might visit your site and see a related crypto opportunity. They click on that opportunity, and you earn an affiliate payout if the user converts.

You can get paid in regular money or in crypto.

By signing up today, you can discover these opportunities and access the crypto site builder, allowing you to quickly create miniature websites targeting niche crypto terms – and start earning enormous affiliate incomes in crypto (bitcoin) or fiat currencies.

How Does AmpiFire 2.0 Work?

The Loci Cycle uses a traffic automation tool called AmpiFire 2.0. Described as “the world’s first & only ‘amplification engine,” the tool automates traffic generation, sending targeted traffic to your website in the hopes of getting a conversion.


Here’s how AmpiFire 2.0 works:

  • Step 1) Use the AI-assisted content wizard to draft the content.
  • Step 2) Fill in a short form and answer some questions about the offer.
  • Step 3) The tool creates an article written for you.
  • Step 4) Then, the tool creates a blog post, an audio podcast, a slideshow PDF, a video, and an infographic from this same content.

Step 5) AmpiFire 2.0 creates all of this content so you can get traffic and sales from hundreds of news sites. News sites, social media sites, video sites, blogs, and podcast directories share your content, giving you enhanced visibility online. AmpiFire 2.0 gets your content visible on some of the largest and most trusted websites in the world, including Google News, YouTube, Apple, and more.

The goal of all of this content and traffic is to reach $2,079+ per week in profit. By driving enough free buyer traffic to your website, AmpiFire 2.0 helps you transform your online presence and get rich quickly through affiliate income.


How to Use AmpiFire 2.0 to Generate $2,079+ Per Week

The Loci Cycle and the Loci Farm systems rely on AmpiFire 2.0 to succeed. In fact, AmpiFire 2.0 is the traffic generation tool that makes these systems work.

Here’s how you can use AmpiFire 2.0 to generate huge returns on investment and earn over $2,000 per week in affiliate income, according to the official Loci Cycle presentation:

First, AmpiFire creates news articles, PDFs, videos, images, blog posts, audio ads, and slideshows to promote your Loci Farm.

Then, AmpiFire deploys a massive traffic blast by automatically distributing that content to 200+ of the world’s biggest websites. Your content will appear on infographic curation websites, news websites, blogs, social media sites, podcast directories, and more.

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Next, people who are looking for what you are promoting will start clicking through the content and arrive at your Loci Farm.

Finally, your proven copy and paste presells the offer and provides a call to action, convincing website visitors they need to buy the product or service. Website visitors click on the link to the vendor’s website.

Once the visitor converts into a customer, you get paid. You earn a commission for sending a new customer to the vendor.

In short, AmpiFire 2.0 automatically creates promotional content and gets it seen all across the internet, driving targeted buyer traffic from the biggest sites on the internet towards your Loci Farm. It’s all part of The Loci Cycle – and it’s all designed to help you make over $2,079 per week in profit.

AmpiFire 2.0 Benefits

The benefits of AmpiFire 2.0 include all of the following:

  • No more grinding content creation
  • No more low quality traffic
  • Avoid complicated ad platforms and rising ad costs
  • Avoid crushing Google updates that destroy your traffic

AmpiFire 2.0 Features

AmpiFire 2.0 has several new and improved features over the original AmpiFire, including:

  • A beautiful new user interface
  • The ability to create and distribute infographics in minutes
  • The ability to access over 75 million visitors per month through infographic traffic and take advantage of infographic distribution to Flickr, Imgbb, ImgShack, and other infographic sites
  • A new and improved advanced video editor for high-quality videos
  • New and improved AI-powered automatic human-like voices, making video voice-over easy
  • An expanded library of free stock images and videos with improved search
  • Additional distribution to more high traffic news sites for blog posts, videos, podcasts, news articles, audio ads, images, and slide decks

Advantages of The Loci Cycle System

The Loci Cycle System is packed with advantages, including:

  • There’s no inventory to maintain; you don’t need to hold any inventory or products yourself because you’re selling other people’s products, services, and offer
  • There’s no paid advertising, which means you won’t need to use Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, or Google Ads (instead, the system is based on using free buyer traffic)
  • There’s no hiring or outsourcers to pay for
  • You don’t need to deal with customers because the AI traffic automation tool does all the hard work attracting visitors to your website
  • Anyone can use this system to generate $2,000+ per week in extra income, regardless of their technical ability or experience

What is The Loci Cycle Live Workshop?

The Loci Cycle’s live workshop is a free online event available to anyone who enters an email address online.

During the live launch session, Chris and Jay will discuss the following topics:

  • How anyone can clone the unique ‘man in the middle’ profit system to make $2,079 per week with no prior experience
  • A little-known formula for finding proven, high-profit, zero or low competition offers to promote in any niche
  • Why Google and Facebook advertisements are the worst ways to generate traffic and sales, and why free traffic generation tools like AmpiFire 2.0 are the best
  • How to setup and optimize your business in just 1-2 hours per week without building your own website, buying inventory, or paying for traffic
  • Why crypto is a $2.48 trillion expanding niche with 5,500+ untapped opportunities – and how you could take advantage of this niche without buying or trading crypto

What’s Included with The Loci Cycle?

By signing up for The Loci Cycle today, you get a bundle of online classes, PDF guides, software tools, and other bonuses that could transform your online business – or help you start an online business for the first time.

Here’s what you get with all purchases of The Loci Cycle:


The Loci Cycle 12 Week Live Masterclass: The masterclass includes the complete 12-week training program for The Loci Cycle, including step-by-step instructions for building, stacking, and scaling your profits “like clockwork” using AmpiFire 2.0 and other proven amplification methods. This information is catered to online entrepreneurs with all levels of experience – including those with zero experience running an online business. According to Chris and Jay, many of their students have earned enormous profits in a short period even with zero previous online marketing experience.


AmpiFire 2.0 Software Access: By signing up for The Loci Cycle today, you get access to the AmpiFire 2.0 software. Described as the world’s first and only amplification engine, the cloud-based software requires no installation; instead, you can use it immediately to blast traffic to your website from across the internet. AmpiFire 2.0 works by sharing infographics, podcasts, blogs, and other content to some of the world’s largest websites, helping you direct targeted traffic to your blog.

AmpiFire 2.0 Credits: Ultimate Pack: You get 36 complimentary Amp Credits to use with AmpiFire 2.0, allowing you to fuel your Loci Farms with free targeted buyer traffic. Chris and Jay claim AmpiFire 2.0 will save you countless hours while generating unusually high conversions, helping you easily generate $2,000+ per week in affiliate income.


Copy and Past Loci Farm Minisite: The Loci Cycle system is based on building miniature websites called Loci Farms. When you subscribe to The Loci Cycle, you get access to the Copy and Paste Loci Farm Minisite creation tool. It’s a proven, high-converting miniature website template that promotes your chosen offers to people who want to buy them, allowing you to earn huge commissions. You get everything you need to create a website with zero technical skills. Just copy and paste the website to start generating profits online.


Access to Private Loci Cycle Mastermind Community: As a subscriber to The Loci Cycle, you get access to the Loci Cycle Mastermind Community, where you can crowdsource the best tactics, share advice, and tell others about your wins.


12 Months of Email Coaching: Subscribers get access to email coaching to get the answers they need. If you have any questions about using The Loci Cycle, creating a Loci Farm, or generating huge returns through these systems, then you can contact the coaches by email and get a response within 24 hours.


Bonus #1: The 90 Day Challenge: Want to create recurring profits within 90 days? Want to start generating $2,079+ per week in as little time as possible? The Loci Cycle’s 90 Day Challenge is designed to help you break that plateau in just three months. If you can stick to the program for 90 days, then you have the best chance of earning a full-time income through your online business. In The 90 Day Challenge, you can discover complete details about the challenge and how it works.


Bonus #2: Loci Cycle 6-Figure Case Studies: Some of The Loci Cycle’s best students have earned huge returns on investment in short periods of time. In this eBook, you can discover case studies from some of the most successful users, including a breakdown of what they did right, how their campaigns worked, and how you can implement those lessons into your own online business.


Bonus #3: One-to-One Coaching Call: Want a plan tailored to your unique situation? Jay and his expert London-based team will offer one-to-one coaching to help you create your ideal, personal strategy for maximizing your online business revenue.


Crypto Loci Farm Minisite Builder: Chris and Jay have spotted 5,500+ opportunities in the crypto space. To help you take advantage of these opportunities, they’ve bundled the Copy & Paste Loci Farm Minisite builder specifically for crypto sites. Designed to push users towards high-converting crypto offers, the Crypto Loci Farm Minisite Builder allows you to earn money through crypto without owning or trading crypto.

Ticket to Loci Cycle LIVE: As part of a 2021 promotion, Chris and Jay have scheduled a Loci Cycle LIVE event. During the live, in-person event, Jay and Chris will teach students how to continue growing their online business and take full advantage of The Loci Cycle system. It’s an accelerator event designed to get you on the fast track to the next level, helping you scale faster, bigger, and with less effort. Chris and Jay have not scheduled the time or place for the event, although they plan to do so soon.

The Loci Cycle Pricing

The Loci Cycle is available at two payment options, including a one-time payment of $3,495 or four payments of $995.


Here’s how pricing breaks down at the official website:

  • 1 x Payment: $3,495
  • 4 x Payments: $995 x 4

With the four payment options, you make one payment today and then make additional payments at 30 day intervals.

The Loci Cycle Refund Policy

The Loci Cycle is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with The Loci Cycle within 30 days, or if you have not earned significant returns on your investment, then you are entitled to a complete refund.


About Chris Munch

Chris Munch is an online entrepreneur who started his business 15 years ago in university. He made his first $100,000 using similar methods to what he uses today. Over the years, he has also helped over 20,000+ people launch their own online businesses.

Today, Chris runs an 8-figure software company. He wants to make online business methods and systems accessible to everyone, including new entrepreneurs just starting out.

About Jay Cruiz

Jay teamed up with Chris to launch The Loci Cycle. When Jay met Chris, Jay was stuck in a “mind-numbing office job” and looking for an escape. He wanted financial freedom and opportunity. He wanted to provide for his family. He teamed up with Chris, and the rest is history.

After Jay joined Chris’s company, the company became the fastest growing firm in the industry, increasing revenues by 350%.

Today, Jay and Chris run a company of over 100+ employees. They have an office in London and host meetups throughout the year.

Final Word

The Loci Cycle is an online website creation and traffic generation system created by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.

By signing up for The Loci Cycle today, you get access to website builders, automatic traffic creation systems, and other bonuses that could help you earn over $2,000 per week through affiliate marketing income.

To learn more about The Loci Cycle, Loci Farms, AmpiFire 2.0, and other tools included with The Loci Cycle, visit the official website or sign up online today to get a free eBook.

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