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KoreTrak Pro Reviews – Is It Worth the Money? Do Not Buy Yet

Are you looking to invest in a smartwatch that keeps you on track of your health and maximizes your productivity levels? Fortunately, one company insists that their smartwatch is not only affordable but inclusive on so many levels. In fact, their device has been created to precisely measure a collection of biomarkers regardless of one’s skin.

As fascinating as this all sounds, individuals need to consider all of its facets before concluding its worth. So, our team has decided to cover the tedious side of things: research! The purpose of this review is to introduce KoreHealth’s KoreTrak Pro. Factors including its intentions, features, uses, and prices will be discussed along the way.

What is KoreTrak Pro?

KoreTrak Pro is a smartwatch tracker that has been engineered to provide precise insight into one’s wellness. Like most smart fitness tracking devices, KoreTrak Pro provides information on the basics, i.e., heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, and many others. So, how does such a device, among other similar devices, find a way to shine? According to the creators of KoreTrak Pro, the device includes sensors that can read through all skin tones.

This facet cannot be stressed enough, as more and more health experts are revealing to society that not all recognized devices deliver precise readings across different skin tones. The standard whiter and/or lighter skin tones are usually what most devices are made to work on, and to see that KoreHealth is challenging such an approach is reassuring. Now that we have covered the basics of KoreTrak Pro let’s dive a little deeper into its features.

What features does KoreTrak Pro have?

As hinted above, the sensors embedded within KoreTrak Pro can measure heart rates, oxygen levels in the blood, and skin temperature. Luckily, there’s more to this device, and here’s what we’ve gathered on its completeness:

Sleep Tracking

KoreTrak Pro contains a preprogrammed sleep tracker that commences anywhere between 8 pm, and 8 am the next day. To make full use of this source of information, individuals will have to pair their device to the KoreTrak Pro phone app. The latter ensures that the collected data is automatically uploaded into the app.

Functional Modes

KoreTrak Pro has three functional modes: sport, messages, and more. The first mode is meant to measure one’s overall performance when it comes to specific exercises. Individuals can choose from an array of exercises such as running, treadmill, cycling, yoga, and HIIT by pressing shortly. The second mode ensures that individuals can access their phone messages onto their respective KoreTrak Pro units. With this mode, one can scroll through messages and alerts from different social media platforms (i.e., Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangout, Skype, WeChat, QQ, and Line). For other functions, individuals can browse through the “more” mode.

Measurement Modes & Stand-Up Reminder

Three measurement modes have been included to record the number of steps taken daily (pedometer), to record distance traveled (odometer), and calories burned (calorimeter). With COVID and people working from home, we often are glued to our seats. To ensure that individuals take the time to stretch, this device also includes a stand-up reminder that is adjustable from 30 to 180 minutes in increments of 5 minutes.

Find Your Device Tracker & “Shake to Take a Picture.”

As suggested in the title, KoreTrak Pro can be used to locate one’s misplaced mobile device. All it takes is a long press, which will then generate a vibration alert to one’s mobile device. The Shake to Take a Picture feature is rarely considered in smartwatches. With this feature, individuals can take a picture on their mobile devices by simply shaking their wrists. Whether this is beneficial is questionable, but this reflects how innovative smartwatches are becoming with time.

Do Not Disturb Setting & Light Up Feature

Another straightforward feature is the “do not disturb” setting. With this, individuals can choose a time frame in which they would like to have KoreTrak Pro’s vibrations, light-up feature, and/or information push halted. Speaking of the light-up feature, when the arm on which KoreTrak Pro is resting is raised, the device’s screen will automatically turn on.

Language Settings

Three language settings are currently built into KoreTrak Pro. These include English, German, and French. To switch between languages, individuals are asked to go to the language settings via the mobile app called DayBand, specifically choosing “Device,” then “General.”

KoreTrak Pro Specifications

Other specifications and features about KoreTrak Pro have been listed as follows:

  • Screen size: 1.08 inches
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Capacity: 120mAh
  • Charge Time: 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Input: 5V or roughly 80mA
  • Other features: stopwatch, resetting factory settings, shutdown, and brightness


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: So, is KoreTrak Pro a smartwatch or fitness tracker?

A; KoreTrak Pro is both a smartwatch and a fitness tracker that can accurately spit information on health biomarkers of all skin tone types and tattooed skin. Individuals can think of this watch as a fashion statement that keeps everyone on track with their health and fitness goals and work-related tasks.

Q: What steps need to be taken to pair KoreTrak Pro with a smartphone?

A: First, individuals will need to download DayBand. This is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Once downloaded, the QR codes found in the user manual need to be scanned. Then, it is a matter of entering information such as one’s gender, weight, height, and year of birth, selecting either “Add a New Device” (iOS) or “Bind Bracelet” (Android) and ensuring that KoreTrak Pro is fully charged and is nearby.

Q: How should KoreTrak Pro be charged?

A: First, a USB power adapter of at least 5 volts needs to be plugged into the outlet. Then, KoreTrak Pro must be removed from the wrist and turned to the side where the USB with an arrow pointing downwards is located. Following suit, the KoreTrak Proband needs to be twisted and pulled off. After identifying the 2 USB-A contact points in the device, it should be connected to the USB power adaptor. One way to confirm that the device is charging is by checking whether a vibration is heard.

Q: Is there a way to reset KoreTrak Pro?

A: Yes, when individuals go into the settings found in the DayBand app, the option to reset the device will come up. This is meant to remove all historical data that has been stored in the app.

Q: Is it possible to do a manual firmware upgrade on KoreTrak Pro?

A: Normally, when individuals open the app, a prompt message on the latest firmware updates will pop up. Should one feel the need to update the software aspect of KoreTrak Pro, it is as simple as clicking yes. Otherwise, individuals can click no. A proper internet connection is needed to complete the update, and the Bluetooth connection must remain turned on.

Q: How to access information on health biomarkers through KoreTrak Pro?

A: All recordable information on health biomarkers can be accessed through the DayBand app; hence, it is crucial that everyone downloads it when one decides to set up KoreTrak Pro.

Q: Will KoreTrak Pro work if it is not in close range to my phone?

A: Yes, KoreTrak Pro has been engineered to store data for up to 7 days on its own (without a phone). This information will be automatically synced with the phone the next time it comes within the Bluetooth range.

Q: Are different color options presently available for KoreTrak Pro wristbands?

A: Yes, individuals can choose their preferred color for the wristbands at checkout.

Q: Is KoreTrak Pro effective on dark, tattooed skin?

A: Yes, the whole point of KoreTrak Pro is to ensure that more people can get a precise reading of their health. This includes tatted and non-tattooed arms, as well as different shades of skin tones.

Q: Is KoreTrak Pro protected by a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, KoreTrak Pro is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Refunds appear to be only eligible on unopened and unused devices that are returned in their original packaging. For more information on the refund policy, consider the following points of contact:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • U.S. & Canada (Toll Free): 1 (855) 826-5287
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5685
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: 033081 80835

How much does KoreTrak Pro cost?

The main advantage with KoreTrak Pro is that prices per unit tend to drop with every additional unit purchased. When ordering KoreTrak is best to order directly from the official website, to avoid counterfeit devices from third-party websites, like eBay or Amazon.

The price breakdown for the device is as follows:

  • 1 KoreTrak Pro unit: $49.99
  • 2 KoreTrak Pro units: $99.99
  • 3 KoreTrak Pro units: $111.99

At the time of writing, the team at KoreHealth insists that they will be charging a minimum of USD/EUR/GBP 8.95 for shipping and handling and that rates may vary depending on one’s location. Having said that, delivery can take up to 30 days. If one’s order has not been received, a claim can be filed as long as it has been done within 30 days from the order date. In addition, individuals can choose to purchase lifetime protection for $20.

KoreTrak Pro Final Verdict

Ultimately, KoreTrak Pro is an innovative smartwatch that combines several useful features and ensures precise readings of health markers. After going through the ins and outs of KoreTrak Pro, our team is generally satisfied with what the device has to offer at such low prices. Of course, with reduced prices comes the lack of protection, which means incurring additional costs; however, even after the extras, the prices seem to fall within reasonable ranges.

Another facet that we were happy to see is the KoreHealth team’s transparency and continuous efforts to provide adequate resources that help individuals smoothly navigate through their respective devices. To learn more about KoreTrak Pro and how it can facilitate one’s health and a busy schedule, click here>>>.

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Although KORETRAK’s mechanism is cutting edge, there are inherent limitations with the technology that may cause some of the sensor readings to be inaccurate under certain circumstances. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, the user’s physical characteristics, skin perfusion, permanent or temporary changes to your skin, the fit of the device, and the type and intensity of the motion or activity being accomplished. If the sensor appears inaccurate, adjust the position of the device on your wrist and ensure that there are no obstructions, such as, body hair, dirt, tattoos, or other objects between the sensor and your wrist.


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