Kibo Eclipse Reviews: What to Know Before Buying This Program!

Kibo Eclipse is an online marketing platform preparing to launch on January 19, 2022.

Found online at KiboEclipse.com, Kibo Eclipse is led by a team that has sold nearly $80 million in online products over the last 7 years, including Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton.

What is Kibo Eclipse? Should you sign up for Kibo Eclipse? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Kibo Eclipse and how the platform works today in our review.

What is Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse is a new ecommerce platform based on the core Kibo business model.

By signing up for Kibo Eclipse today, you can discover how to quickly launch a successful ecommerce business.

In fact, Kibo Eclipse gives you a pre-built online store with all of the tools and software you need to optimize that online store for maximum profitability.

The goal of Kibo Eclipse is to provide people of all levels of experience (including zero experience) with a profitable online business – without relying on Amazon, managing inventory, or contacting overseas suppliers.

When you sign up for Kibo Eclipse, you get a high-quality domain name, a pre-loaded store with a high-converting theme, and a handpicked selection of product listings. The Kibo Eclipse platform also sends instant traffic to these product listings, increasing the chances of quickly earning a profit.

Want to make money through online marketing? Even if you have zero experience with ecommerce, Kibo Eclipse may be able to help you earn a profit through a successful online store.


What is Kibo Eclipse?

Firstly, let’s talk about the core Kibo business model. This is the easiest to understand, simplest, most predictable and most profitable business model Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton have ever taught. What makes this different to other eCommerce methods is that this is MUCH faster and easier for people to implement, even if they have no previous experience. There is No Amazon, No Inventory, No Overseas Suppliers.

The core process behind Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton’s Kibo Eclipse system is this:

  • Kibo Eclipse buys a high quality generic domain name (we have a tool which finds good ones)
  • Kibo Eclipse sets up a simple store with a preloaded high-converting theme (which with our system, takes literally 60


  • Kibo Eclipse pinpoints profitable products using our software (from a selection of about 3 Million items). The niche or

    market is not the focus – it’s the profitability of the products that we’re interested in.

  • Kibo Eclipse loads up the website with these product listing (no image or text creation required)
  • Kibo Eclipse sends instant traffic to the product listings using cheap, underrated and vastly untapped methods.
  • When sales are made, OTHER USA-based suppliers’ dropship the products to the customer directly (Kibo Eclipse will never

    touch ANY inventory or buy anything upfront and the products get delivered FAST)

  • Then Kibo Eclipse optimizes the process, keeping the profitable products, eliminating the ones that aren’t, then keep on scaling up,

    replicating the process over and over to identify additional winning products, whilst simultaneously increasing



How Does Kibo Eclipse Work?

Kibo Eclipse is based on the core Kibo business model. After you sign up for the system, you progress through the following steps.

Step 1) The Kibo Eclipse team uses a proprietary tool to identify a high-quality, generic domain name. Then, they purchase that domain on your behalf.

Step 2) The team sets up a simple store with a preloaded, high-converting theme. It takes just 60 seconds for the team to install this theme to the online store, allowing you to enjoy a functioning website almost instantly.

Step 3) The Kibo Eclipse team identifies profitable products using their software. That software scans through a database of 3 million items. Instead of focusing on a specific niche or market, the software identifies the profitability of each product. The more profitable the product is, the more likely it will be added to your online store, including the chances of you quickly earning money from your online business.

Step 4) Then, the team loads up your website with these profitable product listings. As a Kibo Eclipse user, you don’t need to create images or write sales copy. You don’t need to create anything; instead, the Kibo Eclipse team does all of the work for you.

Step 5) Kibo Eclipse sends traffic to your online store. By directing traffic at these product listings instantly, Kibo Eclipse increases the chances of making your first sale. These instant traffic generation methods are the secret sauce to the Kibo Eclipse business model, allowing you to transform your online store from a basic platform to a high-converting, profitable platform business.

Step 6) USA-based suppliers ship the item to the customer. After a customer buys a product through your online store, a USA-based company ships that item to the customer instantly. Neither Kibo Eclipse nor the user touch any inventory, buy any products upfront, or take any risk during the process; instead, the supplier ships products to the customer quickly for a fast sale and a satisfied customer.

Step 7) Finally, Kibo Eclipse helps to optimize your online store. Kibo Eclipse tracks which products are most profitable, then refines the online store to feature those products over all others. By repeatedly identifying and promoting the top-selling products with the highest levels of profitability, Kibo Eclipse can continue to increase profits.

That’s it! Over these 7 steps, you can watch the Kibo Eclipse team quickly build and optimize your online store, increasing the chances of creating a successful online business.


What Makes Kibo Eclipse Unique?

You can find plenty of online marketing platforms that promise similar things to Kibo Eclipse. What makes Kibo Eclipse different? How is Kibo Eclipse superior to previous versions of the Kibo business model?

Here are some of the things that make Kibo Eclipse unique from previous versions:

Success Stories with Millions of Dollars in Sales: The Kibo Eclipse team has “colossal numbers of success stories” with previous Kibo users. Across the 2021 training sessions, these users generated millions of dollars in sales. Social proof and customer testimonials prove that Kibo Eclipse really works and can help anyone create a thriving eCommerce business with limited experience required. In fact, some Kibo students are purportedly earning $7,000 or more per month through their thriving Kibo online stores.

$1 Million Invested Into Perfecting Software and Platform: The Kibo Eclipse team has invested nearly $1 million into optimizing the Kibo Eclipse platform, including all of the software and tools users need to take their ecommerce business to the next level. When you sign up for Kibo Eclipse, you get access to this treasure trove of tools, giving you the best possible chance of launching a successful online business.

Entirely New Training (Not a Reboot or Launch): While other online businesses repeat training sessions, Kibo Eclipse has taken a different approach. The Kibo Eclipse team has created an entirely new type of training system over the past few months, perfecting that system without rehashing previous topics. By perfecting the system and creating entirely new lessons, Kibo Eclipse can equip students with new skills and experience required to thrive online.

Overall, the Kibo Eclipse team has spent a fortune improving their platform, building their technology and tools, and ensuring they’re creating the best possible experience for users. That’s why they’re confident they’ll be successful.

Kibo Eclipse Launch

As of early January 2022, Kibo Eclipse is in the pre-launch phase until January 25, 2022. The platform will progress through three pre-launch phases between January 19 and 24, 2022:

  • Prelaunch Part 1: Released Wednesday, January 19
  • Prelaunch Part 2: Released Friday, January 21
  • Prelaunch Part 3: Released Sunday, January 23
  • Masterclass Launch Date: Monday, January 24
  • Official Kibo Eclipse Launch Date: Tuesday, January 25

Prelaunch Part 1: The System – Wednesday, January 19 at 12pm EST

During Prelaunch Part 1, the Kibo Eclipse team will reveal new details about “The System”, which is the 3-step system for building a profitable ecommerce system in 2022.

Users will be able to read a book explaining the system and how it works. Users will discover testimonials from previous users, proof The System works, and other details about how to successfully launch an ecommerce business.

After reading The System book, you can sign up for early bird webinars with further details about Kibo Eclipse and how it works.

Prelaunch Part 2: The Blueprint – Friday, January 21 at 12pm EST

At 12pm on January 21, the Kibo Eclipse team will release the second prelaunch phase called The Blueprint. The Blueprint is a detailed infographic that goes into greater detail about how the Kibo Eclipse business model works, what makes it unique, and how ordinary users can use this business model to create a thriving online store.

The infographic covers the 3-step process in a visual way that’s easy for anyone to understand. You can see how it works, get a complete understanding of the unique business model, and discover why the Kibo Eclipse team is confident their platform will be successful.

Prelaunch Part 3: The Results – Sunday, January 23 at 12pm EST

Finally, Kibo Eclipse will reach the third and final phase of the prelaunch phase: The Results.

During this phase, users receive a download covering student success stories. Some students are making thousands of dollars per day through the Kibo Eclipse business model. If you setup the right ecommerce business with the help of Kibo Eclipse, there’s no reason why you can’t join the ranks of these students.

Expect lots of social proof, questions and answers, user testimonials, and more during this phase. Kibo Eclipse will also provide a selection for sample products that have the potential to generate thousands of dollars per day in sales. These are some of the products could be selling if they sign up for Kibo Eclipse today.

Early Bird Workshops: Monday, January 24 – The Masterclass Sessions

After completing the first three prelaunch phases, Kibo Eclipse is launching a series of webinars on Monday, January 24.

Described as The Masterclass Sessions, these workshops cover detailed information about the Kibo Eclipse system and how it works. The workshops are scheduled for 11am, 1pm, 7pm, and 9pm EST. Users will receive an email on Monday morning with details on how to attend the webinars.

Attend a live training session online to get further details about Kibo Eclipse, how the platform works, and how you can get started as soon as possible with your own online store.

Official Kibo Eclipse Launch: Tuesday, January 25

Kibo Eclipse is scheduled to fully launch on Tuesday, January 25. This is the date when the sales page goes live and the cart officially opens.

At this point, users can sign up for Kibo Eclipse, buy access to the program, an begin their process of launching a profitable ecommerce business.


Who’s Behind Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse is led by the same team that created the successful Kibo Code Quantum program, including Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth.

After helping people create online stores generating $7,000 per month or more with Kibo Code Quantum, Steve and Aidan decided to launch a new and improved version of Kibo called Kibo Eclipse. Kibo Eclipse is an entirely new training program. It does more than just fill in the weak links of previous programs: it gives users complete information about launching a successful online store and sets up that online store (including all products) on their behalf – all without users maintaining inventory or doing much work themselves.

About Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton

Aidan Booth is an internet marketing and financial freedom expert who grew up on a farm in New Zealand.


Aidan started his first website in 2005. Eventually, he hired a full-time team of writers to create new websites, launching new websites daily to capitalize on new marketing trends. Today, Aidan continues to run a successful online marketing business with the help of his business partner, Steven Clayton.

Steven Clayton teamed up with Aidan Booth in 2013. Today, the pair are known for launching online training sessions covering niche websites, ecommerce store development, online marketing, consulting, and small business marketing. Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth have helped thousands of students launch successful online marketing businesses.


Prior to partnering with Aidan Booth, Steven Clayton was the CFO of a Fortune 500 company. He had many years of corporate experience before starting his own online business. Although he had plenty of experience, he had limited time or freedom. Steven saw the online marketing world as a way to get the lifestyle he wanted.

Today, you can access Aidan and Steven’s expertise by signing up for the Kibo Eclipse program. The pair have a proven reputation for teaching users how to create a thriving online business, and they impart that wisdom to users through programs like Kibo Eclipse.

Final Word

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton have launched a new ecommerce store training program called Kibo Eclipse.

In that program, users receive a pre-built website with a handpicked selection of profitable products. The Kibo Eclipse team buys a domain, sets up an online store, arranges suppliers, provides educational information, and gives users all of the tools and software they need to operate a thriving online marketplace.

Previous Kibo users have launched online stores making $7,000 or more online.

By signing up for Kibo Eclipse today, you can discover how to launch your own successful ecommerce store, giving yourself the best possible chance of generating profit online.

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