How to get a Binance Referral Code

Online trading is becoming less easy these recent days provided, that you aren’t using selected platforms. The constraints of paying high signing-up fees and getting the account verified before you begin trading, is exhausting. However, some cryptocurrency trading platforms like Binance thrive to enable cheaper means and easier methods to become a crypto-trader. This company has the option to allow existing traders to refer their loved ones through Binance Referral Code.

What are Binance referral codes?

These referral codes are a string of letters and numbers that one can utilize to sign up when registering for the first time on Binance Cryptocurrency exchange platform. Signing up on your own can be very pricey. Moreover, if you are a novice cryptocurrency trader the levy fees to commence trading can be extremely high. Therefore, some cryptocurrency platforms enabled the opportunity for such people to get help from people who referred them. In most cases, friends and loved ones usually inform one about how the platform works and the ways to start achieving potential profit. Having explained a few pointers they have to invite you with a reference code that you can use when signing up. For example, when one signs up, the one who sent them the referral code, can set a particular amount that the referred parties can receive initially after signing up. This in essence allows one to save the levy fees required to be paid initially since the percent given by the referrer reduces the joining levy fees.

How to find a Binance referral code?

The best way is to go on their official web platform and get your own special referral code number. When one gets it, it allows them to share with an unlimited number of people. Hence one can share it an infinite number of times be it on their email account, Qr code or direct messaging to people you know. By the time one utilizes the code they received from their friend or relative, if they successfully sign up using the code one would be awarded a commission or bonus for recommending Binance platform. The incentives are conditional to the amount of money one holds in their Binance account. For instance, one can earn up to 40% commission of the signup fee provided that the referrer has at least 500 BNB in the account.

Therefore, the fascinating part is that the referrer can set up a percentage that the referred parties can partake from the commission thereby making the referral code a service where both parties can benefit from. Henceforth, if the referrer is a very close person, they have the ability to set the 40% in the referred party’s favor thus saving 40% of the registration fees. It also should be noted that provided that one has less than 500 BNB in their accounts, commission earned cannot exceed 20% of the joining fees done by the referred.

Therefore, one has to make sure that they have an amount that meets up with the regulations and rules of Binance before they start sharing their referral code. In essence, it will optimize one’s ability to earn up to 40% commission of the levy fees to referred parties that would have successfully created accounts to start trading. Nonetheless, even if one is not trading, they can still earn by simply referring people to start trading with Binance. This is one way to earn and save in a smart way.

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