Gut Flora Slim Down Reviews (Dr Carl Bamlet) What are Customers Saying?

Gut Flora Slim Down is a package of weight loss products teaching you about The Gut Flora Slim Down Method.

By following the lessons in Gut Flora Slim Down, you can lose weight by optimizing gut health.

Does Gut Flora Slim Down live up to the hype? What will you learn in Gut Flora Slim Down? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Gut Flora Slim Down.

What is Gut Flora Slim Down?

Gut Flora Slim Down is a package of videos, eBooks, and guides featuring actionable weight loss tips.

By following the Gut Flora Slim Down system, can purportedly:

  • Optimize metabolism boosting hormones
  • Shrink stubborn fat zones
  • Raise energy levels
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Feel great

Your gut is connected to weight loss, your brain, your heart, and all other components of your body. If your gut is imbalanced, then it affects the rest of your body. Even if you’re doing everything right to lose weight, your gut may be inhibiting your success.

Gut Flora Slim Down aims to support your gut to help you become a fat burning machine and enjoy all of the other benefits listed above.

How Does Gut Flora Slim Down Work?

Gut Flora Slim Down was created by a man named Dr. Carl Bamlet. Dr. Bamlet is a doctor and nutritionist with 20 years of experience. He used his professional experience to create the recommendations in Gut Flora Slim Down.

The goal of Gut Flora Slim Down is to teach you the Gut Flora Slim Down Method. Here’s how Dr. Bamlet describes it:

“The Gut Flora Slimdown Method…unleashes your body’s natural ‘Metabolism Boosting Hormones’ AND shrinks fat zones.”

To do that, Dr. Bamlet recommends adding specific foods to your diet – and avoiding other foods. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you’ll discover:

11 craftily marketed “healthy foods” that are destroying your gut

Common foods that make it impossible to lose weight, including foods you probably eat every day

How to unleash your body’s natural metabolism boosting hormones and shrink fat zones using the Gut Flora Slim Down Method

The best foods and drinks to consume daily to balance your gut, kickstart metabolism, and accelerate your metabolism – regardless of what you eat and drink

How Your Gut Influences Weight Loss

There are more bacteria and microorganism cells in your body than human cells. In fact, your body is home to trillions of bacteria and microorganism cells. A significant number of these bacteria live in your gut.

These bacteria perform crucial roles like:

  • Directly influence how fast you metabolize food
  • Produce chemicals that make you feel full
  • Produce vitamins
  • Communicate with the immune system to fight off infections

For all of these reasons and more, it’s important to maintain the right balance of microorganisms to lose weight.

As Dr. Bamlet, the creator of Gut Flora Slim Down, explains, a poor gut microbiome makes it virtually impossible to lose weight – even if you’re doing everything right:

“If you have a poor gut microbiome, then it’s like trying to run a race while wearing a heavy backpack…You’re at a distinct disadvantage…And it’ll feel a lot harder than it should.”

What Will You Learn in Gut Flora Slim Down?

Gut Flora Slim Down covers a range of strategies, tips, and tricks for optimizing your gut and helping you lose weight.

Some of the topics covered in Gut Flora Slim Down include:

10 Foods and Drinks to Consume Regularly for Gut Health: Taking the right foods and drinks – and avoiding certain other foods and drinks – can optimize gut health. If you’re not taking the right foods daily, then it negatively impacts your gut. In Gut Flora Slim Down, Dr. Bamlet recommends adding 10 foods and drinks to your diet to boost fat burning and optimize your gut.

Delicious Breakfast Drink to Boost Metabolism: Taking the right drink in the morning can boost metabolism all day long. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover a breakfast drink that’s proven to be delicious.

4 Ancient Herbs and Spices to Boost Metabolism and Suppress Appetite: In Gut Flora Slim Down, Dr. Bamlet recommends taking 4 specific herbs and spices to suppress cravings, kickstart your gut bacteria’s fat burning potential, and boost your metabolism.

The Gut Flora Slim Down Method: How to unleash your body’s natural metabolism boosting hormones and shrink fat zones by optimizing your gut.

5 Nutritional Mistakes Keeping You Fat and Unhealthy: Many of us make simple nutritional mistakes daily that wreck our good diet and exercise habits.

12 Must-Have Rapid Weight Loss Foods: Dr. Bamlet claims certain foods are “rapid slim down foods” that are widely available at any grocery store and can change your weight loss results.

Why Popular Probiotics Don’t Work: Many people take probiotic supplements daily for gut health. However, these probiotics may not work because they’re missing an essential component. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover what makes a good probiotic great, including the importance of both prebiotics and probiotics.

Why Wheat is Sabotaging Your Gut: Dr. Bamlet believes wheat is damaging your gut, making you sick, and making it hard to lose weight. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover why wheat is bad for your gut and why you should eliminate it from your diet.

A Less Invasive (And Less Gross) Way to Enjoy the Benefits of Poop Transplants: Fecal transplants are more popular than ever among alternative health clinics, but there’s a way to enjoy the benefits of poop transplants without the hassle and grossness. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover how to redefine your gut garden by taking advantage of your body’s natural ability to grow healthy, long-lasting bacteria.

How Fat Impacts Your Gut: Gut Flora Slim Down discusses the role fat plays in gut health, including how to only get healthy fat from the foods you eat. You can also discover three high-fat foods that are actually good for you and should be eaten weekly.

How Your Gut Influences Your Immune System: Approximately 70% of your immune system is found in your gut. Your gut controls your immune system. If your gut is imbalanced, your immune system suffers. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover natural strategies for boosting your immunity by strengthening your gut.

The Shocking Cause of Type 2 Diabetes and How It’s Connected to Your Gut: Diabetes, food, and weight loss are all connected. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover Dr. Bamlet’s Beta Cell Balancer Method to get your blood sugar levels “Back to normal in less than a week.” One woman claims she is no longer prediabetic after following the Gut Flora Slim Down program.

How to Lose 90lbs in A Few Months With the Paleo Diet – Even With Thyroid Issues: Thyroid issues can make it tough to lose weight. However, Gut Flora Slim Down features a case study of a woman losing 90lbs in a few months by following a paleo diet.

21+ Paleo Cooking Recipes: You can discover the best paleo cooking recipes for weight loss and immunity.

Healthy Foods to Avoid: Certain healthy foods are making you fat, lazy, and unhealthy. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover the foods that are inhibiting your weight loss goals.

How to Reduce Inflammation and Stop Weight Gain Using a Specific Species of Bacteria: A specific species of intestinal bacteria can reduce inflammation and stop weight gain, giving you the best possible chance of living a healthy life.

How to Replace Medications that Ruin Gut Health: Some medications negatively impact gut health. Although you shouldn’t stop taking medications prescribed to you, you can discover how to replace medications with powerful immune-boosting alternatives in Gut Flora Slim Down.

How to Combat Yeast Overgrowth: Good gut bacteria can combat yeast overgrowth and other issues. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover natural strategies for balancing gut bacteria to help with yeast.

Gut Flora Smoothie: In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover a smoothie recipe that can help you experience a surge of energy throughout your body while also injecting your digestive system with a “happy bacteria” that repairs your gut lining.

How to Lose a Dress or Pant Size in 14 Days: Dr. Bamlet recommends using his paleo rice alternatives to replace the high carbs from your meals, helping you stay full without going hungry.

An Overlooked Nutrient to Flush Toxins: Your body is overloaded with toxins that impact gut health and make weight loss difficult. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover an overlooked nutrient that flushes out toxins to support your arteries, liver, and heart.

The Metabolism Modifier Method that Makes Weight Loss Easy: Some people find it easy to lose weight. Others eat whatever they like without gaining weight. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover the Metabolism Modifier Method to stay slim without cutting your favorite foods from your diet.

How to Reduce Heart Disease By Up to 65%: Good gut health is linked to good heart health. In Gut Flora Slim Down, Dr. Bamlet explains how to keep your waistline, gut, and heart healthy using the same proven strategies.

How to Optimize Health, Energy, and Longevity: Optimizing your gut health today can support good longevity, health, and energy. Many Gut Flora Slim Down reviewers claim they have more energy than ever before thanks to the program.

The Doctor’s Secret to Balance Good Bacteria in Your Gut: You can repair gut bacteria even if you’ve ignored gut health for years.

A Deadly Mistake 87% of Men and Women Make When Trying to Lose Weight: Many of us are making a mistake daily when trying to lose weight. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover some of the common weight loss mistakes.

How to Use a Shapeshifter Trick to Flush Fat from Thighs, Hips, Bum, and Tummy: Dr. Bamlet claims to have discovered a “Shapeshifter Trick” anyone can use to target fat in problem areas of their body, including the thighs, hips, bum, and tummy.

Vitality Shake Recipe: Gut Flora Slim Down features a recipe for a Vitality Shake, which helps you recharge your batteries and enjoy a long-lasting burst of energy – all while losing weight and supporting gut health.

A No Prep Eating Plan: Eating the right foods can keep your gut bacteria healthy and stop your gut from going rogue again. In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover a no prep eating plan to keep your gut flourishing.

11 Foods That Are Sabotaging your Gut Every Day

Every day, you may be consuming so-called “healthy” foods that are actually damaging your gut. Dr. Bamlet recommends cutting all of the following foods of your diet because they negatively impact your gut and cause you to gain more body fat:

  • Wheat, including whole wheat bread
  • Rice cakes, which are packed with high fructose corn syrup that is “poison for your gut”
  • Corn, because it’s full of starch that causes blood sugar spikes and weight gain
  • Fruit-flavored Greek yogurt, because it’s sugary
  • Tofu because it’s “hazardous for your gut flora”
  • Processed pasta, because it’s high in starch and carbs that spike blood sugar
  • Canned soup, because it’s rich in sodium
  • Protein shakes, because many of them are unhealthy and packed with sugar, and you’re better off making your own at home
  • Cereals, breakfast foods, and granola bars, because many of them contain more sugar than a donut
  • Bottled smoothies and vitamin energy drinks, including whole wheat bread
  • Italian, balsamic, and vinaigrette style dressings (try making your own at home instead)

The Best Foods for Your Gut

On the flip side, Dr. Bamlet recommends adding more gut-boosting foods to your diet. All of the following foods are great for your gut, according to Dr. Bamlet:

  • High-protein foods, including lean meat, fish, eggs, and certain dairy products
  • Mineral-rich foods like nuts (not peanuts) and seeds, which make a great snack
  • Vegetables, because they’re healthy and promote weight loss

What to Expect After Following Gut Flora Slim Down

Your gut impacts many parts of your body. After following the Gut Flora Slim Down program, you can expect to enjoy the following effects:

  • A fizz of energy in your gut
  • Hunger starts to disappear
  • Aches and pains subside
  • Your pants fit differently
  • Weight loss

In Gut Flora Slim Down, you can discover these foods and hundreds of others to support gut health.

The 3 Step Gut Flora Slim Down Approach for Gut Health

Gut Flora Slim Down covers three broad topics of weight loss and gut health, including:

1) Balanced Gut Flora: Help your body naturally balance gut flora, helping good bacteria flourish while healing your gut from years of damage.

2) Sustainable Eating: The Gut Flora Slim Down method involves using sustainable eating to enjoy long-term weight loss success. You can lose weight without cravings while enjoying a healthy, balanced diet.

3) Weight Loss: According to Dr. Bamlet and the Gut Flora Slim Down team, the method will unleash a cocktail of metabolism boosting hormones and shrink fat zones for 24 to 48 hours while also giving you a host of other health and wellness benefits.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

The official Gut Flora Slim Down website is filled with stories of people losing significant amounts of weight while following Gut Flora Slim Down.

Here are some of the weight loss claims featured on GutFloraSlimDown.com:

One woman claims to have lost 11lbs within a month of following the Gut Flora Slim Down program, and then she lost a further 5lbs the next month; in the next 3 months, she lost a total of 27lbs

That same reviewer, Bonnie, also claims she is no longer classified as prediabetic after following the Gut Flora Slim Down program; she has changed her diet, lost weight, and optimized her gut to improve her health and wellness

Another reviewer claims she lost 50lbs using Gut Flora Slim Down, sharing before and after photos with the community

Gut Flora Slim Down Pricing

Lifetime access to the Gut Flora Slim Down community is priced at $67. You pay a one-time fee, then get access to all Gut Flora Slim Down materials forever.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Lifetime Membership to Gut Flora Slim Down: $67 (one-time fee)

After the website processes your payment, you get instant access to Gut Flora Slim Down and all included materials.


Gut Flora Slim Down Moneyback Guarantee

Gut Flora Slim Down is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with the materials included in Gut Flora Slim Down, or if you did not lose significant weight, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

Bonuses Included with Gut Flora Slim Down

As part of a 2022 promotion, all purchases of Gut Flora Slim Down come bundled with additional bonuses, including:

Bonus 1: The Gut Flora Slim Down Method 30 Day Planner and Diary: This eBook walks you through the first 30 days of following the Gut Flora Slim Down program. You can print the planner out and keep it beside your bed, tracking your progress and success.

Bonus 2: The 6 Pillars of Weight Loss: Weight loss is more complex than it seems. In this eBook, you can discover the 6 pillars of weight loss, including foundational strategies you can use to maximize weight loss today.

Bonus 3: Natural Probiotics and Prebiotics Quick Start Guide: This guide teaches you how to maintain a healthy gut, keep your gut flora healthy naturally, and eat the right combinations and portions of foods to optimize gut health.

Bonus 4: 5 Habits of Mindful Eating Guide: Mindful eating is a good way to manage your eating, control what you consume, and build good habits.

About Gut Flora Slim Down

Gut Flora Slim Down was created by Dr. Carl Bamlet, a doctor and dietitian. Dr. Bamlet began his journey into the world of natural disease prevention 20 years ago when he survived brain cancer at the age of 19. He has made it his life’s goal to uncover the scientific truth about restoring your health, losing weight, and living a disease-free life.

You can contact Dr. Bamlet and the Gut Flora Slim Down team via GutFloraSlimDown.com.

Final Word

Gut Flora Slim Down is an online program featuring gut optimizing strategies, weight loss tips, meal guides, and more.

By following the Gut Flora Slim Down program, you can balance your gut to boost immunity, metabolism, and weight loss, among other benefits.

To learn more about Gut Flora Slim Down and how it works, or to buy the program online today, visit the official website at GutFloraSlimDown.com >>>

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