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Green Vein Kratom Buyer’s Guide — Strain Information, Benefits, & Dosage

Are you interested in green vein kratom, but don’t know where to begin? In this article, we will cover everything you’ve ever wanted to find out about this unique supplement.

There is no one-size-fits-all with green vein kratom: each specific strain will have differing levels of effects, so it is important to find one that will work for you.

Throughout this guide, we will cover the ins and outs of the most popular green vein kratom strains. We will cover the origins, effects, dosages, and more. We will also discuss where you can buy these supplements safely if you do decide to try them.

So, read on to learn what’s great about green vein kratom.

What is Green Vein Kratom?

Before we can delve into what makes green vein kratom unique, it is important to have a general understanding of the plant. When it comes to kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, there are three main categories to consider: red vein, white vein, and green vein kratom. These colors indicate the shade of the veins and stems of the plant, as well as the age of the plant.

White vein variants are harvested in the early stages of the plant’s life cycle. They are often the most energizing and mentally stimulating out of the three main categories.

Red vein strains have grown the longest and are harvested when the plant has reached its peak maturity. Because it has been growing longer, it will have a stronger concentration of alkaloids in its leaves. Red variants generally provide the strongest sedative and analgesic properties.

Green vein kratom strains are harvested midway through the plant’s life cycle. Green variants tend to have a perfect balance of effects between their respective red and white strains. This makes them particularly popular with beginners. This is also ideal for people looking for an energizing strain that can ease mild pain.

What Does Green Vein Kratom Do?

Since this plant is part of the coffee family, it can offer stimulating effects similar to caffeine. However, unlike caffeine, the green vein variants provide a boost in your mood without any jitters or anxiety. It can also help to focus its users’ thoughts, allowing them to accomplish their goals more effectively.

Additionally, these variants can also be used for their analgesic effects. According to Seattle Weekly, they can work to alleviate milder symptoms of chronic pain, but without the sedative properties found in the red vein variants. This makes it a good option if you need to manage pain without sleepiness and the side effects of traditional over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

Kratom’s effects are caused by alkaloids found in the plant’s leaves. The two most prominent alkaloids present in kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydromitragynine.

Green Vein Kratom Dosage


When figuring out the best dosage for you, there are many factors to consider. Everybody will have a slightly different reaction to the supplement depending on your age, physical composition, and predisposition to other supplements. However, there are a few general guidelines to follow when determining how much is right for you.

If you are new to a specific strain of kratom in general, start with the lowest dose possible. Most experts tend to recommend starting with 1-2 grams of any given strain. This way you can test how your body will react to the supplement and adjust accordingly.

After your body has begun adjusting to the supplement and 2 grams is no longer strong enough, you can begin upping your dosage by around 0.5 grams at a time. Most regular users of the supplement take between 3-5 grams during a day.

In most cases, you will begin feeling effects from the supplement 5 to 10 minutes after taking it. The duration of these effects generally lasts between 2-8 hours, depending on the specific strain you take.

In general, lower doses of the supplement will provide improvements in your energy and focus. In contrast, higher doses tend to provide stronger pain-relieving effects and can induce a stronger sense of euphoria.

Best Green Vein Kratom Strains

As we mentioned earlier, the effects of each strain will be similar but will have some specific variations. These differences are typically caused by the plant’s growing environment and the specific composition of alkaloids in its leaves.

While there are numerous strains on the market, we want to highlight our five favorite green vein kratom variants. Continue reading to learn the specifics about each of these strains.

Green Malay

As you may be able to guess from the name, this strain of green vein kratom is cultivated throughout areas of Malaysia. Often referred to as “Keetum” by local Malaysian populations, this variant is particularly popular for its long-lasting analgesic effects. It can also provide a rather uplifting effect and work to improve your mood.

Unlike Red Malay which is usually used as a strong sedative, Green Malay is far more energizing in smaller doses and is great for taking during the day. The supplement’s effects can also be felt for up to 8 hours, which is longer than many other variants. Because of this, Green Malay has become quite popular among people who are looking for daily mood-boosting and pain-relief but don’t want to take anything that will affect their normal work routines.

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Green Borneo

This variant is grown on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo. Green Borneo is a great strain for anyone looking for a way to help them get things done. This strain can be helpful for people managing symptoms of ADHD or other disorders that make it difficult to focus.

Green Borneo can also provide a moderate level of pain relief without any drowsiness, and can even provide a small boost in energy. Many people use this strain as a natural alternative to over-the-counter painkillers.

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Green Bali

Unlike other variants of the supplement, Green Bali’s name does not come from its region of cultivation, but instead from the area from which it is exported. This strain is particularly potent compared to other green vein kratom strains and is often compared to the Maeng Da strain.

Like many green vein kratom strains, the effects of Green Bali are a perfect balance between those of the red and white veined varieties. It is most often praised for its moderate level of pain relief, muscle relaxation, and as a stimulating energy booster. Many people also report that this strain can help them focus and feel more cognitively alert.

Green Thai

Originating from Thailand, Green Thai is among the most popular green vein kratom variants. While it can be used to manage moderate pains, this strain is most often used for its mood enhancement and mentally focusing properties.

Many people report that the effects of this strain feel similar to those of caffeine. Because of this, Green Thai is often used as a substitute for coffee and other energy drinks. It can also provide a mentally calming effect, allowing you to focus and accomplish whatever task is at hand.

Green Sumatra

Grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, Green Sumatra is a particularly potent green strain. This potency is attributed to the tropical climate of the island and unique soil in the area that creates a stronger concentration of alkaloids in the plant’s leaves.

Green Sumatra is ideal for anyone looking for energizing, relaxing, and mood-boosting benefits. The plant’s effects tend to be very long-lasting and can help to enhance cognitive functions throughout an entire day. Many consumers have compared this strain’s effects to those of Green Bali, so if you like one, the odds are that you will enjoy the other as well.

Best Places to Buy Green Vein Kratom

There are many online and physical stores to explore when looking to buy kratom that the number of options can almost be overwhelming. Luckily for you, we have investigated dozens of online retailers to help you find the safest options.

Each of our selected vendors belongs to the American Kratom Association, so they quality-test their products using third-party labs to ensure authenticity. Each of these options also has a positive history of verified customer reviews, so you can rest assured they are reputable.

These three stores are our top picks for the best places to buy green vein kratom online:

Kona Kratom

Affiliated with the American Kratom Association, Kona Kratom is among the most reputable online vendors we’ve found. Each of its products undergoes testing at third-party labs to ensure they are pure and safe to use.

And speaking of products, Kona offers a wide selection. This vendor carries all the strains mentioned above, and their green strains have been featured in popular publications including, LA Weekly, and many others.

The number of options will make you feel like a kid in a candy store, but be assured they are all of incredibly high quality.

The team at Kona works to cultivate strong relationships directly with Southeast Asian farmers of the kratom plant. Because of this, the company can be sure its products are being grown ethically and safely. This also allows it to sell its high-quality supplements for the best prices possible.


  • Belongs to the American Kratom Association
  • All products undergo third-party lab testing
  • An impressive selection of products
  • Strong relationships with real farmers
  • Best prices available

Star Kratom

A rising star in the kratom scene, as its name suggests, Star Kratom has been growing in popularity since its inception at the beginning of 2020. This family-owned business is an ideal spot for anyone looking for quality supplements while supporting a small brand.

This vendor has become well-known for its exceptionally fast delivery times. Since the store is located near a large postal hub, it can drop orders several times per day. They actually aim to get your order on the next available flight.

Star Kratom knows it sells high-quality products and backs up this belief with free refunds. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can take advantage of the vendor’s no-questions-asked return policy and receive a full refund.


  • Family-owned business
  • Fast delivery times
  • No-questions-asked return policy
  • Member of American Kratom Association
  • Great selection of products

VIP Kratom

If you want the best of the best, VIP Kratom is the place for you. This is a premium-grade vendor by all accounts. As a premium vendor, you’ll probably pay slightly more per gram for each of its products. However, we believe that the superior quality of this brand is worth the extra cost.

With a strong commitment to quality, VIP Kratom only carries A-grade products. If the company is unable to get the best of any particular strain, it won’t carry it until it’s available. Because of this, you may find that the selection of products is smaller and is updated as new strains come in. They will sometimes offer rare strains that can be difficult to find from other stores.

The high-quality of this vendor’s supplements also affects the potency of the products. Every strain it offers tends to be more potent than those from its competitors. This also means you can use less and get more bang for your buck.


  • Only sells premium quality supplements
  • More limited offerings, but all are A-grade
  • You may find rare strains that are not sold in other shops
  • Products are more potent
  • American Kratom Association member

Conclusion — Is Green Vein Kratom Right For You?

If you are looking for a way to boost your energy and ease pain without the side effects of caffeine and traditional pharmaceuticals, green vein kratom may be right for you. This natural supplement can also help improve your mood and help you focus throughout your day.

When trying green vein kratom for the first time, be sure to start with only 1-2 grams. Once you have adjusted to its effects, you can slowly increase your dose by 0.5 grams at a time.

If you think green vein strains sound right for you, you can find them at any of the vendors mentioned above. Each of these stores tests their products and have a history of great customer service. Shopping with them means you can buy confidently knowing you are getting a genuine, top-quality product.

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