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Green Malay Kratom Review: Dosage, Benefits & Effects

If the kratom community can agree on one thing, it’s that “kratom” is a large umbrella term that includes many varieties. Some strains are adored by everyone, like Maeng Da, while others are less used.

Today, we’re going to tell you about Green Malay kratom, a popular yet still largely ignored strain. You may finish this guide convinced that it’s a strain you need to try, so read on. We’re covering its unique benefits, the best way to take it, and where to purchase it. Let’s get started.

What Is Green Malay Kratom?

Green Malay kratom originates from Malaysia. Indigenous people used, and continue to use, this strain to relieve everyday aches and pains. They also reach for it to experience improved mood and energy.

Growers pick Green Malay kratom leaves whenever the veins turn green. On the kratom harvesting scheduling, farmers pluck Green Malay right in the middle. They pluck red varieties later on and white types much earlier.

Rather than wait for this kratom to become very mature and potent, harvesters strategically pull green vein plans during their growth to give users both a stimulating and relaxing experience.

Green Malay may have leaves that aren’t purely green. Some final products have leaves with more of a red tint, while others have leaves with more of a white tint. As you may have guessed, Green Malay leaves with a red tint are much stronger than those with hints of white.

Harvesters can recognize Green Malay leaves by their round shape and dark green shade. These leaves typically range between one and eight inches in diameter, but growers attempt to harvest them on the larger side. The bigger the Green Malay leaf, the more active alkaloids it contains. This more significant assortment is essential for offering consumers good benefits.

Mitragynine is by far the most prevalent alkaloid in Green Malay. When you ingest Green Malay, its mitragynine makes its way to your cell’s opioid receptors. From there, the chemical reactions temporarily desensitize your body to pain and mimic the release of feel-good endorphins that improve your mood.

Many consumers enjoy Green Malay in their daily lives, as this substance isn’t detectable in traditional drug tests for job screenings. However, its chemical compounds will appear on more cutting-edge drug tests used by government bodies and law enforcement agencies.

What Does Green Malay Kratom Do?

To understand how Green Malay serves as a middle ground, you should familiarize yourself with its sister varieties: Red and White Malay.

As a red vein kratom variety, Red Malay is quite potent. It features relaxing properties that combat insomnia, manages acute or chronic pain, and ease anxiety.

White Malay lies on the opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of relaxing you, it wakes you up. It increases your sociability, boosts mental clarity, and improves your energy. Users consume it in social situations to feel more confident and at ease.

Green Malay is the perfect happy medium between its red and white counterparts. It’s not too energizing or sedating, so novice users can enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed.

Green Malay’s benefits will slowly take effect throughout the day, but they will never engulf you as long as you take an adequate dose. For example, you may feel more focused and alert within the first hour of your dose. As the hours tick away, you will start to experience the pain relief and mild relaxation that Green Malay offers.

Said Wade Paul – Founder: “there’s plenty of other effects you can expect when you try Green Malay”. Take a deeper look at the specific benefits of Green Malay kratom below:

An Increase in Energy

Are you falling asleep in the middle of important lectures or work meetings? If so, you may need a little kick to help you stay awake.

Consumers take Green Malay for its ability to increase their energy levels. However, it won’t make you feel high-strung or overeager.

It won’t leave you feeling unmotivated or exhausted, so you can take it before heading to work or a social outing for the stamina you need.

Heightened Focus

In addition to increased energy, you’ll notice an improvement in your focus.

Within an hour of taking your Green Malay kratom dose, you’ll feel any mental fogginess subside. As a result, you’ll be more responsive and open-minded, making it easier to digest and comprehend new information.

You can say goodbye to unwelcome distractions and hello to creative, attentive thinking.

Mild Pain Relief

Green Malay kratom is a godsend when it comes to pain relief. It binds to your body’s opioid receptors to prevent them from processing pain signals. Green Malay also encourages blood flow, which helps manage swelling and inflammation.

Because of its ability to relieve mild pain, consumers take it to alleviate various kinds of pain. You can take a dose to seek relief from backaches, headaches, arthritis, and other everyday pain. You can also use it to ease muscle tension after a grueling gym session or a day spent on your feet.

Some people even take Green Malay to combat more severe illnesses like fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and sciatica. It’s a great, holistic way to manage the symptoms.

Cancer patients can also benefit from taking Green Malay. This herb is known for its ability to combat chemotherapy’s aftereffects like fatigue and vomiting.


Green Malay kratom’s benefits don’t end with heightened energy, improved concentration, or pain relief. In higher doses, it can amplify your energy and turn it into sensations of euphoria.

As a result, you’ll feel more content and at peace. Your elevated state of pleasure will let you feel more comfortable in community settings. It can also help you unwind in the comfort of your home.

Many users consume Green Malay to manage disorders like anxiety and depression. The euphoria and clarity can help people experience the positive feelings they need to stay motivated.

Green Malay Kratom Dosage


On average, an effective dose for most users is anywhere between two and five grams. But you should take this “average” range with a grain of salt. You may need more or less depending on certain factors.

Determine your ideal dosage by reading the tips below:

Measuring Your Doses

Most users measure their kratom doses in grams. We recommend you do the same, so you don’t have to deal with conversions as you read through this guide.

If you take Green Malay as a powder, you can measure it out using a tabletop scale. If you don’t have this kind of device, you can use a kitchen teaspoon. One gram of kratom equals about half a teaspoon. A teaspoon filled to the brim equals about two-and-a-half grams.

If you want to get a pre-measured dose, try kratom capsules. They are powder encapsulated in a pill.

Some very experienced kratom users can get away with eyeballing their doses. However, we recommend you always measure your doses. This way, you’ll always know what’s going into your body.

The Minimum Amount

The minimum amount of Green Malay kratom you should take is one gram. If you only take a quarter or half of a gram, you probably won’t feel any effects at all. Avoid frustration and dissatisfaction by starting with at least one gram.

Smaller vs. Larger Doses

Novice users should start with around one to two grams. A small amount like this will give you mild but still present effects like improved energy and mental focus.

As your experience with Green Malay builds, you can stick to small doses or experiment with larger ones.

A larger dose of four or five grams will let you experience the pain relief that Green Malay kratom offers.

Consider How Much You Weigh

Your particular build will affect how your body reacts to kratom.

Check out some general guidelines for determining your dosage based on your weight:

  • <150 pounds: two to three grams
  • In between 150 and 200 pounds: three to four grams
  • >200 pounds: five grams

These suggestions are for the total grams you should consume per day.

You can alter these recommendations based on the results you want.

For instance, a 180-pound user can take two grams for a more gentle experience. Or, a 130-pound user can take four grams for a more intense experience.

What’s the Green Malay Limit?

In general, you should never take more than ten grams. Taking this much could result in adverse side effects like rashes, poor concentration, dizziness, and incomprehensive speech.

Your limit may be less, depending on your body type and tolerance.

Consuming Green Malay with No Food

If you take Green Malay on an empty stomach, you’ll increase your risk for adverse side effects. Eat a light meal before each dose you take to have a positive experience.

The Onset of Green Malay’s Effects

In the recent article published by Compare Kratom, Green Malay’s benefits take approximately one to two hours to take effect. You will hit the height of your experience at around four hours. The effects will taper off around hour six or seven.

Best Places to Buy Green Malay Kratom for Sale

Many local and online shops sell Green Malay kratom, but not all of them conduct business with the right intentions. Some vendors fraudulently sell low-quality or contaminated products to unaware buyers.

To avoid getting ripped off or having a bad experience with kratom, you should buy from reputable sellers.

Ideally, your go-to vendor should have the American Kratom Association’s approval and subject its products to third-party testing. But we get that not everyone has time to do extensive research.

To save you some time and effort, we have compiled a list of our top three online kratom retailers. These vendors are all approved by the AKA and conduct extensive third-party product testing with each strain. You’ll get not only safe and pure Green Malay but also enjoy great prices and deals on shipping.

Kona Kratom

With one of the most extensive kratom selections we’ve seen, Kona Kratom is an excellent place to start. This vendor offers everything from Green Malay to the more potent red and white varieties. Beginners, dabblers, and veteran users will all find what they’re looking for, and they may even stumble across a product they didn’t know they needed.

Key Points

  • Has connections with Southeast Asian farms to secure competitive prices
  • Ensures product quality through third-party testing
  • Has the AKA’s stamp of approval
  • Vast selection at great prices

VIP Kratom

VIP Kratom stands for all things premium, so it’s the place to shop if you’re looking for superior quality. It sells popular and exotic strains, so you will find something that’s just the potency you desire.

Even though this vendor’s selection isn’t as large as others, VIP doesn’t sacrifice quality. All products meet AKA’s standards as well as strict in-house guidelines.

Key Points

  • Ensures product quality through third-party testing
  • Has the AKA’s stamp of approval
  • Sells rare strains that are hard to find with other vendors
  • Prioritizes quality
  • All products are potent

Star Kratom

Newer vendors are usually not better than the long-established industry giants. However, we’ve found that to be the case with Star Kratom, a vendor that has recently entered the kratom scene.

Even though it hasn’t been around for that long, Star Kratom has proven to be a reliable seller. A money-back guarantee backs all orders, so you can get your money back if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

Need your kratom products in a pinch? Star Kratom has you covered with its speedy shipping. Shipments tend to arrive two days faster than when you order with competitors.

Key Points

  • Family-owned vendor
  • Ensures product quality through third-party testing
  • Has the AKA’s stamp of approval
  • Dependable money-back guarantee
  • Fast shipping

Conclusion — Consuming Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay is an excellent all-around strain that offers improved focus, increased energy, and effective pain relief. It’s a great starting point for those with less experience with intense kratom strains and those who want a range of effects in one dose.

Figuring out your ideal dosage will take some time and effort, but you’ll get there when you account for your build, body chemistry, and desired effects.

Ready to give Green Malay a try? Shop with one of the three kratom vendors we discussed above to get high-quality products and unparalleled customer service.

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