Gluco20 Review: Is Thrive Health Labs Blood Sugar Fix Legit?

Gluco 20 Reviews (Thrive Health Labs Blood Sugar Supplement)

Erratic and unstable blood sugar level affects millions of people today. This condition may lead to diabetes, and most people often exhibit pre-diabetes symptoms. These symptoms typically include feeling chronically exhausted, foggy thinking, lack of concentration, and tingling and numbness in your feet and hands. Other common symptoms include tooth loss, heart complications, skin rashes, and slow wound healing.

If you have already experienced all the symptoms shown above, likely, you have already started taking diabetes medications and checking your blood Glucose several times daily. Most people do these common activities to deal with their blood sugar, but they still show no improvements. The new Gluco20 from Thrive Health Labs promises to resolve all these issues and help you avoid becoming a pre-diabetic patient. This supplement also claims to assist those who already have diabetes to manage their conditions and prevent life-threatening health complications like kidney failure, amputations, and heart attacks.

The following review seeks to establish whether Gluco20 can control your blood sugar so that you can live a healthy, long life. Learn about how this supplement works and how it eliminates high blood sugar and treats diabetes. Moreover, discover the 20 unique ingredients in Gluco20 pro and how they can consistently and effectively control your high blood sugar.

About Dr. Mark Weiss

Gluco20 was created by Dr. Mark Weiss, an experienced physician who has treated thousands of patients over his more than two-decades-long career. Mark created this supplement for people struggling to manage their blood sugar and are not finding any success with other methods. He says that both pre-diabetic and diabetic people have reported mass improvements in their blood sugar, energy levels, and overall health through his product.

Gluco20 Review: Is Thrive Health Labs Blood Sugar Fix Legit?

Introducing Gluco20

Gluco20 is a comprehensive Glucose and blood sugar support supplement that promotes stable blood sugar, healthy nerves and enhances blood flow to the feet and hands. This supplement stabilizes your blood sugar by nourishing the beta cells in your body to restore natural insulin sensitivity. The minerals, herbs, and vitamins in this product work synergistically to control your blood sugar without requiring large amounts of insulin.

The Gluco20 supplement is custom designed to enhance the function of beta cells so that you can naturally manage your Glucose levels. It delivers precisely what your damaged pancreas requires to eliminate toxin accumulation and help in rebuilding the inefficient beta cells to enhance insulin sensitivity. It is more effective than other treatments due to its blend of 10 flower and fruit extracts and ten essential minerals and vitamins.

How Gluco20 Works

Most insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels can be traced back to the destruction of beta cells in your pancreas. Many people wrongly think that their erratic Glucose and blood sugar are caused by eating sugar and carbs. However, the truth is that an inefficient pancreas with damaged beta cells is likely the reason for high Glucose and sugar in your blood.

When the beta cells become malformed or damaged, they can no longer work properly to produce sufficient amounts of insulin. That often results in high blood glucose accumulation in the blood. Furthermore, the beta cells also become more insulin resistant with time, and you will notice that your energy also goes down drastically. That is why you will often feel exhausted regardless of how much you rest or sleep.

Gluco20 works by targeting and strengthening your beta cells to deliver less insulin resistance and reduce the amounts of sugar and glucose in the blood. It contains a thoroughly researched and well-tested mix of 20 natural ingredients in optimal amounts. These natural extracts and essential minerals combine to rectify high blood sugar causes, which is essential for managing and preventing diabetes and related complications.

Gluco20 Review: Is Thrive Health Labs Blood Sugar Fix Legit?

Ingredients in Gluco20

The 20 different ingredients all play an important role in nourishing and repairing your beta cells to promote better insulin sensitivity, less sugar and glucose in the blood. Here is a breakdown of the herbal extracts and essential nutrients found in Gluco20.

Cinnamon Bark Powder

This 50 mg ingredient is a powerful tool for regulating blood sugar in your body. It works by activating its MHCP antioxidant to enhance your insulin sensitivity. A study found that MHCP mimics natural insulin, and it can work independently even if insulin is not present.


Vanadium is an essential trace mineral that enhances beta-cell insulin sensitivity. There is 200 mcg of vanadium in every Gluco20 capsule to guarantee maximum absorption.


67 mcg of Chromium is highly beneficial in Glucose support as it increases the insulin entry points or cell receptors for beta cells, thus minimizing insulin resistance. It ensures your beta cells are well-nourished to promote better energy performance and healthier blood sugar levels. Chromium is a notable ingredient since most diabetic patients don’t have enough of this essential nutrient.

Banaba Leaf

This 1% extract special banaba leaf extract activates and supports the Glucose transporters within your cells to encourage faster cellular absorption. It also supports chromium to nourish your cells for maximum insulin sensitivity.

Gymnema Sylvestre

This ingredient is critical for slowing down blood sugar from the digestive system into your blood. This 50 mg ingredient ensures that blood sugar levels are always within a healthy range.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

30 mg of ALA works together with L-Taurine to deliver strong antioxidant effects to promote nerve health. ALA is both water and fat-soluble, which means it can efficiently enter your beta cells and neutralize toxic free radicals. It improves the health of your blood vessels and protects your nervous system.


This 25 mg ingredient works with alpha-lipoic acid to enhance and support nerve health.


This extract uses 10 mg to reduce inflammation in beta cells. The result is better insulin sensitivity.

Cayenne pepper

The 10 mg of cayenne pepper in Gluco20 adds its anti-inflammatory properties to this formulation.

Bitter melon

Gluco20 also contains 50 mg of an extract of bitter melon. This extract keeps the beta cells healthy to support low blood sugar levels.

Juniper Berry

The 25 mg juniper berry extract adds anti-inflammatory effects to enhance the natural defenses in your beta cells.

White Mulberry

White mulberry uses 25 mg that works alongside juniper berry to repair damaged cells and protect your beta cells.

Yarrow Flowers

This 25 mg flower extract promotes self-healing in the pancreas, which enhances insulin production.

Licorice root

50 mg of Licorice extract enhances the active ingredients of the other extracts and herbs included in Gluco20. It also acts as a detoxifier and helps eliminate toxins from your pancreas while inhibiting the growth of bacteria.


Most adults have a huge magnesium deficiency, which often leads to pre-diabetic symptoms. Gluco20 contains enough amounts of 125 mg of magnesium to support Glucose regulation, insulin action, and energy production.


Many diabetic patients don’t have sufficient zinc in their bodies, which results in obesity and increased appetites. Fortunately, Gluco20 contains 7.5 mg of highly bioavailable zinc to address these issues.


300 mcg of Biotin was included in Gluco20 because several studies discovered that it could help treat peripheral neuropathy. That means it protects you from nerve pain issues in your extremities due to diabetes or kidney failure.


The manganese in Gluco20 is 1 mg that helps in the production of essential pancreatic enzymes to ensure efficient pancreas function for better blood sugar control.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid 50 mg is included in Gluco20 because it helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Vitamin E

This 15 IU of the vitamin reduces the adverse effects of high blood sugar and reduces insulin resistance.

Your body requires all of the 20 various vitamins, minerals, fruit, and herbal extracts. This is especially important when you take prescription medications that often steal or cause your body to lose these ingredients shown above. Gluco20 contains the purest, active, and powerful forms of the ingredients shown above. Most importantly, these ingredients have been thoroughly researched and found to have positive actions on controlling blood sugar.

Gluco20 Review: Is Thrive Health Labs Blood Sugar Fix Legit?

Gluco20 price

People looking to control their blood sugar can buy Gluco20 directly from the official website. Here are the main pricing options, along with free shipping across all the packages:

  • Best value: 4 bottles at $176
  • Most popular: 2 bottles at $118
  • Basic: 1 bottle at $69

Gluco20 Review: Is Thrive Health Labs Blood Sugar Fix Legit?

Does Gluco20 have a money-back guarantee?

The manufacturers of Gluco20 believe in the effectiveness of their product and are happy to offer a special 180-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. You can get your money back in full if this supplement does not work for your blood sugar needs. The company offers a convenient and fast refund process for any unhappy clients. Customers can contact customer support at:

  • 1-800-756-6844

Gluco20 Verdict

Most people have been forced to use artificial ways of managing their blood sugar levels. This includes everything from taking prescription medications to insulin shots. Moreover, others have tried to use special diets and exercise to manage their blood sugar, but to no avail. The new Gluco20 from Thrive Health Labs delivers better, more consistent results in stabilizing blood sugar levels than other solutions. These daily pills can help you naturally regulate your blood sugar along with numerous other benefits, which makes it worth trying out.

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