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Free Psychic Reading Online: Top 3 Psychic Sites For Free Readings

Psychic readings are as old as the birth of human civilization. Whether it is for love, fortune, and well-being, psychics have played a critical role in the lives of many individuals.

Psychics have the uncanny ability to tap into the heightened human senses of touch, sight, sound, and taste, and instinct to reveal information. This is why psychic practices are of different types.

Most psychics offer their paranormal and otherworldly services in their homes, fairs or individual practices. But most psychics charge a certain fee, regardless of the type of practice.

So if you ever thought, I need to talk to a psychic for free, this post is for you. We have covered every top about free psychic readings you need to know.

Let’s start.

Top 3 sites for free psychic readings

  • Kasamba – Free first 3 Minutes + 50% off for New Customers
  • Mysticsense – Free first 5 Minutes
  • Keen – Free first 3 Minutes


Kasamba is a very well-known platform in the psychic sphere, and for a good reason. The website has excellent 5-star reviews from clients all over the world. In addition, the psychics on Kasamba have an average rating of 4.8, which is a great testament to their reputation.

For paid services, psychics on Kasamba also have a very reasonable price per minute. In addition, this psychic site also offers fantastic deals for every client. The 70% discount is very popular with the clients who use Kasamba’s paid services.

Kasamba also offers free three minutes with every psychic advisor on the platform, which is a hit among its clients. The three-minute offer is a great deal as you can ask an important question to a psychic and get a well-informed answer.

But most importantly, three minutes is enough time for you to gauge whether you can connect with the advisor or not. So if you want a free psychic love reading, Kasamba is the place to check out.

Best features about Kasamba

  • Psychics from different backgrounds and expertise are available on the platform. Kasamba’s psychics can advise you on topics including relationships, love, career, and spiritual wellness. Psychics on the platform incorporate tools such as aura, crystal, and tarot.
  • Live chat and email readings are the primary forms of communication for psychics on Kasamba. You can use free psychic calling from the psychics on Kasmba as well. However, live webcam services are not available on the platform now.
  • Kasamba screens every psychic on the platform, so everyone is reliable and has a very good reputation. This is evident from the fact that psychics on Kasamba and the platform have many positive reviews.
  • This psychic website is easy to navigate and is straightforward, even for a first-timer. Kasamba’s layout works effortlessly on all platforms, including PCs, tablets, and phones.
  • Kasamba website has more than 20 years of experience, making it a trustworthy site for free psychic readings.


Mysticsense is also a top psychic site for free psychic readings online. This psychic website is also home to several trusted psychics and mediums. They are experts in different types of psychics reading. However, Mysticsence is a favorite place for free psychic love reading and other relationship advice.

There are up to 500 psychics on the platform, and you can see those who are online at a particular time. Psychics who offer live video and webcam chats have a higher rate than those who offer text services. Nevertheless, the price per minute of psychics on Mysticsense are very reasonable.

On Mysticsense, you can choose a psychic based on their area of expertise, their ratings, price per minute, and the mode of communication they offer.

Mysticsense has five free minutes for the first session, which is fantastic when it comes to free psychic readings. Using the five minutes, you can talk to a psychic and not only get answers to your pressing issues, but you can also decide whether you feel connected to the psychic or not.

However, the free minutes at Mysticsense work a bit differently. You need to sign up at this psychic website and create your account. After signing up at Mysticsense, you need to make a minimum deposit of $10 and consult a psychic. After your session with the psychic is over, you will get a refund for the first five minutes.

However, if the psychic service does not satisfy you, you can get a full refund, which is great. Few psychic websites have this offer, so in this regard; Mysticsense is a great service provider.

Best features about Mysticsense

  • Several psychics are available on the platform, and you can choose the type of reading you want. So you can choose from crystal ball reading to tarot card reading, among others.
  • Psychics on this platform offer text, email, phone, and video consultation for their services.
  • Mysticsense has five minutes of free service for first-time clients.
  • This psychic site will also give you a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service or the information given by the psychic.
  • Highly-rated psychics from every field and great reviews from customers all over the world.
  • Several educational resources on psychic readings are also available on the site.
  • Mysticsense also has a daily horoscope, which is very helpful in case you are interested in it.

Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics is not a free online reading service, per se. However, they have a fantastic deal where you can get up to 10 minutes of psychic consultation at a minimal rate. This is the reason why Keen Psychics is a very popular site in the psychic community.

Among the three psychic sites on this list, Keen Psychics has the most intuitive website design. On this platform, you can filter the psychics according to their specialty, price, and ratings. There are millions of verified users on this psychic website that attest to their credibility and reputation.

On Keen Psychics, you will find psychics with expertise in the fields of relationships, love, career, and spiritual well-being, and many more. Most of the psychics here use tools such as tarot, crystal, and other types of reading. However, some advisors also work without tools.

Another great feature of Keen Psychics that qualifies it as a great website is that you will find a spiritual advisor anytime you want. This platform has a 24/7 service, so you can get advice on life situations any time of the day or night.

This psychic site also has a satisfaction guarantee meaning that if you are not fully satisfied with the answers or the service, you may be eligible for a full refund. When you sign up on Keen Psychics, you will also get three minutes of free consultation. However, you will need to sign up on this psychic platform first to avail of this offer.

On Keen Psychics, you can opt for a psychic reading free by phone or chat. You can also opt for an email consultation with a psychic of your choice if you prefer.

The best feature about Keen Physics

  • Keen Psychics has a simple and easy-to-use website that works across all devices and platforms. For mobile phone users, Keen Psychics has an app to chat with a psychic and record the sessions.
  • The psychics on this platform are from a wide background, including Vedic astrology, Chinese, Mayan, chakra, aura cleaning, horoscope, numerology, and tarot card reading.
  • Psychics from different backgrounds and expertise offer their services on Keen Psychics. However, every psychic is particular about the type of reading they perform, so select your advisor after thorough research.
  • Keen Psychics has outstanding reviews from thousands of clients from all over the world. The psychics also enjoy having great reviews and high ratings.

Things to consider while looking for real free psychic readings online.

Regardless of the advancements in technology, the spiritual business of psychic reading is a booming business. So fraudsters and fake psychics are rampant, especially on the online platform.

Fake psychics will have no second thoughts about exploiting you for their benefit. So to avoid such an unpleasant experience with a psychic, here are the top things to consider before you seek free medium readings online.


Before you decide to talk or engage with a psychic, a little bit of research can be the best decision for you. Researching about psychics can help you connect and feel comfortable with them.

Top tips to consider while researching a psychic:

  • Run a Google check – In this way, you can verify the medium’s credibility or the psychic.
  • Watch out for warning signs – A reliable psychic lets their work speak for itself, and their service does not involve any physical or material things.

On the other hand, a fake or ill-trained psychic comes with a ton of paraphernalia. This usually involves selling candles, talismans, or pendulums. In addition, some fake psychics will also insist on a second or a third session because you have a curse or a bad spell, which they need to remove.

Not only is this a tactic to make you lose a lot of money, but it also reveals the unreliability of the psychic. So never fall into this trap of fake mediums and psychics.

The reputation of the psychic website

Most psychics and mediums work through a company along with many others in the same industry. Here are some neat ways to know if the psychic website is legit or not.

  • The psychic website has a stringent policy about protecting your personal information.
  • It has secure payment methods for paid psychic services.
  • Top psychic sites also offer a free consultation for their clients, especially for the first time.
  • There is reliable and preferably, 24/7, customer service for their clients.
  • The psychic website must have many years of experience serving its customers.
  • Credible psychic websites also have a significant amount of positive reviews from satisfied clients.

Ratings of individual psychics

Top and trusted psychics typically have high ratings on online platforms. The ratings come from a combination of the company’s screenings, his or her adherence to rules and regulations. In addition, positive reviews from clients will also affect the psychics or mediums rating.

A psychic with a very positive rating testifies their reliability and honesty. Besides, psychics with high ratings and positive reviews will also give you the most accurate answers and information.

Type of psychic reading

Although a psychic is a term that is randomly used in clairvoyance, there are many types of psychic reading. And not all psychics have a thorough knowledge in every area.

The most common psychic readings are:

  • Tarot reading
  • Palm reading
  • Aura reading
  • Astrology
  • Cleromancy
  • Cartomancy
  • Psychometry
  • Distant readings
  • Crystallomancy and lithomancy
  • Rune reading

Therefore, before you choose a psychic advisor, check the area of their expertise so you can get the most accurate reading from them.

Medium of communication

There is a big difference between how mediums and psychics operate online and offline. How a free medium readings online can transfer information has a huge effect on your overall experience.

Top psychics from reputed online psychics’ sites offer their services through texts, phones, and emails. In addition, established psychic websites will also have provision for webcam sessions. Additionally, two-way live webcam sessions are also popular modes of communication with the top sites. On the other hand, some top sites allow video sessions without audio.

If you think free psychic reading over the phone will suffice, go for it. However, it is best to choose a psychic that offers a webcam service for some types, such as palm reading. Additionally, if you prefer a written communication with mediums to refer to the notes later, text or email with free psychics is the best option.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews about psychics reveal a great of information about them. In most cases, these reviews come from customers who have personal experience with the medium or the psychic, so you can gauge whether they are good or not.

In addition, you can also gauge the communication skills, accuracy, and how empathic the psychic is through the experience of previous customers.

Free medium readings online – how do they work?

As briefly highlighted above, psychic reading is a lucrative business. So you might be wondering why there are free medium readings online. In reality, a free psychic chat is very similar to a business or brand promotion by psychic websites.

Here are the ways to make the best of free psychic reading online:

Explore the free trials

Many reputed online psychic platforms have complimentary free psychic reading for first-time callers or writers. This is usually a strategy by the psychic websites to encourage clients to use their paid psychic services.

This may seem like exploitation at a glance, but it’s a great advantage to clients looking for a free psychic reading.

Psychic websites need to prove how good their services are and the accuracy of the psychics during the free psychic question or call. This means that the free psychic reading online is typically a top-notch service and highly accurate.

Free trials from most psychic platforms are usually available for one-time questions. However, some of the top psychic platforms also have free-minute options where you can talk or interact with the best psychics on their platform.

Free trials are available at most psychic sites and are free to use. So you can use the services on multiple sites and take advantage of the services from several psychics.

Free online psychic groups

Several psychic groups are also available online. These are usually in the form of Facebook groups and other online platforms.

The advantage of using or participating in free psychic groups online is that you will encounter other people with the same psychic interest as yours.

However, the drawback of online psychic groups is the high chance of encountering fake psychics and getting exploited. Most of the so-called psychics on online groups try to get you to pay a certain fee in exchange for a private reading session.

Such cases are hard to avoid or regulate since online groups do not screen psychics for their credibility. In addition, there is no regulating body or a rule that prevents fake or ill-trained psychics from practicing their art online.

So the best way to getting conned by fake psychics on online platforms is to avoid making any payment. Irrespective of how authentic or genuine a psychic may seem, do not pay any spiritual mediums or guides you meet through online groups.

Psychic software and apps

Several apps on both Android and iOS platforms offer free spiritual reading by phone. The best feature about these apps and software programs is that you get free access to psychic readings. In addition, these psychic readings are also available anytime you want them.

But similar to free online psychic groups, mediums and spiritual leaders on the Google apps and Apple Store apps do not undergo screening. So no one can prove that these psychics are reputable or trustworthy.

You can, of course, avail yourself of psychic services on these platforms, as they are free. However, be smart and avoid asking very personal or important questions to psychics on free apps. In addition, refrain from getting into a personal interaction or making payments to them.

This is why finding a trusted psychic platform or a company can make all the difference for any free psychic question. In the next section, we have handpicked three of the top psychic sites for free psychic readings.

What to avoid while searching for free psychic readings.

It is quite natural to seek spiritual guidance from psychics and mediums, especially during difficult times in life. But while genuine mediums and psychics are among the most empathic and considerate people, the fake ones are the opposite.

Scammers and fraudsters are a real problem in the psychic world, and they prey on innocent clients. They will not think twice about exploiting your vulnerable moments to make money. So to avoid getting scammed by fake psychics and mediums, here are the things to avoid while using free psychic readings online.

Getting a psychic advisor without research

A psychic is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of people with different skills. However, a tarot card reader is not the same as a palm reader and vice versa. Similarly, if you are looking for relationship advice on love and divorce, a psychic specializing in career or finance will not give the most accurate information.

Keep in mind that fake psychics from a shady website are not the most honest or forthright. Therefore, even if their field of expertise is in astrology, they will say they are the love experts to not lose clients.

Another point for consideration is getting the right connection with the psychic. Human beings are spiritual beings, so you don’t have to be in the same physical space as a psychic to feel comfortable. Conversely, even the most credible psychic can make you feel uneasy and unsafe if you are not on the same spiritual wavelength.

Getting lost in the conversation

It can feel wonderful to have a sympathetic heart listening to you whenever you have a pressing or stressful situation. Psychics are experts in listening and offering comforting words to you and all their clients.

This can be an unintentional trap for you. As you talk to the psychic or listen to a sympathetic soul, an hour of conversation can feel like a few minutes.

It is not uncommon for clients using a free psychic reading call to end pay a good amount of dollars just because they were so caught up in the conversation that they did not notice that the free minutes were up quickly.

So when you get free psychic readings, keep a watchful eye on the timer. This way, you will not have to end up paying extra dollars that you did not intend to invest in a psychic.

Having implicit trust in the psychic

While it is always a good and honorable feeling to trust a psychic, giving them full responsibility for your life or parts of it is not healthy. Even the world’s best psychic cannot predict the stock market or how your partner feels about your relationship. They may be individuals with heightened and even extraordinary gifts, but they are humans after all.

Psychics can give you insights and a general direction about some parts and aspects of your life. But, ultimately, we are responsible for our lives. So placing implicit trust in a psychic for the outcome of your life can be a recipe for disaster. Along the same lines, some people wrongfully hold the psychic accountable for things wrong in their lives.

So while it is not wrong to trust that a genuine psychic will give you insights, it is helpful to take their predictions with some level of a criticism.

Frequently asked questions

Are free medium readings online accurate, and can I trust them?

A straightforward answer? Yes, free medium readings online are as trustworthy as a paid service. However, it only works if the psychic is from a reputed psychic website or a platform.

Credible online psychic platforms such as Kasamba have free trial services or free minutes from the top psychics in their lineup. These free services or free minutes are like a prelude to what you can expect from a paid service.

Since psychic companies rely on these free minutes and trials to make a good impression and connect the clients for the long term, the free services are top-notch and accurate.

However, the accuracy of the psychics’ answer will also depend on getting the right psychic. So choose the psychic according to your needs.

What types of questions can I ask during free psychic readings?

Psychics are open to listening and answering different questions from their clients. In general, the most common categories of questions that people ask psychics include:

  • Relationships – Love, relationships, divorce, and dating are the top relationship questions people seek the help of psychics. Matters related to friendships and children are also common.
  • Finance and career – Questions about promotions, getting a raise or other financial matters are commonly asked psychics.
  • Grief and loss – People who have lost and are grieving a loved one also seek psychics’ insights to ease the pain.
  • Life and spiritual matters – This group of people are few, but those who seek motivation to live better or seek the meaning of life also seek psychics’ advice to achieve their dreams.

However, they have different specialty areas, so make sure you are asking the right questions to the right psychic to ensure the accuracy of answers.

What is the ideal time to speak to a psychic?

The time you choose to speak to a psychic is not as important as your state of mind. Regardless of the time, it is always good practice to calm your mind and get rid of stress before a free psychic reading call.

This will allow you to have an open mind so you can listen to the psychic. In addition, you should also consider working on the questions that you find most pressing and relevant.

Wrapping up

A free psychic reading online is as accurate as a paid service. However, it is paramount that you find the right psychic advisor from a credible platform.

Hopefully, this post on finding a free online psychic reading gives you a head start in finding the right medium for your needs.

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