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Denialisms see a lady wearing a mystical head crown full of colorful jewels seated in a dim environment staring into a crystal ball and giving a “cold reading” with empty connotations when they hear the name “psychic”

Deceitful free psychic reading websites propagate prejudices that paint all gifted mystics in a negative light. People who have had a genuine spiritual reading in which a psychic prophesied their future or offered them specific counsel that has shown to be beneficial recognize and appreciate the true power of psychics. Many doubters are perplexed by free psychic reading online, asking how spiritual advisers arrive at a forecast or anticipate the future. When these individuals have a personal encounter with genuine best psychics, their mouths drop because the guide has retrieved accurate facts that nobody else could have learned.

19th-century philosopher William James popularized the “white crow” hypothesis. It is said that every person assumes all crows are black, but if someone can discover a white one, it’s conceivable that there are more out there. When it comes to psychics, the same reasoning applies: if one can identify the best psychics with genuine psychic abilities, you can only presume there are many more out there.

Certified readers adhere to an ethical code. It prohibits them from informing clients about things that are psychically harmful to know about it or that they cannot control. Some readers assess if the reading will be beneficial to the individual. They will inform them if the answer is affirmative and it does not contradict the code. Best psychics also offer suggestions on how to better a tough situation.

Although some of the best psychics have a particular ability, they are not supernatural creatures. They have no affinity for angels, demons, orcs, fairies, or devils and are just like the rest of us. They pursue this job by trusting their instincts and honing their talents. When seeking the services of a psychic, make sure the research is done.

With free psychic reading online platforms becoming more popular, it becomes harder to distinguish between real and fraudulent phone psychics. One thing that helps with identifying the best psychics on online platforms are reviews. We’ve accumulated the top three free psychic reading platforms 2022 for reference and reviewed them from A to Z. Read below to find more on which psychic website is for you!

Best Sites for Free Psychic Reading Online: Highly Rated Free Psychics Online

Kasamba – Best For Free Love Psychic Readings Via Phone Or Live Chat

California Psychics – Best Free Psychics For Life Decisions & Guidance

Psychic Source – Most Accurate Free Psychic Readers For Career Advice and Financial Outlook.

#1. Kasamba – Authentic Free Psychic Reading For First Time Users



New users get 3 minutes + 70% off, most trusted psychic reading for a psychic medium, astrology, tarot reading.


Kasamba is among the top three psychic reading online websites. Kasamba specializes in tarot reading and love psychics, which is their most renowned field of study. This internet psychic reading service has been around for 20 years. Kasamba now has over 4 million consumers who have had amazing outcomes from its internet psychics services. Kasamba offers a team of qualified and educated psychic readers that specialise in numerous issues that customers frequently face. Kasamba provides a wide range of offerings, from life-changing decisions to solutions to recurring nightmares. Kasamba says that its psychics offer consumers sound advice from a higher vantage point.


The colour palette of the Kasamba website has been well thought and appealing to the eye of the viewer. The dominant yellow-orange and purple hues on the screen emit a psychic reading aura that has already captivated the crowd. Kasamba has gained a lot of popularity among individuals of all cultural and ethnic origins for free psychic reading. It is due to their unwavering service to clients all around the world.

Selection of Psychics

Kasamba uses a well-thought-out method to choose its psychic readers. All candidates must pass a series of exams to guarantee that the fortune-documentation teller is up to par. Valid credentials, qualifications, and degrees are examined to guarantee that the psychic medium reader is authorized to provide Kasamba customers readings. Kasamba examines the prior experience in the field in which the candidate claims to specialize. The procedure guarantees that Kasamba’s fortune-tellers are qualified to work with them.

Selected applicants serve as psychic medium and faith healers for Kasamba, providing reliable advice to its consumers. On the Kasamba psychic reading online site, unique profiles are established for all selected online psychics. Clients may go to the website and look up the specialisations and other data about all of Kasamba’s psychic readers.

If there are any doubts, concerns, or objections, one may contact Kasamba’s customer support. The Kasamba website also has several filter options for tailoring the psychic reading list to the client’s preferences.


Kasamba begins with gathering general information about you and getting to know them to conduct a more in-depth examination of their issues. You can choose to stay anonymous by not revealing their identity. The psychic medium inquires about the client’s birthdate and the region in which they want assistance. Kasamba free psychic reading can be reached through text message, phone call, or email.

You can connect via live psychics, phone psychics, and chat psychics. During the read, you can ask queries regarding love psychics, tarot reading, and other questions. Kasamba has made it simple for its customers to communicate with clairvoyant readers via the phone, chat, online, and in real-time. A rare facility of email has been introduced to give maximum convenience to you.


Kasamba offers rates that are within your budget while delivering excellent outcomes. Sessions start at $1.99 for 10 minutes on average. Psychic online reading is available for as little as $0.6 per minute and as much as $6.45 a minute. Prices are determined by the psychic reader’s area of expertise, qualifications, experience, and ratings.

On your first session, new customers may take advantage of several exclusive discounts and promotions. In a field as competitive as psychic reading by phone or chat, such marketing packages create trust and loyalty among clients.

⇒ Visit the official website of Kasamba

#2. California Psychics – Experienced Love Psychics and Free Psychic Reading for Major Life Decisions



The website connects users with professional psychics that specialize in various types of psychic readings. The customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


California Psychics, founded in 1995, is one of the most popular psychic websites on the internet, with hundreds of trained psychics giving tarot readings, as well as readings on career, money, relationships, and love. They estimate to have provided over two million readings since starting their site, making them among the most seasoned services available.

Because of their impeccable services in tarot reading, love psychics, and other in-demand abilities, California Psychics is now one of the most well-known and trustworthy websites that offer psychic reading online in past years. The website includes an easy-to-use reward points system that customers may utilize to receive reduced or even free psychic reading sessions.


This website makes it simple to locate the appropriate reading material. The site’s features are intended to assist visitors in locating the proper adviser who specializes in the sort of readings that will best suit their requirements. Customers can also select a psychic online according to their level of experience.

The site even has a karma rewards and bonus scheme, which gives you points for every reading you buy. Such credits can be used to offset the cost of future readings. You may also get free daily horoscopes when you join up. You’ll learn more about each psychic’s background.

Selection of psychics

Because of their stringent screening procedure, becoming a featured psychic with California Psychics is far from easy. It takes roughly a month to finish the process, which is divided into four parts. In the first round, a potential psychic medium must complete a thorough application form detailing their qualifications and expertise. If they make it to the next round, they will be evaluated twice by the California Psychics team. After that, a security check is performed. If the psychic passes all of these steps, they will be invited to begin filling up their California Psychics account and begin a coaching programmer that includes guidelines on how to use the psychic reading platform, how to communicate with customers, and other topics.

According to the website, just two out of every hundred applications are accepted. When you’re looking for a psychic online, you can be certain that they’ve been thoroughly verified, and you can also read their public reviews to see precisely what you’re receiving for your money.


You have a several options for getting a psychic reading –

· Register for a free account on the site and start looking through clairvoyant profiles to discover much about their knowledge and tradition. You can buy a reading once you’ve found an adviser you like.

· You may also call the customer service line and talk with a person who will assist you in finding the proper psychic; just let them know what sort of psychic reading you want.

When one has identified a psychic adviser they’d like to speak with, dial 1-800-207-0717, input a 14-digit pin, and the psychic’s number to speak with them. If the psychic you’d want to speak with is unavailable, clients may request a follow-up call and California Psychics will contact you back as soon as they become available. If clients would like to communicate with their chat psychics online, simply click the ‘Chat’ option on the website and they will be able to start conversing right away.


Psychics on the website are divided into three categories: new, preferred, and premier, based on their reputation and skill. One may pay $1 per minute for 20 minutes with the New readers, $2 for 20 minutes with the Preferred psychics, and $4 for 20 minutes with the Premier clairvoyants.

There is no regular cost per minute in every tier once one has taken advantage of the promotional deal. Each psychic reading determines their fee, and although many charge as low as $1 per minute, some demand as much as $10 or even $15 per minute. However, there are always a variety of psychics to choose from, and there is no trouble choosing one that fits the budget.

However, California Psychics does not offer any free psychic reading for new clients on their website. One may get a free psychic reading online if they gain enough credit karma points.

⇒ Visit the official website of California Psychics

#3. Psychic Source – Most Anonymous and Secure Free Psychic Online Website



Largest psychic online platform renowned for career and financial advice. Accessible through phone psychics, chat psychics and video calls.


Psychic Source is one of the most well-known psychic reading platforms in the United States. It was founded in 1989 and has over three decades of psychic reading expertise. It has a devoted following of users and admirers all around the world. One may receive professional psychic readings through phone, chat, or even video conferencing from the firm.

According to Psychic Source Company, they strive to offer excellent services and give their consumers a wonderful experience. If you are a new client, reviews from previous customers are encouraged and appreciated to establish confidence. Newcomers have the option of choosing from a wide range of live psychics.


Finding the appropriate psychic online is made a lot easier with a website that has easy and obvious usability. Clients may either look for a specific sort of reading or a specific type of psychic. One can also narrow down the selections using the search criteria, which allows the client to search by specializations, tools, and reading style.

Clients have the opportunity of listening to a psychic’s statement when viewing their profile. It will provide you a general sense of what to expect from your reading. A free psychic reading session can be booked at a later date if the schedule doesn’t allow time right now or if the preferred psychic is absent. Regrettably, not all psychics provide this service.

Selection of psychics

Psychic Source provides a diverse selection of options from which one can choose. Expert psychic readers work for the firm and give invaluable assistance in these areas. Angel Card readings, Tarot readings, Astrology Readings, Dream Interpretation, Numerology Readings, and other types of sessions are available at Psychic Source, according to client needs and requirements.

Carto Mancy readings, in addition to normal tarot readings and angel cards, are offered for customers that require them. Love psychics that specialize in the subject and provide excellent service do love tarot readings. Depending on the psychic reader and the seriousness of the client’s condition, love tarot readings can be done with or without psychic medium.

Users may read and post reviews about other interactions on Psychic Source, filter features by specialization, price, and experience, and select the finest psychic phone readings or chat and video call, for their concerns. The descriptions of the advisors may also be filtered by the solutions they provide, the type of reading they do, their competence, the tools they utilize, and the techniques they employ.


After you’ve found a suitable psychic and want to connect with them, one needs to create an account before proceeding. The sign-up process is straightforward, but one must choose a bundle of 10, 20, or 30 minutes. While it is necessary to pay for a consultation to sign up, no credits are taken until one chooses a psychic for a reading. Psychic reading will begin after client’s have chosen a psychic online. You’ll be notified that the reader has entered the room after the website has been able to link with them. The amount is only paid once the psychic enters the chat or begins the call, not for the time it would take for the clairvoyant to reach.

The top part of the window is a clock ticking that indicates how much time is remaining, which is a really useful feature. One may either add additional money to the account or terminate the psychic readings if points are over.


Users who are unfamiliar to Psychic Source can take advantage of a $0.66 per minute cost if they purchase a 10, 20, or 30-minute bundle. One may top up their profile with any value they wish once the initial minutes are over. The first three minutes are likewise a free psychic reading for new users.

Psychic Source is significantly more expensive than many other reading sites since some of the psychic’s online charge around $12.00 each reading. Even yet, there are lots of psychics that charge a lower fee.

⇒ Visit the official website of Psychic Source

Myths Most People Have About Free Psychic Reading

We all know how difficult it is for psychics. Unfortunately, the media, the internet, movies, and con artists have spawned a slew of misconceptions that paint the best psychics with genuine gifts (psychic talents) in a negative light.

To believe a free psychic reading, one must first grasp how they operate and what they can and cannot accomplish. So, to clear up any misunderstandings, here are some of the most common psychic reading misconceptions disproved –

1. Psychics are all-knowing

Psychics are people like us. They do not know all there is to know about everything and everyone, according to popular perception. There’s no disputing that they have particular skills and can assist others in overcoming obstacles, but it doesn’t imply they can answer all of the tough issues. They could be able to learn about the past, present, and future if they dive deep into the physical realm during a session.

So, don’t assume a psychic online to see everything the upcoming time a visit is made.

2. Psychic reading online isn’t real.

The majority of individuals feel that visiting a psychic in person is far superior to speaking with one online. That is incorrect.

Psychic reading has come a long way since The Psychic Friends Network debuted its telephone psychic service (PFN). People may now obtain readings at their leisure, anytime and anywhere, thanks to technological advancements. There’s no reason why a psychic can’t put their abilities to good use and aid people without ever meeting them in person. Intuitive skills don’t work in the same way that physical capabilities do.

3. Psychics can read people’s minds.

Psychics are unable to read someone’s thoughts. It is an absurd assumption.

They are “energy readers,” and their understanding is based on the universe’s vibrations. A free psychic reading can help one uncover the negative memories, hidden talents and get validation for the activities by reading the energy field and gathering pertinent information from clients.

4. Psychics are scammers

Honestly, no accrediting body oversees the skills and talents needed to become a psychic. Of course, this facilitates the entry of fraudsters into the field.

However, this does not imply that all psychics are fraudsters. There are also good, trustworthy, and genuine, best psychics who wish to serve people rather than plunder them.

Check their reviews, ratings, and testimonies while seeking a trustworthy psychic. A skilled psychic will be able to read client’s energy and assist them in a variety of ways. They’ll also make celestial forecasts based on the planets’ and stars’ placements in respect to the Earth and the zodiac.

5. Psychic abilities are equal to intuition.

Having insight might not be enough to become a trustworthy psychic. We’re not arguing that intuition isn’t valuable. Free psychic reading online is much more than that, in our opinion.

Some of the pros are born with an innate talent. On the other hand, others must go through considerable skill and practice to improve their abilities. Before providing a psychic reading, they tap into various bits of the cosmos.

What’s the bottom line? Psychics put forth a lot of effort and spend many years broadening their perspectives. It’s not enough to be intuitive.

6. Psychics are infamous for delivering unfortunate news.

People are afraid of psychic readings because they believe psychics usually tell unpleasant things about their customers. It is a common misunderstanding.

The best psychic only concentrates on delivering unbiased knowledge about their clients’ history, present, and future. They want to steer individuals on the correct path and provide reliable readings.

7. Psychics have the power to curse someone.

Another misconception that gives psychics a poor reputation is that they can curse individuals. This myth occurs because multiple fake phone psychics try to defraud people by threatening them with imminent catastrophe.

True psychics, on the other hand, only function by assisting individuals in better understanding themselves. They have no intention of harming one or causing any damage. They take advantage of their particular abilities to have a good effect on others.

8. The accuracy of psychic readings is 100%.

It is foolish to think that psychic readings are always correct. Nothing in this life is definite. Believe us when we say that. When seeking advice from a professional, keep in mind that they aren’t always correct.

They are simply people, and they are capable of making mistakes. They do, however, give relevant information that can assist people in making critical decisions and choosing the proper route in life.

9. Psychics are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The common notion that a free psychic reading would have a slot ready for the client when they call, is incorrect. Because their work is hard and tiring, they go offline from time to time to redirect their energy and replenish their batteries. It is why the majority of psychics prefer to provide readings in their own homes.

10. Psychics only use cold readings.

A psychic reading does not only answer queries by giving cold readings. They are intelligent enough to understand body language and facial emotions, but they also combine these observations with their intuitive, psychic abilities to make predictions. Their readings aren’t always correct, but they’re usually accurate and appear relevant.

11. Benefits of Free Psychic Reading Online

“Ignorance is bliss” Among the most well-known expressions in history, a statement that individuals believe in according to their preferences. Every individual, deeply insecure, wants to know everything life has to offer to them, if only to be well-prepared for what is ahead.

Life forces one to make difficult choices that cannot be relied entirely on luck. It’s sometimes wise to know what will happen and the only approach to do so is to contact a psychic reading.

Still undecided about whether there is a need for psychic reading online? Here are five reasons why one should seek the advice of a psychic.

12. A stress-free lifestyle is a result of mental peace.

Peace of mind is one of life’s most important commodities. It helps one in getting a good night’s sleep, begin the day with a positive body language, and make well-informed judgments. Peace of mind, on the other hand, is more difficult to achieve. One needs clarity in life to help soothe the tensions, and this can only be achieved if one is certain about the decisions one makes in life.

Whether it’s your profession, an asset, or a big life shift, knowing that the action you’re taking will help achieve calmness while opening the way for a stress-free and pleasant existence may help one get peace of mind. A free psychic reading can assist in determining whether or not a decision one is making is advantageous to them.

Furthermore, a psychic medium may offer guidance on how to deal with challenging circumstances that may arise in the future.

13. Confidence is a key factor in achieving success.

When making a life decision, it’s essential to think about all of the possible consequences, both positively and negatively. A free psychic reading can assist with this. Often all one requires is a little direction to make a decision. These specialists’ helpful advice might assist one in moving forward in life with confidence.

When someone has faith in themselves, things will continue to improve for them. Nervousness always destroys people’s lives and drives them into terrible situations from which it is nearly hard to recover. Having a psychic reading counsel may greatly help in increasing your confidence, whether one opts to visit a psychic in person or use internet services.

14. A chance for self-discovery and observation

People spend so much time, if not their whole lives, searching for their real calling in life. While some people are lucky enough to discover their life’s purpose early on, others must work hard to attain it. If you’re one of these folks, it’s time to use a psychic medium consultation as a chance for introspection and self-discovery.

Following a psychic reading consultation, one may find themself in one of two circumstances. A free psychic reading online may tell the client that they are precisely where they need to be and that they are heading in the correct path, or one may learn that their attempts have been in vain. Whatever one learns, they will have the opportunity to reflect on life.

Consciousness via a psychic reading consultation might assist in making the most of your unconventional vacation. One will have a greater understanding of what they were born to do in life, which will aid them in directing the efforts in the correct direction and making life more meaningful.

14. Obtaining answers to unresolved issues

On topics including work, life, true love, self-development, and home life, seeing a psychic reading online can assist anyone in making the best decisions. However, going to a psychic might help in accomplishing a lot more than just closure.

Eternity and mortality are two things in our life over which we have no influence. When we lose loved ones, many of our concerns stay unanswered, causing distress and even pushing us toward depression. A psychic medium can assist in gaining closure by providing answers to questions one was unable to ask at the time.

That’s how you may move on and find solace even if your beloved one left this world before bidding farewell. No one needs to live a life of remorse; thus, offer yourself the opportunity to go forward by obtaining all of your answers.

15. Developing present-moment awareness

While the majority of individual’s desire to see a psychic medium to learn about their future, only a small percentage recognize that learning about the coming years makes them more conscious of the moment. A free psychic reading may assist a person in determining what they want out of life and what their role is in the world. Having this life knowledge can assist people in making the best decisions that will take them to the future they seek.

The best psychics will never push someone down a route; instead, they will illuminate a path for you to take to your objective. Psychics will not tell you what you are doing wrong in life, but they will suggest a new road with less obstacles.

Final Thoughts

Many people do not understand the power of psychic reading, yet the amount of favourable testimonies you will encounter will astound you. While seeing a psychic will not guarantee success or make things easier for you, it will help you gain insight in your life, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

A free psychic reading offered by most websites on your first psychic websites, may improve the living conditions of the people and even help you form strong bonds with close relatives, love partners, and work acquaintances. Knowing what future will hold for you is often the only way to change your life for the best!

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