Where to get 100% Free Psychic Readings Online by Phone, Chat, and Video

I feel you; landing a great free reading can be tricky. And the fact that there are tons of psychic reading platforms online makes it even harder.

But guess what? We have compiled just the right reputed and trustworthy psychic websites to score yourself some free reading time and help you answer your burning questions.

With this review of the best free psychic readings currently, you can get accurate life insight without making a huge dent in your wallet.

Let’s get to it!

Free Psychic Reading – Quick Look



Psychic Source

Keen Psychics
Mystic Sense
California Psychics
Life Reader

Why Trust Us

We believe everyone deserves an affordable chance at a better spiritual, financial, and general love life. This goal led us to discover thousands of online psychics platforms. Which we have tried out ourselves, reviewed, and still continue to gauge to find the best affordable online psychic readings for you.

1. Kasamba – Best Free Online Psychic Reading Platform


  • Over 20 years experience
  • 3 FREE minutes
  • Reputed love psychics
  • Thoroughly screened psychics


  • Have to register first

Reading Method: Phone | Chat

Available Readings: Psychic | Love and Relationships | Tarot | Fortune Telling | Dream Analysis | Astrology | Career Forecasts

With Kasamba, you aren’t testing psychic waters. Instead, you’re visiting one of the most popular online psychic reading services, having launched in 1999.

Every psychic advisor here is carefully screened and selected to make sure you get the most skilled, natural psychic advisor. And with that, their love psychic experts have led over 3 million people to the path of true love and happiness.

As a new customer, you’re promised 3 FREE minutes on any psychic you choose and an additional 15% off your first psychic reading. Not to mention a satisfaction guarantee to fall back on.

If you love it, which we think you would. You can then proceed at really affordable prices with the backing of a 70% discount. However, you’ll have to register to the site first to enjoy the offers. But that’s not a problem since registration is pretty fast.

Once you visit their simple and intuitive website, you will see the wide selections of readings and a quick look at available online psychics with their ratings, number of reviews, and expertise.

Which is such a sport to avoid clicking through endless psychics profiles to see if they’re right for you.

2. AskNow – Reliable Free Psychic Readings by Phone


  • 16 years experience
  • Mobile app available
  • Website in English/Spanish
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 5 FREE minutes


  • Limited Spanish speaking psychics

Reading Method: Phone

Available Readings: Love Readings | Tarot Readings | Career | Spiritual Healing | Numerology | Astrology

AskNow touts themselves as the most trusted psychic site, and they could just be since they’ve been in the psychic industry for 16 years, with largely great customer reviews.

Also, they focus on psychic readings by phone. And their psychics go through intense screening to determine their accuracy and commitment to answer your questions effectively.

AskNow’s introductory packages are where they really shine. You land 5 FREE minutes with their Master/Elite psychics – which are the best of the bunch on the platform. With up to 30 minutes at just $30. And a good 15 minutes for just $10. What a welcome?

All you need to do is click on your preferred psychic that has your interest. And this is easy because there are psychic mini-bios to give you an idea of what to expect from a psychic.

AskNow has many bilingual psychics, but we feel like there could be more Spanish-speaking psychic experts. But that isn’t much of a deal-breaker.

To sum it up. Don’t worry if it’s your first time seeing a psychic. There’s a video section on the website with hacks and tips to learn and get the most out of your psychic reading.

3. Psychic Source – Helpful Free Online Psychics for Career Advice (Affordable Readings)


  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Video readings available
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Great psychic finder tool


  • Could do with more video psychics

Reading Method: Chat | Phone | Video

Available Readings: Career | Psychic Mediums | Tarot | Angel Card | Numerology | Love | Spiritual Healing | Past Life | Astrology | Dream

Psychic Source is one of the oldest psychic websites, having stuck around for 30 years now. So let’s just say they were giving advice even before your favorite sitcom, Friends, premiered.

This is a great psychic reading online place if you need insightful psychic readings into your career and finances, but you could get informed advice on just about anything with the help of Psychic Source’s gifted psychics.

Enough with the blabber; you’re guaranteed 3 FREE minutes on your first reading. Even better, this comes with an introductory package of just $1 per minute. So yeah, you can get advice for up to 30 minutes for just $30. Cool, right?

Also, you can opt for video readings if you want a more personal ring to your readings. However, not all psychics offer video sessions.

But that’s not a big issue, since there’s a great psychic finder tool to help you find a tailored psychic for your needs. And even a convenient psychic filter tool to find a good fit for yourself.

4. Keen – Free Clairvoyant Reading for Spiritual Advice


  • Great client-psychic matching feature
  • Easy web user interface
  • Simple psychic filter tool
  • 3 FREE minutes
  • 20 years of experience


  • Overwhelming number of psychics

Reading Method: Chat | Phone

Available Readings: Spiritual Readings | Life Readings | Tarot Card Readings | Astrology | Financial | Love & Relationships

Wanna get in-depth answers to your spiritual life? Then Keen Psychics has you in mind, with tons of skilled, verified online psychics and a huge record of over 35 million total psychic and spiritual readings.

Keen’s a nice host; you earn 3 FREE minutes on every new psychic you see. It is great to explore psychics and find one you have a connection with.

Not only that. As a new visitor, you also get a nice offer of 10 minutes with your desired psychic at just $1.99. And we really don’t think it can get better than this.

Also, their website has such an easy vibe. A simple catalog of psychic profiles shows their reviews, total readings, experience, method, and more.

However, there are so many psychics on the site. So be careful not to get lost trying to find the best one.

Good thing Keen Psychics is so aware of that, so there’s a matching tool to hook you up to the best-placed psychic for you stress-free.

5. Oranum – Leading Free Psychics by LIVE Video Stream


  • Culturally diverse online psychics
  • FREE video psychic reading sessions
  • 24/7 support
  • Wide selection of online psychic services


  • No phone readings

Reading Method: Video

Available Readings: Love Readings | Psychic Mediums | Clairvoyant readings | Tarot Readings | Astrology | Dream Analysis | Family | Career | Fortune | Numerology | Pet

Want the most natural and intimate psychic reading with your psychic? Then Oranum’s reputed video readings have the juice to give you more control of your life.

Even better, their professional online psychics are so culturally diverse. So you’re assured to get quite interesting and accurate perspectives.

Still, you can join a psychic’s live video session for absolutely FREE to get to know them before fully committing by asking them for a private session.

The only thing is there’s no phone or email reading. But you can opt for an online voice call if you don’t want to show your face. Great?

Just by registering you earn free credits worth $9.99, which you can use with your favorite psychic. Not to mention responsive 24/7 customer support to ensure you have a smooth Oranum experience.

6. Mystic Sense – Five-Minute Free Tarot Reading

Mystic Sense will leave you spoilt for choice with its wide selection of affordable, professional, and talented psychics.

Of course. You are guaranteed 5 FREE minutes on your first session. And you can get just about any psychic reading done on the phone or online chat.

Though, you’ll have to sign up first to get started. But that’s not a problem since signing up is simple.

The assuring thing is that Mystic Sense has thousands of positive reviews on their online psychic readings to give you some confidence in your readings.

Choosing the Best Services for Free Psychic Reading Online

Great Customer Reviews

Usually, trustworthy and reputable psychic reading sites have largely positive customer reviews because of their effectiveness and ability to satisfy their customer’s needs.

Considering this, we browsed through tons of psychic forums, e.g., on Quora and Reddit. And general download platforms like on Google Play Store and App Store. To single out platforms that had the most positive reviews from clients, averagely.

Additionally, we gave some edge to psychic reading sites that had improved their psychic services regarding a few negative reviews – since it showed commitment to their client’s needs.

Good Psychic Professionalism

There have been a couple of cases pointing out dodgy psychics on some untrustworthy sites. To avoid this, genuine psychic reading sites do some kind of screening and verification for psychics to prove their professionalism, identity, and talents before putting up their services to their sites.

With this in mind, we carefully combed through psychic platform websites to check out and pick out those that offer thorough screening and verification before admitting their psychics to uphold professionalism and guarantee customer satisfaction.

To further prove their professionalism, we sifted through reviews of individual psychics on their psychic profiles to gauge that, indeed, customers are largely happy about their psychic reading services.

Great Welcome Packages

Top psychic sites seem to offer some form of a welcome package to introduce new clients to their sites. These are mostly free minutes or a discount on the first reading – like the 3 FREE minutes on Kasamba.

We browsed psychic reading sites and picked out those that offered reasonable free minutes and discounts that would allow new clients to wrap their heads around how the site works or even take time to find a psychic that works best for them.

We also gave an edge to those who offered genuine satisfaction guarantees to their customers if they weren’t happy with their reading sessions – as it showed their commitment to satisfying their customers’ needs.

Reasonable Fine Print

The fine print can be the Terms and Conditions or Disclaimers that a psychic reading site has in place for its customers. Oft-times, customers don’t check out the fine prints.

To protect every client, we carefully read through the terms and conditions and disclaimers of the sites we had narrowed down to know what customers should expect.

And to make sure they had clear and reasonable ground rules and disclaimers that were most helpful and not exploitative to their customers.


Unless it’s a niche site, the best sites seem to offer a wide variety of popular readings like relationships, career, family, and more. To more unique ones like astrology, tarot reading, Mediumship, and others. To be inclusive to most if not all clients.

We looked at these psychic platforms’ website sections to determine how many readings they offered. And made sure to choose those that had the best variety and specialized advisors that offered specific readings.


Like with readings, reading tools play a part in ensuring there’s something for everyone since both psychics and customers have different reading tool preferences.

We were keen to point out psychic reading sites with diverse psychics that offered readings with the help of various tools. And those that gave the customer a chance to choose their preferred reading tools for a satisfactory psychic reading session.

Chatting with Your Psychic During a Free Reading


Chat reading allows you to get a free psychic reading online in real-time in the form of live messaging, either on the online psychic reading platform site or a mobile app, just like casual buddies texting on social media.


With phone readings, you can call your psychic experts for advice just like you would on normal phone calls. This is an excellent method if you want a faster response with a little more intimate feel.


Video reading is the most in-person free online reading method. You can video call your psychic on the site or mobile app and talk to them virtually, in real-time, like you would on Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet.


An email reading gives you the most private free psychic reading online services. At the same time, giving you and the psychic more time to figure out and phrase your questions and responses. Just like regular emailing – only less boring!

Everything You Should Know About Getting a Free Psychic Reading

There are many ways to avoid fake psychics and, as a result, fake readings. Here are a few thumb rules you can follow:

Check Their Reviews

The easiest way to separate genuine psychics from dodgy ones is to check their online reviews. Most psychic reading sites let customers see the reviews on individual psychics to see if they can trust them. Be wary of a psychic with several poor reviews since that implies they are not good at what they do.

Trust Your Gut

Your gut is a strong sense. So if you do not feel right about a particular reading session, there is a reason for it.

Also, unlike genuine psychics, fake psychics usually try to predict bad things like curses and suggest that they can remove them if you want (of course you will). For them to charge you more.

Pay Attention To Detail

Usually, a psychic gives you certain bits of information during a reading session to see if they resonate with you. But, unfortunately, fake psychics tend to provide general information that would most likely look accurate to deceive you.

Generally, watch out for psychics that tell you what you want to hear instead of giving more profound insight into your questions.

Ask Questions

You should ask questions to your psychic to get a better understanding of your reading. Genuine psychics are open to questions since their goal is to help you out. On the other hand, fake psychics may become edgy, fidgety, or even dismissive since they cannot answer your questions.

Avoid Psychics That Boast 100% Accuracy

Generally, genuine psychics try to give you helpful information that may provide you with life direction since they realize that circumstances can change.

On the flip side, fake psychics tend to be overconfident and offer a ‘100% accuracy guarantee’ on their readings to deceive vulnerable potential customers.

Free Psychic Readings – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Free Psychic Sessions Accurate?

Yes. A free psychic reading online can be quite accurate.

However, to find good psychic readers online, be careful of dodgy psychic sites, as the only way to guarantee you the most accurate psychic readings is by visiting a trustworthy site for skilled professional readers.

How Does a Real Psychic Reading Work?

In summary, a psychic reading works by a client telling the psychic the issue bothering them. The psychic will then use their heightened perception to feel, sense, hear or even see messages using the help of reading tools like tarot cards to advise the client.

Can Psychic Readers Make a Mistake?

Well, yes. Psychic readers can make a mistake. This can happen when there’s some distraction like noise or when some other person interrupts a reading session by rubbing off their energy during a reading.

Are Free Online Psychics (Offers & Minutes) Legitimate?

Yes. Free psychic offers are legitimate. But keep in mind; to get honest free psychic readings online, only consider a free reading coming from reputable and trustworthy psychics and psychic websites.

When Should I Consult a Psychic Reader?

You should consult a psychic reader anytime you feel you have life questions that no one else can seem to answer quite well. Using their abilities, psychics can give answers to quite confusing personal mysteries.

What Types of Free Online Psychic Readings Are Available?

General Psychic Readings: General psychic readings involve a reader using their heightened abilities to advise their client during a free psychic reading session. And this can be done using various methods and tools.

Clairvoyant Readings Online Free: During an online psychic reading, a Clairvoyant psychic can perceive direct images around their customers’ questions and advise them effectively by interpreting the images.

Tarot Card Readings: During an online tarot card reading, the psychic will rely on tarot cards that they then interpret to answer the client’s questions or worries.

Astrology Readings: Free astrology readings involve the divine skill of interpreting a person’s life situation using the positions of celestial bodies like the moon and planets.

Numerology Readings: During free numerology readings, psychics seek to interpret the numbers associated with someone’s name, family, date, and more in the belief that everything is tied to numbers.

Crystal Ball Readings: Crystal ball psychics can see images in crystals and interpret those images to predict the future.

Palm Readings: When palm reading (palmistry), the psychic expert analyses the palm’s physical features during the free psychic reading to predict personality and the future.

The Takeaway – Where to Find Real Free Psychic Readings?

A psychic reading doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you avoid looking for the nearest psychic near you. With these reviewed free psychic reading sites, you can have a good shot at a happier life with the help of reliable psychic readings and advice from the most talented psychics.

Kasamba offers the best overall free reading services, with a good selection of experienced online psychics for free readings, a satisfaction guarantee, and even a 70% discount for new customers.

Asknow and Psychic Source are also other good online psychic reading industry options to consider if you want psychic readings by phone and highly accurate financial or career advice, respectively.

Pro Tip: Before settling on a free psychic reading online, check their psychic profile to establish their reading methods, tools and approaches are in tune with what you want!

Good luck!

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