Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Laws for Florida Residents (2022)

The laws for Emotional Support Animals or ESA’s vary depending on your state’s laws. It is important to know what these rules and specifications are based on your specific state. In Florida, there are certain rules you have to adhere to if you’re a resident with an ESA.

Florida legislature recently passed a new bill, SB 1084. This helps to create clarity and legal standards that can easily be followed for emotional support animals in housing. On the first of July, 2020; this new law went into effect.

Learn more about this law and what to expect as a Florida resident in the area. You want to have the most knowledge about this, especially if you have or want an ESA. Read on to learn more about this Florida rule to find out if it is best for you.

What is an ESA?

ESA stands for ‘Emotional Support Animal’ and it is the term given to someone’s pets that owners need to have with them for emotional support. These animals are not service or assistant animals. They are not medically trained.

The pet can be any animal as long as that specific animal brings the person comfort and alleviates their symptoms. It does not have to be able to perform any tasks or do any life saving measures. If the pet allows the person to feel better by just being around it – this is an emotional support animal.

The ESA must have the support and approval of a qualified physician or mental health professional. This should be based on the disability needs of the individual. Anyone who has an ESA is entitled under federal and Florida law to reasonable accommodations for housing and air travel.

Service animals have broader legal protections and are entitled to greater accommodations than ESAs. They also can enter many more public places. This makes them different from others.

Finding an emotional support animal letter does not have to be hard to do. With many services, like this one; you can be on your way to a new apartment in no time. You don’t have to leave your beloved pet behind, either. They can continue to provide the support you need with this letter in hand.

The Law – SB 1084

Anyone with a disability or has a disability-related need is entitled to reasonable accommodations for themselves and their pet. It is not deemed as being a “pet” and is actually thought of as being necessary to the wellbeing of the individual owner. This includes the exclusion of all fees that the apartment would have to charge for pet owners.

Those who own and rent out properties should know and comply with the rights of the tenants under fair housing and disability laws. If landlords are found to not be following these rules and regulations, there are penalties that have to be paid.

There are costly penalties that follow to prevent fraud from happening because of the misclassification of pets as ESA’s. This is a growing problem in recent years.

One of the best places that many have found to get an ESA paper from is the Paper Super Heroes. They offer professional ESA letters.

The law allows those with an ESA letter to rightfully occupy a space with their animal. This includes places of residence where animals are usually not accepted. The letter must be adhered to as a landlord or other renter.

Once the letter is given, the specific place of residence has to honor it. It is a legally binding paper and if the residence does not accept it, they can be fined.


Using an ESA Letter

If you’re new to the laws within Florida; you should know that you’re able to bring your pet with you in your home with a letter stating that your animal is an ESA. This states they’re necessary to your well-being and must live with you.

The place of residence then has to allow your pet to live with you. It can only be the pet mentioned on the paper, too.

Florida residents used to not be able to use ESA letters to get their pets into their homes. These letters are now making it possible for Florida residents with health issues to bring their beloved pets with them for emotional support. This is changing the way renters are renting, as well.

The pet has to be allowed on the property, even if the agreed rental paperwork states that pets are not allowed. The official letter is what makes this possible.

A person with a pet without an ESA letter has to follow the no-pet rule if the landlord has one on the property. The landlord has the right to turn anyone away who has a pet if they don’t want to rent to them, unless they have a pet that has an ESA letter.

This has been having an impact on landlords and renters alike. With many blurred lines in the past on what was acceptable and included; they’ve ironed those out to create a more streamlined, smooth transition so everyone understands the laws and what to expect with ESAs.


SB 1084 Law Impacts on ESAs in Housing

Federal and Florida laws all require reasonable housing accommodations for any type of service or assistance animals. They are defined as being animals who work and provide assistance to the person with disabilities.

This law brings new protections with it for anyone looking to become an ESA applicant. It prohibits any housing providers from requesting specific types of information from the individual. This information includes, but is not limited to medical records that claim this disability.

A request cannot be denied because a specific routine was not followed for supplying any supportive information. However, housing professionals are lobbying for new legal reforms to address the growing concerns about abusing this system and fraud with ESAs.

Many people have avoided the prohibitions that landlords and communities place by claiming they have an ESA. This is becoming an issue with these places who have set rules in place that people are ignoring or abusing. Due to this, the new laws in place are creating more consistent and clear lines and standards for any qualifying ESA, as well as penalties for false claims made about ESAs.

It is a misdemeanor for those who provide false and misleading information or misrepresent themselves or their pets. By saying your pet is an ESA or that you have a disability when you do not, goes against the laws.

Any healthcare professional wh states that the person has a disability when they are also subject to disciplinary action. The doctor has to have personal knowledge of the disability that the person has. This should be recorded in their medical notes.

These new laws seem to balance the rights and those needs of those legitimately disabiled with ESAs. This clearer guidance and protections ensures that those looking for reasonable accommodations with their ESAs are able to get it. It also stops those who are fraudulently using the system from doing so.

Documentation Criteria for an ESA

There are criteria that have to be adhered to when you are determining whether an ESA applicant has a need or disability to warrant the need for the animal. The person has to give reasonable explanations and information that supports the existence of a mental health sickness.

A few different supporting documentation types are accepted to support the disability that the person has. Usually, you can use one of the following:

  • Determination of disability from a government agency
  • Proof of eligibility for financial housing assistance due to a disability
  • Information or a statement from a qualified healthcare provider who has personal knowledge of the person’s disability

This is not an exhaustive list, but it provides an idea of how you can obtain an ESA letter after providing proof of mental sickness.

There is also guidance on establishing that the person has a need due to their disability for the ESA in general. A qualified physician may be required to identify the type of support the animal is able to provide to the person depending on their particular disability. This information is deemed reliable if the physician is and has been the one treating the patient.

Obtaining an Official ESA Letter


Obtaining the letter is not as hard as one might think it is. Consider using a service that provides this type of paperwork to help you keep your pet with you. Consider using the service below for your ESA letter.

Always make sure that the place you choose to use is legitimate and legal. Oftentimes, if you are finding yourself online, you can find a number of places that are promising an ESA letter. Only go to those who promise your ESA letter to be written by a professional in the healthcare or mental health industry. They’re the only ones legally allowed to write ESA letters.

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These legitimate letters come from licensed therapists who provide them. They listen to your needs and wants, know your disability, and work with you to provide the letter you require to bring your pet with you. ESA letters are ideal and allow you to bring your best friend with you wherever you go.

These letters are ideal for those who want to have pets with them wherever they go. If you require the companionship of that pet, these letters ensure you’re never separated. The Paper Super Heroes ensure that you know how to go about getting your ESA paperwork.

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  • Legitimate support animal letters
  • Easy to use website
  • Everyone is welcome


  • Doctors are not in your area, telemedicine
  • It does cost money
  • You’re not guaranteed to be accepted



Your pet is your best friend, but if you require their companionship because of a disability or other issue; it is important to find a professional who can provide more information. We’ve gathered information about the new laws, but also about where to go for your ESA paperwork.

Go to the Paper Super Heroes and know you’re getting the best service from professionals. They will listen to your issues, and then determine whether your ESA paperwork is necessary. Get yours today.

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