Custom Face Socks: 10 Best Personalized Socks to Buy

What are the best personalized socks to buy?

The truth is, there’s not an easy answer to that question – because you may have different priorities when shopping for custom socks than others do. And with so many options online, it can get really tough to sort among them all.

However, if you’re looking for a fun gift, whether for yourself or for a family member or friend, personalized socks are the way to go. You can add photos of people, pets, or even places, letting you create a pair of socks that’s quirky, sentimental, or anything in between.

There are many different brands to choose from, and each one has its own pros and cons. Fortunately, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to!

Without further ado, let’s walk you through our buying guide so that you can find a perfect pair of personalized socks – no matter your personality, budget, or needs.

Reasons to Love Personalized Socks

There’s nothing quite like a good pair of socks!

Whether you’re shopping for personalized socks for yourself or as a gift, these are stylish and will help you make an impact anywhere you go. They’re fun and whimsical, allowing you to add a bit of funky flair to each and every day.

And if you own a business or are trying to do some form of advertising, personalized socks offer a great, affordable way to do so! At the very least, personalized socks make for some excellent conversation while you’re waiting in line for your morning train!

How to Find the Best Personalized Socks

Ready to start shopping? Not so fast – before we dive into our list of recommendations, here are some tips that will help you find the best personalized socks for you.

Type and Purpose

Not all brands will allow you to customize the type of sock, but some do. If that’s important to you, keep that feature in mind while you’re shopping. Some brands make this an option.

Also, think about what you want to print on your personalized socks. Your face? A celebrity’s face? Your dog’s face? Some companies only print human faces while others will only allow you to upload and print images you own.

Product Quality

Quality is important when you’re shopping for any kind of attire – socks are no exception. You’ll want to think carefully about what materials were used to make your personalized socks as well as how the socks are physically constructed.

A good pair should last years. Some customers find themselves shocked that, after wearing and washing their socks once, they completely fall apart.

Read customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of the socks you are planning on buying. Don’t just pay attention to fabric quality, either, but also photo quality. If a brand doesn’t focus on the printing process, it might make it hard to see what’s printed on the socks.

Not only that, but they might fade quickly or have dull colors rather than the vibrant, long-lasting ones you expect.

Shopping Experience

It’s important to pay close attention to reviews to get an idea of the overall shopping experience with a given brand, too.

Look at things like sock price, but also pay attention to shipping times, customer service, and any customization options that are available. It’s the little thing a brand does that helps them stand out!

Often, you can get an idea of what the shopping experience will be like simply by looking at the website design. Is it uncluttered and stylish? Is it easy to find what you’re looking for?

Some of the best custom face sock companies, like Porter Reid, have websites that are super easy to navigate (no pop-ups or annoying ads every time you try to do something).

10 Best Personalized Socks to Buy

When it comes to socks, you can find an endless supply of brands in every store across the country. But if you want something a bit more special than your average pair, check out these ten best-selling sock companies today!

1. Porter Reid

Sizes Available: XS to XL

Starting Price: $29.99

Porter Reid is the first company to consider if you’re looking for quality personalized socks.

These cozy socks are made from quality materials and are available in a number of vibrant colors. For less than $30 a pop, you can enjoy a soft, comfortable fit with pro designer quality.

Each pair of socks is made by a trusted pair of artisans, printers, and designers – nothing is mass-produced here. Instead, this team of professionals will work closely with you to make sure your highest expectations are not just met – but exceeded.

To make your socks, you’ll just upload a photo of your choosing – the design team will take care of the rest. You can choose from colors such as grey, purple, pink, orange, yellow, and more. You can make a collage-style sock or choose from fun backgrounds with themes like food, galaxy, or biomes.

There are even multiple types of patterns, including heart, rainbow, and checkerboard, that you can choose from. Shipping is free and fast with a variety of payment methods available.

The custom photo socks are available in all sizes, from XS to XL – you’re sure to find a pair regardless of whether you’re shopping for yourself or a young child!

2. DivvyUp

Sizes Available: Youth, S, L, XL

Starting Price: $24.99

DivvyUp is another top brand that you’ll find on most lists of custom face sock brands. These guys have humble origins, created when one of the founders first began volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Here, the founder realized that so many people were in need of clean socks, which inspired them to start a brand that gives free socks to homeless shelters.

You’ll pay just $24 per pair although there are certain upgrades available. You can add up to three faces (no celebrity faces allowed for copyright reasons, though).

You can also customize the color, size, and other features of your order. Ordering is easy – and since this is a brand you’ll feel good about, wearing these socks will feel great, too.

3. Pet Party

Sizes Available: XS to XL

Starting Price: $24.99

Pet Party is the perfect custom face sock company to consider for anyone with a fur baby. You can order custom socks for yourself, your dog, or even your cat!

Another fun feature of Pet Party’s socks is that you can include up to three faces, so you don’t have to settle for just one of your favorite people or animals. You can choose from a variety of background choices to make your socks even more fun and playful, too.

4. FaceSocks

Sizes Available: XS-XL

Starting Price: $24.95

If you’re in the market for custom face socks, it’s hard to find a company that will fit the bill better than one that is literally named Face Socks!

The socks are as soft as you’ll find and priced at less than $25. You can upload up to four faces and choose any size you need.

You can include images of yourself, your friends, or even your pet. You can customize everything you want and even leave notes for the designer if you have more particular needs.

5. Sock Club

Sizes Available: Youth, S, M, L

Starting Price: $24.99

Sock Club is another one of the best brands to consider as you’re shopping for personalized socks. Here, you can get socks for yourself – or shop in bulk for a brand or company. At less than $25 per pair, you’re able to customize your socks with all kinds of patterns and themes.

Each pair of socks can contain up to four faces and include additional accessories or icons. The socks come in a one-size-fits-most style, although you can always contact the helpful support team if you have concerns about the sizing.

6. Shutterfly

Sizes Available: Men, Women

Starting Price: $19.79

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a good chance that you’ve already heard of Shutterfly. This massive company is perhaps best known for their custom photo books, wall art, home decor, photo canvases, and mugs. But – they also sell custom apparel, like socks!

Unfortunately, Shutterfly doesn’t offer a lot in the way of customizing individual photos – if you need to crop or cut out faces to get an image to fit within a template design, you’ll have to do that yourself outside of their design portal.

Although Shutterfly has a ton of fun designs and templates that you can work with, it doesn’t have the best concierge-level service in terms of a team of designers.

That said, if you want to print an entire photo, rather than just a face, on a pair of socks, Shutterfly is going to be your very best option.

7. MyFaceSocks

Sizes Available: Man, Woman, Kids

Starting Price: $15.95

MyFaceSocks is a company that specializes in printing custom face socks, as you might expect from the name of this brand alone.

However, in addition to face socks, you can also buy customized gear like pajamas, undergarments, swimsuits, blankets, and even shower curtains! You can decorate your entire house with your face, if that’s what you’re into.

MyFaceSocks is one of the few custom face socks companies that offer different sock styles like standard socks, knee-highs, ankle socks, and quarter socks. Just send in the picture you want printed on your socks, and the talented design team will handle the rest.

8. Make Face Socks

Sizes Available: Child, Youth, S, L

Starting Price: $12.95

Another obvious-named custom face sock company is Make Face Socks. This brand specializes in personalized printed attire including socks as well as pajamas and underwear.

Each pair of socks can be themed according to your preferences with lots of backgrounds available, like food and pets. You can get a pair of socks for just $12.95 and all orders over $45 are paired with fast, free shipping.

This company is also known for its regular deals and specials, especially around the holidays. Sometimes, you can get deals as good as buy two, get one free! This makes it easy to stock up on all the custom face socks you need for yourself and to give as gifts.

9. Rock ‘Em Socks

Sizes Available: Youth, S/M, L/XL

Starting Price: $24.99

Rock ‘Em Socks is another top brand to consider when you’re shopping for personalized face socks. You can also buy pre-made socks with themes like NFL, soccer, WWE, Disney, Marvel, Cartoon Network, and more images from various video game and film franchises.

While this means you can buy premade themed socks like these right off the shelf, this unique licensing agreement also means that you can use them as part of your own custom face sock designs. Does your mom love Harry Potter? You can print both her face and Hagrid’s right on the pair of socks!

10. Gift Lab

Sizes Available: Man, Woman, Kid

Starting Price: $15.95

Last but not least on our list of the best custom face socks is Gift Lab. From wind chimes to Hawaiian shirts, you’ll find everything you could possibly want at this shop – and just about anything and everything can be customized.

The socks only allow for one image upload per pair, so while you can’t have multiple faces on one pair of socks, you’re sure to love the end result. This company offers crisp, clean products that are known for their quality and wearability.

Choosing the Right Custom Face Socks: How to Decide

Shopping for the perfect custom face socks can be challenging. Fortunately, we’re here to guide you to make the best decision.

Consider the shipping speed, price, and of course, quality of your socks before settling on a product. While any of the sock brands listed above will likely fit the bill, we think Porter Reid’s level of quality and service is the way to go.

They’re one of the most well-respected and established brands out there. Start designing your perfect pair today!

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