Cellucor Testosterone Boosters Review: Cellucor P6 Alpha Supplements

The significance of testosterone for men cannot be ignored. If it gets low in amounts for some particular reason, it can affect your fertility, body weight, muscle stiffness, body hair, sexual health, and much more.

Though it is common knowledge that as one age, the testosterone levels in the body fall. Not only this, but a person’s lifestyle can also affect the body’s normal hormonal levels. This is when a holistic approach is needed, with outside intervention to boost the testosterone levels in the body.

Outside intervention is needed when the testosterone levels fall dangerously low. The best kind of intervention, in this case, is hormone-boosting supplements. They directly enhance the hormone levels or prevent the body from turning testosterone into estrogen. Some of the most productive and sought-after testosterone boosters are those offered by Cellucor P6 Alpha.

Cellucor P6 And Everything Associated With It

Cellucor P6 comes with a wide variety of products. It offers an entire line-up, with each beneficial for a person with some particular state of health. This line-up is named P6.

This whole family is composed of five products in total! Each of them offers excellent strength to the person consuming them and expands the muscle size. The flavor of nitric acid balances the estrogen level and provides various other benefits.

The five supplements in this product line are:

  • P6 Alpha Testosterone Booster
  • P6 Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster
  • P6 Original
  • P6 Ultimate
  • P6 Ultimate GH

Formula Behind Each Cellucor P6 Product

The formulas used in the manufacturing of these supplements are different. The company has come up with such a vast range of items because each consumer and user has unique requirements. Using one formula on them won’t bring forward any results. Hence, prescribing different supplements to different users is mandatory!

Why Choose Cellucor?

Entering the world of supplements is tricky! There are numerous shady and crooked manufacturers out there, which sell off their products at exorbitant prices, but they offer no value whatsoever. With the entry of Cellucor in it, users were finally able to take a sigh of relief. The company provided the most authentic products, which showed instant results. This is why it was able to gain consumers’ trust in such a short period!

Another reason why Cellucor is the go-to supplement provider for consumers is its massive product line! For every condition, it has various options available. The user can choose a formula that suits him the best! This aids them in having an optimal level of nutrients, which improves their health to a greater level.

This company offers five excellent supplements. Here is a detailed review of them all:

P6 Alpha


P6 Alpha is a specially formulated supplement for men who feel they don’t have enough muscle strength to deal with day-to-day activities! They are getting lazy with time and get tired way too soon.

There could be various reasons behind this! Age is a significant factor that plays a prominent part in always making one feel exhausted. Alongside this, a lifestyle that doesn’t eat anything healthy or nutritious also deteriorates the body muscle. Reduced testosterone levels are the most common cause of lack of energy and decline in muscle mass.

Cellucor understands this completely! This is why the company has come up with the perfect formula that offers the user the ability to feel reenergized again! P6 Alpha Testosterone Booster ensures that the user can feel like an Alpha within days of its consumption yet again!

What it offers is excellent! This includes:

A unique ingredient, elevATP, gives muscle strength and enhances its size. The more one consumes this supplement, the more one bulk up body mass.

DIM is a magical ingredient that ensures an adequate amount of estrogen in the body. Hence, the testosterones do not get converted into estrogen unnecessarily, which keeps the body functioning quite normal.

To enhance the testosterone level and take it to the desired limit, their TestFactor is in this supplement. This ensures that the male hormone increases in the body, leading to the proper functioning of all organs.

Asian Ginseng and Fenugreek are two herbs used in this formula. This traditional element supports the already available testosterone in the body and preserves them.

The price of this product comes as a surprise! A bottle that gives you the serving of thirty days is just $24.99. compared to the fantastic benefits that it offers, this price is a steal deal!

P6 Original


P6 Original is yet another fantastic product by this company that is much sought-after owing to the tremendous benefits that it offers! It mainly targets the low levels of testosterone and enhances its amount in the body. With the production of the male hormone augmenting, the user can feel his strength coming back yet again!

The lack of testosterone leads to a plethora of problems! The most significant of which are a balding head, increased belly fat, and lack of sexual stamina. Together, all these problems tend to embarrass a person and make him feel low at all times.

P6 Original ensures to end all these issues by boosting the amount of male hormone in the body.

Contrary to other supplements, this one doesn’t come with any steroids, which sets it apart. It comprises entirely natural ingredients, ensuring that the desired results are obtained without the user experiencing any side effects whatsoever!

This supplement is loaded with excellent ingredients, including:

Placenta powder is quite a unique element that is a part of this supplement. The ovine placenta grows the cell strength in a powdered form and recovers all the weak testosterone.

A natural ingredient that is the safest bet to take when enhancing testosterone production traditionally is Ashwagandha. It doesn’t only relieve the user of all the stress but also improves his overall health.

To give muscle strength to the user, this supplement has a special ingredient of Long Jack Extract.

Stinging nettle tea is also a traditional ingredient that naturally regulates the body’s hormone levels. Being a part of this supplement boosts up the dwindling testosterone levels effortlessly.

For the optimal results, ensure taking two capsules a day, and you will see it working for you in a few days.

Pricing: a bottle of P6 Original comes with 120 capsules and is worth $89.99.

P6 Alpha Advanced


Just as the name specified, this product is an advanced version of the P6 Alpha Advanced and gives excellent results in a brief period. However, compared to the other version, it costs a little higher!

What makes it a superior product is its ability to enhance testosterone production in the body while limiting the conversion of already present testosterone into estrogen. Alongside this, it works pretty efficiently towards improving muscle strength.

Within days, the user can see his energy coming back to normal. Instead, he feels much more energized than before!

The ingredients that make this product so effective are:

The primary element of this supplement that boosts the user’s performance is Citrulline Nitrate. It does so by giving a unique flavor to it. It is filled with amino acids and provides the body with the strength to fight back various functioning anomalies.

Asian Ginseng is a part of this supplement as well, and it ensures to elevate the level of alertness of the body. If you consume it before working out, you will perform your exercises for a more extended period without feeling tired or down.

To give the muscles a higher level of strength, this formula has SenActiv. This unique ingredient lets the cells have enough power to perform strenuous activities without feeling tired.

Pricing: As this is an advanced product, you may have to pay a higher cost to get your hands on it. You need to consume three supplements a day to ensure their effectiveness. A single bottle is $49.99, and it comes with 90 tables. This means that you can easily consume it for one whole month.

P6 Ultimate GH


Another fantastic product offered by this manufacturer as a part of its supplement family is the P6 Ultimate GH. It is also a pretty compelling product that comes with a cost that’s a bit higher than other members of this family! However, being regular in its usage leads to effective, long-term results.

The main goal of this supplement is to boost the user’s metabolism. It does so by reducing the oxidation of protein. Instead, it augments the protein synthesis to help speed up the metabolism activities of the body.

One major issue that arises with the dwindling testosterone levels of the body is the increased belly fat. This happens when the fat cells stop multiplying and stay at the same place for long periods. This supplement intensifies lipolysis, which initiates the breakdown of these cells.

Some prominent ingredients of this supplement are:

Velvet Bean extract plays a significant role in keeping the stress away and regulating the mood. For that matter, it is available in this supplement in adequate amounts. Consuming this enhances the development of growth hormones.

This supplement also has DIM, which minimizes the speed at which testosterone converts into estrogen. At the same time, it attacks the available estrogen and weakens it to a level that it can’t function properly.

Shilajit is a natural ingredient that has been used traditionally for the longest time to boost the number of free testosterone in the body. The regular consumption of this supplement ensures that the level of testosterones augments, leading to regulating the functioning of various organs.

Pricing: For adequate results, it is recommended that the user consumes three supplements a day. A bottle of P6 ultimate GH comes with a price tag of $199.99.

P6 Ultimate


If you feel like your ability to think fast has dwindled over time, and you have become a slow decision-maker, it could be due to the lack of testosterones playing their part!

P6 Ultimate is formulated to sharpen the user’s cognitive skills. This helps him think long and sharp, ensuring that he is always present at the moment. The cells in his brain are multiplying at an optimum rate, and he doesn’t doze off quickly. Anyone who has the issue of zoning out when a discussion starts, this is the supplement to consume! It enhances the user’s ability to understand what’s happening around him while taking quick actions according to the situation.

This supplement contains some of the best ingredients available, including.

To enhance the consumer’s mood and make him feel ‘present,’ AlphaSize A plays a significant role. It is a prominent ingredient of P6 ultimate and works efficiently to reduce the chances of brain fog and zoning out. It enhances the level of alertness and makes the brain cells work efficiently.

This supplement enhances the user’s mood, and one central element responsible for doing so is Zembrin. It is a natural product that promotes optimal mental performance. Hence, even in the most challenging situations, one can steadily stay calm and understand the circumstances.

Pricing: though it is on the expensive side, if you want optimal results in a short period, this is the perfect product to go for. A bottle of P6 ultimate comes with a price tag of $160 and lasts a month. For best results, it is recommended that you consume five capsules a day!

What Makes Cellucor P6 So Effective?

Since its introduction, the Cellucor P6 family has been making raves. People who had always been worried about various problems posed by the declining testosterone levels in the body are now super satisfied by how it has worked for them.

So, why are all their products so famous? What is the magic ingredient that has made everyone go crazy about it?

Well, that magical ingredient is Testfactor. This unique element is a staple to most Cellucor P6 products! It doesn’t only play a prominent part when it comes to augmenting the production of testosterone in the body but also enriches the endurance level of the user. At the same time, it strengthens the muscles and escalates their mass further! This is the perfect ingredient to boost it up for anyone dealing with a lack of energy. Last but not least, it boosts up the sexual health of the user, which gives him a higher level of satisfaction and pleasure!

Another great reason these products are celebrated amongst the users is because they don’t come with even a single side-effect associated with them! Compared to numerous other supplements that claim to raise the level of testosterone in the body and indeed rack them up, these don’t pose any threat to the user, even if used for more extended periods.

The element contributing to the safety of these products is the inclusion of natural ingredients in them. Traditional and highly-effective ingredients that don’t have any side effects are prominent, such as goat weed, Asian ginseng, and Ashwagandha.

Does Cellucor Refund The Money?

Yes, Cellucor comes with a money-back guarantee of sixty days! This means that you will get your paid amount back if you consume its supplements continuously for sixty days while following the prescribed consumption methods and don’t feel any improvement.

This applies to all the products offered in this product family. Except for the shipping costs, you will get the entire amount of the product back in your account.

How Much Do Cellucor P6 Products Cost?

Every product in this line comes with a different price tag. You have expensive and cost-effective options available right in front of you. However, the more you pay, the more effective and quicker the results!

  • P6 Alpha Testosterone Booster: $24.99
  • P6 Alpha Advanced Testosterone Booster: $49.99
  • P6 Original: $89.99
  • P6 Ultimate: $160
  • P6 Ultimate GH: $199.99

Get to Know the Manufacturer

Cellucor is an American company that offers nutritional and sports-based supplements to its users. Its competitive advantage is deity supplements that are available in a vast range. This company has a solution for every possible problem and offers highly effective supplements to those dealing with these problems, setting it apart from others. Initially owned by Nutrabolt, Cellucor is an independent wing with an expensive product range!

Cellucor P6 Products Conclusion

Dwindling testosterone levels is a serious problem that needs an immediate solution. The P6 product line of Cellucor is the most effective way to deal with it. With no known side effects or after-effects, the supplementary capsules boost the testosterone in the body and augment the energy level, thinking capabilities, sexual health, and overall well-being of the user.

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