Best Weed Seed Banks – Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Legally

So, you want to grow some sweet seeds but you have no clue where to start?

Or worse, you’ve tried growing your own but you got 90% male cannabis plants and 10% (dead) females?

Well, I’m supposed to help you with that…

But since you may be doing something illegal, I’m not sure if I will.

First, tell me where you live and then I’ll give you a hand (maybe).

(I’m listening)

Hum, okay, that’s fine.

That’s a pretty terrible place to live in, so you do deserve a hand (just kidding).

I’ve spent weeks comparing the 10 best seed banks that ship to the USA − from germination guarantees to pricing to potency to genetics and tons of boring stuff…

All this so that you dear newbie − wouldn’t have the same sh*tty less-than-ideal experience I had my first time around.

(And the second time)

(And the third… but let’s not dwell on the past!)

So, weed on! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Top 10 Marijuana Seed Banks That Ship to the USA − First Look

1. I Love Growing Marijuana – Best Cannabis Seeds Overall



  • Slightly More Expensive
Website www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com
Shipping USA, Canada, UK, and Australia
Accepted Payments

Bank transfer for USA customers

Bank deposit for Australia customers

Cash via mail

Credit Cards


Customer Service https://ilgm.com/pages/contact

Robert Bergman founded I Love Growing Marijuana in 2012 as a small blog sharing growing tips. When the blog became a hit, readers began asking where they can purchase marijuana seeds.

Realizing most pre-legalization seed banks were credit card scams prompted Bergman to partner with breeders and start the ILGM seed bank.

ILGM offers customers a Germination Guarantee. If a seed doesn’t sprout, contact the support and they will replace it. Be sure to keep the seeds they will want to gather information about the issue.

You can customize cannabis seeds by THC levels, where you are growing, height, yield, experience level, fast flowering, and more. Hands down ILGM is the best place to buy any type of seed as they are so personalized to your needs.

>> Check ILGM’s Buy 10 Get 10 deals on the official website <<

2. Crop King Seeds – Best Seed Bank for Hands-On Customer Service


  • Exclusive Strains
  • Germination Guarantee
  • 24/7 Chat Support


  • Limited promotions
Website www.cropkingseeds.com
Shipping All countries
Accepted Payments

US and Canadian Dollars

Visa, Mastercard


Interac E-Transfers (Canadian Citizens only)

Customer Service

Toll-Free: +1 (844) 276-7546

Email: info@cropkingseeds.com

Crop King won’t die and neither will their marijuana seeds.

CKS is a Canadian company founded in the early 2000s. It had to shut down its operations in 2005 and re-established itself in the United States due to murky cannabis legality.

The company grew its operations due to the legalization of cannabis in some US states and finally returned to Calgary in 2013 making it one of the longest-running seed banks in North America.

Crop King Seeds provides its customers with an 80% germination rate guarantee.

While some cannabis seed banks provide a germination guarantee, Crop King Seeds is pretty explicit in its promise. This might be excellent news to growers who want to make sure that the marijuana seeds they’re purchasing will give a good yield.

>> Check out Crop Kind Seeds’ exclusive strains on the official website <<

3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Most Reliable Canada Seed Bank


  • Resistant Strains
  • Customer Service Contact Options
  • Weekly Promotions and Deals


  • Limited Payment Options
Website quebeccannabisseeds.com
Shipping All Countries
Accepted Payments

Money Transfer

Visa, Mastercard

Customer Service

E-mail: info@quebeccannabisseeds.com

Tel. 514-805-2741

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has been in operation for more than 15 years. The company tries to come up with strains that are less vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Although Quebec Cannabis Seeds doesn’t produce as many new strains as other online cannabis seed banks, they make up for it by introducing new strains resistant to diseases and pests.

If you are a grower whose plants are always getting damaged, Quebec Cannabis Seeds’ strains might be the ones you are looking for − particularly their auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

Aside from the usual phone number, Quebec Cannabis Seeds’ customer service is also available via email so you can send them a detailed inquiry if you have one.

Its website also has a live chat that customers can use although it is only available from Mondays through Fridays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

>> Check out current deals on Quebec Cannabis Seeds’ official website <<

4. Seedsman – Impressive Selection of Weed Seeds


  • Detailed and Informative Website
  • Helps Independent Breeders
  • Wide Range of Payment Options
  • Free seeds


  • No Phone Support

Seedsman is one of the oldest seed banks on this list. The company has been in the business since the year 2002. Seedsman is actively campaigning for the legalization of marijuana, not just within the UK but all over the world.

Although other websites also contain guides and instructional materials, Seedsman takes their website to another level with detailed histories of their famous strains. This might be interesting to cannabis enthusiasts who want to learn about the strains they are growing.

Seedsman has several promotions to make buying cannabis seeds affordable. For example, you might be able to save money by paying using Bitcoin since doing so entitles you to up to a 25% discount and up to 4 free seeds.

>> Check Bitcoin discounts on Seedsman’s official website <<

5. Rocket Seeds – One-Stop-Shop for Seeds from the Best Seed Banks


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Carries Seeds from Other Seed Banks
  • Efficient Delivery


  • No Own Cannabis Strains

Rocket Seeds is a seed bank that is also a partner with other cannabis seed banks and breeders. They carry high-quality seeds from the likes of Crop King Seeds and Beaver Seeds.

It’s basically a one-stop shop for comparing various seed banks online!

This means that growers might be able to shop for popular strains from different cannabis seed banks and breeders in just one site. This can help them save time when looking for a new strain to grow.

During our research, one of the common compliments that Rocket Seeds received is how fast and reliable their shipping is. Customers mentioned in online reviews that they received their items fast.

>> Check out the best seed banks on Rocket Seeds’ official website <<

6. Beaver Seeds – Best Feminized Seeds (White Widow, OG Kush, Gorilla Glue)


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Detailed Strain Guides
  • Positive Customer Ratings


  • Limited Seed Selection

Beaver Seeds started in 2009 and is one of the best cannabis seed banks to buy from in Canada. The company claims that they consciously limited the number of strains they sell to avoid selling inferior strains.

This Canadian seed bank only carries popular strains to limit its selection.

The company has what they call a seed library. It has detailed descriptions of the high-quality weed seeds (including feminized seeds) and information on the proper care for each strain. This might help growers since they can have as they talk a lot about the best water levels, climate, and fertilizer.

Beaver Seeds provides customer support 24/7 which might help growers who need assistance, especially those who are just starting. This can be a good sign for buyers located in other countries since they don’t have to wait for Canadian business hours to get assistance.

>> Try Beaver Seeds’ amazing customer support on the official website <<

7. Sun West Genetics – Best Seed Bank Genetics and New Strains


  • Wide Variety of Strains
  • Informative Website
  • Aggressive Breeding


  • Limited Customer Service Hours
Website www.sunwestgenetics.com
Shipping All Countries
Accepted Payments



Visa, Mastercard

Interac E-Transfers for Canadians

Customer Service

Phone: +1 (833) 688 8582

Email: info@sunwestgenetics.com

Sun West Genetics has been in operations for over a decade. They sell auto-flowering, medical, and feminized seeds to customers.

Sun West Genetics can be a great source of marijuana seeds with over 500 different strains in its roster of high-quality cannabis seeds if you’re experimenting with different strains.

The wide variety of strains can also be appealing to those who want to open their dispensary since they can offer more strains to their end-users.

Sun West Genetics has a breeding program that continuously tries to discover new breeds for customers. This can be great for customers looking for new breeds that might be more suited to growing in their location.

>> Check out the amazing seed genetics on Sun West Genetics’ official website <<

8. Sonoma Seeds – Best Cannabis Seed Company for Worldwide Shipping


  • Ships Worldwide
  • Wide Range of Payment Options
  • Guaranteed Delivery


  • No 24/7 Customer Service
Website www.sonomaseeds.com
Shipping Worldwide
Accepted Payments

Money Transfer

Interac e-Transfer



Credit Cards

Customer Service

Phone: 1.855.766.6627

Email: info@sonomaseeds.com

Sonoma Seeds is a seed bank based on the US West Coast. It sells strains sourced from all over the world. The company also ships seeds to customers globally.

Sonoma Seeds customers have a wide array of payment options that they can choose from. Customers can benefit from this since they won’t encounter any difficulties looking for a payment option that will work best.

Sonoma Seeds also provides free shipping for orders exceeding $200. However, to maintain accurate shipping, the company charges a nominal $30 International Shipping with a Tracking fee. This fee can benefit customers since they’ll track their shipping as it makes its way to the customer’s country.

The seed bank ships seeds worldwide which might make them a favorite among buyers outside of the United States.

>> Get worldwide shipping on Sonoma Seeds’ official website <<

9. MJ Seeds – Best Budget-Friendly Autoflower Seed Bank


  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Affordable Medicinal Seeds
  • Quality auto-flowering seeds
  • 80% Germination Guarantee


  • Website is Not as Educational

Marijuana Seeds Canada is a seed bank that started operations in 2009. It holds offices in Vancouver and promises to deliver weed seeds with high germination rates.

This company offers affordable medical marijuana seeds on its website. Based on our research, their medical cannabis strains are cheaper by around $5 than most seed banks online.

MJ Seeds Canada provides customers with an 80% Germination Guarantee. Growers may find this attractive since the marijuana seed bank guarantees that at least 8 out of 10 seeds will sprout and be ready for planting.

While doing our research, one of the most common customer comments we came across is how responsive MJ Seeds Canada’s customer service is. You might find this useful since it means that the seed bank values its customers’ time and tries to attend to their inquiries promptly.

>> Get high-quality auto-flowering seeds on MJ Seeds’ official website <<

10. Mary Jane’s Garden – Fast USA Shipping


  • Same Day Shipping & Guaranteed Delivery
  • High Delivery Success Rate
  • Rare Seed Strains from Other Countries


  • Limited Information About Payment Options

Mary Jane’s Garden is a cannabis seed bank that’s been operating since 2003. The seed bank is located in Vancouver BC and currently has five employees.

Same Day Shipping applies as long as orders get processed by 8 AM EST.

Their quality seeds are shipped in discreet packages and delivered with a 90% success rate. The industry average is around 75%, so that’s very impressive.

This seed bank carries strains sourced from other countries, unlike others that only sell USA or Canada breeds. This can be great news to growers who want to try growing strains that are local to other countries.

>> Get same day shipping from Mary Jane’s Garden on the official website <<

Things to Consider Before You Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Is the Seed Bank Legal or a (Well-Disguised) Scam?

Although multiple seed banks allow you to buy marijuana seeds online, most are startups. While startups are promising, they have no track record and are often scams.

Before buying marijuana seeds online, make sure that the seed bank is legal and has all of its permits. This can help you know to who to give out your credit card info to.

Do They Actually Know Their Stuff?

A good seed bank is one that’s owned and operated by knowledgeable personnel.

Some people see money signs. Master growers like I Love Growing Marijuana truly love what they sell and constantly innovate and perfect their products.

Partnering with knowledgeable individuals also means better help as even the best cannabis seeds can run into problems.

Cannabis Strains Are Very Different

When you buy weed seeds online, the quality of the strain will have a significant impact on your crop.

While regular seeds are generally less expensive, male and female seeds are very different, and only females are useful for growing marijuana.

Therefore, always try to go for feminized marijuana seeds to have better chances of getting female cannabis plants.

You also want to reduce your risk of growing cannabis seeds that will get sick or even die − which is why strain quality is almost always backed up by a germination guarantee.

The More Payment Methods, the Merrier

The ability to offer multiple payment methods (credit card, debit card, etc.) is a plus for any seed bank.

You can choose a payment option that you’re comfortable using, including discrete forms of payment like Bitcoin (BTC).

In fact, many sellers provide discounts and free seeds if you buy cannabis seeds online using bitcoin!

Weed Seeds Don’t Come Cheap

You wouldn’t be surprised if I told you many newbies buy marijuana seeds online on cheap websites − only to find out that they just wasted all of their money.

Of course, we always want the best prices − but the strains also need to be of good quality.

Therefore, it’s better to go with seed banks that offer high-quality seeds at reasonable prices (even if they’re not the absolute cheapest) instead of going for low-priced cannabis seeds that will die faster than a mayfly.

Fun fact: mayflies die in one or two days − they have the shortest life span of any animal.

Is Their Customer Service “The Worst Ever”?

Always buy cannabis seeds from a seed bank with a proven track record of taking good care of its customers. Germination guarantees are nothing if they are not backed up by actions.

Heat, humidity, and shipping delays can wreck even high-quality marijuana seeds!

Remember that you are selecting a seed bank that you will most likely deal with multiple times, so you might choose one that makes transactions smooth.

Best Seed Banks in the US − FAQs

Is Buying Marijuana Seeds Safe?

Yes, buying marijuana seeds is safe as long as you buy from reputable seed banks. You also need to be aware of your local laws regarding cannabis.

How Can I Spot A Scam?

To spot a scam, always do an online search before dealing with a new online seed bank.

There will most likely be reports on any online seed bank that scammed their customers, and you can just avoid dealing with the said cannabis seed bank.

How Do I Pay For My Marijuana Seeds?

You can pay for your marijuana seeds in a variety of ways − the preferred ones being credit cards and Bitcoin.

That said, payment options vary per seed bank, so make sure to check the multiple payment methods on the seed bank’s website.

Do I Have To Use My Real Name When Ordering Cannabis Seeds?

No, you don’t have to use your real name when ordering cannabis seeds.

You can use any other name that will also appear on the shipping envelope. However, you will need to provide your real name when using a payment option that requires it.

How Do Online Seed Banks Ship Their Packages?

The best online seed banks ship their packages in a protected manner called “stealth shipping”.

Cannabis seed banks often use other items like birthday cards, ball pens, or toys to conceal the high-quality cannabis seeds.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online – What Are the Most Reliable Cannabis Seed Banks in the United States?

Unless you’ve skipped all the weed through… (lame pun − again!?)

Then you should have learned a thing or two about growing cannabis. And (hopefully) you now know how to choose a reputable seed bank.

But because I know you have the memory of a goldfish

(Lol, that’s mean. I’ll be waiting for your colorful insults in the comments)

… Then I’ll remind you that I Love Growing Marijuana is great for easy-to-grow auto-flowering seeds, while Crop King Seeds has amazing customer support to help you in case you have any problems (which you probably will since you’re a total noob).

And if you prefer to go for sites that are not as well known in the cannabis industry…

(Maybe because you love self-sabotage?)

Then feel free to ignore my advice and go with your gut.

I’ll be heartlessly watching you fail… *evil laugh*.

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