Best THC Gummies: Top 5 Delta 8 Brands For Weed Edibles & Marijuana Gummies Of 2022

If you’re looking for a tasty treat to uplift your mood and enhance your enthusiasm, you definitely need a bag of THC gummies. And we know what you might be thinking – “THC gummies sound very tempting, but they’re illegal”. Well, not anymore.

With the 2018 Farm Bill, THC gummies that contain less than 0.3% were deemed federally legal, so unless your state explicitly bans THC altogether, you can munch on these goodies without worrying about a thing.

THC gummies can be very exciting and absolutely delicious if you choose the right bag. That’s why we’re here to help you find the best THC gummies to satisfy your sweet tooth and THC cravings. With no further ado, here are our top picks:

Top 5 Picks For Marijuana Edibles & Delta 8 THC Edibles

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best D9 THC Gummies, Editor’s Choice
  2. BudPop: Strongest Hemp Derived THC Edibles
  3. Hollyweed CBD: Popular Delta 8 Brand For Full Spectrum THC Gummies
  4. Diamond CBD: Wide Variety Of Flavored Hemp Gummies
  5. 3Chi: Premium Quality THC Gummies For Beginners

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best D9 THC Gummies, Editor’s Choice



If you’re looking for the Delta 9 THC joy and excitement neatly packed in a yummy gummy, Exhale Wellness is the reputable brand you should be looking at.

Exhale Wellness is an established hemp supplier that’s successfully filling the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts with incredible joy and euphoria. The company offers a broad palette of legal hemp products considered to be top-notch and way ahead of the competition,

Exhale Wellness uses 100% natural and organic ingredients for all of its products, including the tasty gummies. They feature a plant-based gelatin alternative, so even if you’re conscious of animal cruelty, you can still get a taste of the Delta 9 euphoria through these cruelty-free chews.


Exhale Wellness’ vegan & gluten free fruity-flavored gummies may cause you to develop an addiction. We’re not referring to the Delta 8 THC inside but the delicious mix of flavors filling up every bottle of these gummies. The company has done a remarkable job selecting the fruity flavors and achieved an incredible blend that will spoil your taste buds and keep them craving more. So if you’re suffering from a sweet tooth, approach these tasty treats with the ultimate precaution.

Each gummy comes with a proper serving of THC or 7.5 milligrams in total. The incredible effects of Exhale Wellness’ gummies rely on the Delta 9 goodness, so you don’t have to worry about legal regulations as the Delta 9 concentration is kept below the legal maximum.

Exhale Wellness offers free shipping on all orders, but the company doesn’t ship to any states that feature laws or regulations that explicitly ban the consumption and distribution of Delta 9 THC. If this is your first time purchasing from Exhale Wellness, you’ll also get a 20% off your order and a chance to earn rewards points for exciting discount coupons.


  • An incredible burst of flavors
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients for vegan-friendly gummies
  • Colored and flavored with natural terpenes and agents
  • Available in 7.5milligram potency


  • The satisfaction guarantee doesn’t apply to gummies since their size exceeds 1 ounce

Summary of customer reviews

Exhale Wellness is our first stop for all hemp-derived products, and their gummies are no exception. Users are raving about these gummies as they come packed with incredible flavor and potency, which are more than enough for a memorable THC experience.

Customers are pretty happy with the company’s care and transparency, which allows them to get an answer to all of their questions and quickly verify the authenticity of the gummies and all other products.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop: Strongest Hemp Derived THC Edibles



If you’re looking for a tasty THC treat, BudPop’s gummies are our personal favorites.

BudPop is one of the young and exciting names on the THC market. Within less than a year, the company has established itself as incredibly reliable and promising. It may still be counting baby steps, but every step that BudPop takes is well throughout and calculated.

BudPop offers a slightly narrow range of products and strains. However, if you explore each option, you’ll see that a lot of thought and consideration was invested into every product that made it to its online store.


The THC gummy offer by BudPop is simple and remarkable. The supplier offers three options that will make your tummy rumble by simply hearing the names. Blue Dream Berry, Strawberry Gelato, and Watermelon Zkittlez are your options if you go with BudPop. And if you’re worried about the product range being limiting, we assure you that all three options are incredibly tasty and unique.

Each bottle of BudPop gummies comes with an accurate potency. A single gummy contains 25 milligrams of the Delta 8 THC goodness, and you get 25 gummies in every bottle. To ensure that you’ll be getting the perfect dose with every gummy, the manufacturer tests its products at independent laboratories that verify accuracy, potency, and safety.

The yummy flavor and aroma of BudPop’s gummies rely on natural ingredients. The manufacturer uses hemp plant-derived terpenes from hemp and other plants and fruits featuring terpene profiles that will offer you incredible enjoyment with each gummy.

BudPop tops up the THC experience with an incredible shopping experience. The company will deliver your goodies free of charge, and as a loyal customer, you’ll get to earn BudPop points and rewards.


  • The product range is limited to carefully selected flavor options, so all BudPop gummies taste absolutely delicious
  • Subscription orders receive a 25% discount
  • BudPop tests its gummies at independent laboratories
  • Free shipping with every order


  • No potency options to choose from

Summary of customer reviews

Though it is a relatively new brand, BudPop has already won the hearts of many cannabis enthusiasts. THC consumers are crazy about these gummies, and the reasons for that are countless. We have to mention the incredible flavor selection that takes BudPop’s gummies way ahead of its competitors. Customers also love the accurate potency that gives them the exact same level of high with every bite.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#3. Hollyweed CBD: Popular Delta 8 Brand For Full Spectrum THC Gummies



Hollyweed CBD is another trustworthy hemp supplier that insists on its products’ unmatched quality and purity. The company came as a result of the lack of quality and purity in the market, which the founders saw as an advantage rather than a problem.

Since its establishment, Hollyweed has successfully surpassed outdated standards and posed higher ones. The company supplies premium Delta 8 THC through hand-picked natural ingredients to nourish your body and mind. In terms of gummies, Hollyweed offers a vibrant mix of flavors that will satisfy your taste buds and cannabinoids receptors and help them reach new heights.


For a little extra convenience, Hollyweed’s THC gummies come in two different shapes: gummies and cubes, and the manufacturer also lets you pick from two different potency options. Experienced THC users will love the 1.500 milligrams of THC stacked inside Hollyweed’s gummy bags, while beginners should take advantage of the milder alternative and settle for 750 milligrams of the goodness.

The gummy bags may look sleek and minimalistic with the white-blue packaging, but the inside will shock you with its burst of vibrance and color. Each bag of Hollyweed gummies contains a mix of fruity flavors that will treat your taste buds with love and affection. The bag features several fruity flavors, such as strawberry, elderberry, blueberry, and guava, but the kiwi cubes seem to provide the ultimate happiness.

The precious Delta 8 THC in Hollyweed’s gummies is safely extracted through supercritical CO2 extraction. The company is very meticulous about sourcing and processing its hemp. It works with reliable local farms that have premium quality herbs, which are later processed at the state of the art facilities that are the secret to Hollyweed’s success.


  • Premium gummies infused with full-spectrum Delta 8 THC
  • Safely extracted and manufactured using organic and natural ingredients
  • Satisfaction guarantee or a full refund
  • Lab-tested for the presence of any unwanted compounds or impurities
  • Available in different potency options


  • Only available for online purchase

Summary of customer reviews

A lot of people are crazy about Hollyweed’s vegan THC gummies. Users take them for the enjoyable and smooth high they produce, but a lot of customers also claim they work wonders with a number of medical conditions. These gummies are frequently used as sleep and pain aids, but they look promising for relieving stress and anxiety as well. So whether you want to get higher or need a wellness boost, Hollyweed’s gummies are a must-try.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

#4. Diamond CBD: Wide Variety Of Flavored Hemp Gummies



If you’re looking for clarity and calmness from a single THC gummy, Diamond CBD is our best recommendation.

Diamond CBD is a well-established hemp supplier that has been feeding the appetites of hemp-hungry individuals over the past few years. The company offers a variety of Delta 8 THC edibles that will help you become a more positive version of yourself.

Talking about THC gummies, Diamond CBD has a vast arsenal of them. The company offers an abundance of different strains and flavors. For the best experience, Diamond CBD’s gummies come in a variety of potencies, so be aware that you may end up endlessly scrolling for hours before you decide on the best option(s) for your needs.


Though the possibilities are nearly endless, we’ve chosen Diamond CBD’s Chill Plus gummies as the ultimate Delta force squares to introduce you to the Delta 8 enjoyment. These gummies rely on a blend of Delta 8 and CBD for the extra chill. Therefore, each bottle of the Chill Plus gummies contains an even amount of Delta 8 and CBD. They come in a variety of strengths so that you can buy everything from 500 milligrams up to 4.000 milligrams of total cannabinoids.

The flavor selection is also spot on. The chillaxation gummies come in three different options, so you can choose between Chill Plus Original if you’re looking to stay on the safe side or opt for more unique blends like Island or Sunshine mix and challenge your taste buds with vibrant flavors.

If the Chill Pluss gummies sound a bit too good to be true, you can quickly resolve any doubts you’re having by checking out the lab results featured on Diamond CBD’s website. Simply navigate your way to the lab results, locate the Chill Pluss gummies or any other product for that matter, and you’ll get a detailed overview of the goodies.


  • Free economy shipping on all orders, free 2-day shipping or orders above $100
  • Year-long discounts and extra perks for subscription orders
  • Affordable prices for premium quality gummies
  • Independent laboratories verify the gummies’ safety and quality


  • The number of options may be overwhelming for indecisive shoppers

Summary of customer reviews

The customer reviews for Diamond CBD’s gummies as just as positive as the gummies themselves. People appreciate the unmatched quality they get at an affordable price, followed by exciting discounts.

The Chill Plus will help you embrace clarity and tranquility for a couple of hours. Still, if you’re looking for something heftier and more expressive, you can always reach out for some other collection from Diamond CBD’s catalog.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3Chi: Premium Quality THC Gummies For Beginners



3Chi is the last on our list of the best THC gummies suppliers. The company quickly made a name for itself after revealing the first legal Delta 8 strain. Since then, 3Chi has worked relentlessly to keep up with its excellent reputation and managed to develop some incredibly unique products that you won’t find anywhere else.

When it comes to THC, 3Chi offers some incredible Delta 8, 9, and 10 solutions, but the Delta 8 offers undoubtedly the best choice you can make. 3Chi has everything from drinks, tinctures, and oils, but the Delta 8 gummies are a story for themselves.


The most important perk of these Delta 8 gummies is the fast absorption followed by the fast-acting effects. The innovative formula allows these gummies to be quickly absorbed into your system, and as a result, they kick in significantly faster than any other gummies you’ve ever tried before.

The brilliance of 3Chi’s formula lies in the ingredients. The company sources only the safest natural ingredients and carefully converts them into incredible end products. The only thing that might be slightly limiting is the flavor variety for 3Chi’s THC gummies – they’re only available in black raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon flavors.

Each gummy contains 25 milligrams of Delta 8 THC. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends that beginners stay safe and start with half a gummy. As we’ve already mentioned, the gummies are pretty fast-acting, so if you don’t experience the desired outcomes within an hour or two, you can quickly munch on the second half of the gummy and get ready to be uplifted.


  • Natural terpenes for incredible taste and aroma
  • Soothing high and aid with physical pain and discomfort
  • Safely extracted Delta 8 THC
  • Pure Delta 8 THC without any CBD or more than 0.3% of Delta 9


  • The price seems a bit too high for 16 gummies a pack

Summary of customer reviews

If you’re looking to nurture your wellness and well-being, 3Chi’s THC gummies are exactly what you need. According to customer feedback, these gummies will provide you with a soothing essence that will make all your worries disappear.

Some users have reported concerns about an offputting smell of the gummies after opening the bag for the first time. The manufacturer assures that that’s only the oxygen pack keeping your gummies safe and fresh. If you let them sit for a while, the repelling smell should wear off, and you should be able to feel fruity aromas that will make your mouth water.

=> Click here to visit the official website of 3Chi

How Did We Choose the Best THC Gummies?

Since the 2018 Farm Bill came into force, the legal hemp market became flooded with countless products marketed as “premium quality”, “safe”, and “pure”. But with no regulatory body to verify these claims, finding a proper bag of THC gummies can be very hard. You have to take into account every little ingredient along with all the details about the manufacturing process to be 100% sure that you’re purchasing a genuine product.

To help you tackle the problem and get to the fun part faster, we’ve conducted our research and found some of the best gummies on the market. We were cautious and meticulous during our search, so here’s what we’ve based our decisions on.

Brand reputation

Brand reputation is always an excellent place to start, so we’ve used it as the foundation for our research. We’ve carefully inspected dozens of hemp suppliers and run complete background checks to determine how well they are liked among their customers and if they have any bad history behind them.

After considering the likability and reliability of each brand, we’ve significantly narrowed down our choices and could get going with the more important aspects.

Lab testing and the results

After eliminating any unreliable brands from our search, it was time to get to the important stuff. And with hemp-derived products, lab testing and certification are the most essential. So the next thing we did was examine how manufacturers handle their lab testing.

Some manufacturers provide absolutely no analysis proof, while others claim that they’ve tested their products “in-house”. We’ve steered away from such companies and stuck to manufacturers that collaborate with independent laboratories and rely on them to perform the lab testing. By doing so, we could be more confident that the results we were basing our decisions upon weren’t tempered or favored by the manufacturer in any way.

After ensuring the reliability of the finest labs conducting the tests, we’ve carefully examined the content of each lab result. We’ve looked into the details of all compounds, kept an open eye for any impurities, and measured the safety of the concentration of some critical ingredients.

With the task tackled, you can rest assured that all the gummies that ended up on our list are 100% authentic and safe to consume.


The Internet makes access to information easier than ever, so there’s hardly anything that a manufacturer can hide. Sooner or later, we were able to unveil the truth about each product, but how the company displays information is pretty important.

If a manufacturer is transparent about its products, it means that they’re pretty confident in their products. That way, you can purchase them with better confidence and don’t have to bother looking for the information that the company is retaining. If vital information such as the ingredient list isn’t publicly shared, it is pretty reasonable that you run an online search and eventually get a hold of the entire list.

Thus that’s exactly what we did. We’ve considered many manufacturers and saw how transparent they were and if the provided information was accurate and consistent. After weighing the facts, we’ve successfully filtered our list from any sketchy manufacturers that weren’t entirely transparent or accurate with the information.

Customer experiences

Customer experiences are something that simply cannot and shouldn’t be overlooked. So we’ve raided a couple of reviewing platforms and compared what people had to say outside the companies’ official websites. That way, we were able to find 100% genuine feedback that wasn’t favored by the brand.

After seeing what other people liked, we’ve conducted our own little set of trials. By consolidating our team’s personal experiences with online feedback, we came up with the absolute best offer for THC gummies listed above.

Beginner’s Guide: Finding the Best Hemp Gummies for Your Taste

Quality and safety are pretty measurable, so we were able to tackle them and help you on your path toward the best legal THC gummies. However, taste preferences and expectations are unique for every consumer, so you should consider a couple of things on your own if you want to purchase a product that will check all the requirements off your list.

THC gummies come in a pretty diversified range of products, and all of them feature unique flavor-potency ratios, so you’ll have to be pretty persistent until you find the perfect product for your choice. If you need a little help with that, we’ve compiled a neat list of factors you should consider before purchasing your bag of gummies, so have a look:


THC gummies are the simplest and most fun way of consuming THC. However, if you’re looking to avoid calculating fractions and cutting through the poor gummy bears, you’ll have to pay close attention to potency. Potency or strength determines the intensity of your gummy and how strong it will hit you.

If you’re a first-time consumer, we recommend you go with something milder that will provide you with a controlled dose of THC in the gummy. Smaller doses can always be topped up if necessary, but if you go with something too potent, you’ll end up chopping up your gummy bears and struggle with dosage, which nobody wants to do during their first experience.


Everybody has specific expectations and requirements that they want the THC gummies to fulfill. The desired outcomes of the THC gummies depend mainly on the strain that’s been used, so you’ll have to think about cannabis strains when looking for the best gummies.

You can choose between a wide range of products, and all of them will provide you with a unique experience. Let’s say that you’re looking to relax and unwind after a long and stressful day. In that case, you will need an Indica-derived strain. But if you want something that’ll boost your energy and stimulate your creativity, you should opt for a Sativa-derived strain. If you want something less extreme and more balanced, you can always go with hybrids.


There’s no sense in opting for gummies or any other edibles if you’re not planning to treat your taste buds right. So if you’re looking for an amazing THC experience with the help of gummies, you’ll have to consider flavor as well.

Since THC gummies are increasingly popular, the possibilities are literally endless. You can choose from fruity delicious flavors, cake and ice-cream flavored chews, cola cubes, and so on. But if you’re particularly indecisive, you can also opt for a mix of flavors in a single bag and see what fits you best so you can update your choice for your next order.


Legal THC gummies usually rely on Delta 8 THC to provide you with the mellow high. However, if you’re looking to target some specific outcomes, you can look for the entourage of other cannabinoids that contribute to a better experience.

If you’re considering THC gummies for recreational use, you’ll most likely want as much THC goodness as possible. Therefore, you should look for gummies that contain controlled amounts of Delta 9. The Delta 9 THC will amplify your high, but make sure you get it at a low amount, as concentrations higher than 0.3% are deemed illegal on a federal level.

If you’re looking for THC gummies to soothe any aches or discomfort or help you relieve any symptoms and conditions, you will need cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, etc. These cannabinoids aren’t psychoactive and feature expressive health benefits that will help you cope with anxiety, stress, sleeping disorders, physical pain, discomfort, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions On THC & Delta 8 THC Gummies

Are THC gummies legal?

With the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, all organic hemp containing less than 0.3% was declared an agricultural commodity, and all products derived from such hemp became legal to consume. However, a couple of states have enforced additional laws and regulations that prohibit the consumption of Delta 9 THC alternatives, such as Delta 8.

So if you’re in luck to live in a state that doesn’t have strict Delta 8 THC regulations, you can munch on these yummy gummies without worrying about legal implications. Still, you’ll have to be a bit careful at how you source your goodies. As we’ve stated above, only products with less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC are federally legal to consume. Therefore, if you purchase a product that exceeds the legal limit, you may get caught up in legal trouble.

Will THC gummies show up on a drug test?

Yes. Regardless if you’re consuming Delta 8, 9, 10, or any other THC isomers, THC is exactly what drug tests are targeting when looking for the presence of cannabis. So, unfortunately, even though Delta 8 is federally legal to consume, it will cause you to fail a drug test.

If you’re looking to get tested anytime soon, we suggest you restrain from taking THC products altogether. It might be hard to resist, but your next experience will be much more vibrant and enjoyable if you take a short break from consuming thc gummies .

Will Delta 8 THC gummies get me high?

Yes, the milder THC isomer is still pretty potent, so it will undoubtedly make you high. However, the high produced by Delta 8 THC is nothing like the one provided by Delta 9 THC. Delta 8 is known to be a lot milder and less potent, so consequently, the Delta 8 high is more mellow, smooth, and controlled.

Though some people think of it as a disadvantage, a lot of users embrace the smooth Delta 8 experience and prefer it over the hefty high caused by Delta 9 that sometimes ends in paranoia and panic attacks.

Are Delta 8 THC gummies safe?

Delta 8 THC gummies are among the safest THC-infused cannabis products currently on the market. However, they may pose some mild side effects, which are mostly related to improper dosing. The adverse effects of THC gummies include dry mouth, itchy eyes, dizziness, fatigue, and lack of focus.

Final Words On Buying THC Gummies Legally

With the 2018 Farm Bill, you can now safely and legally enjoy your THC treats without any worry. However, many states are already banning Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids from consumption, so make sure you take advantage of the legal obscurities while they last.

Gummies are an incredible way to get a taste of the THC goodness, so if you’re looking for something delicious and equally exciting, we suggest you take another look at our top picks of the best THC gummies. They will help you unwind and chill, so if that’s what you need, waste no more time and get yourself a bag of the legal THC goodness.


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