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Online Tarot Reading from Trusted Services in 2022, Where to find Psychics, Mediums, Fortune Tellers for Affordable Free Tarot Readings

Where’s your love life going? What’s your next career move?

When you’re searching for answers, the tarot—an ancient, 78-card deck—can provide valuable insights into possible outcomes.

But it’s important to get trusted advice from qualified psychics as you start to delve into the deck’s mysteries. Searching for the best online tarot card readings is only the first step.

From customer reviews, rates, readings, terms, and more, finding experienced psychics online that offer consistent accurate tarot readings is somewhat challenging, to say the least.

That’s why we’ve done all the research for you and tested out the most popular psychic services online today. Here’s what we found!

Check out our top picks for online tarot card readings below.

Best Online Tarot Reading Websites – Quick Look

Kasamba Psychic readings, love & relationships, tarot readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology reading, career forecasts, palm readings, past life readings, clairvoyant readings & more!
Keen Love and relationship advice, tarot readings, life questions, astrological compatibility, fortune-telling, and psychic mediums—communicate with a lost loved one—person or pet!
Psychic Source Psychic readings, love reading, tarot readings, numerology readings, astrology readings, spiritual guidance, past life readings, & more!
AskNow Psychic readings, love & relationship advice, astrology readings, spiritual readings, advice on career or other aspects of life, and more!
Oranum Psychic readings, love & relationships, tarot readings, astrology readings, career & family advice, numerology readings, & more!

1. Kasamba – All-Round Best Online Tarot Card Reading Platform

  • 250+ psychic readers
  • Strict vetting process
  • Public ratings and customer feedback
  • 3 free minutes, 50% OFF first reading
  • Budget-friendly rates from $3.99/minute
  • Angel card reading experts available

With a huge selection of psychics available, Kasamba leads the pack for online spiritual readings and, to no one’s surprise, is the number one choice when you search “Tarot reading near me.” It’s not always easy to find a reader who’s a good fit for you, but Kasamba makes the process painless.

They offer a free psychic reading via three free minutes for each new reader you try. This is unlike some other online tarot reading sites, which limit free minutes to your first psychic reading.

On Kasamba, you can find accurate tarot psychics who work by online chat, phone calls, and email. After the free trial, Kasamba’s highest-rated psychics charge rates at the high end of the spectrum for a psychic reading, so be sure you pick a reader you can afford.

Recommended Tarot Readers

Psychic Reader and Healer – Working by chat, phone, and email, psychic Andrew is a third-generation tarot reader with more than 23,000 five-star reviews. His clients describe his style as “caring” and “hopeful.” After the free trial, Andrew charges $24.99 a minute.

Love Specialist Isabelle – An expert on relationship matters, Isabelle does an online tarot reading as a chat or phone reading. Her clients say she offers “real honest answers” in an unbiased way. Her nearly 15,000 five-star reviews back this up. Isabelle charges $21.50 per minute.

Intuitive Advisor – Psychic reading by chat, phone, and email, Intuitive Advisor provides honest readings with both angel and tarot cards and cartomancy that her clients describe as “wise,” “loving,” and “insightful.” Her 8,700+ reviews average five stars. Once you have used the trial offer, she charges $30/minute.

2. Keen – Convenient Online Tarot Card Readers accessible via Mobile App

  • 3 minutes free for new users
  • Hundreds of gifted psychics to choose from
  • Affordable rates from $1.99/minute
  • Convenient mobile app for on-the-go readings
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use search tools

Another popular psychic network that appears when searching for an “online tarot card reading near me,” Keen Psychics expert tarot card readers, offer both chat and phone readings. Their online, instant messaging system lets you have a conversation as your advisor conducts a reading.

After your psychic reading, the transcripts from your psychics’ tarot reading session appear in the “Chat Transcripts” section of your account, letting you return to them for future reference.

With hundreds of psychic readers, Keen Psychics has a much larger selection than some other online tarot reading sites. However, you should know that Keen doesn’t screen readers before hiring, so you should have a thorough look through past client reviews, their star rating, endorsed strengths, and profile before committing to a tarot card reading.

Recommended Tarot Readers

Merlin Is Here – With a compassionate and gentle style, Merlin brings expertise in astrology, chakras, and clairsentience to his tarot card readings. With 40+ years’ experience, he has conducted 20,000+ readings on Keen since 2004, averaging 4.9 stars. After the trial offer, he charges $3.57/minute for a psychic reading online.

Estrella – Estrella uses additional abilities, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, in her tarot card readings. This leads to a style her clients describe as “accurate” and “honest.” With nearly 1500 readings since 2006, she averages 4.8 stars and charges $6.99 a minute.

Esther Neptune – With a five-star rating, psychic Esther has conducted more than 2,000 readings since 2004. She can read for numerous life areas, from career to relationships. Clients describe readings with her as a “pleasure” and the psychic as “wonderfully helpful.” She charges $8.48 a minute.

3. Psychic Source – Best for Angel Card Readings

Sometimes, you want more insight into a situation. Many of Psychic Source’s psychics have a second specialty in angel cards, which can clarify the tarot’s messages. This double specialty means that the psychics can channel advice from angels on how to interpret the messages.

Unlike some other psychic reading sites, Psychic Source does not provide email readings. This online reading platform offers readings primarily by phone, chat, and video calls but also conducts Facebook readings.

Recommended Tarot Readers

Psychic Angelica – With 75 previous five-star reviews, Angelica applies her compassionate style to various topics. She uses both angel and tarot cards. Clients particularly endorse her ability to answer love life, relationship, and family questions. Working by phone, chat, and video call, Angelica charges $8.75 a minute after the trial offer.

Psychic Rachelle – Working by both phone and chat, Rachelle combines angel and tarot cards in her readings. With a wise style, clients endorse her relationship and love readings and mention her talent with career and finance questions. She has 120+ five-star reviews and charges $7.45/minute.

Kallie – With 26 years of experience, Kallie also uses angel and tarot cards in her compassionate chat and phone readings. With 60 five-star reviews, she is particularly strong in answering questions about life, destiny, and meaning. After the trial offer, Kallie charges $10.99/minute.

4. AskNow – Best Tarot Card Readers Online for Love & Career Advice

When you need an online tarot card reading to answer a romance question, AskNow is the best for love readings. Out of their 47 tarot card readers, 44 have a secondary emphasis on love readings. This ensures that you can consult expert psychics who use the tools you need while getting the subject-specific guidance you want.

AskNow’s communication methods are limited, as they offer only phone and chat psychic readings. However, they do also allow you to message psychics directly through your account.

Recommended Tarot Readers

Miss Kim – With 20 years of experience and a five-star customer average rating, Miss Kim has conducted nearly 7800 readings over the past three years. A Master psychic, she uses angel and chakra cards as well. She has a compassionate spiritual healing style and charges $13 a minute.

Medium Jozette – With 40,000+ readings averaging five stars since 2013, Jozette is one of the top psychics on AskNow. She brings her 30 years’ experience and her relaxing, non-judgmental manner to answer your questions. A Master psychic, Jozette charges $13 a minute after the trial offer.

Lani Moonrain – With 35 years of experience, Lani has 7,448 five-star reviews since 2015, making her a Top Rated AskNow psychic. Using a positive style, Lani nevertheless avoids sugarcoating her advice, ensuring you get the answers that you need. Once the trial is over, she charges $8.99 a minute.

5. Oranum – Best LIVE Streaming Platform for Online Tarot Reading

  • 10,000 free coins (3-10 minutes)
  • Interactive streaming platform
  • Video-based readings
  • Live tarot reading sessions accessible to join for free
  • 200+ readers

A video-only online psychic streaming platform and truly good tarot reading site, Oranum has a huge selection of readers: more than 200. You can view each psychic’s live streaming channel to get a sense of their abilities and style—readers from around the world work in a variety of languages.

Oranum uses a payment system based on credits, which can be confusing. Their packages range from 27.99 credits (plus 1.99 bonus credits) for $35.99 to 97.99 credits (plus 7.99 bonus credits) for $112.99.

Recommended Tarot Readers

AlyciaRose – With nine years of experience on Oranum, AlyciaRose has 478 ratings, averaging five stars. She can read for all areas of your life, from career questions to inquiries about your destiny. Her style is authentic and honest.

The Spirit of Love – With 81 five-star ratings, the psychic Spirit of Love reads in various areas, including love, career, family, and money. Client reviews describe her as “absolutely kind, not judgmental.” She brings her 20 years’ experience and spirit guides to answer your questions.

Whitestarr – With seven years of experience on Oranum, psychic Whitestarr’s 82 reviews average five stars. She focuses particularly on questions relating to love, including relationships, marriage, personal problems, and love triangles. She also has clairsentience and clairalience.

6. Mysticsense – Best Free Tarot Card Reading Offer (New Clients)

Mysticsense thrives on the appeal of a wide variety of tarot psychics (500+ total psychics). With all the psychics thoroughly screened and available for inquiries 24/7 to give you some convenience. You can also see online psychics from the main web page for quick tarot card readings.

Only, since there are so many psychics, the advisor catalog might be a little overwhelming. But you get five free minutes, a satisfaction guarantee, and even a few video readers for a personal touch.

Recommended Tarot Readers

Reina – Reina comes in with 134 positive reviews and a 5-Star rating to give peace, clarity, and love. She specializes in Life Path and Destiny, but also other areas like career advice on chat. All packaged in a straight-answer approach.

Psychic Interventions – With 312 reviews, an average 5-star rating, and over 30 years of psychic experience, Psychic Interventions is one of the most popular here. They offer mainly soulmate readings but are also available for relationship issues, careers, and more.

Empathic Starseed – 61 positive reviews and a 5-star rating in the bag currently. Empathic Starseed looks to guide you mainly as an intuitive/empathic psychic. They also help clients find love again through soulmate readings, with a compassionate style and clairvoyant and clairsentience talents.

7. Psychic Oz – Best Online Tarot Reading Website for Beginners

Psychic Oz’s affordable online psychic reading call, chat, and email rates, coupled with their effective filter tools, make a much easier experience if you are a newer tarot reading client.

However, Psychic Oz doesn’t seem to have a mobile app. On the upside, as a new customer, you get 15 minutes at $14.99 and 10 minutes at $19.99 with an additional 3-minute free psychic reading to get you started on your love, career, life path, money, and more readings.

Recommended Advisors

Tula – Touting herself as a natural, with 40 years of psychic experience and 2+ years on Psychic Oz. Tula has a 4.9 rating from 1204 reviews and focuses on love, career forecast, life path, and past life readings. She has clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, dream analysis, and empath gifts.

ShaSha – With 2+ years on Psychic Oz and 25 years experience as a psychic, ShaSha has a 4.9 rating from 816 reviews. Her focus is on career, life path, money, and medium readings with the help of empath, clairvoyant, and dream analysis abilities.

Zylisaa – A tarot reader with clairvoyant, dream analysis, empath, automatic writing, and remote viewing psychic strengths. Zylisaa also has a 4.8 rating from 579 reviews and 30 personal psychic reading experience years.

8. Lifereader – In-Depth Online Tarot Reading about Love & Dating

Get in-depth dating, relationship, breakup, soulmate, and spiritual path insight from Lifereader’s friendly and compassionate tarot psychics on chat or call at 50% OFF and a $0.19 per minute rate for your first call.

Only, there might be a little too many psychic advisors here to choose from. But you get a 4-minute free chat session with every new psychic to find one you like. And wide access to spiritual access to help you center yourself.

Recommended Tarot Experts

Jason – A natural-born love, family, and infidelity tarot card advisor. With over 20,000 accurate readings since 2016 and 99% positive reviews. With empathy and clairvoyant talents to give you accurate tarot card readings and detailed advice straight to the point.

Ann – A seasoned love and relationship, finance, and life coach psychic with 44+ years of personal psychic reading experience. And over 38,000 readings given since 2004, with 99% positive reviews. With other tarot readings on personal growth and emotional well-being.

Hazel – Empathic, compassionate, honest, and straightforward tarot reader with 99% positive reviews and 14,000+ readings since just 2017. With a focus on LGBT, relationships, twin flames, and life path topics.

9. California Psychics – Highly Experienced Tarot Card Readers

California Psychics stands out with a great collection of experienced phone and chat tarot psychics for advice on the most popular topics. A good chunk having practiced the art for well over 30 years. You are spared the browsing hassle with a convenient, time-saving filter tool, including on psychic style add ability.

There are no free psychic reading minutes per se. But you can get an Introductory Offer of just $1 a minute, a satisfaction guarantee, and a mobile app for on-the-go psychic tarot card readings.

Recommended Advisors

Leandre – A Clairsentient, empath, and clairvoyant with 15 years worth of professional psychic reading experience. 5,500+ total readings on California Psychics since 2019. And a 4.4 rating from 960 reviews and an expert in love and relationships, career and money. With a compassionate approach to clients.

Hilary – 9,100+ readings since 2018. And a 4.7 rating from 2776 reviews. Clairvoyant, empathic, and clairsentiential abilities for love and relationships, finance and work insight. All in a straightforward psychic reading style.

Heather – With 21,100+ readings since 2011. Heather is amongst the most popular of California Psychics’ professional tarot card readers right now. A clairvoyant, empath, and clairaudient for straightforward love and relationships, finance, and work advice.

10. Meet Your Psychic – Convenient Online Tarot Readings by Text

Want fast readings? Meet Your Psychic’s convenient texts and message readings from reliable psychics are time-saving. Still, you can opt for phone and chat readings for your love and relationships, career and finance, mediumship and grievance, and life purpose questions.

You might need to set up an account to have a wholesome psychic reading experience. Positively, every psychic has a 5-minute satisfaction guarantee cover. And as a new customer, you get up to 20 minutes of psychic reading time at $1 a minute, with the first 3 minutes free.

Recommended Tarot Experts

Zophia – Rated 4.9/5, Zophia’s 20-year seer experience allows her to tackle a lot of queries, including LGBTQ, Sex, Intimacy, and Unhealthy Relationships, compassionately. With the help of her clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, empath, mediumship, and more psychic talents.

Lisa Marie – Lisa looks to give clarity and direction on relationships, family, spirituality, life purpose, and more crossroads. With a 4.9 rating, she uses her clairaudient, clairvoyant, mediumship, energy/spiritual healing, chakra balancing skills for conversational and tender-hearted readings.

Tiffany Love – Tiffany touts herself as a Love Guru, with a 4.9 rating and over 17 years of experience answering love, family, spirituality, life purpose, and more questions honestly and compassionately. She possesses clairvoyant, remote viewing, energy healing, and chakra balancing abilities.

Where Can I Get a Free Tarot Card Reading

If you just need a quick answer, or you want to test out an online tarot reading on your own, free tarot reading online websites can assist you. Keep in mind that these sites do not have psychic interpretations for your particular situation. Here are the top online tarot reading sites offering free software readings.

  1. – This site offers a basic six-card tarot spread using only the major arcana. While you can change the backs of the deck, you don’t have a choice of tarot decks themselves.
  2. – Using the traditional Rider Waite tarot deck, this site offers 16 different kinds of readings. These range from astrology spreads to full spreads using the Celtic Cross.
  3. Astrology Answers – This site provides a variety of online tarot readings using one or three tarot cards. Their three-card reading can be general. You can also get a free love tarot reading or a career reading in addition.
  4. – This complex 10-card tarot spread is a strong choice for an in-depth reading. Using major arcana, you choose three tarot cards for your strengths, three for your weaknesses, and three for your future, then receive a detailed interpretation.
  5. – This site provides a basic three-card reading focused on the past, present, and future. Using both major and minor arcana, the answers it offers are immediate and easy to understand.
  6. – This site provides a three-card reading focused on yourself, your situation, and your challenges. Though you can choose from dozens of different tarot card decks, you need to sign up for the site to get card interpretations.
  7. – Offering a 10-card tarot spread of major and minor arcana, this site lets you shuffle the tarot cards. You then draw tarot cards for a Celtic Cross spread, which the site interprets card by card.
  8. – Offering complex readings, this site requires your name and birthday. In the end, you get three major arcana cards that directly respond to your question.
  9. – Los Arcanos offers a variety of options, including Yes or No questions, the Celtic Cross, and Love Tarot Readings. You’ll need to input your name and gender to get your reading.

Best Tarot Reading Sites – Your Questions Answered

What Types of Tarot Card Readings Are There?

There are dozens of tarot readings available. They vary according to the “spread,” or the pattern in which the tarot card reader sets the cards down. Different card positions have different meanings in different spreads.

Common tarot card reading types include a single-card answer, a three-card tarot spread for past, present, and future, and the Celtic Cross. The Celtic Cross is a ten-card tarot spread that gives in-depth insight into you, your background, the situation, other people in it, the past, present, immediate future, and ultimate outcome.

Are Tarot Readings Accurate?

Yes, tarot readings are accurate. One benefit of getting a tarot reading is that, even in the hands of an inexperienced tarot card reader, the cards can still speak the truth. However, getting an online psychic to interpret them for you (preferably using trusted psychic websites) is best.

Standard interpretations of each card can change, depending on the surrounding cards. Because of this, it’s vital to get advice from experienced psychics who understand how the different cards in a tarot spread speak to each other.

Can You do a Tarot Reading Online?

Yes, an experienced tarot reader can conduct a tarot reading online either via phone, online chat, or video. While either virtual method is reliable, if you prefer to see your tarot reading in action, we recommend using a psychic reading platform that offers video readings as this is the closest you can get to a physical tarot reading.

Should I Do a Software Reading or a Live Tarot Reading?

When you’re new to tarot, live tarot readings are much better than software readings because the cards tell a story, and it’s important to get an experienced guide to interpret the story correctly.

It’s tempting to get a quick, free tarot reading online from an online tarot deck on a random site. However, you run the risk of misinterpreting a response from the site, which can make free online psychic readings via AI dangerous. This is especially true with less-trusted online reading sites.

For example, on one of these psychic reading services, you might pull the “Moon” card in the position related to your current situation. This can be about dreams or about deception. A talented psychic can look at the surrounding cards and interpret them in context.

While getting a free tarot reading can certainly be fun… if you have real concerns or worries that you want to be addressed, it’s best to stay away from free tarot readings offered by AI-based sites.

Learn more: Where to get a free psychic reading online?

What Can a Tarot Reading Help Me With?

Tarot is a descriptive tool that uses symbols to answer questions. Because of this, it’s excellent for decision-making when you’re stuck. These symbols can apply to a variety of situations, from a love reading to a reading about family to money. This makes the tarot a great tool for any type of question you need to be answered.

How Can I Understand the Tarot Card Deck?

The best way to understand the tarot card deck is by consulting an expert from one of the trusted online psychic services above. They can guide you through various questions and explain what messages are coming through.

After that, working with your own cards may be an option. Psychic reading websites can help you interpret the different meanings of both upright and reversed cards. As you learn, keep exploring the deep, multiple interpretations of each card to get a better understanding of its meaning in different contexts.

How Do I Choose the Best Online Tarot Card Reading Website?

As you can see, choosing an experienced reader is vital. When choosing a psychic reading site, look at how long it’s been in business and the number of readings it’s conducted. Look at its customer service policies, as well: the best online tarot card sites, like those above, have ways of getting in touch with the company.

To choose the best tarot reader for you, look at the description each person provides on their profile. Ideally, this will tell you about their training, experience, and specialties.

In addition, read through customer reviews. Different styles—compassionate, straightforward, wise—appeal to different clients, so evaluate which type of tarot card reading online you can expect from each reader.

What Is the Difference Between In-Person Tarot Readings and Online Readings?

The only difference between these readings is where you are. A talented online reader will be able to tap into your energy and the energy of your question from anywhere in the world. However, unlike an in-person reader, online readers are often available immediately, without an appointment. You can also have a reading online with them no matter where you are.

Best Online Tarot Card Reading Website – The Takeaway

The tarot is an excellent way to get insight into a personal problem. However, to fully understand the story the cards are telling you, you’ll need an expert psychic to help you with a psychic reading of the cards—at least at first.

Using a site like Kasamba helps you try out different readers for free. This ensures that you find the best tarot reading style for your personality and situation.

Have you had a tarot reading before? What was your experience like?

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