Best Survival Books (2022) Top Emergency Preparedness Guides for Preppers

Reading the right book could be the difference between life and death.

Many people have escaped dangerous situations because they recently read a single crucial piece of advice.

Today, there are plenty of survival books to help you survive all situations.

You can discover simple, practical guides for living off the land, surviving without electricity, and getting food and water during power outages.

You can also read doomsday prepper manuals loaded with advice for surviving the world’s end, protecting your family, and preparing for the apocalypse.

It’s never a bad idea to be prepared. Our editorial team read, rated, and ranked the best survival books available today. Here’s what we found.

The Best Survival Books in 2022

After hundreds of hours of research and deliberation among our editorial team, here’s how we ranked the best survival books and emergency preparedness guides of 2022:

  • The Lost Ways 2
  • Dark Age Defense
  • The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies
  • The Lost Superfoods
  • Food Freedom
  • Crisis Survival Institute
  • Local Harvest Gardening
  • The Lost Frontier Handbook
  • Ultimate Survival
  • Home Doctor
  • The Doctor’s Book Of Survival Home Remedies
  • Backyard Miracle Farm
  • World War Water (Mega Drought)
  • Final Survival Plan
  • The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments
  • Water Freedom System
  • Easy DIY Power Plan
  • Quick Power System
  • Rapid Alert Survival Radio
  • EvaTac TacLite
  • EvaTac Combat Bag

The Lost Ways 2


The Lost Ways 2 is the follow-up to the successful original survival text. Available in both digital and physical form, The Lost Ways 2 covers a surprising range of survival topics – from building an excellent well to butchering a deer for specific cuts of meat.

Teams of marketers write some survival guides who have never been in survival situations. Like The Lost Ways 2, others are written by legitimately experienced individuals. Clause Davis is a father, husband, survivalist, and old west expert who wrote The Lost Ways and The Lost Ways 2, passing down old pioneer strategies to newer generations.

It’s easy to lose survival skills over the years. Modern lives are comfy, and most of us don’t currently need to know how to survive a dangerous situation. Claude Davis prevents that from happening by collecting a wealth of survival knowledge.

If you want to learn dozens of practical survival tips from someone who knows what he’s talking about, then Claude Davis’s The Lost Ways 2 is one of the best options available today.

Dark Age Defense


Dark Age Defense isn’t a class at Hogwarts: it’s a survival text explaining how to prepare for the apocalypse.

Although it’s a little more doomsday than other survival guides, Dark Age Defense focuses primarily on securing a power supply for you and your family during an emergency.

The author talks about an “Infinity Coil” that can provide significant power during an emergency. You’ll also discover the specific actions to take during a blackout, a pencil trick to illuminate your surroundings, and how to create an oasis-like food supply during an emergency.

Although Dark Age Defense can seem a little silly with its talks of an impending apocalypse, the author provides valuable information about off-the-grid living, securing electricity, and getting water on-demand, among other tips you can implement today.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies


The natural world is filled with medicines for common ailments. People have used natural foods, herbs, and plants for centuries for their medicinal properties. Today, modern science is increasingly proving that specific remedies work.

In The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, you can discover a collection of practical tips for using ingredients in the natural world to target and relieve common ailments.

Walking through a forest is like a pharmacy equipped with the correct information: the world is filled with natural treatments that could make a life-or-death difference in an emergency.

Available in physical and digital format, The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies by survival experts Claude Davis and Nicole Apelian, Ph.D. Together, the two provide no-nonsense wisdom on using the natural world to heal the body.

The Lost Superfoods


The Lost Superfoods is a survival guide from Art Rude teaching you how to find the best superfoods in the natural world.

The natural world is filled with superfoods rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and other nutrients. Your body needs these ingredients in survival situations. It literally can’t survive without them.

Many of us rely on vitamin supplements and other shortcuts. In an emergency, you may not be able to rely on your current food supply; instead, you’ll need to source foods from the natural world. In The Lost Superfoods, you can discover the best foods for any emergency, including:

  • 126 long-lasting foods to add to your survival pantry today
  • Food storage hacks
  • US Army-style doomsday rations and other survival foods
  • Depression-era food to help you survive unexpected emergencies

And more

Unlike other survival guides, The Lost Superfoods bases its recommendations on real-world experience – not superfood advice from food blogs. You can discover accurate, science-backed information about the best superfoods in the natural world.

Food Freedom


Food is one of the essential parts of any survival plan. Whether surviving a power outage or a nuclear apocalypse, you need food to survive. In Food Freedom, you can discover practical strategies to help you and your family survive unexpected situations.

Food Freedom features guides like:

  • Do It Yourself Aquaponics: A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Your Own Food
  • Build Your Own Geodome: Grow Food Year-Round – Even in the Dead of Winter
  • 33 Things You Need to Survive That You Can’t Get When Disaster Strikes
  • Grow 100lbs of Potatoes in 4 Sq. Ft.

You don’t need a lot of space to create a secure food supply. Food Freedom teaches you a range of strategies for securing your food supply and ensuring that food supply lasts through unexpected situations. Whether interested in gardening, long-term food storage, or general tips for maximizing food in emergencies, Food Freedom contains plenty of actionable advice you can implement today.

Crisis Survival Institute


Crisis Survival Institute features a blueprint for non-preppers to survive and thrive in emergencies.

According to the Crisis Survival Institute creators, Joe Biden’s politics will lead to mass food shortages across the United States in the coming weeks. By buying Crisis Survival Institute today, you can discover how to survive the upcoming famine and the ensuing social unrest.

Conspiracy theories aside, Crisis Survival Institute features practical wisdom for surviving disaster situations, including:

  • 24 food items you need to get right now
  • Food security secrets the global elites don’t want you to know
  • The #1 item you need to survive a crisis, and why it will be so hard to find within 24 hours of a crisis
  • A sneaky way to protect frozen foods from spoiling during a power outage

Whether you believe the apocalypse is occurring in the next few weeks or looking for practical food security advice, Crisis Survival Institute contains a trove of prepping information to help you make it through unexpected emergencies – all for just $7.

Local Harvest Gardening


Gardening isn’t just a valuable life skill: it’s one of the best hobbies for happiness and quality of life. In Local Harvest Gardening, you can learn the essentials of organic, no-till vegetable gardening, focusing on composting, succession planting, and winter gardening.

Local Harvest Gardening is a self-paced online gardening course ideal for beginners and advanced gardeners. Whether you’ve never gardened a day or are interested in optimizing your existing garden for self-sufficiency, you can discover a trove of information to help you prepare for the unexpected.

Led by Dan, Andrew, and Jack, Local Harvest Gardening is like a masterclass in subsistence farming. The trio cover topics like:

  • How to grow food naturally in your yard or via a container garden
  • How to build microorganisms and nutrient-rich, fertile soil through three types of composting
  • How to convert your yard into a beautiful, usable, and edible landscape
  • How to set up an irrigation system and greenhouse to extend the season

Much of this information is used for more than just preppers and survivalists. It’s practical wisdom for all types of gardeners.

The Lost Frontier Handbook


The Lost Frontier Handbook is a survival book from Suzanne Sherman that teaches you how to source the food, water, and medicine you need from the natural world.

There were no hospitals or facilities in the early days of the American frontier to help people survive challenging situations; instead, people relied on the surrounding environment. In The Lost Frontier Handbook, Suzanne explores many of the remedies that were almost lost to history.

The Lost Frontier Handbook comes with high-resolution images, detailed diagrams, and step-by-step instructions covering topics like:

  • How to safely treat wounds, breaks, and burns without visiting a hospital or clinic
  • How to quickly soothe a sore throat or cough using natural remedies
  • How “frontier penicillin” can keep infection away – and how you can make it yourself using a few essential ingredients already in your kitchen
  • How to preserve meats for months on end

Whether looking for homestead cooking recipes, food storage secrets, or natural medicines in the surrounding environment, you can get valuable information from The Lost Frontier Handbook to help you survive all situations.

Ultimate Survival


Ultimate Survival was created by an ex-military survival expert with real-world experience. You get a package of guides covering various topics on surviving emergencies, protecting your family, and staying alive in urban and wilderness environments.

eBooks in the Ultimate Survival package include:

  • Home Lockdown Survival: Turn your home into a well-protected fortress by securing the perimeter, reinforcing doors and windows, and keeping looters at bay.
  • Commerce Survival: How to survive in a world where the traditional banking system collapses. You need to barter for goods and services, including which items have the most barter value in the post-apocalyptic economy.
  • Water Crisis Survival: Secure a clean, safe, and healthy water supply in dangerous environments.
  • Ultimate Firearms Survival: Shoot your way out of dangerous situations and protect your family using military-approved tactics and firearms.

Depending on your needs, you can buy an Essential ($39) package or an Ultimate ($59) package of survival guides. From essential water and food supply tips to military-grade firearms and tactics training, Ultimate Survival contains a trove of wisdom for all types of environments.

Home Doctor


In a post-disaster situation, you may not be able to access medical care for days or weeks. Home Doctor, also known as The Home Doctor – Practical Medicine for Every Household – is a 304-page guide on treating specific health conditions at home with limited training or supplies.

Home Doctor was written by and approved by a real doctor. In the guide, you’ll discover strategies like:

  • How to treat illnesses and injuries at home
  • How to survive medical emergencies without running water, electricity, antibiotics, painkillers, anesthetics, and insulin
  • Ten medical supplies you need to have in your house today
  • The biggest mistakes you can make in a blackout
  • How to recognize a heart attack and what to do next
  • How to know what’s wrong if you have abdominal pain

Dr. Maybell Nieves, head surgeon and general surgeon at Caracas University Hospital in Venezuela, wrote Home Doctor. Dr. Nieves knows how to survive in harsh environments, and she has collected her wisdom in Home Doctor.

The Doctor’s Book Of Survival Home Remedies


The Doctor’s Book Of Survival Home Remedies is a survival book written by Dr. John Herzog, a board-certified surgeon.

In the book, you’ll discover a list of remedies, strategies, and techniques to treat illnesses and diseases at home without medical experience or supplies.

You can discover how to use berberine to increase beneficial bacteria in your gut, for example, and how to use peppermint plants as traditional medicine. Dr. Herzog also explains how valerian can help with insomnia and how chamomile can help with stress and anxiety during emergencies.

Some of the best remedies can be found or grown in the world around you. In The Doctor’s Book Of Survival Home Remedies, you can discover doctor-approved advice for surviving unexpected emergencies.

Backyard Miracle Farm


Backyard Miracle Farm teaches you how to easily create an automated supply of high-quality, fresh organic foods in your backyard.

According to author Michael Sherman, the world is about to face a disastrous famine. By implementing the lessons in Backyard Miracle Farm in your own life today, you can survive the upcoming food apocalypse and keep your family safe.

Backyard Miracle Farm is designed for those with limited gardening experience. Even if you have zero experience, you may be surprised at how few steps and materials are required to create a practical garden in your backyard. You get step-by-step instructions on how to make that farm in days.

World War Water (Mega Drought)


World War Water is an eBook that teaches you how to survive the upcoming worldwide drought.

According to the authors of World War Water, the world is facing an impending water crisis. As water becomes increasingly scarce, it will lead to social unrest and apocalypse-like scenarios.

Humans can only survive three days without water, and people become desperate when their families grow thirsty. World War Water teaches you how to secure a safe water supply for you and your family, stay protected in an uncertain world, and survive the “once in a century drought” the author predicts will occur within months.

Final Survival Plan


The Final Survival Plan was written assuming that the United States had made its last stand in an uncertain world. The author believes ordinary life for Americans is about to become ten times harder. By following the Final Survival Plan lessons, you can take control and protect your future.

Final Survival Plan teaches you how to make a last stand alongside America. As America faces war in the coming years, the author recommends implementing the strategies in the following eBooks to make sure your family stays protected:

  • Final Survival Plan: A survival guide to America’s next major conflict.
  • How to Choose the Right Survival Knife: A good knife can make all the difference in survival or conflict situations.
  • How to Protect Yourself from Dangerous Viruses and Germs: How to stay safe from diseases even when conventional medical systems are breaking down around you
  • How to Train Your Mind to Handle Stressful Situations: Many are unprepared for the mental toll of survival situations. In this book, the author explains cognitive strategies for handling upcoming crises.
  • How to Create Your Best Survival Weapon and Trap: In a survival situation, you may need to trap your food and use weapons to hunt. This guide teaches you how.

Overall, Final Survival Plan teaches you insider knowledge about surviving wars, conflicts, and general disaster situations.

The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments


Big Pharma has suppressed natural treatments for years. However, you can discover some of the best and most proven strategies in The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments.

This book explains how to reverse heart disease, stop cancer, prevent diabetes, and cure 60 other medical conditions using alternative medicine.

The book’s author claims the treatments can “eliminate virtually every disease,” ranging from diabetes to Parkinson’s disease to multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.

Across the 380 pages of the Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments, you can discover natural ingredients, herbal remedies, and lifestyle changes to cure many conditions. Although there’s no evidence the guide can cure cancer or Alzheimer’s as advertised, it could help provide basic medical information during an emergency.

Water Freedom System


Chris Burns created the Water Freedom System to help anyone secure a safe, healthy, and clean water supply after a disaster.

By following the step-by-step guide in the Water Freedom System, you can create an automated supply of fresh, clean, high-quality water for a fraction of the cost of other water systems.

Backed by a 60-day moneyback guarantee, Water Freedom System can change your prepping plan and secure your safety during an emergency – regardless of whether you live in a desert or a wet climate. Just follow the instructions, buy the basic materials from any store, and enjoy one of the prepping community’s best-quality water sources ever created.

Plus, all purchases come with bonus guides on bartering, securing a food supply, and maximizing survival odds in other ways.

Easy DIY Power Plan


Easy DIY Power Plan is a step-by-step guide to creating a power supply at home using basic materials – even if you have zero technical skills or building experience.

By following the Easy DIY Power Plan guide, you can create a secure and effective power source to help you survive unexpected situations.

Plus, all purchases come with bonus guides and reports covering different power generation technologies and other survival strategies.

Led by a self-described “crazy 45-year old geography teacher” named Ryan Taylor, Easy DIY Power Plan comes with five books, including:

  • Saving Power Saving the World
  • Money-Saving Tips for Families
  • 15 Top Ways to Save Money
  • Go Green Save Green at the Same Time
  • How to Be Environmentally Friendly

The system’s core is the Easy DIY Power Plan, which uses an endless power principle to generate electricity via unique, rarely-discussed strategies constantly.

Quick Power System


Quick Power System aims to change the world forever by teaching you how to build an easy-to-implement, fast-working power-generation system to help you enjoy endless electricity.

You get five eBooks with your purchase covering a range of power generation topics and strategies. Led by Ray Allen, Quick Power System is similar to the Easy DIY Power Plan mentioned above: you get practical advice for creating power generation tools at home, all written for people who are beginners in the field.

Like other good survival books on our list, Quick Power System involves using materials, tools, and supplies you can find in ordinary stores and even in your own home. It’s something you can implement today – all for just $49.

Rapid Alert Survival Radio


Rapid Alert Survival Radio is a lightweight, hand-crank-powered radio designed to keep you alive and connected in emergencies.

Do you have a plan if the internet becomes inaccessible and your smartphones no longer work? It could happen. Cell phone networks go down, especially in emergencies, conflicts, or natural disasters. And, if you don’t have a battery to charge your phone, you may be hopelessly out of touch.

Rapid Alert Survival Radio lets you maintain access to the outside world via a radio powered by a hand crank. There’s also a solar panel, a 12″ antenna, a built-in alarm, built-in USB charging, and three built-in flashlights, among other perks.

EvaTac TacLite


The EvaTac TacLite is a tactical flashlight made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Marketed as a must-have for all types of survival situations, the EvaTac TacLite comes with several features for maximum effectiveness, including:

  • Powered by a single AA battery
  • Deep convex lens
  • Q5 CREE LED emitter
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum with stainless, rust-proof design
  • Adjustable zoom up to 1100ft

A good everyday carry (EDC) flashlight can be the difference in life or death in an emergency. You can’t rely on electricity and lights to be available all of the time. You need a dependable flashlight.

EvaTac’s TacLite is also priced at just $9.95 for your first two weeks of use and then $49.95 on day 14. This gives you a unique trial period to test the device to see if you like it.

EvaTac Combat Bag


The EvaTac Combat Bag is the second EvaTac product on our list. The heavy-duty combat bag is available in military-style patterns like sandy taupe, midnight black, and jungle camo.

Each bag is specially designed to help you stay equipped for all types of missions. It’s made from 600D polyester material with EZ-Slide zippers for fast access. You also get ten individual waterproof compartments, a secure laptop section, and plenty of areas to store your gear and tools.

For challenging survival situations, you can’t depend on ordinary backpacks. The EvaTac Combat Bag helps you stay protected during emergencies or regular hunting, travel, gym, and outdoor excursions.

How We Ranked The Best Survival Books

Every survival guide claims to provide helpful advice. However, not all survival guides are worth reading.

We used the following factors to separate the best and worst survival and preparation guides available today:

Quality and Complexity of Recommendations

Some survival guides feature essential advice – like the importance of boiling water before drinking it or which canned foods to store. Other survival guides feature complex information about creating a rotating food storage system and securing your shelter in an emergency. We considered the quality and complexity of our recommendations, avoiding books that rehashed the same essential advice most readers already know.

Author Credibility

Some survival guides are written by teams of marketers who collect random information from free blogs and pour it into a book. Other survival guides are written by former special forces operatives, off-the-grid survivalists, and other experts. Which author would you rather trust in a life or death situation? We considered author credibility in our survival guides.

Actionable Information

Some survival guides are filled with information about creating power generators and post-apocalyptic colonies. That’s fantastic information, but it’s not practical for the average person. We liked survival guides with actionable information that the average person could implement.

Usefulness in Real-World Situations

Learning how to build a nuclear bunker is extraordinary, but it’s not valuable for most real-world situations. Instead, the best survival guides teach you how to live off the grid, build an organic garden, and survive off the land. There’s a place for apocalypse-style prepping guides, but we liked survival guides that would be useful in real-world situations – not scenarios that are unlikely to occur.

Ease of Use

Are the tips in the survival guide easy to implement? Or are they complicated for the average person? Some survival guides are written for people who already have years of prepping experience. Others are designed for an average audience. Regardless of the target audience, we liked prepping guides that were easy to follow.

Diagrams, Images, and Visual Learning Material

Some are visual learners. Even if you’re not a visual learner, it helps to have a high-resolution photo or HD video explaining the situation. Creating images and videos takes longer than typing text, so some of our top-ranked survival guides were visual tomes filled with valuable information.

Crazy Conspiracy Index (CCI)

We also added a factor to our rankings called the Crazy Conspiracy Index (CCI). Some survival guide authors claim that the world will end in a few weeks, that we’re days away from a nuclear apocalypse, or that specific political policy will cause mass shortages and rioting. We can’t guarantee what the future holds, but we know these survival guides have been making similar claims for years – and nothing has happened yet. We were wary of survival guides that strayed too far away from reality or manipulated facts to terrify us, so we used the CCI to temper our scores.

Price & Value

Some of the best survival guides are available as an affordable eBook. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for dozens of physical copies, you can pay a fraction of the price for digital files. We considered price and value in our rankings. Whether you want to spend $10 on a survival guide or $200, you should get good value at any cost.

Complimentary Guides, Bonus Videos, Apps, and Educational Materials

Some survival books come with more than just books. You also get videos, educational materials, apps, and more. We primarily judged each survival guide based on the book’s value, although we also considered the importance of complementary materials, guides, and bonuses.

Moneyback Guarantee

The best survival guides back their wisdom with a moneyback guarantee. If the advice was bad, or if the book was filled with information you already knew, then you should be able to get a refund.

Book Design, Aesthetic Appeal, and Publishing Quality

Aesthetic appeal isn’t the most crucial part of a survival guide. However, it does make a difference in how you process the information. We liked survival guides that invested in good book design, intelligent information layouts, and good-quality publishing techniques. If we wanted to read a text file, we would have searched for free prepping advice online.

Information Design

Some survival guides throw a bunch of information at you and expect you to figure it out. However, the best survival guides have thoughtful information design, making it easy to walk through the lessons and absorb the information. Good information design could be the difference between life and death. You don’t want to spend an emergency trying to understand an awkwardly-worded tutorial.

Top 13 Things to Learn from Survival Guides

Survival guides cover various topics – from gardening to setting traps for animals to creating a power supply. It’s a lot to learn, but it could be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Some of the things you’ll learn from the survival guides above include:

Securing Clean Water

You can only survive approximately three days without water. Many survival guides teach you how to source clean water, filter water effectively, and maintain a steady water supply throughout an emergency. Some guides explain how to use charcoal filters or build a well.

Organic Gardening

Surviving an emergency isn’t all about firearms and hunting; some of the best survival guides focus on organic gardening techniques. They explain how to use organic gardening to grow your food supply, for example, and maximize the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables you grow.

Securing a Power Supply

Some people read survival guides to prepare for emergencies – like hurricanes, power outages, and other situations. Others read them for apocalypse scenarios. Whatever you’re preparing for, it’s essential to secure a power supply. Survival guides may teach you how to set up solar panels, create a mechanical power generator, and maintain an existing generator, among other topics.

Building and Securing Shelter

Humans need shelter to survive. In an emergency, you need to create and secure shelter. Some survival guides focus on urban survival, teaching you how to protect your home from looters. Other guides focus on wilderness survival, explaining using trees, leaves, branches, and dirt to create a comfortable shelter. You can find a survival guide explaining how it works no matter what type of survival situation you’re preparing for. The Lost Ways 2, for example, teaches you how to build your log cabin for just $500.

Food Storage Secrets

Many survival guides focus on food storage secrets. They’ll explain how to store your food, for example, safely, and how to reduce food spoilage and waste.

Foraging Techniques & Edible Plants

The world is filled with edible plants – and poisonous ingredients. It’s essential to learn how to distinguish between the two. Many survival guides cover foraging techniques and edible plants, making it easier to survive emergencies with nothing but the food around you.

Urban and Wilderness Survival Techniques

Whether you live in a city, a small town, or the remote wilderness, you can find the right survival guide for you. Good survival guides teach you how to survive in multiple settings. Even if you live in a city today, you might not live in a town during an emergency. Survival guides feature a range of urban and wilderness survival techniques.

Natural & Traditional Medicine Techniques

Some of the best medicines are found in the natural world. Some survival guides teach you to use the natural world to source the best treatment for common ailments. When you know where to look, walking through the wilderness can be like walking down the aisle of a pharmacy. Indigenous peoples and traditional medicine specialists have used natural medicine for centuries. Survival guides can introduce you to this world and help you make the most of it.

Firearms, Weapons, & Security Strategies

Some survival books contain advice on defending yourself, managing weapons, and protecting your family. You can learn which firearms to buy today, how to create your ammunition when you can no longer buy it from the store, and set up a secure perimeter around your property.

Hunting, Butchering, & Livestock Strategies

Securing a good meat supply can be crucial for surviving a disaster situation. Some survival guides teach you how to manage livestock, butcher animals to get maximum meat, and hunt for sustenance, among other strategies.

Fishing Techniques

If you live near a river or a lake, you could have an endless supply of fish to sustain you during an emergency. However, fishing is more challenging than many people realize. Some survival guides teach you practical fishing techniques.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Wisdom

Most survival guides are written for beginners and intermediates. You don’t need to know anything before following the guide. Some guides, however, are written for those who have already mastered basic survival strategies. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you should be able to find the right survival guide for you.

Practical Household Tips to Implement Today

Some survival guides are designed to be read after a disaster has struck. Others, however, give you helpful tips to implement today to make the next disaster easier to manage.

Why Prepare for Disasters?

There are several reasons to prepare for disasters and emergencies, including:

  • Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity, with “once in a century” weather events occurring more often as Droughts and water shortages are becoming more frequent
  • An aging power supply and dated infrastructure in the United States lead to an increased risk of power outages and other emergencies.
  • The United States debt recently reached a record high of over $30 trillion for the first time, 130% of America’s yearly economic output.
  • Mass shootings, terrorism, and armed conflicts are becoming more common in the United States and abroad.
  • Powerful enemies like Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea are developing increasingly sophisticated weapons they could use to attack or intimidate the world.

Preppers see these situations and believe it’s a great time to prepare for the unexpected.

Prepping Isn’t Just About Doomsday Scenarios

You don’t need to be a doomsday-spouting conspiracy theorist to be a prepper; instead, many preppers are ordinary people who want to protect themselves and their families from unexpected events.

Prepping isn’t about preparing for a nuclear winter or some post-apocalyptic event. Instead, it’s about dealing with issues like:

  • Power outages and other short-term, regional events
  • Natural disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, storms, and blizzards
  • Food crises and shortages
  • Social and economic unrest
  • Terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and other immediate survival situations

Sure, some preppers are building doomsday bunkers to survive the nuclear apocalypse. But most preppers simply have innovative plans to secure food and water during unexpected emergencies.

FAQs About Survival Books and Emergency Food Preparedness

Our prepping experts get plenty of questions about surviving emergencies and securing food. Here are some of our answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Q: Are survival books only suitable for doomsday scenarios?

A: Survival books and “prepper” guides are about more than just doomsday situations and apocalyptic events; they’re also suitable for:

  • Natural disasters
  • Power outages
  • Economic turmoil
  • Social unrest
  • Technology outages and collapses

Although plenty of doomsday people are in the prepping community, most want to be prepared for unexpected events.

Q: How do I start planning for an emergency?

A: Ready.gov recommends planning for an emergency by preparing food, water, medical supplies, extra clothing, batteries, and other materials in an emergency kit. Others recommend gathering at least 72 hours of emergency supplies at home or two weeks or more if preparing for larger emergencies.

Q: What should I stockpile before a disaster?

A: You should stockpile food, water, matches or lighters, gas, medication, first aid supplies, hygienic supplies, communication devices, a flashlight, personal documents, batteries, cash, cooking supplies, tools, self-defense items, and other materials before a disaster to maximize your survivability.

Q: What skills should I learn before an emergency?

A: You should learn skills like first aid, navigation without a GPS, building a fire, building a shelter, purifying water, tying knots, and finding food before an emergency.

Q: What is a prepper?

A: A prepper is someone who prepares for unexpected events in advance. An average prepper has an emergency plan, emergency supplies, food and water sources, and skills to navigate an emergency.

Q: Are preppers crazy?

A: Some people see preppers as crazy, while others think it’s crazy not to be prepared for unexpected events. Most preppers aren’t preparing for the apocalypse: they’re preparing for natural disasters, economic turmoil, and other events that could jeopardize their safety.

Q: What’s the best survival book?

A: The Lost Ways 2, Dark Age Defense, The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, and The Lost Superfoods are some of the best survival books available today.

Q: Are emergency food storage kits worth it?

A: Emergency freeze-dried food containers may be worth it, or they may not be worth it, depending on your level of preparation. Some people are willing to spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars for good food storage and peace of mind, while others would instead make their food and storage solutions at home.

Q: What is freeze-dried food?

A: Freeze-dried food locks in the food’s nutrients while allowing it to be stored for long periods; just add water to restore freeze-dried food.

Q: How long does an emergency food supply last?

A: An emergency food supply can last anywhere from a few weeks to 30+ years – or forever – depending on the food you’re storing. Archaeologists have found honey in Egyptian tombs, for example, that is edible 2,000+ years later. Generally, most emergency food kits you buy are rated for 15 to 30+ years.

Q: What’s the best food to stock for an emergency?

A: Canned meat, canned fruits, canned vegetables, ready-to-eat cereals, peanut butter, jelly, hard candy, powdered milk, dried fruit, baby formula, and other long-lasting foods are ideal for emergencies.

Q: How do I rotate my emergency food storage?

A: Food storage rotation is essential for maintaining a good food supply. Track the expiration dates of the foods in your emergency storage, and be sure to use food that’s about to expire before it expires. Then, replace that food after using it.

Q: How do I get water in an emergency?

A: You can get water in an emergency by drinking sealed water containers, boiling specific water sources, filtering outdoor water sources (like rainwater, streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and natural springs), chlorinating water (using household liquid bleach at the right concentration), or distilling water, among other strategies.

Q: How long can I survive without water?

A: You can survive around 3 to 7 days without water, depending on exertion, physiology, and many other factors.

Q: How long can I survive without food?

A: You can survive anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months without food, depending on physiology and many other factors.

The Best Survival Books in 2022 Final Word

The best time to read a survival book is before an emergency.

By equipping yourself with the knowledge, skills, and materials you need today, you give yourself the best possible odds of surviving a disaster.

Check out any top-rated survival books and emergency food preparedness guides above to ensure you’re prepared for any unexpected events.


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