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Best Sites for Online Psychic Readings for Love, Career & Relationship

There may be moments when you will have to look to the universe for answers to those burning issues, whether it is about love, job, finances, or anything else. One of the most rewarding aspects of being human is overcoming life’s obstacles. Resilience is defined as the ability to adapt to and overcome any challenge life throws at you.

Many folks are looking for a helping hand to assist them in getting through difficult times. If you are someone who is always attempting to decipher the complexities of life events to strive for a brighter future, online psychic reading is the ideal option for you.

The internet psychics industry is booming all around the world, helping people figure out their lives via clear visions and thoughts. Because there are so many online psychic reading websites on the internet, it is important to pick the finest one that gives genuine and dependable service.

It might be tough to pick one of the many online psychic reading platforms available. However, we have put together a list of five of the top psychic reading services accessible right now. Before making a selection, go over the entire review. When it comes to different types of internet psychics, you need to always be extra careful and alert.

List of Best Online Psychic Reading Websites

  1. Kasamba – Best Platform for life & relationship advice
  2. Keen Psychics – Best for Love Readings
  3. AskNow – Great Platform Successful Career Advice
  4. Oranum – Best Live Psychic Reading Sessions for free
  5. Mysticsense – Best Psychic Readings by Phone

#1. KasambaBest Platform for life & relationship advice


When you utilize Kasamba, you will have access to psychics that specialize in a variety of disciplines. Kasamba has evolved into a one-stop-shop for people seeking accurate, free tarot readings online to assist them in conquering their most pressing issues through dream interpretation, love tarot reading, birth chart translation, numerology, aura readings, pet readings, rune casting, and other services.

Of course, having so many alternatives might be perplexing for people who are unfamiliar with this domain. Kasamba, unlike many other sites, does not depend primarily on user ratings to assess its psychics, but instead relies on background checks, test readings, and personal interviews to verify that all of its psychics are qualified.

Kasamba initially started doing psychic readings in 1999, and their popularity has only grown since then. Its network of some of the greatest psychics online has guided millions of individuals.

The benefit is that all of the psychics are available at all times of the day. To get the most out of their support, you may call them at any time of day. It is one of the rare websites that also provides the option of sending a session-related email to the users.

Kasamba guarantees every customer has the most meaningful and happiest experience possible via their service by providing three free minutes on readings and continuous promotions and discounts throughout the year.


  1. One of the things that sets this site apart from the rest is the large number of various sorts of psychics offered. You can select a psychic who specializes in astrology, career, money, love & relationships, and other topics.
  2. Kasamba offers a three-minute free promotional incentive to new clients who visit the Kasamba portal for the first time. This feature aids consumers in comprehending Kasamba’s process and operating structure.
  3. The online psychic readings that are provided are entirely private. If they do not want to reveal any personal information, individuals may opt for anonymous readings as well.
  4. Kasamba is also recognized for doing psychic readings through call and chat. They employ a distinct approach to provide the finest experience to its clients who wish to interact with professionals through chat and phone media.


  • Offers free psychic reading
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Diverse selection of readings accessible
  • Psychics are subjected to background checks
  • Best value right now is $1.99 per minute


  • Top-rated psychics are not cheap
  • Number of search choices is restricted

Why do we recommend Kasamba?

Kasamba has a lot to offer, which is why we cannot help but suggest it. The service is considered to be one of the greatest psychic reading platforms available. You have complete choice over how you obtain your reading and how much it costs. Depending on the skill of your chosen psychic reader, prices start at just $1.99 per minute.

Kasamba also offers a one-of-a-kind welcome deal that includes a free, genuine psychic reading within the first three minutes, as well as a 50% discount on all first-time readings.

⇒Visit the official website of Kasamba for more information

#2. Keen PsychicsBest for Love Readings


Keen Psychics is one of the most well-known psychic reading websites, with thousands of happy consumers. Keen Psychics’ specialists get symbols from the higher level and transmit them to those who are in dire need of guidance. Keen Psychics provides reliable psychic readings over the phone at a reasonable price

Keen Psychics’ specialists have extensive knowledge in a variety of fields, including money, love, relationship guidance, career, and so on. All of the Keen psychics have extensive profiles that include information like their star rating, number of readings completed, and experience.

In addition to providing chat and phone psychics, some Keen Psychics professionals prefer to connect via email. According to your schedule, you may pick the form of contact and the session time. The organizers at Keen Psychics are working hard to guarantee that everyone has the greatest psychic session possible, which will open doors to new possibilities.


  1. One of Keen’s distinguishing features is that they guide a wide range of topics, like tarot card readings, aura cleaning, astrology, animal psychics, dream interpretation, and so on, giving clients a wide choice.
  2. Keen Psychics’ services are accessible 24/7. Spiritual assistance is available at any time of day, including holidays and weekends. As a result, users from all over the world can utilize the site’s services.
  3. If consumers are unsatisfied with the services supplied, they can request a complete refund. The customer service team is available at all hours of the day to provide real assistance.
  4. You may contact Keen’s psychics by call, chat, or email. If the psychic reader you want to see is not available at that moment, or if you are not, you may get a psychic reading at a later time.


  • Experience of almost 20 years
  • Newcomers get three free minutes
  • Excellent filtering options
  • Minutes range from $1.99 to $9.99
  • Simple, easy-to-use application available


  • Live video chat not available
  • Introductory discount is only valid for the first session

Why do we recommend Keen Psychics?

We suggest Keen to readers because it offers so much for so little money. There are other free resources to research and enjoy in addition to the psychic readings. Do you want to know what is going to happen next in your life? You could only need a short horoscope reading.

When you decide to pay for the service, you will discover it is a reasonably priced option. Keen Psychics encourages those who want to try out different sorts of psychics by offering a unique offer of free three minutes for the first appointment.

In addition, the first ten minutes are accessible for only $1.99. The most costly option is $9.99 a minute, which is less than competing providers’ most expensive choices. Keen is a great choice if you are looking for a “love” reading.

⇒Visit the official website of Keen Psychics for more information

#3. AskNowGreat Platform Successful Career Advice


Do you have a pressing question that you need to ask right now? If that is the case, you should have a look at AskNow. This online psychic reading platform links you with a variety of psychic readers. Customers may choose a psychic from AskNow based on their area of specialization, competence, and feedback.

The majority of the people here are mediums, which means they communicate with spirits and provide instruction from loved ones who have passed away. They serve as a “medium” through which spirits can communicate with those of us who are still alive.

AskNow is recognized for its low pricing and a huge number of psychics that are available at any time to accept your call. Members may also pick from a variety of accurate readings, including love and relationship readings, numerology, previous lives, and dream interpretation.

The psychics at AskNow only work via chat and phone conversations, which is a minor drawback. For individuals who like to communicate with mediums over emails and phone chat, this can be aggravating. These choices are available with some services, but this is not 0ne of them.

To begin, clients are entitled to a free answer to their first inquiry. Additionally, with the initial reading, callers are given a free five minutes to try out the service. For just $10, you may have up to 15 minutes of service.


  1. The detailed personal information for each of the psychic readers is one of the aspects we enjoy about AskNow. You may find out how long they have been doing psychic readings, what kind of readings they do, and other details regarding their skills and reading style.
  2. AskNow offers a regular horoscope, life counseling, and psychic readings, including numerology, astrology, and tarot card readings, among other services. In addition to English, AskNow offers psychic readings in Spanish as well.
  3. If your first free psychic master is not a good fit, you may have those five minutes reimbursed back to your account so you can try again.
  4. You may use their extensive search criteria to discover precisely what you are searching for, and their customer service staff is ready 24/7 to help you with everything you need.


  • 15 years of professional experience
  • Affordable offers for new users
  • Provide you with a free first five-minute online psychic reading session
  • Different specialists available
  • Spanish-speaking psychics are accessible


  • Video call not available
  • For the free version, card information is required

Why do we recommend AskNow?

Anyone interested in speaking with a psychic medium should contact AskNow. At a reasonable fee, this business offers some of the greatest media available. We also suggest it because of the attractive and reasonable initial deal.

This is your opportunity to speak with an experienced medium for a few minutes without having to worry about the expense. Although these psychics are more accurate than their competitors, the initial expense of entrance deters many individuals.

AskNow is a fantastic service for people who have urgent inquiries that need to be answered right away. It is a shame there are no video or email alternatives, but the service more than makes up for it in other ways. This is a psychic reading service that is well worth your time.

⇒Visit the official website of AskNow for more information

#4. OranumBest Live Psychic Reading Sessions for free


Oranum has long been one of the most popular internet alternatives for individuals seeking the best psychic reading services for a variety of life issues. Customers may pick from a large network of psychics at Oranum, who offer services in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, French, and Chinese.

The site has adequately trained and tested its specialists using a variety of recognized and approved exams. Oranum is recognized for its user-friendly layout as well as the protection measures it offers to its clients.

Psychics not only provide prospective clients a free ten-minute reading, but they also offer video readings from all over the world. If you wish to remain fully private, you may switch off the camera.

With a little over a decade of expertise, Oranum is one of the industry’s younger psychic websites. Although they are new to the online psychic business, they have swiftly positioned themselves as one of the finest video reading services. Oranum’s psychics can assist with relationships, loss, family, life, work, finances, and a variety of other issues.

Oranum has a unique technique of billing clients. Unlike other websites that charge by the minute, this one operates on a credit system. When you sign up, you get 9.99 credits for free. Psychics charge varying amounts of money for their services. These 9.99 credits may buy you up to three minutes with a less costly psychic reader or one minute with an expert.


  1. It allows clients to participate in a free live psychic forum that is available to anybody who has registered. The free forum is a fantastic method to get familiar with the art and locate some reputable internet psychics for people who have no prior experience with psychic readings.
  2. On its website, Oranum advertises more than 200 psychic medium reading professionals, each with their method of understanding customers and giving the best feasible readings.
  3. Previously, Oranum’s psychics only offered real-time video chat readings, but it has been modified, and they now provide email and live chat readings. However, live video chat remains their preferred method of communication.
  4. Customers will only be required to input their payment information if they choose to have a personal reading. The cost of a psychic reading varies based on the psychic, although low-cost psychic readings are certainly available. They can start at $0.49 per minute and go up from there.


  • Ten-minute free introductory rate
  • A decade of experience
  • Readings by live chat
  • Psychics may communicate in a variety of languages
  • Psychics for pets are accessible


  • Working with a credit system might be perplexing at times
  • Some psychics may be expensive

Why do we recommend Oranum?

Oranum comes highly recommended because of its outstanding tarot reading service. Tarot cards are frequently used for personal interpretation. It is preferable if you can see and feel the cards for yourself. The value of having a live stream of the spread is more than you would think. We must also suggest this service to readers as a viable option. Oranum has over a hundred readers when some online psychic reading sites have only a few dozen. When it comes to finding a tarot card reading, you will be spoiled for options.

⇒Visit the official website of Oranum for more information

#5. MysticsenseBest Psychic Readings by Phone


Mysticsense is a newer psychic website that provides advice and assistance. People all across the world may obtain the help they need with their relationships, jobs, and futures through tarot readings, cartomancy, and other methods. The website follows a stringent evaluation procedure to guarantee the most accurate psychic readings are always given and that consumers are safe while dealing with any of the advisers available.

The website immediately welcomes you with a list of some of the top psychics available. The specialization of the psychic in question is also listed in these profiles. Each profile includes a photo of the person who will do the psychic reading as well.

The reading takes place through video, phone, and chat. Some of the connection choices are greyed out, as you can see on the website. This implies your selected psychic will not be able to help you at the moment. If you would rather have a video conference, look for a psychic that does video readings.

The quantity of specialists available on the internet makes paying for a psychic reading with Mysticsense more flexible and inexpensive. Depending on the psychic you pick, prices start at less than $1 a minute and go up to a few dollars. Moreover, if you are new to the website, you will get the first five minutes free for your reading with any psychic.


  1. All of the basic forms of psychic readings are available, as well as some of the more unusual and dependable talents. Psychics can assist with a wide range of issues, and having the opportunity to address them all in one location makes receiving the help you need a lot easier and more productive.
  2. Mysticsense offers a range of support options, the most essential of which is 24/7 assistance from a human agent who can swiftly and directly resolve any issues. You may also contact them by email or through the website’s contact form.
  3. Mysticsense makes it clear how your information will be used and is dedicated to never selling your information to other parties. All data usage information may be accessed on the website’s privacy policy page and is laid out clearly.


  • Wide range of psychics to choose from
  • Live psychics available 24/7
  • Psychic experts with video profiles
  • Free trial option is available


  • You have to give your card details for the first five free minutes

Why do we recommend Mysticsense?

With Mysticsense, locating a talented adviser who can help you is extremely simple. All of the information can be found on the Mysticsense website, whether you are looking for a tarot reading or advice from an experienced clairvoyant. Readings, on the other hand, can be done through video conference, phone, and chat according to your preferences. Furthermore, because live psychics are paid by the minute, there is no need to commit to lengthy and costly sessions.

⇒Visit the official website of Mysticsense for more information

Things We Considered Before Making the List for Psychic Reading Online


Companies that provide psychic readings have existed for decades. While newbies might be a sign of a solid business, it is sometimes better to trust companies that have been operating for a while.

On each online psychic reading site, you may find psychics with a high level of expertise, including those who have been working for more than 45 years. However, intelligent and capable psychics may not have as much expertise as individuals who have been working as mediums for a long period, but their observations may be just as valuable.

Free Minutes

You are lucky if you are seeking a free psychic reading online. Some of the best psychic websites provide free psychic readings to new members for the first three minutes, followed by discounted prices. If you prefer to continue reading after the free trial expires, you can do so or stop the session without having to pay anything.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The majority of the online psychic reading sites we looked at can guarantee client happiness, which is crucial these days. Other services do not provide a guarantee, but they do allow you to talk with possible advisors before you pay. So, look for these assurances, which might include refunds, credits, or free trial minutes.

Customer Reviews

Client evaluations of online psychics may give tremendously good data about the sort of experience to expect from a certain adviser, just as reviewing a user’s opinions might assist you in deciding whether or not to purchase. Reading customer evaluations allows you to see things from the perspective of others. There is no better way to acquire a sense of what to expect from your reading than to do this.

Methods to Contact

  • Phone Call: Customers that desire the authenticity of spoken interactions but do not want to be seen for privacy, personal choice, or other reasons generally prefer them.
  • Video Call: Increase your ability to optimize psychic readings that require the use of sight, such as auditory reading, palm reading, and many more.
  • Chat: This isideal for people who are uncomfortable with both voice and video calls. Chat readings provide a sense of separation between the psychic and the consumer, which some people like.

How Can Psychic Reading Benefit You?

Skilled psychic experts can offer a wealth of information about your journey. The best psychic readings provide the following advantages:

  1. Peace: If you have a question, a skilled psychic reader can provide you with important insight into your emotions. Whether you are impatiently awaiting word on a job advancement or you are stumped on a difficult choice, a psychic can help.
  2. Closure: A reading may provide closure for you if you have recently broken up with someone or have been fired from a job. Perhaps the reader will point you in the direction of other opportunities the world has in store for you, or explain why you had to let go of something.
  3. Motivation: All we need sometimes is a nudge in the correct direction. This might apply to a major decision you are unsure about or a business concept you are considering. A gifted psychic can sense that energy and provide you with the desire to go on with your new adventure.

Are the Free Psychic Readings Online as Accurate as the Paid Ones?

Free online tarot reading services are a wonderful method to see whether internet psychic services are genuine. They are typically used to entice internet consumers to sign up. But, how accurate are they exactly?

It is reasonable to assume that paid sessions are generally more valuable. In general, anything that ensures value has undergone several procedures to achieve a successful outcome.

A free online tarot reading session might not be able to provide you precise answers to your queries and worries. During the signup procedure, most respectable online psychic reading services will only provide a free tarot card reading. Keep in mind, too, that the purpose of the trial period is to acquaint you with the site before you make an educated decision.

Conclusion: Which Is the Best Site for Online Psychic Readings?

In general, a free psychic reading over the phone or through chat may be a fantastic experience for nervous customers. Gifted readers can provide you with trustworthy advice and unconditional assistance while dealing with real-life issues. All you need is a reliable adviser and a network of service providers that can help you navigate through difficult circumstances and give clarity, regardless of location, time, or money.

This article includes some of the greatest online psychic reading websites that provide a wide range of readings. Furthermore, several services, such as Kasamba and Keen, provide free minutes to newcomers to determine whether it is something they wish to pursue. May the chances be ever in your favor as you uncover secrets that prophesy a life filled with love, happiness, prosperity, and endless adventure.

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